Superheroes Sequel 101: **NEW** Social Prize Calendar

Hey there Chillin Villians!

Back on June 29th, EA released an update to the Social Battles along with the 4th of July Items. The change was definitely needed and welcomed.

With the New Changes, comes along an easier way for all Players to be able to obtain all the Social Prizes within the Event.

unlock_felon_techf charactersets_felon_brainsf unlock_felon_techm

Let’s take a peek at the Social Battles now with the Changes.

We’ve covered the basics to death on this one…so here are some quick links if you need more info on the how-tos of Social Battles or Battles in general:

For more information on the overall Event, go HERE

For more information about Social Battle Basics go HERE


For MORE details on Social Battles, check the links below.

For those that want to VISUALLY get an idea, Alissa also made a Video HERE.

There is also the Basic Neighbor Breakdown of it all HERE. 





Here is the list of Social Prizes you can earn and their NEW Points Required.

unlock_felon_techmTungsten Dude- (Awarded after 3 Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles.

ico_superheroes2_sciencewater_pack2Sciencewater Cooler- (Awarded after 7 Battles) Contains 9 Sciencewaters

kiosk_menuKiosk- (Awarded after 12 Battles)

charactersets_felon_brainsfSTEM-antha- (Awarded after 19 Battles) Felon to use in neighbor battles

ico_superheroes2_tradingcards_pack3Trading Card Box- (Awarded after 25 Battles ) Contains 500 Trading Cards (used for crafting)

unlock_felon_strengthmGluteus- (Awarded after 34 Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

piemanepicstatue_menuPie Man Epic Statue- (Awarded after 44 Battles)

ico_superheroes2_bandaid_pack3First Aid Kit- (Awarded after 54 Battles) Contains 20 Band-Aids

unlock_felon_techfMeg Ahertz- (Awarded after 66 Battles) Felon used in neighbor battles

ico_priz_superheroes2_wonderfilms_lgOne Week Wonder Films- (Awarded after 77 Battles) Earns $300,20xp/24hrs

This means you can get the Prizes after 77 battles vs the 115 EA had originally set up. This will make it much easier to obtain these Social Prizes for players.


As it will take you all a bit of time to trigger the Social Prizes, as well as earn them… I wanted to offer a kind of “Calendar” of sorts so you can visually get an idea of just how long it will take ALL Players to reach the Social Battles Prizes.

For those of you that want to FAST TRACK it and just get it out of the way, you could essentially be done by July 10th.

Social Calendar Quick Tap



As I know it did take some time to even get the option unlocked, I also wanted to do a more “cruising” route type Calendar. This will still help you keep on track to get all the Prizes and allow for some leeway time to get them.

It roughly breaks down to completing about 2 a day.

Social Calendar Updated


There you have it, an updated look at the Social Prizes and a few options of Calendars to help keep you on track during the remainder of the Event.

Where are you at so far? Liking the New Social Battle Point requirements now with the update? What do you think of the Prizes? Let us know.


49 responses to “Superheroes Sequel 101: **NEW** Social Prize Calendar

  1. I’m 1 battle short. Ugh. Hopefully the game will continue into tomorrow.

    I would spend the donuts if I could.

  2. I missed three days, think ea will let it go for that long after event ends? I have 68

  3. Do you get to keep the fighters ( for felon fights) you have can construct I’m trying to figure out whether it’s worth spending 4000 on that bondage felon lady or go for buildings Tec? As there is less than 24 hours I would only get to use her once

  4. don’t know how i lost 6 days even though i do the 3xfights daily. i’m at 65 fights tonight.

  5. Do you know if it will be possible to buy the last prize with donuts?

  6. Thank you EA 🙂
    Obtaining Social Prizes between daily Felon Battles
    It is not easy to achieve (especially on 3 Battles Daily)
    In 2 Days I will have One Week Wonder Films Building
    If earning more Donuts was easier I’d buy a Premium

    Me 🙂

  7. How many have the One Week Wonders lot? I missed two days and got it this morning – building now!

    • Hard to say how many have it globally. If I had to guess, I’d say:

      Probably a dozen or two dozen got it by Saturday,
      Probably 150 to 200 by Sunday,
      Probably 750 to 1000 by yesterday,
      And probably 5,000 to 7,000 will have it by today.

