Superheroes Sequel Issue 1 is Nearing the End

Sorry guys made a mistake in the times.   Issue 1 ends at 7am GET, 3am ET.


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Issue 1 of the Superheroes Sequel Ends TOMORROW June 28th at 0700 GMT (3am ET).

Once Issue 1 is over you will no longer be able to earn Issue 1 Prizes for free or Craft Issue 1 items for free.  So get everything you can before it’s all gone!

For a rundown on everything that was included with Issue 1 check out our rundown post here.

Remember your crafting trading cards should carry over, but the brass knuckles will no longer be used for Issue 2.  (you’ll have a new currency to collect)

Otherwise be ready for Issue 2 to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (4am ET) tomorrow morning  (June 28th)….


112 responses to “Superheroes Sequel Issue 1 is Nearing the End

  1. SailorAlphaCentauri

    I missed out on getting the store because I thought it was ending at four. I’m kind of bummed about it. So there is no chance of buying any missed items during issue three?

  2. WARNING: First up you need to place a HUGE building (in the time it took for me to write this, there’s probably already a post) oh yeah, the pig crap silo and Harry plopper/spider pig is there too

    • Yeah – I really don’t like these humongous buildings that take up an entire land square. I can’t imagine how people whose towns are already using all available land deal with these kinds of behemoths.

      I just happened to have a square free, but it had no real ingress to the building (no roads, etc.) and it definitely won’t be its permanent location. But I’m having a hard time where the future location should be and it’s gonna cost me big bucks to buy the necessary land to both place it and build a road to it. #virtualworldproblems

  3. Ugh, I would have to buy donuts to buy Old King Coal. Do I care?

    • Only you can answer that question.

    • Depends…how many donuts?

      Tip for next time…when you’re getting very close to the end of an act and know that you won’t make it to the final prize, check how many donuts it would cost to rush it. It’s sometimes significantly less than they end up charging once the act is over…

  4. Looks like the update this evening changed how many level upgrades Burn’s Summer Mansion requires to unlock the East Wing. It has changed to level 15 from 10. And just as I was able to upgrade to level 10 of the Manson too!

    • Not sure. WHen I got to Level 10 a few days ago… it didn’t upgrade. Now my window says Level 15.

    • I believe it was always level 15. I reached level 15 two days ago, and that’s when I unlocked the East Wing of the Mansion. I was at level 10 almost a week ago and even then it didn’t have any mention of the East Wing at level 10.

      As well, all the posts here, (including ones by Alissa and Kim) both mention level 15 as the level required for the East Wing. So not sure why yours would have said level 10.

    • It was always level 15 for the upgrade, but for some reason the “quest” to upgrade the mansion was to level 10. I finished the quest, am at level 11, and still need 4 more levels to upgrade the mansion.

    • Are you sure you’re not confusing the East wing with the West wing? I think the West wing unlocked for me at Level 10, but my game is still showing that I need to get to level 15 to get the East wing.

      • There are quests directing you to level 5, 10, and 15. But only 5 (West) and 15 (East) change the facade of the mansion.

        • Thanks for providing more accurate info – when I wrote that, in wasn’t positive which level had given me the West wing, but I was positive that I have a task to get to level 15. 🙂

  5. Tired of act one hope the rewards are different in round two. Only liked the characters and the bookstore. The battles are tedious when all involved are at. Five stars. Almost ready to skip the game for a while.

  6. If your past king coal but not going to get to 10000 brass knuckles should you save felon battles till issue 2 and get the new currency/brass knuckles for them ? Any thoughts on surplus “stones” although no way to spend them anyway once fighters are maxed

    • Yes, start your Issue 2 prep if you can’t complete another round of bonuts.

      As for finite gems, save them for Issue 2 and 3 characters.

  7. Darn – looks like the latest patch fixed the glitch with the Open Air Stage (and, I assume, the bounce house), so no more double-dipping. 🙁

    (You’d think that while they were doing that, they’d also fix the list on the Open Air Stage so that it would contain Arthur & Gabbo’s picture, too though…)

    • Never mind…I was wrong… The glitch is still there (it was just delayed a bit more than usual). 🙂

      (A/B/W – feel free to just delete my original post, since it’s still in moderation right now.)

      • Never! Hah. Sometimes it take a few before the character you send to the bounce house shows up again in the character finder. I’ve thought it was patched a few too many times because of the delay. hah.

