4th of July Mini Update & Social Prizes Changed***Updated***

Hey there Hoppereenos!

A few things happened in our games today. The first is the launch of the usual 4th of July Celebration items.

The second, looks like as usual EA noticed that many were struggling on the Social Prizes, the limits on them, and adjustments have been made.

4th of July Gil

I just returned from the Doctor’s and will be going through all the new info and updating it here in a bit, so hang in there while I do so. šŸ™‚

Ken Brockman will kick things off automatically with Barbarian Candidate

Barbarian Candidate Pt. 1
Kent Brockman Auto Starts

Ken Brockman: Mayor Joe Quimby reaches the end of his ninth term of office today… amid accusations the he MAY have violated Springfield’s “One and Done” term limit legislation… as well as the “Time to Go, Joe” Act and the more recent “Mayor Quimby We Are Talking to You Please Just Leave” Referendum. In light of these charges, Mayor Quimby has graciously agreed to be dragged kicking and screaming from his office. Who will the new Mayor be? Let’s meet the candidates!Ā 

You will then be able to send Springfielder’s on a 60min task to “Compete for Mayor Candidacy”.

More on the Questline in a bit…

Make Springfielders Compete for Mayoral Candidacy x5: 60mins
(Per info, All Characters Minus Youngsters can go)

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp


Barbarian Candidate Pt. 2
HomerĀ Starts

(Pop Up) 4th of July 2016: There may not be a President OF Springfield but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a President IN Springfield. Check out the store to get yourself one.Ā 

Make Lisa Plan Homer’s Campaign: 30secs

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp


Barbarian Candidate Pt. 3
HomerĀ Starts

Make Homer Make Campaign Promises: 6secs

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp


Barbarian Candidate Pt.Ā 4
NedĀ Starts

Make Ned Campaign for the Election: 3hrs
Make Homers’s Aides Campaign for the Election x3: 3hrs
(Per info, Homer’s Aides are: Marge, Lenny, Carl, Apu)

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp


Barbarian Candidate Pt.Ā 5
HomerĀ Starts

Make Ned Attend the Mayoral Debate: 30secs
Make Homer Attend the Mayoral Debate: 30secs

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp


Barbarian Candidate Pt.Ā 6
HomerĀ Starts

Make Home Avoid Paperwork: 6secs

(Pop Up) Looks like Homer no longer needs all those eagles he ordered. Here you go!

Completed Task Rewards: $100 & 10xp

Basically there is a Mayoral Race and Homer keeps saying if he wins everyone gets a Free Eagle! He gives up after winning due to he doesn’t like paperwork, and we all get… A FREE EAGLE!! WOOHOO!!

unlock_squawkySquawky: Free at end of Barbarian Candidate Questline. NPC. Flies with a flag behind it when tapped.

squawky_front_walk_image_4 squawky_tap_out_image_3



You will also see Ol’ Gil wandering around the streets of Springfield waiting to offer you the latest and greatest of his “Gil Deals”.

Gil: I do love celebrating America with a 4th of July camping trip to one of our national parks.Ā 

Teddy: That’s why I created the park system, bro! You’re welcome, America!Ā 

Gil: Wow. Teddy Roosevelt. 26th President of the United States and a famed naturalist.Ā 

Teddy: Yup, I love nature all right. Now let’s go shoot the biggest animal we can find and eat it raw. Nothing puts hair on your chest like moose carpaccio.Ā 

springfieldnationalpark_transimageteddyroosevelt_front_walk_image_1Springfield National Park: 200 Donuts. Gil’s Deal will now appear for what looks to me like a much larger version of Springfield Falls. 13×13 base. Comes with Teddy Roosevelt. Tap on areas of the Park to see animated animals pop out, like a dolphin, raccoon chasing bird, bear, and other birds. Or just wait and they will eventually trigger. Teddy will have an animated visual task trying to shoot animals in the dirt patch in front of the falls (looks like he’s shooting the raccoon as it jumps out). 5% Bonus.

**If you don’t take the offer…

Gil: Well at least I still have my cave to sleep in.Ā 

Teddy: Quit complaining, bro! A cave is luxury accommodations! I once survived a whole winter with no more shelter than a single pine needle! I stayed warm with vigorous calisthenics. If I’d stopped for a minute, I’d’ve frozen to death. I was President at the time. People don’t like to imagine their leader doing jumping jacks for three long, desperate months in twelve feet of snow, but this happened. Swear to God.Ā 

The offer will then move to the Store. You have 7 days to decide if you want to take the offer before it will expire. (7/6)


**If you take the offer…

Gil: You’ll take it? Great! With this sale, I’m moving up the property ladder! Goodbye Cave and hello hovel!



