Totbox’s Throwback Tuesday: S1 E4 “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday Tuesday with Totbox!  We’re going to run 2 of them this week in an effort to move through some more of Season 1… Enjoy! -Alissa 

Hello Normal People and all you Irregular Regular-Folks,

I have discovered the only way to feel normal is to admit I am as messed up as most people on this planet. When it comes to families, that’s another story. I wonder if Sigmund Freud had a “normal” family, or what about Frasier Crane (remember him?)? Dr. Frasier Crane, first appeared on “Cheers” in 1984 which became the longest running sitcom and later he had his own show “Frasier” (1993) which also has a record for being on the top ten list of longest running sitcoms, little did we know “The Simpsons” would shatter all such records. It is Crazy and maybe a little Shocking to think about. So, While you wait to collect insanity peppers in Tapped Out I’d like to present Season 1 Episode 4:

“There’s No Disgrace Like Home”
After a company picnic, Homer realizes his family can use a little professional help

image (4)

Families have been having problems since the very beginning, which is odd that there wasn’t any Cain and Abel Family Therapy Centers back then. :p but I don’t want to travel back that far, let’s stop at  January 28th 1990 where we got a closer look at this “dysfunctional” family, the Simpsons.

Officer Lou and Eddie, (a background character that might be an early Lenny), and of course Dr. Marvin Monroe and his Family Therapy Center. Oh! And I forgot to mention Mr. Burn’s mansion.

There are also character’s and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OH THE POSSIBILITIES:
Some previously requested Characters: Itchy and Scratchy (which first appeared on the Tracey Ullman Show), I’m going to fight and bite EA over these two.

Possible Buildings: Pawn Shop (but since we have Herman’s Military Shop, I think that’s good enough)

Possible Skins:  EVIL “One Of Us” Simpsons, Picnic Homer and Picnic (punch drunk) Marge

image (23)

Possible Events: HECK-of-a-GOOD Event (battle of good and evil) the “BINGO” family can be event-tappable-critters. “grab my shotgun” event (with old man and kid the Simpsons spied on can be ETCs), Company picnic event with gelatin dessert (after all people said they wanted a Dessert Event… Ok this is a joke EA) :p

Possible NPCs: Bobo (not the Teddy Bear) the Police Dog

image (24)

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game. Don’t Mention It: Any other people in Dr.M.M.’s office (including the receptionist and Happy Doppelgänger family), Any other picnic attendees, the pawn shop guy, and Monroe’s commercial family. Also buildings to pass on is all the houses the Simpsons spied on, “Aced Shoe” which is next door to the pawn shop.

some Highlights:

image (25)

Shockingly there are More Highlights

image (26)

Some other things to think about:

Smithers lost his tan but Officer Lou is umm, lighter than usual. Lisa mentioned she wanted to go to Vassar which is in Poughkeepsie New York (I mention this for no other reason than to say “Poughkeepsie”, something that 7 years later a John Cage would say frequently on the Fox network, which funny enough Tracey Ullman appeared as a Therapist). Speaking of TV(ish), The Simpsons’ television was a Motorola AND it was CABLE READY (pretty fancy). Though the Happy Little Elves were in S1 E1, I found it funny that they were used as a babysitting device in this episode. Moe’s Tavern has a Black and White Tv (remember those?). The sketches of Homer, that the family drew in black and white, ended up in full color on the floor as they battled each other with foam mallets (look behind Lisa in the picture above). The pawn shop guy apparently knows Homer “Simpson” since he says the name.

Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Have you ever attended a company picnic? Ever been in a sack race? Have you ever been a Peeping Tom? Have you ever gone to Family Therapy or an unique therapy? Ever been to a pawn shop?  Can you imagine a world without Gelatin molds? Really? There is always room for Jel–Gelatin molds. What’s your favorite Flavor? Sound off in the comments (tell us how you Really Feel) and have a Normal trip back to your current space/time 🙂 after all..*looking at my watch* I’m sorry, but OUR time is up 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure if I can put this here but I’m a die-hard tappin addict so I figure I’m ok here! I am lost of past tasks for example I do remember skinner and Thelma have to go on like 100 dates to complete my task (wow I am addicted) ok but my problem is the ones I dont remember like Marge has two tasked locked? And I really feel like I missed something with Willie and the bouncy castle? I also wished you could tap on the police dog and type a persons name so he could go find them it would be faster than scrolling to skinner and Thelma when I loose sight of them. I love this game❤️

  2. alex - aabcampos2

    Great !

  3. I love these posts Tot, I actually wish there was more recap with your zany style. Looking forward to more bud.

    • Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I didn’t want to get all Wordy and have people think I’m trying to steal your job with episode recaps. (So changed it a bit, the format wouldn’t work well with new episodes since we don’t know which new characters get reused and such).

      I hope EA gets to see these and start’s giving into some of my season 1 requests and even event ideas.

      • It’s always interesting when a thing you requested makes it into the game. You want to woohoo and think it’s all you while simulataneously staying realistic that your individual effect might be small lol. That being said, since we’ve started, a lot of things we’ve mentioned have found homes so who knows?

  4. I love this episode….the FOAM BAT! One of my all time favorite tasks in the game.

  5. You can see this episode in Die Hard 2, Bruce Willis’ wife is watching them shock each other on the plane.

    • The fact that you know that fact makes you a true die hard fan :p

      • I think you mean a Die Hard Addict!

        Ironically, speaking of being addicted to die hard, one of my real life catchphrases is that I always jokingly say: “My plan is to live forever. So far my plan is working.”

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