Where Did THAT Come From – Bloodbath Gulch Sign, Hitching Post & General Store

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

bloodbathgulchsign hitchingpostemptyGeneral Store Large

Howdy and Yeehaw Cowboy and Cowgirleenos!  How in tarnation are y’all doing? Liking the 2016 TSTO Wild West Event?  It’s Act One in the darn-tootin’ new event and with every new imagining by the designer comes new items.  This of course means the wild gang here at Addicts get’s to dive into the Best. Show. Ever. and find them like the outlaws they are.  For this post, I checked out the wanted posters and decided to ride down the origins for the Bloodbath Gulch Sign and General Store?  Both are free so woo hoo and check out my Rich Texan celebration dance.  But why did it show up in our games? What happened that brought it into Springfield? How does it apply to the Wild West?  It’s always nice when something you guess appears in this game. Bloodbath Gulch was one of the hail marys I threw when speculating about this new update and now here it is. Let’s check out the episode, shall we?

“Homer Simpson in: ‘Kidney Trouble’” (S10:E8)

The Simpsons are headed to a ghost town with “thirty percent more gunfights and forty percent more rootin-tootin and the tumbleweeds tumble at two, four, and six plus a midnight tumbling on weekends.” “Founded by prostitutes in 1849,” Bloodbath Gulch is your typical ghost town left behind after the Gold Rush.

Bloodbath Gulch Simpsons

It was “a place where a trailhand could spend a month’s pay in three minutes.” Basically a town of ill repute but it’s American history so it’s okay lol. The gulch basically consists of the whorehouse, the cathouse, the brothel, the bordello, and an old mission (“lots of prostitution there).

Bloodbath Gulch Simpsons 2

So history is filthy but Bloodbath Gulch also has a hitching post and a sidewalk possibly used by bandits.  Radical that we can now build our own sidewalks.

Hitching Post & Wooden Sidewalk Simpsons

Also animatronic robots in the saloon. Makes me think of the new Town Plaza especially when Homer starts a fight.

Ye Olde Animatronic Saloon Simpsons

We see a General Store during a reeanactment of a shootout on the streets of Bloodbath Gulch. Also a bank and a post office. Lots of cool Wild West stuff besides brothels.

Bloodbath Gulch General Store Bank Post Office Simpsons

A fun episode that now is in our games. The World’s Largest Toilet is also in the episode but for some reason EA still hasn’t released this item even though it was teased by frackers way back in July 2013. Someday I hope it’ll be released. Consider this a hint EA.

World's Largest Toilet Simpsons

The General Store from this episode isn’t my guess for the origin though. In “Bart’s Comet” (S6:E14), Grampa and Jasper are sitting outside a much more familiar building when it’s discovered that Bart’s comet is on a collision course for Earth and the town’s air raid siren is sounded.

General Store Simpsons

Grampa: “Sounds like the Doomsday whistle. Ain’t been blown for nigh on to three years.”

Jasper: “(clucks his teeth) Trouble a-brewin.”

Indeed Jasper, indeed. Our town’s are swarming with banditos and miners and Homer’s wearing a bolo tie. We know from Mr. Burns that it’s “the most humiliating tie there is – bolo.” So that’s that friends. What do you think of the new items? Did you finish the Act I finale yet with the sign? Did you know the origins? Sound off in the comments and happy classy gunslinger tapping.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Bloodbath Gulch Sign, Hitching Post & General Store

  1. Hi
    I saw on my neighborhoods towns that some of they have two BLOODBATH GULCH sign but using the General Store Daily Prize System I can get on one of it, how is it possible? I read in the TSTO wikia that only one sign per city can be placed where did they find the second sign?

  2. EA give us that Toilet Bowl 😡😡😡

  3. Simpsons rules

    Thanks wookie for telling us where all these stuff are from

  4. That one picture shows the Indian statue from the game in front of the Barbershop, but there’s no barber poles and signs shown on the building there.

    Maybe it was all destroyed in the showdown. 🔫

  5. I hope the Ye Olde animitronic Saloon Is on this event!

  6. If/When it is added, I can see the Worlds Largest Toilet being an aspirational if anything, so would cost alot of cash. Although could make for the largest Friend Point system prize also.

    • Could be something like money mountain or the world’s largest redwood. Only this time you literally flush your money down the toilet. 🚽😃

    • Did I Really start

      Having it as a FP prize would be great it would mean that EVERY neighbour would be worth visiting (again), rather than only the first 5 or 10 or 30.

      One thing for sure, if it becomes a ridiculous overpriced Gil “deal”…

      Hrmmmmm! There are too many puns and analogies.

  7. you can add Hitching Post in the title too :p

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