There will be the usual 4th returning items along with a new item available as well in the store for purchase. All will be here for a limited time as well until 7/6.

oldfaithless_menuOld Faithless (New): 40 Donuts, 2% Bonus, 8×8 base, animated in that the water will explode when tapped

Tapped_Out_Pinwheel_firework Pinwheel Firework: 40 Donuts, 2% Bonus

holoflagpillar_menuHolo-Flag: 15 Donuts

Tapped_Out_American_FlagAmerican Flag: $5600


You will see one or the other option below…

patrioticboxoffireworks_menuPatriotic Box of Fireworks: $5600


lisastatuepatrioticboxoffireworks_menu Lil Lisa & Patriotic Fireworks Bundle: 95 Donuts


Abraham-Lincoln lincolnscabin_menuLincoln’s Cabin: 150 Donuts, comes with Abraham Lincoln

yeoldecherrytree_menu unlock_georgewashingtonYe Olde Cherry Tree: 180 Donuts, comes with George Washington

unlock_richardnixon watergatehotel_menuScandal-gate Hotel: 150 Donuts, comes with Richard Nixon

presidentialestate_menuFreedomPresidential Estate & Freedom: 100 Donuts (if you already own Freedom, store the bird to see just the Estate in your menu to buy). Freedom is an NPC

lincolnmemorial_menuLincoln Memorial: $100000

fireworksbarge_menuFireworks Barge: 80 Donuts, 2.75% bonus

nighthawkdiner_transimage rexbanner_idle_image_1Nighthawk Diner & Rex Banner: 90 Donuts

all american apuAll American Apu (Costume): 30 Donuts

100px-Tapped_Out_Liberty_bellLiberty Bell: $50000



I am still pulling the information for these and the changes, but for now many of you will notice that you jumped through several of them and were awarded some sooner than you anticipated.

Here is the NEW list of requirements for the Social Prizes you can earn.

unlock_felon_techmTungsten Dude-Ā (Awarded after 3Ā Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles.

ico_superheroes2_sciencewater_pack2Sciencewater Cooler-Ā (Awarded after 7 Battles) Contains 9 Sciencewaters

kiosk_menuKiosk-Ā (Awarded after 12Ā Battles)

charactersets_felon_brainsfSTEM-antha- (Awarded after 19Ā Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles

ico_superheroes2_tradingcards_pack3Trading Card Box- (Awarded after 25Ā BattlesĀ ) Contains 500 Trading Cards (used for crafting)

unlock_felon_strengthmGluteus- (Awarded after 34Ā Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

piemanepicstatue_menuPie Man Epic Statue-Ā (Awarded after 44Ā Battles)

ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3First Aid Kit-Ā (Awarded after 54Ā Battles) Contains 20 Band-Aids

unlock_felon_techfMeg Ahertz- (Awarded after 66Ā Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

ico_priz_superheroes2_wonderfilms_lgOne Week Wonder Films- (Awarded after 77Ā Battles) Earns $300,20xp/24hrs

This means you can get the Prizes after 77 battles vs the 115 EAĀ had originally set up. This will make it much easier to obtain these Social Prizes for players.


There you have it, some new/old items and a HUGE change to the requirements for the Social Prizes. I am still running through the 4th of July Questline and will update it a bit further as I go. This information should at least give you the Basics for now.

What do you think of the changes? Like that they lowered the requirements? How about the 4th of July items? Going to pick any up? Let us know.


425 responses to “4th of July Mini Update & Social Prizes Changed***Updated***

  1. My feeling is because of server issues yesterday they should cut another 3 battles off the prize thresholds.

  2. Anyone else having a glitch where your neighbor battles aren’t resetting? It’s been 3 days and I still can’t fight any new neighbor battles….

  3. Ok, i just bought these, and cant find freedom anywhere, what can i do? I got the building but no freedom, the eagle

    • It’s not in your inventory?

      • I had freedom show up a,few days ago in my game, but then discovered that I had gotten the presidential mansion last year!
        But I got the Gil deal, I guess they pushed the offer through again and finally got Teddy.
        And now they stuck another premium Charachter in the game to buy, I might pass in this one, I can’t keep spending money like this on doughnuts, each time they push a new item every leg of the event.

        • A) You shouldn’t buy small amounts of donuts each time there’s a charter you want to buy…try to buy at least a truckfull at a time, or you’re paying took much per donut.

          B) Have you checked out the QuickThoughts app? You can earn iTunes or Amazon credits (defending on which device you use) just for taking surveys. I’ve made over $80 worth of credits that way so far (maybe more).

          • I usually buy a truckload of doughnuts, but money just got tight on me so I’ve had to cut back on spending.
            Also I’ve noticed that they have been having events more often, it used to be every other month or two, but now it’s almost constant , one new weren’t after another,
            With so many oremium items showing up and costing more doughnuts than normal for some…
            But I will ook into that app if it’s for iOS.
            Thanks for,the info.

