Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character Week 6

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! It’s time for Week 6 voting of our Addicts Bracket Challenge!  
Once again….here’s Safi:

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of characters in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. From Homer’s college mates to his look-a-likes, from Bart’s crushes to Lisa’s idols, from four-eyed friends to four-legged pets, there is plenty of ‘untapped’ potential (pun intended). But which character do we really want?

We present to you the TSTO Addicts: Most Desired Character Bracket Battle…..

Addicts Bracket Image 2

For all the rules on who was picked and why, and when/how voting works check out our week 1 post which can be viewed here.


Thanks to everyone who voted in Round 1. With over 130,000 votes cast, we have narrowed down the field from 64 to 32. Here’s a photo recap of Round 1:

Click to view larger



Now without further ado, a recap of the results of our first week of eight conference semi-final match-ups:

MENS CONFERENCE – Rabbi Krustofsky (80.84%) def. Julio (19.16%)

BOYS CONFERENCE – Wendell Borton (85.37%) def. Roy (14.63%)

PETS CONFERENCE – Laddie (69.06%) def. Furious George (30.94%)

COMBO CONFERENCE – Nerds (67.33%) def. Nedward & Agnes Flanders (32.67%)

DOPPLEGANGER CONFERENCE – Mr. Sparkle (75.68%) def. Lord Thistlewick Flanders (24.32%)

ONE HIT WONDER CONFERENCE – Mr. Bergstrom (55.76%) def. John (44.24%)

GIRLS CONFERENCE – Allison Taylor (64.52%) def. Mary Spuckler (35.48%)

WOMENS CONFERENCE – Sarah Wiggum (81.76%) def. Alice Glick (18.24%)

Here’s the updated full bracket:

Here’s the updated full bracket:

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TSTOBracket Week06


As we move on to the final week of Conference Semi-Finals, we have some tough match-ups that could go either way. We have two powerhouses in Bleeding Gums Murphy and Ol’ Gil Gunderson going at it in the Mens Conference, while Maurice and Pinchy look to mule and claw their way to the next round in the Pets Conference, and can’t forget about Bill & Marty taking on Sam & Larry in the Combo Conference. So be sure to share your comments on who you voted for and come back next week to see the results. Now without further ado, our final eight Conference Semi-Final matchups:

TSTOBracket Week06 1Mens

TSTOBracket Week06 2Boys

TSTOBracket Week06 3Pets

TSTOBracket Week06 4Combos

TSTOBracket Week06 5Doppel

TSTOBracket Week06 6OneHit (1)

TSTOBracket Week06 7Girls

TSTOBracket Week06 8Women

Reminder, voting is open until noon EDT Thursday July 21.

What are your thoughts on this weeks eight match-ups? Who did you vote for? Of the eight match-ups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? Any shocks from last week? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you.

85 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character Week 6

  1. Now that Pinchy is in the game, are we going to have a Sir Oinks a Lot vs. Maurice match up?

    • Only if he was added as a playable or non-playable character would he be replaced by Sir Oinks-a-Lot.

      Likewise, if next week he’s added to our games and he wins this week, then Maurice would take his place.

      • Pretty sure we currently have a gigantic clone of him in our towns right now is all I was saying. I think people would pick Sir Oinks over Maurice.

  2. Pinchy just made an appearance in the game 🙂

  3. When I put Pinchy in the Bracket Battle, what was just released was not what I had in mind, LOL!

    Just a reminder, as per the rules, if Pinchy does win this week’s match-up, and is brought into our game at the end of this Pinchy battle quest stuff, than Maurice would take his place in the next Round by default. Again, that’s only if they put Pinchy into the game as either a Playable character or an NPC.

  4. I voted for Gil, Jeremy, Maurice, Bill & Marty, G Wilma, Jacques, Samantha and Bea. While looking at the list, they are mostly classic characters that appeared before the 10th season of the show and it seems like they should have been added to tapped out a while ago. For last weeks results I was surprised that Julio and Mary lost the round as they are one of the many characters in Simpson history that I really, really wanted to see in tapped out.

  5. Is there a way to permanently trash items so you can reduce the amount of memory your game needs? I just got an in game notice that I am running out of memory for a new game download?

