4/27 Housekeeping Notes: Wild West Event

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So..first, there’s an update in the Goggle Play Store. So if you missed it, get it.  It’s helping some players deal with the General Store Glitch.


Second, as many of you are starting to finish your prize track and you’ve completed the main questline (by unlocking the Finale), you’re seeing another task popup called More Clues.

2016-04-27 19.40.21

This is basically telling you to collect 1500 ico_wildwest_clue_md….

From what I’ve observed…this is NOT an opportunity for Bonuts.  This is just a task telling you to collect ico_wildwest_clue_md.  My guess is this is in place to remind you to do exchanges at the General Store to continue to unlock those prizes.

2016-04-27 19.41.07

Again…this is NOT a chance for Bonuts.  It’s just another task…

If you’ve had something different popup offering you Bonuts please email me (TSTOAddictsblog@gmail.com) with a screenshot.  I’ve tried it in 3 different games, no Bonuts.

This More Clues task will also go away after you’ve completed it once.

The only opportunity we see in Act 1 for Bonuts is via the General Store Trade Ins.  On Day 14 you’ll earn Bonuts.  And that’s the only thing we see giving away those free donuts.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion!  And I really hope the new patch helps many of you get back to playing!


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  1. Why did I lose all my trees that were in storage? I wanted to place them as I’m approaching level 60…

  2. I am stuck in the task ‘Make Springfielders overreact to Warnings’. I’m at 2/5 and every time l click ‘do it’ it just takes me to a list of characters who’s only task optionnis to ‘get riled up’, however after the characters have comoleted this task the quest is not completed or progressing. Can anybdy help?

    • Go to your Town Plaza. Select Start a Craze. Then select Lisa’s option there. Then go back to down plaza and select the option for the towns people to overreact to warnings.

  3. This was just a waste of pickaxes and hats. Why shouls somebody spend 1500 clues just for earning 10 clues?

    I already had my 3 bonuts – AFTER that I got my final prize. In the prize section then was shown up a note to collect more clues for additional bonuts. After 8 hours building the note came to collect 1500 clues. Wrong conclusion??? I spent massive of axes and hats collecting 1500 clues and earned just 10 clues as a reward.

    This is just bad game design. Not nice 🙁

  4. Historyguy197

    I got bonuts but it happened before I read this so I didn’t take a screenshot. It was the standard pick one of three boxes we are so familiar with. I got three with my second pick.

  5. I’ve noticed that when I tap on Prospectors, sometimes it tells me which neighbor dropped them but mostly it doesn’t. Glitch? It’s my policy to return favors whenever possible and I don’t like that I can’t do that!

    Also, I began the event 4 days late (my ipad didn’t tell me there was an update and the anticipation of spring break took over and I didn’t check this site in a while -bad me) and I was able to catch up and then some (referencing this site’s Act 1 calendar) by only exchanging at the general store for the largest amount of clues. I’m a couple days behind on the daily prizes but once I gain the final prize on the main prize track I’ll do small trades to gain any missing daily prizes, including those donuts I’ve got my eye on, since it goes by the number of trades, not the amount of resources traded.

  6. It does say “keep collecting event currency for more donuts” under act 1 prizes after you “You’ve got all these prizes!”

  7. Has anyone encountered the loss of Shredded Ned’s Trim the Hedge task. It was my favourite task and now it seems to be gone

  8. Maybe this has already been answered, but I don’t find it… Is it worth keeping on collecting hats and axes? I have thousands already. Will they be useful for act two? Thank you addicts

  9. Well the most recent update for iOS (Thursday evening here in the UK) hasn’t fixed my ability to see dirt tracks in my neighbours towns; which is bit of a problem since several of them appear to have replaced nearly all their roads with these, which makes hunting down bandits harder than it should be.

    Nor has it fixed the problem with me not getting any donuts for friend actions – it has now been over 2500 actions since I last got one…

    However the update has fixed the ability the tap more than 3 bandits in a friend’s town. Unfortunately the method that has been used – freezing out all users interaction between tapping a bandit and the payout appearing – it a bit of a kludge and has significantly increased the time it takes to visit all my neighbours.

    Here’s hoping that I’ll soon be able to see dirt tracks and get friend donuts again and not have to wait a week for the next set of bug fixes!

    • Since posting this I’ve been in touch with EA about the lack of donuts and a very nice advisor gave me 15 free ones, which is roughly what I should have got assuming a payout of 0.5%.

      If you are missing friend action donuts I suggest you do the same.

  10. Play 4-5 times per day and still only at 16350 clues. I see Alyssa said we may not be trading wisely but you can only trade what is in the shop in front of you if you get offered 3 X Small kit what can you do other then choose it.

    I’m cashing in the saloon people at least 4 times per day but still so far behind.

    # wishes I’d choosen my name as 11111aaaaa so that people would leave prospectors in my town.

  11. They fixed the ability to tap more than three wild westerns in your neighbors towns ;(

  12. Did anyone have their entire friends list get blown out with this update? I just went to drop off prospectors for today and I have one Facebook friend left in my list.

  13. Just updated from store and my game is gone crazy. Every task from every event since Halloween has come back in task list including all dialogue. Plus I got barneys bowlarama and 130 donuts back. Problem is I already have it. Now I have 2 placed right next to each other. And I’m in act 3 prize track. Got a bunch of prizes from act 3 ? Store has all things from event for purchased like the hootinanny barn with lucas. Just got him for a 100 donuts. Anyone else seeing this??

    • I could do with a free Bowlerama or 130 doughnuts! All I got was a Valentine Pond, and a repeat dialogue from those Discovery Channel hipsters wanting to populate Mars.

      Bah humbug!

    • do you have pics of new stuff?

    • I had the same problem with this update, a task from halloween come back but this morning is just disappeared! But no Barneys Bowlarama… It would have been nice 😀

  14. Hi, is anyone else having an issue today that the game won’t load as it states an update is available, but there is no update in the Google playstore? This just started about 2 hours ago, I have uninstalled and reinstalled and the issue persists?

    • Did you do the update that was ready last night/this morning?
      I found out about it from this site. My game wouldn’t fully load this morning, either. I’d get the main screen, my account icon in the corner… and then it’d kick me out. I’d had quit and unmounted (?) the game about 5 or 6 times before it finally went through. Only to have re-occurring dialogs from previous events (Margeian Chronicles, NARA Space, Spring Clean Up, etc), but no duplicates of the event items (so, I wasn’t given a second lauching pad… just the task to place it). Secondly, the timer on this event was at “0 sec.” …WTH?!

      I was going to drop my question {rant} here, but found out about the update. (There was no notification on my phone.) I also see though that others seemingly had better glitches. 😛

      After the update/glitch fix, things went back closer to normal. At least, I still have a chance at getting Sideshow Bob-B-Q & the Hut.

      • Hi, yes, I was finally able to get. I found an old post somewhere of someone who had the same issue for a different event. I had to force close tsto and the play store, clear cache on both, then I was able to get it 🙂 I did lose some valuable tapping time, but I think I’ll be able to get the prizes if I play enough, so I know how you’re feeling. Good luck 🙂 keep on tapping lol

  15. Any idea what the biggish update (~20Mb) was today? More bugs repaired? I was soooo hoping it was level 60. But didn’t seem like it dagnabbit.

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