  8. shawtymclittle

    So… hate to be a pain but it’s driving me crazy! How sure are we that the trading cards will stay???? 😕 I’m super stressed about possibly losing out on band aids if they don’t cross over.

    Would YOU spend them or save em?!?!
    Please tell me!!!!!!!! Xoxo

    • I’m saving mine.

    • I’m 99.999% sure they will stay throughout the event. If I’m wrong, I’ll mail you a box of Band Aids. Heck, I’m so sure that if I’m wrong, I won’t mail you the cheap dollar store no name brand, but I’ll mail you the expensive Band Aids with Homer and Bart pictured on them, the ones that cost almost $5 a box!.

    • Save ’em. They are currency throughout the event.

    • Since trading cards are a future social battle prize (the fifth prize is a Trading Card Box), it’s pretty definite that they’re staying.

    • Even if we lose them (which all money is bet on not losing them) I don’t even use band-aids. If any, I use sciencewater. Not using them just means that we have to wait. And that’s half of what this game is about, so I wait…

      • Got that right. This event is all about fighting and then resting for two or three hours, then rinse and repeat. 40 days in a row of that is a head trip, but you were told this game is “life ruining fun” when you downloaded it. We will all be frayed at the edges when it is all over, but lets all buck up and show EA we can do this. 40 days can push us past the limits of human endurance, but we will show EA that WE ARE SPRINGFIELD TOUGH ! Alissa is here to guide us, Bunny is here to confuse us in her hilarious way, and the Wookie will leave a trail of furballs to follow and find again the yellow brick road that we can so easily loose. Let`s get this done, united and strong to the end! Let`s do this!

        *please disregard this post if I mention at anytime in the future (probably in about 30 days) that this game can go suck my mothers, little kids, baby bottle*

    • shawtymclittle

      😁 Mmmkay! Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it.

    • Slow down… Its only game🤗

    • Sorry, won’t be air mailing you any Simpsons designer Band Aids. 🙁
      If you tell me your birthday, maybe I’ll send you some for your special day Shawty McLittle!

      • shawtymclittle

        It’s okay. I’m happy to have a head start. Glad I saved em. My birthday has already passed in May. Thanks anyway!

  9. “What appears to be the end may really be anew beginning” – some wise person

    Looks like Issue 2 hit early with the First Bank of Springfield for 60 donuts.

  10. I just got a small update that is prepping for tomorrow. In return I am prepping my Springfield to battle hardy. Bring it on!

  11. I’m pretty sure the times here are wrong, I don’t think EA adjusted for daylight savings changes. My game says 12 hours for the countdown timer, which, being in California and Pacific time would make it 12am (midnight) (or 3am Eastern) that the new act will hit. The post here says 4am Eastern, which would be 1am here.

  12. Anyone think the social battles timer will reset with issue 2? I sure hope so as it keeps getting later and later. I am in second place and I will miss a day at this rate!

  13. I have been waiting for issue two now for a few days. I am surprised at myself for finishing Issue 1 so quickly, I started a day late too!

    I will never understand why some people complain about an event so much. If you don’t like the event, don’t play. It’s as simple as that.
    There have been many I sat out of; I’ve been playing for 3 years now.

    I’ve been wondering what the max is on felons in your town. So thanks for saying it was 12; Ciara !

    • I saw this everywhere (12 felons max) but I accidently tapped the alley when I had 11 felons already and I was able to stay with 14. I was scared it could be a glitch so I got rid of 2 of them as quickly as I could and ended up not getting a screenshot. Anyone else seen this?
      I can try to make it happen again tonight before Issue 2 hits then I’ll post on the rundown post for issue 2

      • I think when you hit 12 you’re blocked, but can go over if you’re at 11. I got a message at 12 that I’d reached the limit.

      • Me, too! I had 13 and I was like “wha?”. I think maybe you can get overage as long as you don’t have 12 at that moment. So, you had 11 (one less than 12) and got 3 extra (14 total). It probably works like all the “max”es such as SH and the Rail Yard. I’m going to get myself 14 ready for tonight! Thanks for confirming!!

        • Hmmm makes sense (about Heights currency)
          You’re welcome then 🙂
          Too bad I won’t be able to save felons, I’m too close to a bonut round now…

  14. I wish there was a way to downgrade fighters, lol! I had already upgraded more than I should have before I understood Safi’s losing strategy. Oh well…

    • Well at least you can keep your Issue 2 and Issue 3 characters at 2 hearts to reap maximum benefits going forward.