    I did trash some other stuff on my iPad, but would like to clear out some in game buildings and add ons.

  6. Oh, the joint-task possibilities with She’s the Fastest…

  7. The EA servers are back up, at least in the Northeast.

  8. Wow, Wendell, Laddie, and Mr.Sparkle are the only ones I voyed for who made it. And I’m suprised Mary didn’t make it.

  9. EA servers seem to be down here in th UK, can’t even connect to EA never mind log on, anyone else struggling? Great post though, choices are getting harder each week!

  10. I’ve been logged out of my game twice today. 1st time I was able to log back in after two times getting an “error” message. Now I keep,getting the “error” message. It’s been a while since a major EA issue, so I guess it was due. Bummer, I was hoping to catch up on the event this weekend.

  11. Alissa, there’s this horrible glitch! Sam and I have been logged out of our EA accounts, and when we try to sign back in, it says there’s a error!!!!

  12. Is there a server down? I went to open the game, and it told me I was logged out. (I never logout). When I tried to log back in, it says error. I thought I may have forgot my password, so I went to change it, and it told me there were “technical errors”.

    • So yes. FYI: EA server is down, for (what it looks like) most platforms.

      • Got bombarded with emails that everyone was out of their game due to EA servers going down. Strange. I was able to play consistently all afternoon. Only caveat was that it would close the app every 15min or so. But then it would open up right away when I clicked on. I must have opened it a dozen times after it automatically unexpectedly closed. But was never left out of the game.

  13. Safi – Love the bracket and all the work you’ve put into it. This is a lot of fun! Really neat to see how all of this is shaking out. And each week, it’s becoming progressively tougher to swallow the fact that only one of these great characters can win the bracket.

    Not to be nitpicky, but in your write-up you say that Samantha Stankey and Britney Brockman both go to Springfield Elementary. I always remembered Brockman’s daughter as being a private school kid. Maybe I just assumed that because I don’t ever remember seeing her in Bart and Lisa’s school. Are you sure she was ever a student at Springfield Elementary? Anyway, if I’m wrong, I’ll sheepishly “withdraw my question” and eat a candy bar like the nerd from The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show episode 🙂

    • Good point. I looked it up and found that she does attend the same private school as Greta Wolfcastle, Springfield Preparatory. However, she has been seen in the background at Springfield Elementary as well; but never specified to be a student at Springfield Elementary.

  14. Huge update downloading right now. Curious about what it might be. No warnings about not enough space, maybe they’ve fixed that?

  15. Off topic: has anyone else been having problems getting in today? I get the login page, tap to go into the game itself, the doughnut spins and then I get kicked out. I’ve uninstalled / reinstalled and tried a different device… but it keeps bombing out :\

    • Mine seems fine… anyone else?

      • I’m having problems with the ID itself…

      • I’m having the same issue. The game logged me out and asked me to log back in. When you do, it says there was an issue and takes you back to the log in screen. There are a bunch of posts on their facebook page saying that people are having the same problems.

      • I’m having major problems. I got kicked out the game and it said I was logged out of Origin, now I can’t log back in again. Hope my account hasn’t been hacked or something…

        • Should be back up

          • Is for me.

          • Had to reset my password – can’t remember the last time I needed to log into Origin!
            I work in IT, dealing with major system outages. This is the first full outage like this in well over a year, in my experience that’s really not too shoddy. But, like buses, these things often come in bunches – fingers crossed!

      • julie (jsander321)

        Yes me too. I posted just now on the community page about being logged out and then the EA network not being able to be reached! First time this has happened to me. Frustrating and I hope it gets fixed. I don’t want to lose anything and was just about to do my neighbor visits.

      • julie (jsander321)

        I meant I posted it on the addicts open thread … =) silly frustration.

      • I’m currently locked out. I got forcibly logged out and am unable to log back into my account. Hope they fix it soon

      • I’m having trouble getting into my game as well as I’ve been logged out of my account and it won’t let me sign back in. Apparently though ea are having trouble with their servers at the moment so I’m hoping it’s related to that.

