Wild West 101: Neighbor Visits and More

Hey there Ya Yella Bellies!!!

Bouncing on by to bring y’all some information and stuff for the Wild West Event. With all the cool new things going on all at once, it is hard to focus on what goes where and who does what for this and that part of the Event.

In this post, I am going to break down Visiting your Neighbors for the Wild West Event.

treasurehunter_front_walkprospecter bandit02 bandit01

Take a peek below to see the details. 

First up, some general information….

There… links to stuff you need to know. Moving on…



I always like to wait for the game Questline to tell me when to go visit my Neighbors during an Event. This way I know all the items I will be using will be active.

For Wild West Act One, that is Part 7 of the Main Questline. Once Upon a Time in Springfield.

The game will direct you to go drop off some Prospectors to a Neighbor during Part 7… also a good time to start visiting while you are there.

It is also good to check your Neighbor Screen to ensure your Neighbors are showing Clue Counts under them. This is a good sign they started the Event too.



bandit01 bandit02

Bandits. You can tap on up to 3 Bandits per town. As you are limited to a 30 MAX taps to pay currency every 24hrs, do NOT tap anything else until you hit the MAX. If you tap on something else, like a building, it will still count towards your Daily Tap and you will lose that potential currency.

They try to stay on Roads in towns, so that is the best place to check first to locate them.



Same Currency you will see in the Event. For each Bandit you tap on you will get…

+1 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClue


+ 8 ico_wildwest_pickaxe_mdPickaxes
+1 ico_wildwest_treasurehunter_toprightProspector (more Rare)

In short ONE Clue and one other random item.



YES! As noted above and with any Event prior you will be limited on just how many of your Neighbors you can tap on until the Event Currency stops paying out.

For this Event, I found in my games testing that you can have a MAX of 30 Neighbor Actions (or 10 Neighbors). I will test it again today, but 30 seems to be the number.

Once you hit that MAX, any taps on Bandits will just payout coins, XP, FP (if applies). (Side Note: I did not test yet to see if still getting donuts after MAX FP, please comment if you did.)



In 24hrs. The Neighbor Visits reset every 24hrs, so you can begin to collect more Event Currency at that point up to 30 MAX again.



This is something actually set up by YOU. If all your Neighbor towns were to reset to zero (no timer showing in Main Friend Screen under their name), the timer starts as soon as you enter that first one and tap. You will see it start to count down in your Main Neighbor Screen.

So if you are unsure or want to set it so you know, let ALL the towns go to zero and reset, then just use ONE town (like the “Other Springfield”) to be the first one tapped every single day and essentially your “timer” for the 24hrs.




As you are playing the game and going through the Questline, you will see the Deputy Credentials unlock for you to purchase with 90 Donuts, more on it HERE.

WITHOUT the card you’ll earn 1 ico_wildwest_clue_mdClue per Bandit tapped (before you reach MAX).

WITH the Card  you’ll earn 2ico_wildwest_clue_mdClue per Bandit tapped (before you reach MAX).

Per Alissa, she noticed with the card she earned pick axes AND hats from tapping bandits in neighbor’s towns instead of just one or the other randomly without it.


Now for the OTHER element of Neighbor Visits… Prospectors.



To clarify, I will focus on the ones that you can EARN to drop off to a Neighbor’s Town.

As the Bandits appear around towns you can tap on them and clear them to earn 4 variable items. One of those Random Items being a Poster with the Prospector pictured on it.


For every one of these you collect, you gain 1 Prospector to go drop off to a Neighbor.

Don’t confuse Prospectors Pictures with Clues.


ico_wildwest_treasurehunter_toprightProspector Picture




As you will not earn a lot of these, I would suggest to “help” your Neighbors by scattering them around the many that you have. Possibly starting at the front of your list and dropping one off to each as you keep earning them until you reach the end of your list.

This will help both of you benefit from them better. As usual though, up to you on how you distribute them.



