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Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s that time of the week again, time for the Addicts Weekly Open Thread!  So, let’s get the conversation going!  Oh and remember…just because this is posted here today doesn’t mean you can’t comment on it all week long.  This open thread will still be open for comments long after today is over!

Here’s where you can talk about anything you want to talk about…TSTO Related, Simpson’s Related or ANYTHING.  Just no Add me requests…those should go here.  We’ll give you a few suggestions (like most Sunday’s you can talk about the current episode of the Simpsons) but for the most part you’re free to talk about ANYTHING your little Tapping Fingers desire…just keep it PG.

So…here is your Open Thread…Superheroes Issue 1 ends this coming Tuesday (June 28th).  What are your thoughts on Issue 1?  Have you had success earning the Issue 1 prizes?  Still grinding away?  Thoughts on the felon battles?

Safi’s released week 3 of the Addicts Bracket Challenge this week, to find the most desired character for TSTO.  What are your thoughts on the challenge?  Have you voted yet?  Which week 3 match ups are your favorite?

On a personal note, I’m on vacation this week.  Spending the week with my family relaxing at the beach.  So try not to give Wookiee and Bunny a hard time while I’m gone. 😉

How was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?  Enjoying your summer so far?

So chat about the Simpsons, TSTO, Update fun, or anything else you can think of!  Can’t wait to chat with you all, you know we love hearing from you!

Have Fun!  And happy Sunday!


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  1. Elie Wiesel. Never forget.

  2. I’m trying to be patient for a Craft item breakdown (what they earn, etc.)

  3. julie (jsander321)

    Quick question for anyone!

    I’m having a problem trying to accept a friend request! I see I have one in my bottom box in my game yet every time I click on the hand to accept in the friend section – there is nothing. I’ve gone to Krustyland, hard closed, deleted and downloaded again (on two devices) and nothing. Frustrating!

    Should I contact EA for this issue too? I’m already doing that about not being able to have Freedom. Thanks to anyone for advice!!

    Always a hiccup somewhere! I also have Fairy Kodos flying around my town all day after not being able to close out that task. I forgot not to send he/she on that task because of this issue. oh well.

    • It may be that the friend is full now. Also can happen if your list is full. SOmetimes your game will count pendings as friends. When I had that problem before I had to delete it and ask the person to resend the request.

      • julie (jsander321)

        ahh, ok. I know for sure my friend list is not full, never has been, and I have recently deleted a few people that haven’t played in 6 months. I can keep trying and see what happens.

        Thanks for the advice!! I appreciate the help. =)

        • it’s possible that the invite got messed up somehow, i’ve had that happen to me a few times. last time was fairly recently with ibuylow, i had cleared a slot to add him but his invite wouldn’t go through. just ended up deleting the invite and asking him to send it again. had no problem accepting the second time.

          • julie (jsander321)

            Thank you for the advice. =) The problem is I can’t tell who sent the request. On my home screen it shows 1 New above the friends symbol, yet every time I click on the friends screen and try to see any new requests, nothing shows up, no names or anything. So I can’t even delete anything and ask here for the person to send it again. Bummed!! I’m still going to keep trying .. maybe at some point something will happen for the request to go thru.

            I also want to say thanks for being my neighbor!! =)

  4. ellieoftheflump

    Thank you to EA ( twice in one week! ) for the end of lagging on my game and the latest innovation of the “do battle faster” button in top right of battle page. Much as I love battles they do frustrate me sometimes trying to recall who beats who so i appreciate the way i can just do the result now when I have battles stacking up.
    I also greatly appreciate the plopper battle skill (air freshener anyone) and the availability of the presidents to buy as there is some super dialogue….. as a newly “INDEPENDANT” Brit, I may well be learnding something 🙂

    • I agree, really appreciate the quickie button for the battles. Had to hard restart my iPad on some of my towns to get it to show up, but alls well that ends well. Also, so thankful for EA setting all my towns closer to getting the last social prize. There wasn’t any way I could have made it if they hadn’t done that.

      Happy first of July to everyone. Here in sunny California, we have been in the hundreds for a bit. Today, it is 106. Suppose to get to 99 starting Tuesday and stay there for a few days. Ummm, doesn’t really feel that much different. When it’s hot, it’s hot.

  5. Help! I’m having a huge glitch–no synchronization because I get kicked out after every neighbor visit. Can’t see Gil w/ Teddy Roosevelt offer, & it’s only for a limited time so I’m worried. Have tried hard reboot & uninstalling but no change. How do I contact EA?

    • welcome to the club! 🎉

      • Thanks! 🎉

        • just curious… after the level change update, what level did you get yourself up to before you ran out of in-game cash? and what is your multiplier?