            • Yup – it’s my iPad that I have my QuickThoughts app on, so you should be good to go! šŸ™‚

              • What does quickthoughts app have to do with buying a truckload of doughnuts?

              • It’s a way to earn iTunes Cards by filling in questionnaires. You will forfeit your privacy by entering it. I tried it, I didn’t like their “privacy” statement, so I declined.

              • sandrashill

                I haven’t noticed any from this “loss of privacy” – no spam emails or anything else. Also, you don’t have to use your real name…you can just get a free email address somewhere and use that.

                I’m a fairly savvy web user and have checked out numerous survey sites and apps and I consider this one quite kosher.

              • If that’s the case then I think I’ll pass on using it.

              • sandrashill

                You use QuickThoughts to take survey and earn credits that can be cashed out as iTunes credit.

  4. I’ve already crafted every item of issue 2. Should i save my cards for the last issue or is the risk great that the items of issue 3 only be craftable one time?

    • I would hold on to them. Since it’s a prize in the social track, it’d seem like they’ll stick around.

      • so hold on to the cards?
        It’s just, with issue 1 every item could be crafted just once.
        Now with issue 2 you can craft every item, except Zenith city times, multiple times.
        It’s a shame they don’t use some kind of standard procedure cause i would not like to have a couple of k cards saved up for issue 3 and then see that you can craft those items just once…

  5. Is the Gil deal already gone? It popped up a couple days ago, but no longer there in my game. Also, Freedom and the presidential estate are not in my list of 4th of July premium items although I do not have them. Rex Banner and the other president’s are not as I already have them, but is there anything I should try besides contacting EA? Thanks for your help and great posts!

    • Here’s the usual advice we give, I’m quoting Bunny: “Exit out and come back in again. Try restarting device even. Double check to see if it reset and Gil is still wandering streets. It should be in the main opening screen of the Menu. If still no luck, contact EA.” The truth is this is effecting a lot of folks just like the last two deals. No clue why, but they’ve disappeared when people didn’t immediately buy the offer. I know EA is aware and hopefully they can fix it. Upsets me when this sort of stuff happens but not much we can do from our end. EA is the only people who can fix it. Up to you if you want to contact them or add your name to one of their forums.

      • The deal had vanished for me when I declined, but I had an in-game update today & Gil popped up again. Happy 4th of July & to all a good night! TR is hunting now & I especially like the animal animation! Also, all of the POTUSes have some funny dialogue with one another! Fun stuff!!

        • Same here, they must have pushed the Gill Deal through to the game again.
          And two days ago the Eagle showed up randomly and I don’t know how it happened, then I realized that I already got the Presidential Mansion last year and forgot because it was mixed in between other buildings in Springfield heights, so the eagle was part of the new offer this year, but if you had the mansion firm before, the eagle was free.

          • Oh wow! I hope I got Freedom the Eagle as well! I haven’t noticed it yet & I already had the Pres Mansion too. Now I have something besides Criminals for which to search! Or did you mean the Bald Eagle?

  6. I think my game is totally messed up. I can’t get the Gil deal or the presidential estate, no I don’t have Freedom, and my criminals are still walking normal. EA wants to roll my game back, but I’ll lose everything. I’ve hard closed and uninstalled and reinstalled all with no luck. Anyone else having the same problem with the criminals. I guess I got a big glitch. Sure hope it gets fixed, I really don’t want to miss out on either of the deals.

    • Ugh… roll backs can be painful. I’ve had to do it once and wasn’t the biggest fan. Up to you if you want to wait for a fix or do that. Best of luck. Anyone else have thoughts?

  7. I hope I wasn’t the only one who thought we would get the Barbarian from Clash Of Clones due to the Quest Title. I REALLY would of liked that. That event was one of the only I missed due to being busy. I expected them to release some Skins for Donuts when King’s new game Clash Royale Came out, but nope. I can only hope for Clash Of Clones 2 I suppose.

    • I hope they find some other way to bring Barbarian Homer back for you…CoC was my first event, but I’m not interested in ever having it return. It was fun, but way too long, even for a newbie, and I really don’t want to go through it again, although I love my Archer Lisa skin…I always use her arrow-shooting task when I need to give Lisa an 8-hour task to do.

      • i always have the archer lisa skin on as well, but for a different reason. i always set 4 hour tasks now with the unemployment office, and her 4hr task with that skin has her go to her recycling castle…. which i can store in the inventory if i ever need to free up lisa. i do the same thing with homer and his conductor skin (he goes to the post office for his 4hr task). we’ll see if i have to do that for the other people whose buildings can’t be stored away now (not sure if it’s permanent or temporary for this event).