Just go to any Neighbors town and look in the top Right Corner of the game screen. You will see the Prospector Image Icon with a Number on it. That number is the MAX amount of Prospectors you can drop off to that Neighbor.

Prospectors Icon

If it is Zero, that means their town is already full and you have to wait til they clear some to give them more.

If a Number is there above zero, then just tap on the Icon. The game will take you to a random area of the town where a Prospector will be placed.

SIDE NOTE: These lil buggers are FAST!! They run EVERYWHERE in your town. At times if you wait in one spot a bit, they come to you.



Here is where the Benefit comes in, now with the Prospector in the town… your Neighbor will be alerted (delayed many times) that they have one “stealing their gold” and to go find them. You will see this too if one if dropped in yours.

So if you are able to locate the Prospector(s) in your town and tap on them you have a chance at getting per Prospector…

+12 ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_mdHats
+24 ico_wildwest_pickaxe_mdPickaxes



Prospectors Cleared

This is what I was seeing in return for dropping off Prospectors in my Neighbors and my Neighbor finding them and tapping on them right away.

By your Neighbor clearing the Prospectors, you will have a chance at getting rewarded per Prospector found and tapped…

+12 ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_mdHats
+24 ico_wildwest_pickaxe_mdPickaxes

Now your Payout will NOT be the same as what they got in that you won’t get identical Materials.

It is essentially x the amount of Prospectors they cleared. So say they cleared 3 Prospectors, you get 3 payouts. ANY combo of the payouts listed above up til you get 3 total payouts.

For instance, if your Neighbor Cleared 3 Prospectors you can potentially get the Payout of one of the following options.
+12 +12 +12 OR +12 +24 +24 OR +12 +12+ 24 OR  +24+24+24.

I dropped of 5 in a Neighbors Town, they cleared them right away and got random payouts. Here were mine in return. (see pic also at top of this section)

+12 ico_wildwest_cowboyhat_mdHats
+96 ico_wildwest_pickaxe_mdPickaxes (+24, +24, +24, +24)

Five total Payouts for 5 total Prospectors. Just a mix of 1 Payout per 1 Prospector cleared. Just like theirs will be random what the Prospector pays them. Just like tapping on them in your town gives a random payout.



I am still testing this as I am getting mixed results, it is also hard to test with multiple people dropping off and picking up Prospectors while I am testing. I will update once my testing is complete.

From what it seems to look like, if a Neighbor takes too long to clear them out (approx 4hrs), your Neighbor gets nothing but you will still get a reward of…

+16 ico_wildwest_pickaxe_mdPickaxes

Again, I am still trying to verify this. Feel free to share your results.



  • Visit Neighbors once your 24hr clock resets
  • Tap on ONLY Bandits up to 30 Neighbor Actions Total


  • Earn Prospectors
  • Drop Prospectors off in Neighbors
  • Clear Prospectors placed in your town ASAP to benefit both you and your Neighbor.


There you have it, the basics of Neighbor Visits during the Wild West Event.

How are you doing so far with Neighbor Visits? How about Prospectors? How are your payouts coming along? Having fun? Let us know.


178 responses to “Wild West 101: Neighbor Visits and More

  1. Todd Vandenbroecke

    To date, I have neither seen the message about prospectors in my town nor have I seen any. I play usually every 4 hours. I also only have 1 person on my friends list that says they drop prospectors in my town regularly…

  2. Feels like EA is punishing Long Time Tappers with a large amount of Neighboreenos and catering to Noobs that hardly have any (tapping three bandits in 10 Neighbor Springfields means visiting a different set of 10 each day – I had up to 60 last year, I’m down to 30 since so many quit) …..

    Well, if you’re one of my Neighboreenos, I’ve done my part to ensure there are Bandits to tap, and some Miners to chase (they are impossible to tap when near buildings) ….

  3. Does anyone know if prospectors carry over into act 2?

  4. I started the wild west and earned 1 medal. I clear prospectors and drop them in neighbors towns and I’m still on medal number 1 ?

    • Well its the 29th and still only 1 medal and no answers here I will check with EA see if it is some type of error.