      • I’m having problems too. Was saying something about an invalid token while logging in and asked for me to retype username/password. Now I just get an error “EA Network Unavailable – The EA network could not be reached at this time. Please try again later.”. This is on two separate devices (one wifi and one cell) so I think the problem is on EA’s side.

      • Yes, the network’s completely down right now, as of 2pm PDT. I was in my game about an hour ago & it suddenly sent me to the Bart screen. Then it told me I was logged out (I never log out). Now it just says “EA network unavailable, try again later.” Darn, this was time I set aside to try to play & get caught up with these dumb battles. I’m SO tired of this event!

        Also the spawning fighters have been popping out of the Alley every time I leave the game these past couple days, not every 4 hours. Of all the glitches to have! Why can’t it be something more worth our while?

        And while I’m b*tching & moaning, why can’t EA create something else to do with the ‘inch’ thingies from the mansion & the ‘gems’ to upgrade the fighters? I don’t need to upgrade the fighters or that mansion anymore; what a waste of time! I was also never able to collect any bonuts from the end of either act 1 or 2. This event could have been SO much better with a couple small changes. RachelS

        • Looks like the EA network is back up. I just got back into my game. There wasn’t a group of fighters awaiting me at the Alley, so perhaps they fixed that glitch? It’s also showing that I have 13 fighter groups, not 12. Back to grinding out some battles. 🙄 RachelS

    • The game logged me out and wanted me to log back into my origins account but says error each time I did it.

    • I was just trying to log in and it told me I had been logged out, asking if I wanted to log in again. When I try, it tells me an error occurred…

    • I’m having problems too. I got a message saying I had been logged out of EA and had to log back in. My dad can’t get in at all!

    • Just tried signing in to EA’s site and I’m getting a message saying they are having technical difficulties. So, maybe the servers are down?

    • I’ve been kicked out too, told me I’d been signed out and took me to the sign in page but now won’t let me sign in 🙁

    • It keeps saying that an error has occurred and won’t log me in :'(

    • Yes, i have the same problem, ever since i tried to get to my neighbors.

    • YES!!! In fact, I came here to read comments to see if others were having this problem, too. When I came back this afternoon from running a few errands and went to get into the game, it told me I had been logged out and needed to sign back in. Okay…no biggie…just figured that there was some kind of need to log in again after x number of days (where x is a pretty large number). But then I lost connection (their fault, not mine) two or three times within about 15 minutes and, each time, it would make me log in again. This lady time, though, it no longer recognized my password or something, because it kept telling me that it couldn’t process my login.

      I hope the fact that this is happening on a weekend doesn’t mean we’re screwed until Monday…hopefully they do have techs working on the weekend. I really need to get back in and finish this round of felon battles – fortunately, I always start with my highest-ranked fighters, and I was down to just my three 2-heart ones, so I have some time before it becomes a problem (since I have to wait for my fully exhausted higher-level fighters to regenerate anyway, before I can play again).

    • Yes, my tablet says I’m logged out and my pw is not working. My phone just gives me the Bart screen.

    • Me too, it keeps saying unable to access the EA network 🙁

    • Aaaaaaand…now all is well. Back to conversing about the bracket 🙂

    • Don’t know if this only affected EA in South Africa but it did cause me some frustration for an hour or three… Especially since I deleted and reinstalled before checking whether EA was having some problems – nice waste of bandwidth!

  16. Prior to this being a thing,the two I wanted to see in the game were Senor ding dong and Mr Sparkle. Since one has already been scuppered I’m wondering if I can bribe Safi for a victory for Mr Sparkle victory (tickets to Lords maybe?)

  17. Sooo many of my picks were defeated last week! Alas, alas. I thought Lord Thistlework Flanders might have some hilarious outdoor tasks, and that Nedward and Agnes Flanders would give us some new agey/hippie-ish atuff that would be different from anything else we have. The nerds… I dunno, I guess Database is enough for me. I’m not obsessed with Flanders or anything – just felt that last week the Flanders clan was by far the most likely to be interesting.

    And Mary Spuckler!! Whyyyyy? So glad Rabbi Krustofsky made it. At least I have one thing to cling to.

    • Sounds like the two of us think the same way. Sorry to say it may just be the 2 of us though.