  8. Tracey Hansen

    Does anyone know if the Nighthawk Diner adds to your gluttony rating? That would make the decision a little easier….

  9. Totally loving Squawky even though most NPCs annoy me. His call reminds me of the opening credits of The Colbert Report.

    Really glad that all this cool stuff is available too. I’ve been saving up donuts for some other purchases but they’ll have to wait.

  10. I contacted EA about Freedom (when you already have the presidential estate). Rather than put Freedom in the store by itself, they just gave it to me for free! Don’t know if they’ll do that for everyone, but they did for me.

    • Would you happen to know who you spoke with at EA because spoke with two individuals and they just told me take post my issue on forum and maybe the developers will fix it. I already own the presidential estate but I don’t have Freedom. How did you contact EA? Any help would be greatly appreciated? Thanks

      • I had them call me back and don’t remember the name… he had a British accent and was quite nice but once I said TSTOAddicts, it helped it along. I always do the callback option but that means you have to do it during their business hours. I’ve tried chat but not a big fan of scripted interactions.

      • I did the chat function and talked to a guy named Johnathan.

      • Oh, and I mentioned this site also. Don’t know if that helped or not. Good luck

  11. Talking about crab walk, there is a dance I learned, Bachata. After a while, you look as if you are walking like a crab doing this dance.

  12. Ummm i already had the presidential estate a while ago.. So how do i get Freedom , i tried putting the estate into inventory but that didn’t work… any clues??

    • Storing is the only fix we found. Next step is EA but I’ve already heard folks getting resolution for this issue through them so best wishes.

  13. Got Teddy and the National Park, since it fits very nicely with Springfield Falls and the Mountain Lodge. Love anything with running water. National Park is a bit smaller than expected, but still looks great.

    Teddy is simply a badass, whom I needed in my Springfield. He is my second president after Nixon.

  14. pinballinggrrl

    I love the poor little criminals crab-walking their way through Springfield, fruitlessly snapping their pincer-hands as they go along. The not-so-good doctor must have used them as his guinea pigs…

    I’m surprised Springfield’s own gladiator of gluttony has avoided the siren song of Soilent Red. You’d think Hom- er, Pie Man’s- first reaction to food would be to taste it, and his first reaction to something as addictive as this would be to eat it all.

    So far, we’ve missed a golden opportunity to see art of our favorite Springfieldians as mutated crab-human hybrids, but I suppose there’s always Issue 3 for that.

    • The crab walking criminals make me smile šŸ˜€

    • I do hope (though doubt) that we’ll get the clown-haired criminals back. The Rainbow wigs made them oh-so-easy to find and tap, plus it just made me giggle watching them attempt to be all sneaky while wearing a giant, colorful wig!

  15. I am not seeing the Lincoln Memorial in my store at all. I have finished the July 4 quest and received Squawky… I reread the post to make sure I didnt miss anything but maybe I am missing something?

  16. Thank you so much for the tip to store Freedom! Now i could buy the presidential estate! Thanks šŸ’‹šŸ’‹

    • You’re welcome. Thanks to another thoughtful player who shared that tip with me I was able to share it here before the update edit including the presidential estate and Freedom got added to this post. I love that about this game – players helping players, and great blogs like this that help spread the word for all of us.

  17. Teddy Roosevelt is the spitting image of Robin Williams šŸ™‚

  18. I am debating between Springfield national park and old faithless. Any advice as to which one would be better?

  19. Jamie Boughen

    Is it just me, or has my game glitched? All my criminals are moving sideways, like a crab, but they aren’t homing in to my landing spot. They just seem to move around randomly. I’m spending a lot of time trying to find them every time the blasted alarm goes off.

  20. I might actually have a shot at the last social prize now. I just unlocked gluteus, so i would have cut it close on getting the last one.

  21. Lylemccarthytrainerofthtestars

    With all the stuff from the Homer the Whopper episode, Mylar baggins, one week wonder films, helicopters, etc it seems fitting we would get Everyman instead of Pie Man. Pie man was last year and I don’t understand why loading us up with content from one episode but stopping short of an Everyman skin for Homer seems like a jip.

    • I agree but they decided on the skins they did. Probably see Everyman if they ever do another sequel event.

    • I guess it’s like Ash Ketchum. He only really made sense for the first Pokemon series, but they keep him on as protagonist maybe because of familiarity. I think Pie Man is here to stay, even in sequel 3.

    • What I find oddest (and a bit disappointing) is that EA even went so far as to put Bartman in the splash screen for the event, but we’re getting his Stretch Dude skin instead. Bartman can’t even complete tasks at the Mansion…

      • Who knows what will happen with Issue 3? I’ve never seen them put something on the splash screen without making it available…

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