Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Social Battle, Prize 3 Kiosk

Special shout out to Safi for his help with this post while I’m away on vacation this week.  Thanks Safi! 🙂 

Hey there fellow felons!

It’s good to be bad in our Superheroes Sequel event! Especially when it comes to Social Battles. Once you are able to trigger the social battles, you take on your neighbours’ heroes as felons in a quest to unlock 10 social battle prizes.

Before we get into the third prize, the Kiosk, you may have noticed there was no post on the first two social battle prizes. That’s because the first prize (awarded after participating in 10 battles) Tungsten Dude and second prize (awarded after participating in 20 battles) Sciencewater Cooler are fairly self-explanatory and don’t need a guide.

Now back to the Kiosk…

Once you’ve participated in 32 social battles, you’ll automatically be awarded the Kiosk and you’ll see this message popup:

Kiosk 1

And you’ll have the option to store or place it in your Springfield immediately. Remember if you store it, you’ll have to go into your inventory to retrieve it later.

Kiosk 2

And that’s about it. The Kiosk is simply a decoration. No questline, does not generate any event

currency, or provide an XP bonus. Just win the prize and that’s it.

Here are some quick facts about the Kiosk:


Size: 2×3
Conform-O-Meter: Vanity +100
Where Can it Go?: It can be placed on land, sand, or boardwalk.
What Does it Do?: It’s just a decoration from Season 18, Episode 11 “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times”.

And there you have it the details behind the Kiosk. Not much too it, but now your Springfield can have a little kiosk to purchase comic books from …

What’s Next?

charactersets_felon_brainsfSTEM-antha – Awarded after participating in 45 battles. However, as STEM-antha (fourth prize), Trading Card Box (fifth prize), and Gluteus (sixth prize) are self-explanatory, the next prize we cover in a rundown post will be the seventh prize (awarded after participating in 80 battles) Pie Man Epic Statue.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the third (and first two) Social Battle prize!

What do you think of the Kiosk? Were you on schedule with the calendar to unlock it? Thoughts on social battle prizes?  Thinking the sequel is better than the original?  Or still like the original better?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

110 responses to “Superheroes Sequel Prize Guide: Social Battle, Prize 3 Kiosk

  1. Did the social battle calendar change?

    • We haven’t put out a new one but the last prize is 77 fights (win or lose) so that’s 26 days of fighting 3 fights in a 41 day event. Take however many you have left and divide by three to see where you stand.

  2. Has anyone gotten the Aqua Water Wharf and noticed that the picture is different than the prize given?!
    I have a dilema of purchasing a few of the Zenith building sets or just the one. Like to build a nice little Zenith city section in my town would go well, but this would possilby not enable me have a nice stash of crafting currency for all the goods in the next act.
    Any advice?

    • My plan is to buy one of everything, then maybe a second Zenith and then bank the rest for the next issue.

      • Thats sounds like what I had in mind, not sure if the tree is worth it, havent seen it in a neighbours town yet. The way the currency is stacking up I spose I could afford to run it skint before the next act.

        It’s a bit of a double edge with these events that you cant go back to an act and purchase from there if you like some prizes, maybe something EA can allow us in the future?!?

  3. Any idea if we get to keep everything?

  4. Thanks for letting us know what the kiosk is worth. Is there a post for what the crafted items are worth? Like, the snake in the tree, the billboard, and the water thingy? Thanks.

  5. Keith1Roon991

    Pie man statue, say no more 🙂

  6. Hi question all these fighter we are earning, will they become working in characters after the game

  7. They just put in an update that severely reduces the amount of battles you need to do to win prizes. I just got two “Free” items for having accomplished 33 battles.

  8. Man,I just barely got the kiosk and woke up to STEMantha,trading cards and Gluteus.


    It looks like the amount of battles needed to win these items has been lowered today. I logged in (with 21 battles) to find the kiosk and stem-antha automatically unlock with the Trading Card Box only needing 25.

  10. The numbers for social battle prizes were changed this morning. Looks like everything was probably cut in half. I’m working on Gluteus, previously 68, now only 34.
    Post here says next up is stemantha at 45, but she’s not anymore.

  11. I had 39 battles and it seems that the numbers have changed cause I got Stem, the trading card box and Gluteus all at once !! Was afraid I might not get the last prize but it looks like it will be doable !!

  12. How do I access the trading card box? I received it but have no access to it.

    • Check your inventory.