          • A few days before level 60 hit I did a one day collide and spent all my in-game cash. 140 million down to zero. Netting me 160 some donuts. A far cry from what I could have gotten. Oh well. So I wasn’t able to level up at all. I got to level 106 just from playing (not using the collider), then I started farming KEMs. It’s taken me 28 days to reach 939. My Conform-o-meter is 379.35 plus 150+ from the SH buildings.

      • Ditto that for Davidbo33. Anyone else at that level finding the five faces on their Homerlayas revert back to one face on a regular basis, like once a day or maybe when you are not looking the next day. I moved it over to make sure I was not tapping on it by mistake. But I don`t think I do now. No big thing, but just curious.

        • it’s not happening in my game, but my brother’s game and son’s game both have had their superhero mansions and players club towers (from the casino event) revert back to the initial skins frequently since this event started. for those who are experiencing it, i wouldn’t be surprised to hear it’s a bug affecting all buildings and decos with multiple skins…

        • Yes. I suspect it’s the same glitch that keeps reverting my Players Tower in my casino area, as well. It’s kinda annoying (more so, to me, for the Players Tower), and I really do hope they fix it, but it’s not as big a problem as the now chronically disappearing Gil’s Deals (which, thankfully, I haven’t been interested in personally, but seems like a really big mess-up on their part).

    • Congrats!!

    • YAY! Good job, neighbor!!!

  6. I have completed my monorail. I goes all throughout my Springfield and then goes around the surrounding land (I have purchased all the available land). I am now working on changing all the small straight track into large straight track. I have in inventory, 169 curved pieces, 134 S pieces and 11 small straight pieces. I have not yet missed completing the monorail build every week (for the donuts, of course). If not an addict, then a serious case of Simpsons abuse.

    • My type of player. I couldn’t have written my monorail script any different. (Well I’m pretty sure the 169/134/11 would be slightly different, but more or less the same)

  7. Who’s the biggest loser? I must be the biggest loser in this event so far I think. I just got my 1,000th loss. Woohoo!


    Should be over a full week ahead of the Issue 2 calendar by the time I go to bed tonight.


    I have just level up to 61 and noticed that it reset to 40k, how do I fix this? Did I miss doing somethings?

  9. Michelle pearson

    Do the devs read these? Because I have a serious suggestion for them. I’m interested to know what you guys think.

    I was away for most of act 1 so I’ve finished short of the target. I normally finish with time to spare and continue collecting currency for bonuses. I think it would be a really good thing if we could have the option to trade extra act currency for previous missed prizes instead. They could even increase the currency needed. I’m sure many people have been in my situation without the spare 700+ donuts to complete it.

    What do you think guys?. X

  10. I’ve now had the game count 2 battles that I won as losses. One of the battles just got stuck after I eliminated all three enemies and wouldn’t let me exit the other battle, after the final enemy died brought up a “you lost” screen. I’m missing my fair share of Finite Crystals!

    • Don’t speed up the battle with the last felon on the gang. Speeding up too much can cause this to happen.

    • ellieoftheflump

      Been having the same thing happen with game freezing and only way to get out of battle is hit fist on otherwise blank screen and then it declares a loss……………………on the plus side I hear losing is great for me??? anyhoo am sure it will soon rectify itself

  11. I hope its not just me but I have just received the 4th, 5th and 6th social battle prizes with the new update and now working on the pie man statue. I’m unsure if it’s a glitch or something EA intentionally done, also Gil is back again with another deal.

  12. I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this but I have a question that some of you might be able to help me with. Whilst doing the Claw and Order Pt 4 Questline I had all my kids breaking curfew and the quest message popped up and said I could speed up the quest for free but when I clicked it, it sped up Nelson’s 24 Hour task for 12 Donuts, even though I didn’t want him to speed up. I was wondering if there was anyway I could get back the Donuts they stole from me? I spent the last two weeks grinding for level up donuts and act 1 bonus donuts so I can get a new character from this event and now that’s all wasted.

  13. Getting ready to contact EA and find out why the game logged me out and says there is an error every time I try to log back in. Wish me luck.

    • What exactly is going on Britt?

      Around midnight EDT, my game logged me out and everytime I tried entering my password it didn’t recognize my account. I had to change my password in order to get back in.

      Is the same happening to you?

      • Same thing happened to me. I just force closed the app and reloaded it, and it let me login after that. No need to change any password.

        • Oh, wish I knew that. I thought maybe someone didn’t like my comment on the Issue 2 calendar post and was hacking my account as revenge. LOL!