  18. This is now a tough one for me. The loss of Mary Wrestlemania Spuckler makes me question all the voters. Now I just wonder who will win, Bleeding Gums or the Rabbi.

    • I feel the same way about Mary losing. The world just doesn’t make sense any more. 😉

      • I had the week 6 post ready with Mary beating Allison. Got the results from Alissa Thursday at noon, and had to change the bracket. If I was going to be wrong on anyone, I thought it had been Mr. Bergstrom vs John, which did end up being the closest match-up.

    • I’m surprised that you’re surprised. I’ve never heard of Mary Spuckler, and I doubt I’m alone. Any character created in this millennium has to work very hard to win any of the rounds against a classic character from a classic episode. Judge Harm has a good chance in this round, but it’s doubtful she’ll make it any farther than that.

      • I know there are folks out there who don’t prefer to watch new episodes but as far as they go… Mary is the only female love interest that has ever made sense for Bart. The episodes she is in are good ones. Just makes me sad that she’d lose. As far as I’m concerned, she should have been in the game ages ago.

      • I’m with Wookiee on this one, Mary is the only love interest for Bart that *really* makes sense. Mary is the one.
        It’s criminal that Mary is out, Ned’s parents too, makes a mockery of the whole bracket challenge, IMO.

        I guess people just don’t think the same way about things as I do. It seems to happen quite a lot!

  19. Leee-oon!

  20. How could anyone want the Rabbi over Julio???!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  21. Wonder who will win🤔

    • At 7 tonight, the game begins:
      Bart vs. Lisa, who will win?
      Their father’s fat and their mother’s thin,
      and Grampa Simpson reeks of gin!

  22. I voted for Gil over Bleedin Gums only because Gil would be a voiced character and BG is silent.

    • I’m usually big on voiced characters, too, but I am having fun imagining different jazz solos when you tap BGM. It would be awesome if they put in a bunch of different ones, even ones from Lisa’s bit in the opening credits if they didn’t want to record new ones.

      • I think with BGM that’s where the interest ends though. He’s not exactly a character with much depth, but then that’s true of many of the more recent characters I s’pose.

  23. In the past bracket posts, I haven’t had that much to say in the way of thoughts about the match-ups, etc., but not this time!

    First, the one reaction I had to the result from last week was great surprise that Mary Spuckler lost (not that I necessarily voted for her…can’t remember which I voted for, frankly), because there seemed to be so much passion for her in the comments section!

    As for this week’s matchups…

    – I voted for BGM, partly because Gil is already in the game in some fashion at least (and I actually think it’s a great use of him) and partly because, when I’m wondering who to vote for, I often ask myself WWLD? (What Would Lisa Do?) I like to keep her happy…

    – If we got Pinchy, he could be the first actual character that goes in the water! That could be really cool, animation wise, and add some more interest to the waterfront.

    – Groundskeeper Wilma vs. Shelbyville Milhouse seems a bit silly, since we’d need to have a Shelbyville event to get either one and then we’d probably get both! But I went with Wilma because she seemed a little more colorful and we’re still not 50/50 male/female in Springfield, I think…

    – Definitely Britney, because she could be voiced (as you said)…those voiced characters are few and far between.

    – Finally, as to the Leon vs. Jacques matchup…. Leon without a voice is sadder than Jacques without a voice, plus, Marge really needs a little more lovin’ in this game, so had to go with Jacques. Now, had they a way to make Leon voiced…well, that would be a whole different ballgame!

    • Great point about Pinchy! Now I’m extra glad that I voted for him. Although I feel like they would make one of his visual tasks a joint task with Homer, which would bum me out as there are a gazillion skins for him, tons of joint tasks (some of which are the only good ones for the other character), and he is always used in events. :/

    • Good point about pinchy. I’m on a water rampage, so let’s all vote pinchy as the overall winner and then bug EA for more water and water characters. It will be silly and insane, but let’s do it, people!

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  25. This is getting trickier each week. Thanks though Safi. 🙂

  26. Biggest shock for me this past week was the margin by which Mary Spuckler lost to Allison Taylor. I predicted all the other match-ups correctly, but thought Mary would upset Allison.

    This week should have a lot tougher choices. Can’t wait to see what the people pick!

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