Diary of a Wookiee: New Additions to Springfield in Hollywood

Hello hello!

Of course I write that and my brain is instantly singing “you say goodbye and I say hello… hello hello”… but anyhoo… HI FRIENDS!!!

So the Wild West has gone on to history where some feel it belongs (present company excluded) and now we all wait for the next big thing.  This isn’t the post where I blab about what I think is next because frankly, I think it was said in a not so subtle hint, and honestly I don’t care what they do.  New stuff to me is good stuff and I love this game  even when they swing and miss (thinking of Whacking Day shenanigans).  I may be a bit bitter about all the rocks leaving the crafting menu before I thought they would and missing out on more stuff to build a desert or emulate some of your designs but I’ll get over it.  Today’s diary is just me sharing some pics of new stuff I saw in Springfield from a recent trip (26 May 16) I made to Universal Studios in Hollywood.  If that sounds good to you… let’s go!


Over the last couple years, I’ve periodically popped by with news and photos about Springfield/Krustyland in Hollywood and Florida.  I think it’s so great that my favorite cartoon has found a real life home in the universe.  Here’s previous posts, in chronological order, if you’ve not seen them and are interested.  The new stuff is right below the links.

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Springfield USA in Hollywood… Wookiee Style

So in the my last post, I basically thought I’d covered everything I’d ever want to share with y’all about Springfield in Hollywood.  Then the beautiful lady in my life took me to Universal to celebrate my graduation and to go see all the new Harry Potter stuff (since she’s a big Pott-head… yes I call fans that lol and no that is not insinuating anything).  Hogwart’s and Hogsmeade are right next to all the Simpsons goodness so you know I had to go enjoy it all again.  To my surprise, there was new stuff in Springfield.  It was like the clouds parted and a voice said “Wookiee… share this with your favorite tappers.  Also point out I have five fingers in the Best. Show. Ever. because I AM.”  If this wasn’t a sign… nothing is.

Universal Krustyland Tapped Out Billboard

Sure the Superhero Event was all the way back in February 2015 but this made me so happy.  Our silly little game is advertised right there for visitors to see and I knew there was a reason for me to take pictures and later write a post.  First thing to do after being given a divine mission?  Finally eat a Ribwich at Krusty Burger.

Universal Krusty Burger Ribwich

Nothing says righteous crusade like clogging your arteries.  This sandwich was sooooooooooo delicious.  The food there is pricey but so, so good.  After I caught my breath from wolfing down this treat and some of my lady’s Krusty Burger, my son and I wandered around upstairs and I might have cried tears of joy when he tried to say Spiderpig.  One of the coolest things we saw was the Krusty room upstairs.  I posted images of it before but it’s even better now!

Krusty Burger Room Doodles

The walls are now covered with drawings from Simpsons artists.  The room was being reserved for the poor chaperones who would be watching Grad Night students later that night and I couldn’t convince them to let me beyond the barriers but I could see that a lot of the images were signed.  So cool.

Belly full… excitement peaked… I headed outside to soak in all the goodness. Imagine my excitement that there were new decorations there too.  One of the best additions was Wiggum and his patrol car outside Lard Lad Donuts.

Universal Krustyland

Sure he may have crashed into the line for donuts but we all know how much he loves them.  I just thought it was nice that Wiggum kindly posed for pictures with anyone who asked.

Wookiee & Wiggum

At Luigi’s, the facade got a little bit of love and I really like the new look of it.  It was a lot plainer before and now it is much clearer for the uninformed what kind of food can be bought inside.  The cartoon Luigi is just too cute.

Universal Krustyland Luigi's

Since my last visit, it appears that there’s also been a prison break at the Springfield Penitentiary.  This makes the facade that much closer to the concept art which started this post.

Universal Krustyland Springfield Penitentiary

Watch out Bart… Bob is out there.  A strange addition  I almost missed was adding a giant taco to the front of the Bumblebee Man Taco Truck.

Universal Krustyland Bumblebee Man Taco Truck

I guess they wanted to make sure people knew what kind of food could be bought there?  I just love this photo because of the reflection image.  I didn’t get a good picture of it but they also added the names to each of the Seven Duff topiaries.  Just imagine a plaque in front of each of these with their names.

Topiary Duffs

That’s really about it for the new stuff I saw.  The entire area is so great and it makes me so incredibly happy.  All the new Potter stuff is also amazing and I have to admit that Universal Studios Hollywood is actually giving the Mouse a run for his money in Southern California.  If you have the money and time, I’d highly recommend the experience but be prepared for crowds.  Thankfully I was able to make my way through the throng to say hi to my good buddy Homer.

Wookiee & Homer

That ends this diary entry.  If I go back and see anything different, I’ll make sure I share.  I’m off to go do some more posts Alissa has on my “Wookiee do” list. Hope everyone is doing well and much love.

TTFN… Wookiee out!


21 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: New Additions to Springfield in Hollywood

  1. Thanks for the update and CONGRATS on your graduation!!!

  2. Was just there on Wednesday. Place is too cool. Although being an, as you say, “Potthead”, we spent most of our time there. Universal has really upped their game re food. Imagine, prime rib at an amusement park. Lol. Next time I’ll get a few pics and share too.

  3. With all the dialogue about ingredients and preparation procedures that we get in the game, I know Krusty Burger is one place I’ll be sure to avoid when looking for a meal in Hollywood. 😀

  4. Is it bad that I would totally take home the used, greasy Krusty Burger waxpaper? I need to get myself down to Universal Studios…. As a former SoCal resident, I’ve been to Disneyland than I can count on my fingers & toes, but for some reason have never been lucky enough to go where the Simpsons are….

  5. We were just there recently to see the HP stuff but I have to say that Springfield stole the show! The cashier at Krusty Burger (we ate at all of the Springfield restaurants) gave us some hints about ‘easter eggs’ within the restaurant boundaries. I can’t remember all of what he told us (but we did find them all) but one was that HP didn’t end at Hogsmeade… you can find Severus Snape within Springfield. (No spoilers, but we found him) Just all-around fun. And, I have to say, better food than I would have expected for a theme park. The burger was actually pretty good and the Bumblebee Man tacos were really plentiful and tasted great – the salsa was really good. Our friends had the nachos and were also pleased (not a bite left over). Sadly, the only disappointment was the donut. Too cakey for our tastes and those big ones lose some of the magic of the smaller sized ones.

  6. That looks great!
    We are headed to Universal Orlando this fall mostly because we are new found Pott-heads (I guess), and we are so excited to see the Simpsons section as well. My oldest thinks he can eat a whole giant sprinkly by himself, we’ll see.
    Someday we’re going to make it out to California too, but until then I’ll read over your old Florida post.

  7. I’m jealous! Reading your post makes me think that a trip to Universal is a must-do for next year! And my partner is a Pott-head, so that will work out well!

  8. An update just hit. Unfortunately I’m at work and can’t download it yet.

  9. New update….chili cook off. Homer and Wiggum start things off.

  10. I’m a massive Pot-head then!!!

  11. Interesting. I was at the Orlando one last month but it seems they are much more buildings to be seen in Hollywood. I like especially the nuke.

  12. New “Adictions” to Springfield in Hollywood. 🙂

  13. Nice pics, thanks for sharing.

  14. Wookiee next time you should take us on a YouTube video tour of Springfield with you!

    (Skip to 26:30 on the 1st video below)


  15. Simpsons rule

    Awesome I love go there I see that you had good time 😀

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