In-Game Update: Chili Cook-off!

Note: If you’re thinking about buying donuts…wait until tomorrow.  Tomorrow, June 3rd, is donuts day!  So hold off on buying donuts until you see what’s coming tomorrow.  Thanks to LPN for pointing this out.  I saw the dates in the files, but for some reason thought today was the 3rd.  So when nothing triggered I figured it was just incorrect coding.  Of course in the end it was just me who apparently really wishes it was Friday lol

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well…it’s time for the next big thing in TSTO…the Chili Cook-off! (Can you hear Ciara’s squeals of excitement? ;))

Homer gets things going in our games with a 6s task to Drink Beer with Intensity. And that’s followed by another 6s task (hey Brooders has some great foreshadowing..).  And just after that the event will start…(and it’s just like Deep Space Homer, Fire Department and others…do tasks, earn prizes.  I’ll detail it below)

2016-06-02 13.24.39

Back with more as I go through it all…details below.  I’m running out to a drs appointment.  But once I get back I’ll update the images. 

A note on this…you must be Level 20 to see this.

As you can see from the image above..this Ends June 15th…

So much like the recent mini events…the Chili Cook-Off is going to be the done the same way.  A few premium items to purchase in the store, but mostly complete a series of tasks to unlock prizes.  Pretty simple, and everyone should have success with this 🙂

First let’s take a look at what’s available in the store:

2016-06-02 13.24.48

2016-06-02 13.25.01

Pro-Shop Space_CoyotePro-Shop and Space Coyote- 120 Donuts.  From what I can tell the Coyote does have tasks.  And yes I’ll have a Should I Buy up on this…

Ajax Steel Mill RoscoeAjax Steel Mill and Roscoe- 150 donuts with a 50 donut rebate, so net of 100 Donuts.  Roscoe returns from the Pride Event of 2015.  I’m kinda glad because I forgot to buy him last year…pregnancy brain.  Should I Buy 

Five_Alarm_Chili ned_devilflanders_menuFive Alarm Chili and Devil Flanders- 120 Donuts.  I’ll break this combo down, but for those curious here’s a Should I Buy on Devil Flanders. If you have Devil Flanders, the stand is 75 Donuts alone.

Once you unlock it as a prize, you can also purchase more Hellfire Pepper Cacti. Hellfire_Pepper_Cactus They’re 15 donuts each and award a .50% bonus.


So after you finish the initial 6s quests, and launch the event you’ll start the It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity questline.  This is where you’ll earn the prizes for the event.  Here’s a look at what you can win:

Insanity_CauldronInsanity Cauldron- First prize, requires collecting 20 Insanity Peppers.  Insanity Mode comes with this prize.  You won’t unlock it until you’ve completed the questline.  But it awards currency, and launches a new game.  More on this below.

Insanity_PeppersGrow Insanity Peppers- Second Prize, requires collecting 40 Insanity Peppers.  This will unlock the ability to grow Peppers at Cletus’.  Grows 6 Peppers every 3hrs.

A_Little_Bit_of_LennyA Little Bit of Lenny- Third Prize, Requires collecting 60 Insanity Peppers.  Cook-off stand for Lenny

 Tapped_Out_Backwater_BreweryBackwater Brewery- Fourth Prize, Requires collecting 70 Insanity Peppers.  (Decoration)

Hellfire_Pepper_CactusHellfire Pepper Cactus- Fifth Prize, Requires collecting 90 Insanity Peppers.

King_Chili_TentKing Chili Tent- Sixth and Final Prize, Requires Collecting 100 Insanity Peppers.

Here’s a list of who you can send to earn Insanity Pepper:

3hr Task. 
Space Coyote- Earns 4, 55xp
Roscoe- Earns 4, 55xp
Moe- Earns 2, 35xp
Lenny- Earns 2, 35xp
Carl- Earns 2, 34xp
Apu- Earns 2, 35xp
Homer- Earns 2, 35xp
Cletus- Earns 2, 35xp
Once unlocked, you can grow Peppers at Cletus’.  Costs $40, 6Peppers Grow every 3hrs

From what I can tell, Peppers do not carry over if you earn over the required amount.

Insanity Mode

Once you’ve unlocked all of the prizes you’ll unlock Insanity mode at the Cauldron.  This will award you game currency for playing a new game.  The game is tapping as many tortoises as you can in 30 seconds.  Here are some shots of the game:

2016-06-02 10.38.35 2016-06-02 10.38.39

2016-06-02 10.38.46 2016-06-02 10.38.51 2016-06-02 10.39.52 2016-06-02 10.39.242016-06-02 10.39.30

I’m going to play around with Insanity mode more, check out payouts and potential rewards.  I’ll have a full post breaking it all down once I have the analysis.  🙂

And that’s it for the Chili Cook-Off my friends! Many decorations, a few premium additions, and once spaced out Coyote!