      • That means you’re in first place among your friends. There’s a leadership board like for Springfield Heights.

  5. Wait, so your saying if I go to sleep and someone drops off a prospector and I don’t wake up for 6 or 8 hours, then I lose the stuff? That’s just a little crappy. What about those of us that get 8 hours for a normal sleep schedual or have a normal work day, since I can’t check my game during work hours.. hope your wrong this.

    • It always works that way….in all of the events I’ve ever played in that had this kind of neighbor interaction, the item dropped off by your neighbor has a 4-hour expiration date.

      However, one suggestion that Totbox had was to use one of your multi-color spotlight from the Casino event as a code for whether you’re available to tap prospectors (green – your available; yellow – you’re busy (like at work), but might get a chance to check in at least once every 4 hours; red – your’e not available (asleep or whatever)). So, you might want to participate in that!

  6. I must admit I don’t really understand the scoreboard (not like it really matters) but there was a neighbor I had with 48ish medals and No Clues. (I have no clue how that works). …seriously.

  7. By tapping 4 bandits I think I counted 37 actions gave me hats or pickaxes (I only managed to tap 3 in one neighbour). Still no doughnuts from visiting neighbours 🙁

  8. I have 32 friends and have seen 1 prospector. I play a lot, so I don’t know if I’m just unlucky or have rubbish friends!

    • They don’t stick around forever so it could be they’re hitting your game when you’re sleeping

    • I find that, for this game, it’s better to always have the maximum number of friends, for a variety of reasons. You might want to head over to the Add Friends area and get some more! 🙂

    • Same here! I just assumed it was because my ID starts with R, so it’s further down the list. I made sure to leave prospectors in every one of my neighbors towns (that I could), and I’ve only received one prospector in return.😔 I know how you feel, I have 23 neighbors so I feel like I should have had more than one.

  9. Unfortunately, my friends cant see my town. I asked 3 real friends and they cant see it and so they cant visite it. I can see their town an visite it. I also can see just 98 of my 100 friends. Anyone else with the same bug?

  10. So, sadly, in a way, the giver is penalized if the neighbor doesn’t tap them within 4 hours? Well, there goes trying to help players at the bottom of the ranking list. I always try to give to my neighbors who might be needing help getting all the prizes….started late or whatever. Honestly, I think I probably won’t change how I do it because I’ll get mine with days to spare. But I also know not everyone can be quite as addicted as I am most days, so it kind of sucks to get less of a reward because you give to someone and they don’t clear the prospector fast enough. Hum……

    • In past events after the timer runs out you still got currency.

      • Logged in a couple of times to get the Prospectors Cleared! notice saying something like: ‘Unfortunately no-one helped you’ but still giving me some hats &/or pick axes.

        So it seems you do get some rewards even if it’s less then if those neighbours had tapped on them…

    • After a while, you can kind of figure out your friends’ habits. I have friends in Great Britain and Australia who are on a different schedule. Some of my friends are more active tappers on the weekends. Some I think are in school because their habits vary. It’s all good!

  11. I’ve noticed the dirt roads don’t show up in neighbour visits. One of my sons replaced all his roads and I can only see grass when I visit him

  12. Hi! I just want to apologise to my neighbours for not dropping or clearing many prospectors. My internet has been on and off all week … damn you Virgin! I think this will be the first event where I struggle to get the prizes 😭😭 I was so pleased when I woke up this morning and the interent was working, I should on my uni learning network finishing my final assignment that is due on Wednesday, but clearly TSTO is more important …priorities!!!

  13. I just made a Stop (Drop) Light. To let neighbors know when dropping off Prospectors is beneficial or not. Using Lights from the Casino Event I have. Red = Don’t do it at that time (I’m probably sleeping and won’t check in the next 4hrs), Yellow = ok if you want (I’m at work and hopefully catch it within 4hrs. Green = Drop as many as you’d like (I’m home and tapping at least once an hour).