      • Yes, that’s my plan going forward. Thanks for all of your insight on the “losing strategy”. Just wish I had taken the time to really understand it earlier in the event. Maybe I’ll get some Bonuts from the next two issues. 😄

    • You can always pit high heart fighters against opponents that will do double damage so they fall quickly. That’s what I’ve been doing.

  15. Can’t believe I made it and earned OKC… started late, several days of not being able to tap more than once. Don’t know if I lucked out or if the goals were more attainable, but this is the first time a slow start didn’t cost me the final prize in phase one. Excited for phase two!

  16. I have four more levels to upgrade the mansion, will I get shut out or will leveling up it continue?

  17. Read a great tip on the EA forum. Apparent your town can hold a max of 12 felon groups at once so it’s a good idea to release everyone today but only fight them so they have 1 heart left. Once act 2 starts you’ll have 12 groups to fight, all with only 1 heart left which should give you a nice jump on the act 🙂 that is unless you’re close to another round of bonuts, then by all means bonut away!

    • Doesn’t work, it forces me to beat them…how do you get out of the fight??? Without killing them???

      • Hit the arrow at the top left, you’ll get a pop up, do you want to continue, or retreat. If that doesn’t work, can force close TSTO during the battle, go back in, and get that popup also 😀

      • Just send in 2 people, enough so that you can beat the first 2 felons and do a bit of damage on the third. You can also hit the exit arrow to retreat out of the battle right before you beat the last one if you still might win. You lose finite stones but not too much.

      • By no means should it force you to win a battle. You should be able to send one character at a time per battle and lose the battle. Whatever damage you do stays on the opponents team and you have additional opportunities to defeat the opponent. This also yields more knuckles than simply winning. See the Advanced Strategy section of Battle Strategy:

      • press the arrow in the top left. a screen pops up and you click retreat.

      • Send a character that will lose on purpose. For example if you are battling a tech felon, send a muscle fighter. You get a lose payout for doing this, albeit less than a win. There’s a strategy post here that will explain more Follow the advanced guide there but don’t do the last “win” round. Of course this is only a good idea if you’ve finished issue 1 and won’t make another bonut round.

      • Send in only one 2 star wimp to fight.

      • In battle defeat two felons and when the final one has only one heart left simply retreat. You can go back to each group tomorrow and score a bunch of new currency quickly that way. I wonder how tough it would be to to find thase last few groups to battle though. I’m giving it a try

      • You can ‘Retreat’ after a battle has started. Can’t check how at the moment & not sure if I remember correctly but think its something like the arrow in the top left of the Battle screen. I think whatever damaged has already happened remains…

        But as I say I’m not sure if this is correct…

        • Yup – absolutely correct. I’ve used that retreat ability more than once, for various reasons (usually when I got my brain twisted around and sent the wrong fighter in, by accident).

    • That tip was mentioned here too yesterday afternoon on the open forum.

    • I don’t see the advantage to having a jump on the next act vs. earning another bonuts round today (which I can do if I go ahead with my fights, as usual, today). I guess the only advantage I would see is of there were some reason why I thought I might not be able to finish the next act in time to get all of the prizes for that act, but I’m assuming (hopefully correctly) that that won’t be any more of a problem to achieve in Issue 2 than it was in Issue 1. The way I figure it, bonuts in the hand are better than possible bonuts in the Issue 2 bush (and, yes, I know that I just tortured the hell out of that metaphor!).

      • I totally agree, that’s why I said ‘unless you’re close to another round of bonuts’ 😛 I got my last round this morning and there’s no way I’ll make another 10,000 by tonight so I figure might as well get a jump instead of collecting a couple thousand brass knuckles for nothing. Plus I like the satisfaction of unlocking the first few prizes on the first day 🙃

        • Yeah, I was in the same boat. Got my eighth set of bonuts this morning. It would have been close for a ninth one, so instead I put on the brake and am gearing up for Issue 2 since morning.

  18. I’m really not liking this event. To start with I’m not a really a comic book fan why would they assume we all are? And that we’re all such comic book fans we would want a Second commic book event even longer than the first?

    Secondly while I am active enough to have completed stage one days ago, there is no way I’ll be able to get the ‘Social Battle” prizes.