What are your thoughts on the mini event?  Excited to see the Space Coyote?  Like the pace of these little events?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

241 responses to “In-Game Update: Chili Cook-off!

  1. Can someone explain to me why I am just getting the cook off? On the picture above it says it ends june 15!!! It’s January! D: what is going on? If I want those prices I shouldn’t update? Help

  2. Are the prizes still available through the 15th? I am literally 20 away from the final prize

  3. Umm….I got a Light-up Elder God from insanity mode…..anyone else get bonus prizes from it?

  4. Have to admit. There couldn’t be a worse prize than SH currency. I might care if it were anything else, instead I find myself nonchalantly looking for turtles

    • It doesn’t matter how many turntoestel you catch: 1 turtle – 3 capsules, 14 turtles – 3 capsules 🙁

      • I have relatively few streets put down, so the turtles are fairly close to each other. I usually get about 70 turtles and 10 capsules.
        I wonder what the levels are?

  5. Chili Event — silly & fun, but now I’m done, off to play Pocket Morty ’til something New comes! 😉

  6. The insanity game, I’ve won pills (SH) & a Cane Bush. Hope there’s a premium item or two.

    Do you know if the insanity game ends when the event ends?

  7. Please help!! I have looked everywhere and can’t find anything about this… On the last prize in the peppers and it says job location not available?? Why and what do I need to do????

  8. Fun event with some great animations for the Coyote. I did not realise that Homer has to be free to enable the Insanity game (cf. Find Maggie) and I sent him on a 12hr task just before the cauldron’s timer refreshed (boo hoo)! I have a feeling that I will enjoy tapping the tortoise a lot more than the prizes given (if what I have read elsewhere is true). My inventory already resembles an untidy bedroom & is making me jittery due to my aversion to mess. I’m going to have to start storing items under the bed…..💜X

  9. Five Alarm Chili and Devil Flanders says it “Produces Peppers,” and it’s giving me chili-related jobs to do, but they only pay out in cash and XP… do I have to finish the quest line first, before he will begin awarding peppers?

  10. I don’t understand why my game keeps re-downloading itself. This is the third time for me where it just acts like it is updating and does a complete install.

  11. “From what I can tell, Peppers do not carry over if you earn over the required amount.”
    Would staggering your pepper-earning jobs be a workaround for this?

    • Yes. If you’re close to an amount, just send the amount you need and then stagger the rest for the next prize. For example, I knew I needed four for the next prize so I made sure to collect peppers from Five Alarm Chili first to get the prize and then collected my people. I’ve also staggered by an hour to maximize earnings. Good luck!

  12. Alissa, I’m wondering if this part of your Should I Buy for Roscoe+Ajax is any different since its 50 donuts cheaper (it was originally 150 and is now 100 via a 50-donut rebate) during this event…

    “Freemium Take:
    As a freemium player…personally as a freemium player unless you REALLY want this combo, I’d pass on it. It’s pricey for what it is/what it does and there are going to be a couple other limited-time events coming up (4th of July to name one). Personally I’d rather save my hard earned sprinkles for something a little smaller and more impactful down the road.”

    • In the end, it’s just a matter of if you really want it and if you can afford it. I instantly bought Roscoe the first time around because I love the episode he’s from. 50 donuts cheaper is even better.

    • Since Alissa usually takes Saturdays off (as much as possible), I’ll add to what Wookiee said by letting you know that Alissa reply to the same question from someone else was (and I’m paraphrasing) that 100 donuts for a character/building combo is pretty much always a good buy.

      I’ll also add that I haven’t seen a single comment from someone who regretted getting the combo or someone who thought it wasn’t a good deal (although there may be some folks for whom it’s just not their cup of tea). Oh, and personally, I had agonized for days when that combo was originally made available and, in the end, passed, but at 100 donuts this time around, it was an instabuy for me!

      • Bingo. 100 Donuts, character + building…no Brainer. Buy.

        And yup we were down the shore with my SIL. Riley loved sitting on the sand 🏖

        • Sounds lovely! 🙂

        • Thank you to everyone who’s replied… I wanted this character so bad, but I’m a complete freemium player and making this purchase would bring me below 100 donuts (my absolute minimum cushion; usually 150 donuts) for the first time since I started playing 3-4 years ago.

          I already purchased the other two characters/skins from this event (Space Coyote and Devil Flanders), but now I’m gonna go and pull the trigger on this one, too. I just feel like such a profligate spender… 340 donuts, in a span of two days!

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