Diary of a Wookiee: It’s Raining Donuts! A pseudo origin post.

It’s raining donuts, Hallelujah
It’s raining donuts, Amen
It’s raining donuts, Hallelujah
It’s raining donuts, Amen

Woo hoo! Doughnut day and TSTO literally dropped some donuts on all of us. I felt it necessary to turn to The Weather Girls to celebrate my enthusiasm. Alissa broke down all the sugary goodness in her post but I thought I’d pop in with some thoughts that started stewing in my fuzzy head as soon as I saw everything.  I’m sure the free Krispy Crème I enjoyed had nothing to do with my antics.

So the biggest thing that a lot of people commented on was the donuts raining in our towns. How cool, right? I had to purchase the boatload of donuts to make sure this was a permanent addition to my town but what the heck does this have to do with the Best. Show. Ever.? Well, it’s as easy as going to “Treehouse of Horror V” (S6:E5). In the “Time and Punishment” segment, Homer fixes his own toaster and ends up creating a time machine. It’s a fun segment with a strong tie to Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder.” Homer keeps messing things up in prehistoric times effecting the future. In one of the cases, Homer sneezes and causes the extinction of dinosaurs. When he returns to the present, his family is decked out in riches and Patty and Selma are dead but Homer is horrified to discover that donuts don’t exist. He heads back to the past and then the reveal is hilariously that not only do donuts exist, they actually rain from the sky.

Raining Donuts Simpsons

So cool. A simple origin a lot of us knew about. But why stop there. What about other donut origins? I had some fun previously with donut origins when the Model Donut joined our games as a prize in the 2015 Halloween Event.  The mischievous part of me wants to point out the origins for the tray of donuts, donut truck, donut store, and boatload of donuts. They come from the game silly.

Donut Purchases in TSTO

But seriously… I think it is so cool that these items are now physical representations in the game. I have certainly bought one of each in the course of playing this game so I like having actual versions of them in the game. I actually think it’d be cool if EA gave you these items when you bought the package as a freebie. Interestingly, there’s pseudo versions of these in the show too.

Donut_Tray TSTO_Donut_Truck

Donut_Store Donut_Boat

One of these items looks a lot like the Donut Truck in “I Married Marge” (S3:E12). The long and short is that Homer marries Marge but needs to find a good job to support the bun in Marge’s oven. A gig at the Gulp N’ Blow isn’t what Homer dreamed off. We find him standing at the gates of the Nuclear Power Plant dreaming of being a big shot with a steady paycheck. The workers get donuts there delivered by truck. “All the colors of the rainbow.”

Rolling Donut Truck Simpsons

When Homer becomes the president of the Nuclear Power Plant Union in “Last Exit to Springfield” (S4:E17), he’s welcomed in the streets of Italy like a proper Mafioso. Free donuts are his for the taking AND there’s a donut cart. Okay, maybe it was just a daydream about the delicious benefits of making lifelong connections with organized crime (“Mmmmmm… organized crime.”) but this makes me think of the donut tray.

Mafia Homer Donuts Simpsons

I’m sure by now, a lot of regular readers know that “Marge vs. the Monorail” (S4:E12) is my favorite episode. Lest we forget, there’s a donut shop that figures prominently in this episode. There really isn’t anything they can’t do.

Donut Shop Monorail Simpsons

There’s also a generic donut shop in “Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge” (S13:E22). It was one of the many buildings that was looted in the riot caused by a massive heat wave and a power outage caused by Homer’s dancing Santa. This image makes me think of what some tappers would do if they could guarantee free donuts.

Donut Shop Springfield Donuts Simpsons

We’d all be like the Homer clones in “Treehouse of Horror XIII” (S14:E1) chasing them into a gorge.  I’d probably be leading the fray lol.

Donuts Simpsons

Donuts are good. There’s lots of options to earn them in the game for freemium players and lots of goodness to splurge them on. I know some folks wish they could earn them more frequently but premium currency is how EA makes money on this game and really the only way for it to continue. If none of us bought donuts, they’d just pile up like they did in “Brush with Greatness” (S2:E18) after Homer went on a diet.

What happens when Homer Simpson goes on a diet

They’d just grow stale and useless without us. Rolling Donut would go out of business. Who would pay for the botes (sic)? Someone has to eat them and WE CAN DONUT!!!

Tee Public We Can Donut Shirt

In case you’re wondering… this shirt is available for sale at Tee Public. No indorsement is implied but I think it’s awesome. Points to anyone who gets the classic American poster this is parodying and here’s the link if you’re interested.