      • On a much smaller scale,

        I was my only neighbour to get it on Saturday,
        No one amongst the 100 got it on Sunday,
        6 of my neighbours got it yesterday,
        and 11 of my neighbours have gotten or will get it today.

  8. Personally, I’m really, really grateful for the change. I have major issues visiting neighbors (crash city), and with vacation this week, it would have been impossible for me to get the final prize.

  9. Good morning Tappers.

    Well, One Week Wonder Films is under construction in my town. Only a 4hr build time, but it’s pretty large, but not Soilent Red huge. But there is a message in the margin at the bottom of the social prizes tab, to keep battling to collect event currency for bonuts. I am sure this is only for overall bonut chances, but a freemium player ahead of the social calendar curve can dream … Mmm…bonuts for every 10 social battles you complete after the 77 fights..oh, well, not gonna happen. But a nice dream.

  10. I will get the last prize tonight, as soon as the counter resets. Looks like I lost two days since the event started.

  11. Looks like I’m about 4 days behind on the lazy calendar. Good. and good.

    Still a sucky set up for social battles. I started on day one, I think even on hour 1 (for Android), went through the questline to unlock the different things like crafting, neighbor visits, etc, and yet I “started out” behind…. what kind of crap is that? (Yeah, yeah, partially my fault for “forgetting”…) And as other have said — many others — it just kept slipping.

  12. I have already won Meg Ahertz, however she is not available in the game. What can I do to unlock her?

  13. I wish they had some sort of direct bonus for completing Social Battles beyond 77. Yes they do help youearn you some bonuts indirectly via the event currency they generate. But I really would have liked them to perhaps offer the 1/2/3 bonut box attempts for every 10 or so battles beyond 77.I’m at 81 as of last night. But tonight I’ll probably wait until Issue 3 starts to have my 82nd battle.

    • This is probably the only part of the game where I’m close to your progress, as I am sched to get One Week Films in a couple of days. I totally agree, a chance for Bonuts! would be great!

  14. I’ve only got 49 as of today. I’m scared that I won’t get the studio. I missed quite a few days at the start due to a glitch of TSTO freezimg when loading friends towns up.

  15. Thanks Bunny. 🙂

  16. I haven’t been quite so studious with the Friend Battles… so, glancing at that calendar, I realized that what *I* actually need, is an “oh-crap-I’m-screwed” calendar. That is to say, at what point will I discover (even with the revised requirements) that it’s no longer possible to obtain that final prize, even with three battles a day until the end of the event?

    I did the math, and (assuming I didn’t make any errors) at 49 battles completed, I’m *not* yet screwed… but I still have to keep somewhat on top of things to get the film studio. If anyone else is interested, here’s a “CliffsNotes” calendar of my math, starting from today:

    7/11/2016 – 36
    7/12/2016 – 39
    7/13/2016 – 42
    7/14/2016 – 45
    7/15/2016 – 48
    7/16/2016 – 51
    7/17/2016 – 54
    7/18/2016 – 57
    7/19/2016 – 60
    7/20/2016 – 63
    7/21/2016 – 66
    7/22/2016 – 69
    7/23/2016 – 72
    7/24/2016 – 75
    7/25/2016 – 78

    • Your math is correct. As long as you hit 35 by the end of the day, you can still reach 77 by the last day of the event. However, it would require a lot of due diligence to ensure you don’t miss even once if you’re at 35.

      • Unless EA allows the Social Prize to continue past the event end date and before App Store forced update. But lately they haven’t been so kind… 🙁

  17. Keith1Roon991

    So for so good think I am well ahead, should I be saving battles for tomorrow? Or will I keep fighting as I can’t upgrade anyone else as am totally upgraded

    • What I’m doing is I’m fighting just one battle this afternoon and leaving the other two for tomorrow, so I can fight 5 battles tomorrow.