    Neighbors are welcome to screen shot it. I still can’t post pictures on here (and it would be a bad thing if I could.. I wouldn’t stop) :p

    • Looks like I have a neighbor that already understands and is taking advantage of the Green Light 🙂

    • What a great idea!! Maybe we should all do that! What do you think, gang? Roll call!

    • Hey Totbox

      Giving your suggestion a try…


      I get the meaning of red, amber and green but does blue mean you are depressed?


      • So that second image is my town but I’m confused why the dirt roads didn’t show up… I have a dirt road moat around the Stop/(off yellow/off green) light. :/

        Anyway, the blue light on the Monorail sign seemed to be the best attention getting color for it. That is meant to get neighbors attention to Use and Warp to my Monorail station that I have close to my main roads (Evergreen Terrace). It’s a poor man’s teleporter :p

        Also interesting to about the picture is that I don’t have the nightmare pile and Bart is seen in costume (kinda glad I didn’t waste the donuts on it) 🙂

        • I’ve been seeing quite a few comments from people saying dirt roads etc don’t show up when neighbours visit – but sounds like there are a couple of other items not related to the event that also ‘vanish’…

          If EA don’t fix this soon we’ll have to wait for the WW Showoff to see what our neighbours have actually done with their designs
          ps – I hope you changed the dirt road around your Stop sign/lights to water because that’s what is there this morning when I popped in to check…

    • I think this is a great idea. I was trying for a similar thing during Tap Ball with the stadium lights but it didn’t work because neighbors couldn’t see it. Apparently now we can all see this same spotlight, the way our neighbors intend it. I’ve wanted exactly this kind of signal (during timed events) as I’m usually going to work when most (Americans) are getting off from their jobs. I’m unable to check in at all during that time. Let’s reiterate during open thread (when I’ll also be gone to a festival) Cheers Totbox- well thought out! 😀

  14. A few neighbor-related questions, mostly because I’m curious. I apologize if these have been answered elsewhere, but I haven’t found the answers.

    1) I’m confused by, “our Neighbor will be alerted (delayed many times) that they have one ‘stealing their gold’ and to go find them. You will see this too if one if dropped in yours.” Does this mean that I am supposed to get a message before a prospector appears in my town? I haven’t seen any such message even though I’ve been clearing prospectors from neighbors.

    2) Is the number of bandits I see in my town the same as the number of bandits my neighbors see? If I clear them all, will my neighbors have bandits to tap? Or should I leave a few for my neighbors, like I would with buildings?

    3) More generally, are the character jobs I see in my neighbors’ towns the same as the character jobs my neighbor’s had put their characters on? Sometimes it seems like all the characters are outside in my neighbors’ towns, but I don’t know if that’s because my neighbors picked those jobs.

    4) Similarly, the locations of the characters in town can’t be the same as what my neighbors see, can it? The characters in my neighbors’ towns often seem bunched in a particular part of town.

    • 1. Varies. You can customize your game settings and and your device settings to allow or not allow notifications from the app. That setting will impact if you see them or not.

      2. What you see and what they see will always be different as far as bandits. No worries. You could have zero, but they’ll still be able to get there 3 regardless.

      3. Again…varies. At times EA will code the neighbors view in your town to”show off” Characters and buildings. Kind of “free advertising” if you will. A way to make YOU want that item and possibly use donuts to get it.

      4. See above. 🙂

    • I think if your neighbor has set their character on a specific visual task, then that’s what you will see. I’m guessing that when you see them all clustered together is because they were all on a joint task in the same building (which they exit from when you visit, if you scroll there in time you can actually see this happening) in that case, you’ll see them doing random things assigned by an algorithm.

      I’ll sometimes stage things for my Neighbor-eeno’s enjoyment. On open thread I might invite them over for a picnic at my Stonecutters compound. Right now I know neighbors are directed to my frontier town, so I’m animating the nearby militia that I created during the Malheur stand-off.

  15. What’s the deal with the red medals ( beside the clues underneath the friends name) it doesn’t correspond with anything that I can find, and it doesn’t match up with the red medals on the leaderboard for wild west.