    • …they’re not ‘assuming’ everyone is a comic book fan lol. Did you think they were ‘assuming’ you were a cowboy fan during the last event too? Not every event is suited to every player. Obviously you’re not going to like everything they throw at us but that’s life…

      • Right. They are assuming you are a SIMPSONS fan. Bart and Milhouse are the comic book fans. If you are just playing the game to pass time and aren’t really a Simpsons fan, well, I don’t know what to tell you. There are other games out there.

        • LOL!
          I think real simpson’s fans are those of us who really grew up watching the show.. those of us who fall asleep to the Simpsons reruns 😉 those who dream of them.. oops have I gone to far?
          I love the OLD Simpsons seasons (1 thru.. maybe 13 at most)

      • I have to agree with this.

    • I’ll just admit here that I’m not totally into this event, either. I thought the font and speech bubbles were cool, but the content of the sentences aren’t really getting better as events continue on (I think). I not happier having won Snake’s costume or that Coal guy…. Probably has to do with the great unfamiliarity I have with the actual characters (even Pie Man) or with comic books in general. I’m going to guess that I would have liked Superheroes 1 much better than this one since it was probably closer to what I’m familiar with since it would have Radioactive Man (from the early seasons of Simpsons). Or, maybe I just hate sequels? lol. Sequels are rarely as good as the originals.

      Anyways, Issue 2 might be better. Maybe some characters I’m more familiar with (even if it’s not their costume I’m familiar with). Maybe some more exciting buildings? Only 8 hours to go!

      • Superheroes 1 was my favorite event and I’m definitely not into this one, either… And I can’t even blame the characters because I’m not familiar with any of them.

        • I’m in the opposite boat. SH1 was meh for me, and I LOVE SH2. Not sure why, probably because I was just starting out during SH1 and wasn’t quite sure how everything worked, especially crafting. This one I love because I feel like what I did win in the first one helps a lot, I love all the buildings and being able to create a proper Metropolis, and the characters and battles are super fun! And I’m not into Marvel/DC IRL whatsoever.

          • I love the differences amongst all of us, players… I actually dislike the buildings, but that’s mainly because I’m planning to build a totally unrealistic town in the future, and all those buildings are too realistic. Lol. You know all those buildings/decorations that everyone complains saying they don’t fit anywhere? Those have been my favorites lately. 😛

  19. I’m pretty sure for me (in England) the act for this event is ending at 8am BST (18 hours from now) so that makes it 7am GMT? (Its been weirding me out the events this time of year dont usually reset until 9am – when the daily challenges reset). My daily challenge unlocks in 19 hours!

    I dont mean to be annoying with times. You guys to a great job and it gets confusing here when our clocks change and we go from GMT in winter (and what everyone knows) to BST in summer.

    • Post is right – event ends 9am BST, an hour ahead of GMT. I’m in England too and I prefer winter time for this as I get to action the cut off before work. During BST, it’s more awkward!

    • Bunty, yes the uk time zone changes to bst during the summer. But GMT always remain the same time, it’s just during daylight saving we leave the GMT time zone but GMT remains the same. To summarise😊 The event ends 8am GMT and this is 9am BST.

  20. Will gems carry over?

    • Yes, finite gems will carry over. If you don’t level up your characters yet, you’ll have the opportunity to do so throughout the event. As well, additional characters will be released in Issue 2 and Issue 3 that will require Finite Gems to be upgraded.

  21. Has anyone else been using fighter upgrades to skip the rest time? I think I might hang on to mine for a burst at the start of act 2.

  22. I have this problem from time to time, it’s a loss even when I win?!? Bad glitch! Anyway got every thing. Just wanted to upgrade all the fighters before round two, still have two to go to max them out.

    • Try not to speed up you fights too much, especially the last hit.

    • I have the same problem! It happened 3 times today and in total a lot more! I couldn’t play for a few days and I’m 2000 away from king coal. I really need the knuckles you get from winning a fight…

      • You’d have been better off playing your fighters one at a time and using them to weaken your opponent down to where you can win without using up a fighter to do it. By making sure that all of your fighters ultimately lose, you can get 55 knuckles per fighter, plus the 350 knuckles for the eventual wins. You can earn a LOT more knuckles that way. (But it does take more time and effort than just playing to win, which is easy to do, assuming you have a decent number of fighters.)

  23. DrF0nkenstein

    Been collecting bonuts for the past few days now so looking forward to part 2.
    The only problem i’m having is the constant crashing when trying to visit neighbours… it does seem to be more of an issue with players over level 60 from my own experience. Constant crash to desktop with the majority of my friends list 🙁
    Tried the reinstall thing a couple of times but makes no difference.

