So what’s new? Simpsons News that is.

Yeehaw and howdy cowdudes and dudettes!  How’s life?

Wookiee popping in with just a bit of Simpsons News for all my favorite tappers. In fairness, Alissa the Amazing did a lot of the work finding a bunch of this stuff but let me keep my desk for the News.  Also probably wanted to keep me in place due to the amount of pants I wear under said desk lol.  Now that that fuzzy image is in your brains… let’s get on with the program.

Addicts News

First up, a lot of you are probably familiar with the idea of “the Simpsons did it.” Made popular by another cartoon, the idea is that nothing original has been done that the Simpsons didn’t do first.  Seriously if you’ve never seen the episode I’m referencing set in North Dakota and incolving an uncouth foursome you should watch it but I won’t debate whether this is true or not (it sort of is).  Here’s a fun video about 10 moments where our favorite cartoon predicted inventions.

Next up, an article from April 2016 about how well the very first simpsons short holds up 29 years later.

So have you heard about the upcoming Live episode this season?  Rolling Stone did a swell article this month (May 2016) about the technology used for it.

Speaking of episodes, not every episode ever imagined makes it on to our TV.  In this particular case, it’s Prince (as in the Purple One… purify you in the water of Lake Minnetonka… Prince) who almost made it on to the Best. Show. Ever. Somehow I picture Martin Prince crying a pitiful Excelsior on the cutting room floor since this doesn’t exist.  Here’s two articles about the Lost Prince Episode.

Wowza… now I want to sing Purple Rain.  Anywho… one of the things I feel seperates the Simpsons from a lot of other animated sitcoms is its heart. Apparently I’m not alone in this opinion since we found this April 2016 article about The Simpsons Most Heartbreaking Moments.  Did any of these moments NOT tug your heart strings?

By now, everyone has probably heard about FX showcasing Every. Simpsons. Ever. on their network.  Their app has been one of the best additions to my life in a long time.  The commercials for them are usually quite different.  Here’s a compilation of some of the Trippy Promo Clips.

That Krusty one will probably stick with me for quite a while.  Thankfully I’m not afraid of klowns.  In other news, did you see the E News article about the Homage to Disney Couch Gag?  I know some folks caught it before “Fland Canyon” (S27:E19).  I’m a big Disneyfile (as is Alissa) so I’m in love with this.

If you have a bit of time… this next video is definitely worth a watch.  Conan O’Brien had a reunion with writers from the show and posted a video about it. It’s long (read 1 hr 21 min) but worth a watch.

The next article might appeal to any of our Vegan readers out there.  Did you know that some fans are petitioning for Lisa to become a Vegan?

I don’t see why not.  She’s been the spokeskid for vegetarianism, Free Tibet, and Buddhism so why not go to the next level?  To round out this iteration of Simpsons “news”, Alissa wanted to end everything with a quiz about how well you know the Monorail Song.  I rocked this quiz, will you?

So there you go friends… lots of stuff fit to print, errr post, on what I think of as one of the best Simpsons blogs there is (not that I’m partial or anything).  Got any news you want to share that didn’t make it here?  What do you think of it all? Anything in particular strike your fancy?  Sound off in the comments and you stay classy world.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

45 responses to “So what’s new? Simpsons News that is.

  1. I’ve been to South Psrk, CO. Looks like the show without the bright colors. LOL

  2. None of the trippy commercials bothered me, not even the one with Krusty, but the one that the article linked to by Yoann Hervo certainly ooked me out!

  3. So much good stuff here – thanks! Wish we could get this kind of info in smaller, more frequent doses…I now have, like, a dozen tabs open in my browser, but not enough time before bed to read/watch all of them!

  4. Maaaan I guessed Barney instead of Skinner..

    Anyways great news round up “A-Mom” and “Dub Man”. I thought the Disney intro was great too. And that brings up a good question of “What is your favorite Simpsons intro of all time?” I personally loved the Breaking Bad intro because that show was my favorite. I’m going to leave another one here I like and thought was brilliantly done..

    • The embed doesn’t work…the owner disabled playback on other websites. Can you post the link URL, instead?

  5. Here is some interesting News: Frinkiac is doing GIFs now (in Beta).

  6. After taking the monorail quiz (10/10 BTW 😊) I realized that that guy is a liar! 😛

  7. Missed one one the Monorail quiz…. the one about the individual singing part. Couldn’t decide between Ms. Hoover & Skinner and I chose wrong…. Some fan I am. 😐

    • It may be either sad or impressive that I can tell you that Miss Hoover’s solo line was, “I hear those things are awfully loud.”
      (Granted, I can’t do that sort of thing with every single episode, Marge vs the Monorail just happens to be one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure I could trounce nearly any South Park quiz, though, funny enough.)

  8. johnnyicemaker

    Minor correction for you. The “other cartoon” your referenced where ‘The Simpson’s Did It’ you began this article with is not based in North Dakota, but in Colorado. Great information none the less. Thanks for all you guys do! This is one of the only blogs I read on a regular basis.

  9. Umm, was saying North Dakota instead of Colorado part of the obfuscation of the show that should not be named (I guess)?

  10. South Park is Colorado Wookie not North Dakota

  11. On a completely different note, could you guys please please please pretty please have a post asking EA to change the probability of getting straight piece tracks MUCH higher? And everyone else can comment to show support? Kind of like a petition? I would be SUPER grateful if we tried to ask EA to increase our changes of getting straight track pieces!!

  12. North Dakota? South Park is set in Colorado. Must I correct EVERYONE on the internet?

  13. “Seriously if you’ve never seen the episode I’m referencing set in North Dakota and incolving an uncouth foursome you should watch it” – so are you gonna tell us which episode?? 😛

    • johnnyicemaker

      The episode is actually titled “The Simpson’s Already Did It”, Season 6, Episode 7.

  14. AzulPantalones

    I guess after Lisa becomes Vegan she can start doing Crossfit…

  15. That Krusty fractal pattern from the FX promo is awesome. I wish I had a never ending video of it that I could just watch continuously for the rest of my life.

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