    • Leaderboard. Sorry I didn’t out it in the post as there’s really nothing to them of value. Just competition between neighbors. They change constantly and update so at times number above may not match full list in medal icon (the red medal tab) below.

    • I assumed those were hoisting how many prospectors your neighbors have to give. I doubt they’re leaderboard points because they are degrees of magnitude off from the leaderboard listings.

  16. A question about visiting neighbours

    When I hit the neighbour button and it is listing hem all, underneath (as usual) is their clue count. There is something else that Is a mystery to me. Appears to be a medal with a pick axe on it.

    Anyone know what it is?

    • Leaderboard. Sorry I didn’t out it in the post as there’s really nothing to them of value. Just competition between neighbors. They change constantly and update so at times number above may not match full list in medal icon (the red medal tab) below.

  17. You can tap four bandits per neighbor if you get the last two bandits in close succession.

    • I’ve gotten up to 5.

      • I hope I can still remember this tomorrow night, when it’s neighbor tapping time again! 🙂

        I’m thinking that it won’t help in terms of event currency, since 30 taps is 30 taps, regardless of where you get them, but I guess it’ll add to the $$ and XP (and maybe donuts?) one can earn.

        • Not true…although the bottom still says “10 pts for the next XXX taps” (i forget the exact wording), I paid attention when tapping this morning; the ‘extra’ taps still increase your $$ & event currency, but doesn’t affect that “10pts for the next XX actions” notification. So if I manage 5 taps in Town 1, when I get to Town 2 it still says “…for the next 27 actions” vs “25 actions”. So if you’re quick, you can get extra currency, both in-game & event. 😀

  18. How do the bandit hideouts work? Do they just come along every couple of hours?

  19. Given that I have been unable to visit any neighbor without crashing (yes, I contacted EA, it’s a ‘known issue’) this is all kind of moot.

    • Any idea when this will be fixed? I want to continue on and I can’t get past the neighbor quest!! 😢

  20. Is anyone else getting severe bottlenecks in their general store trades? I feel like I’m not getting any pick axe trades

    • I think it goes in cycles, like the rail yard tasks. At the beginning, it wanted almost all hats, so I was only making hats for the first couple of days and had a ton of pick axes stored up. But now it’s swung over to pick axes and my characters are working on getting those, instead.

  21. Thanks for all this info. However neighbour actions still seem to be all over the place and not what I would have expected from previous events.

    Since it appears to have settled down, I’m now getting event currency from my first 30 neighbour actions, but ONLY event currency. In previous events I was also getting $ and XP from these actions.

    After my first 30 neighbour actions I’m getting $ and XP but the “payout” has changed. Before the event each neighbour action was worth $183 and 2XP. Now I’m getting $105 and 11XP. Nothing else has changed – I hit level 59 a earlier this year and have been on the max friendship level for a lot longer. Has anyone else noticed new neighbour action payouts since the Wild West Event hit?

    Finally I’ve not had a single neighbour donut since before Tuesday’s update. Has the rogue FP messed with the ability to earn donuts from neighbour actions?

    Once again many thanks for all the hard work you addicts put into this site. Without you I’d be even more lost!

    • The rogue FP issue has ended, and people are reporting receiving donuts

      • Thanks Alissa. What about the changed $ and XP payouts for neighbour actions and the fact that the first 30 give event currency only? Is that right. Are others reporting the same?

        • Has your bonus % for conform changed. If you just hit a new level that means that your requirements increased. You will require more points to hit the stars like if you went from 167% to 153%… you’ll notice it on ALL payouts.

          • Thanks Bunny. However my bonus % hasn’t changed since the event hit, and I’ve been on 5 stars and level 59 for several months now so I don’t think that’s the reason. The strange thing is that the $ payout went down from $183 to $105 while the XP went up from 2 to 11.

  22. I’ve been signed out of my game by EA, and now it won’t accept my password to sign back in. WTH?

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