  24. I’m ready. ..I’m ready. ..I’m ready!

  25. I guess I finished a few days ago, but it feels like I’m not done since I haven’t gotten the last wing on the Burns Summer Home. I think I’m level 11.

    • Almost there! Just a few more levels neighbour!

      • Just reached level 14 this morning despite real life problems getting in the way.

        Safi, I have been using your losing strategy(Awesome!) so I typically have between 9-12 Felon Gangs roaming. Are you clearing Felon Gangs before Issue 2 or will you carry them over?

        Also, would be interested in you thoughts on upgrading fighters. Early on people were saying to upgrade one each Brain, Brawn, Muscle to 5 hearts and leave the rest low level to maximize losses. Others thought you should only upgrade to 4 hearts. I have plenty of upgrade materials but have only gone to 4 hearts on my 3 strong fighters.

        • I was upgrading felon’s when I was waiting for them to heal.. Because if they had like a few hours to heal and you upgraded their health, then they had 100$ health and could fight.
          At night, I usually just wake up to release felons, so by morning I have a bunch to clear. Upgrading my guys, helps me speed up the heal time, without having to use band-aids.

          • But upgrading is only a one time help and then you’re stuck with more higher-level fighters, which makes it harder to “lose to win.” I wish I could use finite stones on my felons (the ones who fight my social battles for me), instead! I have a gazillion of those saved up and no intention of ever upgrading any of my fighters further. It’s tricky enough, sometimes, figuring out the best ” lose to win” strategy having 4 of my 10 fighters at Level 4!

        • I will be carrying 12 sets of felons at 4am EDT for a quick jump start into Issue 2.

          I have three characters at 5 hearts, and all the others still at 2 hearts. (as a result, I have over 14,000 finite games as well).

          The advantage of 5 hearts is that now ALL my opponent teams come out as three 5 heart characters, so I always have the opportunity to lose 12 times per team.

          However, had I kept those three at 4 hearts, I could have had them lose as well and be healed in time for the next four hour spawning. At this point, might be in your best interest to stay at 4 hearts until the last day of the event.

          On the last day of the event, I’ll just spend my finite gems and upgrade all my characters from 2 hearts to 5 hearts for the sake of completion.

        • I say 4 hearts because that’s 4 hours waiting if you “lose to win” as opposed to 5 hours waiting if you upgrade to 5 hearts. Play your game every 4 hours so you can resend your characters back to the mansion or to get the next 3 Felon Groups from the Alley. It’s a 4 hour timer, so why mess it up with 5 hearts?

  26. As suggested by others, once you are no longer able to get another full round of bonuts in – maybe save up criminals and felons in your town for issue two, so they earn the new currency. It might also be good to save daily tasks that earn knuckles until the new issue starts.

    • some random tapper

      Don’t save criminals, they’ll reach their maximum number in a few hours anyway and the trading cards are still used in the next round. And if you want to keep the fellons around it may be better to fight them and just leave the last one alive with one or two hearts, so you’ll be able to finish them quickly tomorrow (you’ll miss the bonus reward for the damage dealt, though, but it’s still better than having 20 full fellon groups left to fight).

      • I think you still get the same damage-dealt award in total….it just ends up split over more battles.

  27. Moviebuff3000

    Will we still be able to upgrade Burns Summer Mansion after Pt. 2 goes live? I am almost on 14 right now.

  28. Got all the prizes and crafted everything! I’m ready for Act 2…bring it on!

  29. anyone else have these problems?
    lack of criminals ( hardly can find any even after a few hours of being inactive)

    and some glitch after i beat all 3 felons it would still class it as a loss?

    • I’ve had that win/lose glitch. After the final win all the characters disappeared from the screen and nothing happened for what felt like a few minutes, as though the game had hung, then I got a ‘you lost’ message. Thankfully it’s only happened to me once but I have seen other reports of it happening.

      • You’re lucky then. It happens to me once or twice a day!

        • I had it once today. It didn’t tell me I lost, it just hung up and kept trying to make my last guy fight even though the opponent side was empty, so I backed out and it said I retreated. I hope that gets fixed.

    • Try not to speed up your fights too much, especially the last hit.
      If you tap on the brass knuckle task to collect knuckles and tap Do it, it will take you to the bandits.

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