Well my friends… that’s really it for this diary entry. Some origin ideas, my strange thoughts, and whatever else you got from my ramblings. Donut day has come and gone and now it’s one more year before I get guaranteed free donuts from somewhere. I just wish the real life ones were usable for fun Simpsons stuff too. They’re certainly not doing anything for my blood cholesterol. As per usual, sound off with your thoughts and comments. Do you have a favorite donut moment or image you want to share? I hope you had great sprinkly day and weekend. Much love from the fuzzball.

Raining Donuts Simpsons GIF

TTFN… Wookiee out!

28 responses to “Diary of a Wookiee: It’s Raining Donuts! A pseudo origin post.

  1. So do u have to buy the donuts to get the items

  2. In honor of all things donuts! You must be careful when sharing – you really can’t take it back. Here’s to trying! My kids eating their very own selection of gummy bear donuts on Nat’l Donut Day and my youngest trying to “take back” the bite he gave to his sister.

    (My computer is having script issues, so I could not embed the pic in this post…..I tried, again, here’s to trying from another device. If the pic pops up in the thread….you’ll know it).

  3. All things donuts! I’m with Wookie…..how could you resist a boatload of donuts? Well, I could not, would not….


  4. DONUTS!

    My youngest, in an attempt to take back that which he did not really want to share. 🍩


  5. The donut poster is a parody of the old Rosie the Riveter poster that says ‘We Can Do It’. 😎 RachelS

  6. “But seriously… I think it is so cool that these items are now physical representations in the game. I have certainly bought one of each in the course of playing this game so I like having actual versions of them in the game.”

    damn you and your tapped out sentimentality striking a chord with me! bit the bonut and gobbled up the boat and the building to go along with the truck. ironically, the truck was the only one i intended to purchase, despite never having bought a truckload before.

    still can’t believe i dropped 225 on the boat man… what a fitting way to commemorate donut production going forward. 🍩

  7. Reading this post and these comments right before bed when I’m on a diet was a mistake x 2!

    Well, maybe it will lead me to having a dream about eating donuts…dream donuts have no calories! 🙂

  8. With some of those donut day sprinkles I picked up, I’m thinking of buying either Disco Stu or Dewey Largo. Any advice?

    • sabrtriviachamp

      If you have the Monorail Depot, I’d go for Largo because he can make glass bottles and help you get more donuts. If you don’t, then I’d go with Disco Stu because I think his outdoor tasks look better, plus he has a six hour task, which makes him a little more flexible.

    • I would go for Disco Stu, much funnier.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      I have Largo & love him, Stu I’m jonesing for, but I’m afraid to spend my precious sprinkles… I get the feeling something even more spectacular is on its way😊😊

  9. Generallylost

    I would enjoy it a lot more if the same 8 “NEW” Donut/Cash conversions didn’t show up every time I logged in…

  10. Please ramble on! I really like writing.

  11. Gotta love donuts, I had two earlier. Mcdonald’s do one with choc sauce inside.

  12. Mark your calendars
    July 11
    The 50th anniversary of 7-11 and its Slurpee
    Free medium (?) Slurpee
    Also read the Chick-fil-let will give out a free meal to anyone who comes in dressed HEAD TO SHOE in a cow outfit
    Free sandwich if you bring in a hat, purse, etc. cow themed

    Our hosts are too young, but I remember 7-11 being open 7am to 11 pm SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! Long after the grocery store closed at 5 pm Saturday, not to,open until Monday morning. Ooh, and the price gouging for that convenience……..

    • I live near a big name university in Florida. I don’t know WHERE these kids get these mega-authentic, decked-out, ridiculously real and expensive looking cow outfits for Chick-fil-A day, but it looks like a cattle range in there every year. Must be a college thing!

      I remember the free slurpees when you could bring any container of any size. Again, college kids have some of the craziest containers. Saw one guy go in there with a traffic cone, another with maybe an empty keg (!?), and another with a fish bowl.

      I know this isn’t related to the post though :/ Great article, Wookiee! I always enjoy the episode related posts you make!

  13. There are certain Gifs that I can watch all day long 🙂

    What I want more than anything regarding donuts (besides the continual rain) is Donut Head Homer when he sold his soul for one. 🙂
    (Obviously there are so many more refrances and you can’t get them all otherwise the post will go on and on like a Donut Shaped Universe that S.Hawking finds fascinating) 😛

    • I would pay cash money for a donut head skin for Homer if he said “But I’m so sweet and tasty” when you tapped on him.

  14. I have to say something. In your Model Donut WDTCF, I NEEEEED That Donut Rancor Monster and some of the civilian donuts. That would be sooooooo great. I Have some Krispy Kremes sitting on top of my fridge right now.

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