        • Actually, I had tried that too and it was still being finicky. I even uninstalled and re-downloaded it.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what happened. I was ever so slowly getting more and more irritated with every failed attempt. So in an effort to not throw my phone across the room I decided that contacting EA would probably be the better option…wrong. So very, very wrong. They prematurely ended the chat! But anyways… After that point I decided to try and log in…again.(Fingers were crossed) And it worked! So the world is a happy place again! 😁 No thanx to EA though….😒….I need more patience in life.

  14. Sounds like some of our games are unpleasantly glitched, then. 🙁

  15. Ok I am seriously about to give up on this event. ALL DAY today I can’t get into my game, not from BlueStacks, not from my Tablet, so its not just a BlueStacks issue. Yet to get the social prizes you pretty much need to log in every day, I’m already 8 hours behind on the friend visits because of this issue, and 8 hours behind previously because I forgot to log in at the same time, and didn’t do friend visits til the next afternoon. Everything in this event is so tight, if you don’t log in, you miss out.

    • Personally, I think these social track problems we’ve been stressing so much about completing is going to be a non-issue………It’s in our heads Duuuuuuudeees!!

      DISCLAIMER: the following advise is from a freemium player, so boo-yea! Freemium for life!! *cought**clears throat*

      Deepest apologies for that… The social battle prize tract is 10 items deep, cost of which seems to vary from prize-prize. I’ve gotten 3 socials battles completed each day since launch. I haven’t missed a day but I sure as hell haven’t paid any attention too the clock for my starting or ending times. As it stands, 1 day into Issue 2, I’ve completed 33 social battles and made it through 3.5/10 squares in the prize tract in Issue 1 alone. Theory would seem to suggest that, spread of to 3 issues, the accumulated 10.5 prize tract squares would be more than sufficient to get the 10th and final in the tract.

      • Aaaand then mere hours after I write that, EA bumps us all ahead in the social battles prize tract. Don’t worry, I have an appointment scheduled with my doctor later today to see about having my foot surgically removed from my mouth.

      • Yeah, unless EA really likes me they must have had others frusterated/complaining of the difficulty (for social battles at least). To me, it was like, ok I’m losing so much time each day because I can’t log in the exact same time every day, or I forget when its time, so I was losing more and more time each day, and looked like all was lost….until they fixed it 😀

    • Hey, neighbor. Are all your devices using the same WiFi? You might try rebooting your modem and router. Sometimes that does the trick. 🙂

  16. No spoilers but on Monday night I watched ID4 part 2. I paid good money for a big theatre and Atmos sound. But overall it is a waste of the money. The atmos sound was not obvious. And the movie was not as good as the first one for me. I seldom go to the theatre. I felt so constipated after the movie. No happy feeling.

  17. My game has been super laggy since the superheroes update…is it just me? Is there a fix for it? The game happens to crash every few minutes and makes going to other towns almost impossible.

  18. Hey @Safi have you any inkling as to whether or not we get to keep the felon characters we gain from social battle prizes… we keep the buildings so maybe the characters also?

    • Why wouldn’t we? 😉

      Once you unlock a “character” into your game that wanders around, it is yours to keep. 🙂

      • LOL, nice answer Bunny.

        My answer is “No idea, ask ABW!”

      • i think smeg means the ones you use to fight the social battles, like stem-antha, tungsten dude, testost-irene, etc. they’ll probably try to sell them to us as npcs for donuts after the event is over.

        • Thats why I said the ones you get that are walking your game. If they release them, they will be ours to keep. Some of those Characters are social Prizes already. 🙂

        • Thanks TB, I guess it’s wishful thinking that they might release them as fully fledged characters with full task lists and not as NPCs… and @Bunny all I can say is “Release the hounds… errr I mean felons”.

  19. Hey hey friends… didn’t know where to post it with Alissa on vacay but I did another podcast thing if you’re interested. Talked movies with one of my friends and surprise, surprise, The Simpsons made it into a small snippet. You can find the podcast on iTunes or Podcast Addict under Shaun Talks Movies. It’s the latest episode but titled “Joey WIll Make You Fear.” It’s a joke from the conversation that makes sense if you listen. If you’ve ever been interested in my personality or how I talk, this is the way to do it. Lots of good stuff from this guy. His website is If you’re so inclined, check it out and give the recording a rating. I’m hoping to have a podcast of my own in the near future. TTFN… Wookiee out!

  20. Okay, since I’m not afraid to admit when I’m wrong, here goes…

    After finally playing much closer attention to the social battle clock, I’ve come to realize that the clock does reset with the end of the LAST battle. (That is, the LAST battle in the trio.) It’s definitely not after the first three (or at least not in my game). The reason I’ve gotten so screwed up and am beings where I thought I should be is because, this seems to work unlike anything else in the game.