      • I have the same problem. The message said it was being placed in my inventory but I’ve looked and looked and it’s definitely not there. Anyone else had this problem. It certainly hasn’t been applied to my trading card count because I was on 496 when I won it (500 cards).

  13. I know with Alisa on a much needed vacation that moderation will be slow but am I the only one this happened to? I had an update today and there was Gil with Roosevelt (called it) but also without even going to a neighbor I was awarded like 3 social prizes. I’m now working towards the statue. I knew EA wouldn’t let me down. If it was a glitch, it was a very welcome glitch.

  14. The number of social battles required for each prize seem to have been reduced significantly – I logged in and was awarded 2 prizes and the next one is at 34 battles (prize 6 or 7) – I’m guessing they had to reduce it to give people more of a fighting chance to unlock everything during the event.

  15. Did they change the prize levels in this. I was lamenting the fact that I missed a few days through forgetting to log in at the correct time and thought I wouldn’t get through the prizes….I just logged in and got three and only 4 more to the 6th prize?!?

  16. I had earned the kiosk a couple of days ago. This morning I was awarded STEM-antha, the Trading Card Pack, and Gluteus all in a row.
    They must have changed the requirements so we can actually earn all the social prizes. FYI: I had to go into inventory to claim my 500 trading cards from the pack.

  17. Not sure if I’m the only one but when I logged on to my game this morning my game started handing out social prizes to me all the way to prize number 6 when I was still trying to get the kiosk. Did EA change the requirements?
    However, my counter in neighboring towns shows that I am still on track to earn the kiosk. But in my town I’m on track to win prize number 7. Is this a cool glitch that I somehow got to take advantage of?

  18. Russian Tigger

    I like the kiosk, always good for adding to the boardwalk. Good to see EA made changes today in order getting the social battle prizes will be easy. I think most we will need is now 77.

  19. They changed the numbers! The prizes are attainable! Yaaaaay!!

  20. While I like doing the social battles the problem is you can only do them 1x a day; unlike the regular battles.

    • You can do three. Even if you win, the characters recharge at a rate of one heart an hour and you have 24 hrs to do all three. Just an FYI… send only one character and you can earn towards the prizes with losses.

  21. My social prize track shifted this morning. Much lower battle numbers needed. With 31 battles, I was awarded the Kioskm Stem-antha, Trading Card Box, and am 3 battles from getting Gluteus. Possibly a shift in response to iffy loading of friends’ towns?

  22. Just logged on and was awarded STEM-Antha, the trading card box and Gluteus social prizes. The cost for One Week Wonder films decreased from 115 social battles to approximately 65. Great news! Did anybody else notice this?

  23. There was a litten update which changed the necessary amount of participationed battles for the prices. So you no longer need 45 battles for anathemener…they lower the necessary amount.

  24. Howdy Tappers.

    Something odd happened just now. I am at 42 social battles, waiting to do my 3 for today. I had logged in to TSTO at 6am PST, and cleared my town, and came back 4 hours later….

    The social battles amount hasn’t changed but I was scooted up the prize track 3 slots! I was “given” the the box of trading cards as well as the 2 felons in the track! Could this be the adjustment everyone was hoping for! (Sorry for ending a sentence with a preposition.) Anyway, next in sequence is the Pieman statue, which I will get today for completing 44 social battles. But…wow! I can actually relax if they don’t roll this adjustment back! Thanks, EA!

  25. Shadowstar Steampunk

    Last night I had three felons, with this morning’s update I had five felons to fight with! Very cool! But I quickly noticed that the Card Pack prize wasn’t added to my card total, not so cool. Before I started the occasionally long process of complaining to EA about it I decided to place all the space trash in my inventory and was thrilled to discover the missing Card Pack hidden among the Decorations! I just had to use it and it was immediately added to my total with no need to bother EA! I just wanted to let anyone who ran into the same problem know where to look before contacting EA and losing precious game time, hope this is helpful.

  26. My game glitched and I received some of these items by doing absolutely nothing, now I’m only 1 battle away from gluteus, when i used to need 10 battles for the kiosk. But hey, you don’t see me complaining…

  27. Looks like EA has made the # of battles a bit more realistic. Just received 3 of the social prizes and the Homer Statue is my next prize at 44 battles. Nice little update!

  28. This morning they lessened the number of battles needed to unlock the prizes (YAAAAAAAY!!!!)

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