From the Mouths of Addicts: Happy Birthday Barney!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to another edition of From the Mouths of Addicts, where YOU get to sound off on anything and everything in the world of Tapped Out!  This week’s post comes to us from one of our community folks, 02sb13.

02sb13 asked if he could write a post for us, so I said sure..come up with your own idea, give us your opinions on and and we’ll see what happens!  Well he came up with a fun post all about Barney to celebrate his upcoming Birthday (April 20th)!

Enjoy it my friends!  And don’t forget to give us your take in the comments below 🙂

On the 20th of April it is officially Barney Gumble’s birthday. I don’t know about you but I was really excited to find this out. Considering that recently Barney and the Bowlarama recently won the best premium character/building combo I thought I would remind you of the fun character and his role in tapped out!



Barney first appeared in the series premiere “Simpsons roasting on an open fire” and was instantly a favourite character for many. Many episodes later Barney makes fame for being the thick, drunk one at moe’s tavern. For me he is defiantly one of my favourite characters and has a well-known style of voice, voiced by the one and only Dan Castellaneta (the voice of homer and many others). Barney was so popular with Simpsons fan that in one episode they gave him a short film:

So what role does this loveable character have in our towns?

Barney can be brought for 250 donuts (I know expensive but check out the Should I buy Here) and comes with Barney’s iconic building (Barney’s Bowlarama).

800px-Barney's_Bowlarama_Tapped_Outthe simpsons tapped out barney Tapped_Out_Barney_unlock message

Barney’s Bowlarama is one of my favourite buildings and it seems to be yours too. Over the years EA has only given us two skins for Barney:

barney2 barney3

So now we have talked about Barney and his role in the Tapped Out let’s talk about his mum. Mrs Gumble is another favourite character for me who mainly featured in the episode ‘Simpson Tide’. ‘Simpson Tide’ has loads of fun characters and decorations that EA could add (including sailor suits for Barney, Moe and Homer. But most importantly I would love for EA to add Mrs Gumble (also voiced by Dan Castellaneta) as a character!


Now let’s celebrate Barney’s Birthday by playing a collection of his best burps:

Did you know it was Barney Gumble’s birthday? Are you going to buy the Bowlerama to celebrate? Do you want Mrs Gumble too? Sound off in the comments as you know we love hearing from you!

Thanks again 02sb13 for providing us a fun rundown on everyone’s favorite barfly!  As always we love hearing from you guys…so if you have an opinion or take on something going on in the game (or something that should be going on in the game), please send it along to us…

38 responses to “From the Mouths of Addicts: Happy Birthday Barney!

  1. I really want barney but it’s too expensive. I might get Frinks lab or krustylu studios. Thoughts???

  2. Nice post 02sb13. Barney and Otto are 2 of my favorite characters. They have the best one-liners.
    Something tells me they’ll both be out behind Moes helping each other celebrate on Wednesday. “Beer”, “Ere”

  3. It’s also Crispin Glover’s birthday. I realize that has nothing to do with Barney. 😁

  4. I’m not good at the name of the episodes,, but 1 of my favorites is the 1 with the short documentary of Barney the depressed alcoholic. I had been wanting to get him for so long-I was happy that I was able to get him on “sale”…had his Plow King in storage forever,,it seemed!! Wonder if they have up on the friend prize track thing…can’t remember the proper name of that but am confident everyone knows what I’m referring to. That made me want to visit the neighbors & gave us something to look forward to. I missed sharing B’s b’day by 1 day!! ( mine is on 21) but my 1st thought was it should be Otto’s,,,,

  5. Thanks Alissa, thanks Sam,
    Over the years, Barney has been a regular character but expensive in-game so I was glad to pick him up in the recent deal and some of his space tasks are funny.

    • Who’s Sam?

      • The person who wrote the post,…….. (were you named Simp7fan by your parents?……people have real names too 😱 😃)

        🙈 😱 😃

        • I hadn’t come across that person’s name yet. I don’t like to assume. Like with Cindy, I had to hear it in context at least a few times before I could trust it. Thanks. 🙂

          What my parents named me they don’t even call me….but, no, not simp7fan.