    So it’s REALLY easy to lose days very quickly! Say, two days ago, I finished my trio at 11:00pm. At 11:00 pm yesterday, I played my first battle of the set, but decided to go to bed and finish the other two battles today, which I do, finishing at 6pm. Because the clock now resets at 6pm, all I got to play today was my two leftovers from yesterday…I’ll have to wait until 6pm tomorrow to get my next 3 opportunities!

    Now, if you always play all three battles in a row, all it will seem like is that your start time is “drifting” by 15-ish minutes every day (the amount of time it took you to pay three back-to-back battles). But, if gotten taking advantage of the ability to spread out over a 24-hour time period, then you quickly end up screwing yourself out of whole days’-worth of battles!

    Safi – I know that you, too, thought the clock reset with the first battle, but can you test that by spacing your battles more? (On second thought, don’t do that until/unless EA changes the set-up – wouldn’t want you to risk not getting the final social prize!)

    • On multiple occassions, I haven’t been able to start my second or third battle until the following morning, yet I am always able to restart that same night. I now do two battles right away and the third two hours later.

      Friday Battles: 11:21pm EDT, 11:23pm EDT, 1:30am EDT
      Saturday Battles: 11:23pm EDT, 11:25pm EDT, 2:00am EDT
      Sunday Battles: 11:26pm EDT, 11:28pm EDT, 4:00am EDT

      So my 39th battle, last of the day yesterday was at 4:00am EDT early this morning (or late last night from my perspective as I was up til 6am).

      So by the logic that I shouldn’t reset my clock until after my third battle, I shouldn’t be able to play tonight until after 4:00am EDT.

      Yet at 11:32am EDT, I participated in my 40th battle ad followed that up with my 41st. Now I’m waiting for two hours to elapse so my felons can heal and participate in their this battle. As my neighbour, you can check your leaderboard to confirm I’m at 41 battles.

      I did try starting 11:26pm EDT, but it was still showing 0. I just went back to my Springfield and came back to neighbours, and there was the number 3, indicating my 3 battles reset.

      Based on previous events, I believe it should be from the start of your three, but perhaps others yourself included are experiencing a bad unfortunate glitch.

      With Issue 2 starting soon, I’ll probably wait for it to start before I do my 3rd battle so as to earn the new currency rather than knuckles.

    • Really? Mine appears to reset at after my first battle. For example, I played at my first social battle of the day at 11 pm last night. Then I played my remaining 2 battles at noon and 2 today, leaving my counter showing at zero until 11 tonight when it reset and I played again with two more opportunities. So as of right now, I’ve played 4 battles today: the remaining two from yesterday and two new today leaving one for tomorrow. This is all so confusing….I wish EA would give us a countdown timer and am still hopeful they’ll adjust the prize track

      • Maybe EA just likes us Canadians Mini M!

      • Yeah – I’ve never felt so confused about something like this so far e into an event!

        Unfortunately, I need to get to bed earlier than usual tonight, so I won’t be able to see what would have happened tonight at the time I played my first battle last night. (I’ll probably also have to forgo getting in my usual fourth battle of the day, but that’s life.)

    • I’m with you Sandra. My game seems to reset after the last battle and it’s knocking me forward all the time.
      I really hope you’re right and EA do relax this a bit because I really want that studio!

    • Thanks. No wonder I am so behind in social battles! I thought it is based on first battle.

      • Just be sure in your own game. I am 100% sure my game is based on the end of the first battle; definitely not the third battle for me.

        Check your game. If it doesn’t work right away from the end of your first battle, go back to your Springfield and then come back to your neighbours. If it turns out your game like my game and Mini M’s game goes from the first battle, you’ll waste unnecessary hours just assuming its from the last battle because somebody elses game is from the last battle.

    • Like Safi and minimoosi (so far), my clock resets after the first battle. I’m even using the neighbor visiting clock as my social battle clock, and I do NOT play three battles in a row.

    • I used my first friend visit as a timer to check it. If I did all my fights back to back, I was able to do fights again basically as soon as I could do friend visits again. But last night I waited to do my second and third fights, and tonight my fight timer was not synced up with my visit timer. It still won’t let me do a fight. So I think you’re correct.

  21. This game is becoming more and more frustrating. Almost all of my neighbors cause the game to crash, with no set pattern. Sometimes they immediately sometimes not at all, sometimes after I’ve clicked on two guys. It makes me not want to play.

    I’ve reinstalled twice with no changes.

    It can’t just be me.

    • You need to make more memory available in your device. Like removing big files and apps and clearing cache frequently.

    • Try freeing up as much space on your device as you can. Delete as many pictures as you can and any apps you don’t really use much.

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