Where Did THAT Come From – Frink’s Mechano Spider

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?


Howdy and Yeehaw Cowboy and Cowgirleenos! How in tarnation are y’all doing? Liking the 2016 TSTO Wild West Event? It’s Act One in the darn-tootin’ new event and with every new imagining by the designer comes new items. This of course means the wild gang here at Addicts get’s to dive into the Best. Show. Ever. and find them like the outlaws they are. For this post, I checked out the wanted posters and decided to ride down the origin for Frink’s Mechano Spider, a premium item offered for 130 donuts. But why did it show up in our games? What happened that brought it into Springfield? How does it apply to the Wild West? Let’s check out the Simpsons TV Series to find out.

“The Sweetest Apu” (S13:E19)

This episode revolves around Apu becoming overwhelmed by his eight children and running into the arms of another woman to escape his life but it’s also where Apu’s popular dialogue of “clean up in all the aisles” and “welcome steady customer” come from.  But we’re not here for Apu’s infidelity.  We’re here for Wild west stuff.

Apu's kids trash the Kwik-E-Mart Simpsons

Nothing says 1800s in American History like the Wild West (actually a much more boring story than cowboy movies would have us believe) and the Civil War. Anywho… the men of Springfield are recreating the Second Battle of Springfield. It was “fought by the North, the South, and the East to keep Springfield in, out of, and next to the Union respectively.”

Second Battle of Springfield Civil War Simpsons

According to Skinner, the battle is “ripe with inaccuracies” but I love Disco Stu as Stonewall Jackson. “The South will boogie again.”

Disco Stu Stonewall Jackson Civil War Inaccuracies Simpsons

Funny that the reenactment was chosen to be done on Memorial Day. Grampa and the oldies from the VFW end up joining in on the battle. The South was about to surrender but now have tank reinforcements from the Greatest Generation.

South gets reinforcements in Civil War from WWII vets Simpsons

Principal Skinner is lamenting the inaccuracies of the day’s event when who should show up but Frink with his “steam-powered super spider with the stepping and the squishing and the webs made of nylon.”

Frink's Mechanical Spider Simpsons

Too great. If you don’t get the reference, I’d suggest a viewing of the Will Smith and Kevin Kline ovie from 1999 titled “Wild, Wild West.” After you curse me for watching an awful movie, you’ll at least know what this decoration is lampponing lol.  So there you go friends. A new premium item brought into Act I of the 2016 Wild West Event in TSTO that now could be in your games if you so desire. Sure it doesn’t do much but I had to have this item.  I mean, it’s a steampunk arachnid! Anywho… sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

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  1. AzulPantalones

    After you’ve watched Wild Wild West, you need to find An Evening with Kevin Smith where he talks about being contracted to write a Superman movie.

  2. The funniest part of Wild Wild West was the role that Will Smith reportedly gave up to make it…Neo in the matrix

  3. Does this mean Wookie is done with his Finals?

    • lol no. It means I was able to get him to do some posts on his only day off…

    • No… just found some time for a couple posts. I’ll be free at the end of May.

      • End of May!!??? You mean you’ll still be busy on May 4th!?

        • No free as in he won’t cost money….we’re giving away free wookiees at the end of May!

          • Free Wookiees to a good home…

          • Free Wookiees!

            That comment took me back to my youth…

            In the 80s I attended the University of Cape Town. It was the height of apartheid in South Africa and the students would hold demonstrations against the government on a regular basis – which meant we got tear-gassed and sjamboked by the police on a regular basis… (A sjambok is a heavy leather whip traditionally made from hippo or rhino hide, but the police sjamboks were made out of plastic and were nasty things!).

            The most common reason for the protests was the release of political prisoners – most notably Nelson Mandela. Using his name or photograph was prohibited so people used to graffiti ‘Free Nelson Mandela’ everywhere. In one public bathroom, along with the usual pornographic graffiti and toilet tennis instructions, someone had added another line to the usual:

            Free Nelson Mandela
            With every 6-pack bought at Lucky Liquours

            So do we have to buy a 6-pack to get our free Wookiee?

            • Wow… I can’t even imagine going through that. As for the humor in the midst of it, amazing. Thank you for sharing and if there was a 6-pack offering, its probably be cheetos lol.

        • I’m sure I’ll find some time to celebrate all things Star Wars in between all my school work.

  4. My Frink is hoiving moiving glad with his Mechano Spider 🕷

  5. the original series is ten times better. I never knew what they were thinking when they attempted to adapt it….

  6. How can anyone watch this trailer and expect anything else but camp?

  7. Can I curse you for me seeing that monstrosity in theatre when it first came out? lol

  8. As bad as this movie is said to be, it’s still referenced quite a lot. Maybe I should watch it.

  9. I quite liked Wild Wild West, actually… it’s just good, campy, ridiculous fun. To each their own, though. 🙂

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