  6. I do agree that ‘Simpson Tide’ has potential for being a part of a War Event (an event just about the Navy, might be a bit much) so add the Navy, Military, Air Force, the Hell Fish … All that stuff. :p

    A War/Peace event seems inevitable and May maybe the best time frame because of the U.S.A. Having both Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day (with about a week between them). I’ve thought about writing a post about it but I surrender (there is just too much, and I like dreaming big). unofficially Offered it to Wookie but I think he might to busy still, so it’s up for grabs I guess.

  7. LOL , favorite Barney images/future skin ideas
    1. Big Baby Barney [Frinkiac: Lullabuy],
    2. Bikini Barney [Frinkiac: Jeannie],
    3. Barney Marge [Frinkiac: Complete Fool]

  8. Happy birthday Barney!

    PS: this wait in between events/level is excrusiating. Please EA, give us something and don’t make us wait until Gils deal is over. His deal is underwhelming and I’m getting a tad bored waiting. I love TSTO, and that scares me 🙁

  9. Nice one 02sb13!

  10. For the record, April 20th also happens to be Hitler’s birthday. Strange bedfellows.

    • The best part of that statement is me imagining Stoner Skinheads’ heads exploding -lol

      I would have thought his birthday was Nine-Nine!!

  11. Overall good post, just a few mistakes (which I won’t list) mainly the hyperlink never got put in.

  12. April 20th 1889 was Hitler’s birthday

    • Mother Theresa’s, too.

      • (Had to look that up, not to ruin the possible joke. She was born August 26th. I found some other April 20th Birthdays -enjoy)

        Whoa! Joey Lawrence, (oh my) Carmen Electra, George Takei (Ohhhhh Myyyyyyy) and Clint Howard… (Whiny noise)?

        • Who is worse, the brother of Ron Howard or Hitler? (Haha, I just found out that Hitler is not in my spellchecker. How are you supposed to say “don’t be a Hitler”?)

          Now, if you wanted to prove my point instead of just ruin my joke you would have found that Mother Angelica was born on the day and month in question in 1923. (Look her up.) She lived until just last month, the 27th. So take that, Hitler!

  13. I felt bad for barney as he has so much potential. I think Homer ruined his life if I am not wrong.

  14. I feel like a lone duck when I say this, I don’t even like Barney.

    • I agree! I posted my thoughts on him back when the rebate was offered. Between what he did to Homer in the Mr Plow and Deep Space Homer episodes I really don’t like him. I bought him though because the rebate was an amazing deal that I knew I would regret passing up on, if only for the fact that the Bowlerama is a great looking, classic building. The “Blast Off” task in the space skin is the only thing I ever have Barney doing though.

    • Wha

    • What* if they released a Polkadot Bikini Barney skin (singing “Do do do-do do-do-do” to the theme of ‘I Dream of Jeannie’)? 😛

    • What* ? What about Barney when he’s dressed like Marge or in a Bikini singing the theme to ‘I dream of Jeannie’? (Do do, do-do do-do-do) 😛

  15. It would be fitting if Otto’s birthday is four-twenty too. 😉

  16. Barney one my favourite Simpsons characters

  17. BUUUURP! Great post thanks 02sb13 . 🙂

  18. It would be awesome if EA released Level 60 on Barney’s Birthday and the Freemium and Premium Purchases were The 2 Other Barflies from Moe’s bar. They Guy with the Glasses and that Like Russian/Canadian hat, and that guy with the orange vest. 🍻🍻

    • yes Larry and Sam (or visa versa), Barney is the only character in the Barfly category list so far. I like when Barney is Sober or trying to be (Best moment is when he was chosen as designated driver and then Duff Man shows up with freebies).

      I’m not interested in his Mom but I would like to see Lullabuy$ and Baby/Diaper Barney. I keep him in the Plow King skin because I hate the vomit task and didn’t get Space Barney 😐

  19. This is all very interesting but where is level 60!!!
    Also wondering about the rewards for visiting our neighbours. would love to have more incentive to go a visiting! Please EA lets get going.
    Thanks for letting me sound off.

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