The Good, The Bad & the Bandit…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

We’ve all hitched up our wagons and taken a trip out west with the new (ok week + old) Wild West Event that’s hit our Springfields!  With an event jam packed with General Stores, Prospectors, Springfielders going crazy for gold and bandits…it’s hard not to have (at least) some fun with this update!

One of the features with this event, as many events before, is tapping an unwanted character to earn extra event currency.  In this particular event our tappables are bandits.  Whether they’re hiding out in Flanders’ House, grabbing a Squishee at the Kwik-E-Mart or just roaming around your town these bad guy bandits must be stopped (tapped) in order to “save” your Springfield..and of course earn event currency to unlock all those Wild West themed prizes!

Of course things aren’t always what they seem in TSTO…with so many characters in many of our towns (especially if you’ve been playing as long as I have…) often times..well innocent Springfielders get the bandit treatment by Sky Finger.

So let’s consider this a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to prevent our innocent Springfielders from getting the Sky Finger punishment…

bandit01 bandit02

Has this happened to you?

You’re scrolling around your Springfield searching for those bandits and suddenly you see a character task list appear.  ‘What the heck happened?” you may wonder.  You were just tapping bandits, when did they get tasks?

Then you look closer and tapped Rex Banner…NOT a Bandit.

Rex Banner TSTO bandit02

…whoops sorry Rex!

Then you’re going along again…tap, tap, tap, tap…building pay out.  What?!  Again just innocently tapping bandits…they’re not buildings.  Closer inspection…you just tapped Shotgun Pete’s Wedding Chapel!


….**Facepalm** how could you mess that up!?

Really frustrating right?  How can this be avoided? Why does EA have to make these cotton flabbing (yes, it’s a word…) Bandits look like character, dagnabit!

Well…you just have to pay attention to where you tap.  Know who’s, who..and recognize that not everyone in Springfield wearing a hat, or carrying a weapon, is a bandit….

Here are some friendly reminders…

2016-04-26 14.38.51
Although Amber may think otherwise….

2016-04-26 14.39.10
Maggie’s just plotting her next move…**Singing**Maggie’s got a gun…

2016-04-26 14.39.58
C’mon not Honest Abe too!  Although, at least the time period fits…

2016-04-26 14.42.14
Although Legs probably deserves a good tappin from Sky Finger…Yea Legs, I saw what you and Louie were doing to Frankie the Squealer..I got eyes everywhere buddy! 

2016-04-26 14.42.25
Ugh, nothing makes you feel worse than tapping a sign thinking it’s a character…inanimate object-1, sky finger-0. 

2016-04-26 14.42.39
Dammit Pete why do you have to have a Shotgun AND a Hat?!!!

2016-04-26 14.43.05
Poor Sherry Bobbins…it’s your own fault for wearing that black hat AND black jacket!  Cut every corner, my tush!  More like she’s around every corner….

And now as a little something extra, to reward those who read this entire post (and hopefully laughed)…here’s some information about the Bandit’s Spawn Rate.

It looks like….. and don’t come yell at me if this isn’t right.  I’m only reporting what I see….

Bandits Spawn at a rate of 1/10 minutes.  There’s a max of 30 allowed in your town at once.  With a bank of 15.


Of course this doesn’t include the additional ones you get from their hideouts.

And that’s it my friends…the good.  The bad.  And the Bandit!

What are your thoughts on the Bandits?  Which innocent Springfielders have you mistakenly tapped?  (come on, I know we’ve all done it…)  Sound off in the comments below (and feel free to have some fun and post screenshots), you know we love hearing from you!

128 responses to “The Good, The Bad & the Bandit…

  1. I’ve got a mystery icon on my left side menu bar. It’s a box. You tap on it, and the box icon opens, but nothing else happens. Tap it again, and the box closes. The open box appears to contain a doughnut, an Oscar and something green. There’s a red circle with a white “1” to the lower left of the box icon image.

    Any clue what this is all about?

  2. OrdinarilyBob

    I LOL’d. Heh. Thanks for sharing, that was funny. 🙂

  3. I keep hitting Shary Bobbins. Gets me almost every time haha

  4. Has any else seen the bug where have a dozen or so black hat bandits standing around and you can u tap on them?

    • Not sure what you mean…can you explain further? If I leave my screen untouched for a few minutes, the bandits will tend to Heather to the are that’s in focus and, yes, sometimes you can get several bandits in one tap if they’re close together, but that’s not really a “glitch,” so I’m thinking you must mean something else?

      • When they were standing still for the entire session of game play. I tried tapping them and nothing happened. But after leaVing my first comment I went back in the game they were moving again and I was able to tap them. I do not think it is a problem now.

        • Yes – sounds like a glitch. If that ever happens again, always try force closing and then reopening the app. (Or you could try first just going to Krustyland or your neighbors screen and back.)

  5. Thank you for taking the time to write this article, brought me a good laugh (I’m not the only one accidentally Tapping what isn’t a Bandit) 😉

  6. Glad Im not the only one who has reached to tap my shotgun wedding sign. I still always look at it but have become so used to NOT tapping it after reaching for it that I think I have it under control now.

  7. Question on the prospectors. When I tap them in my town, I don’t always get the name of who sent them. I was wondering if there’s another way to tell so I can repay them with some of my prospectors

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