  18. I’ve got the studio as well. From here on out it appears as though the social battles are just for the little bit of event currency you get for winning (or losing also?).

    For those who have had trouble remembering when the 24 hour timer starts, if you get it to line up with your friend visit timer (by waiting for one to catch the other) and always make Other Springfield your first visit then the timer for Other Springfield resetting will let you know when friend battles reset. After Other Springfield just go forward / backward and do the first battle of the day right after and they’ll stay in sync for the rest of the event.

    • I’ve been doing exactly that but it doesn’t work. My neighbour visits are ready but the neighbour battles aren’t. It’s a pain cos I keep forgetting to go back and do them. The new schedule means I should still get all the prizes though so I’m not too bothered. 😀

  19. If I can remember to battle every day, I should get the studio in a week. I’ve obviously missed several battles because I keep forgetting.

  20. Awesome Bunny ♡

    Thank gawd I carried on with these battles as I had almost but given up hope due to a late start!

  21. I’ll be getting the One Hit Wonder Studios prize later this evening. I’m looking forward to getting it. On a side note, I’m tied at the top of my leaderboard with two other friends. That’s never happened to me before. I wish there was a prize or something for being first amongst your friends.

    • I’m at the top of both of my leaderboards. I think the pride in that is reward enough. (The thoughts I get of my 100 neighbours seeing me on the top or on the first page of their Leaderboards and visiting my Springfield as a result is a great bonus.)

  22. Do you get to keep the felon characters after the event is over?

  23. I just got the One Week Wonder Film Set, just waiting for the build. What’s next? I’m looking forward to Issue 3. I’ve completed all the prize tracks and crafted multiples from Issue 2. I have a pretty good head start for crafting in Issue 3. So much new content, it’s like Christmas in July 😉 Really fun event!

  24. Ultramarineaura

    Yay! I was really bad about keeping up with this in the beginning – if I continue to do 3 a day, I’ll get the final prize (just barely). I’m happy they changed it – this event was pretty overwhelming at first, but now that I’m in it full swing, it’s not too bad.

  25. Thank you. First time I have ever had to call. Very friendly and helpful

  26. I got the studio yesterday evening, then the task to send a character there appeared but without any introduction, which is unusual. I got a little bit of exposition when the task was finished, but I definitely missed something.

    My daily task was for trading cards today and I debated whether or not to dismiss it, because I really don’t need them. In the end I dismissed and got 6 donuts for growing tomacco. Sweet!

    I also found a pack of trading cards sitting in my inventory. It must have been from one of the prize tracks. Worth checking to see whether or not you have some lying in wait.

    • When the prize requirements were changed it whooshed through a few things. The trading cards were placed in your inventory from then. I also had the opening dialogue from the film studio appear at that time even though I’m a few days off getting it.

    • lol. I just found the pack of 500 Trading Cards in my inventory, as well. It never dawned on me to actually look in my inventory when I won them, I figured it would have just been added to my current Trading Cards, that’s what usually happens.

  27. my main problem with this is i have a bad memory and the game give no hints on when your able to do the social battles again or if you can so i’ve missed so many days so glad for the change i still might not make it to get the last building due to these problems

  28. I’m quite relieved too – I found it difficult to remember my 24-hour time period (what with real life going on with two little kidlets and work, etc.), so I’m very thankful for this. Thanks EA!

  29. I have been locked out of my game since Friday July 8th. Have done the uninstall reinstall 5 times. Can someone tell me how much o contact EA please.

  30. I was keeping up with this for the longest time, then I missed 2 days somewhere. I’ll get the building tomorrow morning when I do the friend battles. So happy EA fixed this, there were too many people who weren’t going to get the last prize who were regular players.

    • myself included, i’ve managed to fall days behind due to time slippage. need 3 more days to get the one week wonder films. very glad ea did the right thing and adjusted the social battle prize requirements.

      • Me, too! I would have been totally screwed and none too happy. But now things are cruising…just got Met Ahertz today, so should have the studio by Friday! Then I guess I can be more relaxed about them and not sweat it so much if timeslip causes me to miss a round here and there.

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