Where Did THAT Come From – Clobber Girl, X-Ray Machine & Stretch Dude

Faster than an event speeding donut spender! More powerful than a local Addict! Able to leap long comment threads in a single bound! Look! Up in the TSTO-niverse! It’s a building! It’s a decoration! It’s Superheroes 2016!

In our silly lil game, we sometimes see things pop in that we have no clue as to their Origin. They seem familiar, but we just can’t pinpoint from where. So that is why we decided to make a fun lil reminder out of it. To let you know just Where did THAT Come From?

unlock_lisa_clobbergirl xraymachine_menu unlock_bart_stretchdude

So unless you’ve been locked away in Lucite, by now you probably realize a new event has splashed all over the screens of our beloved game. Lots of new stuff and that means I have one heck of a job to do letting you know where all the new “super” things come from. Origin stories are sort of the bread and butter of any comic book story worth its proverbial weight in Booster Gold, so I’m back at my usual antics again. For this edition of origins in TSTO (the nerd in me wants to call it #1 since that’s the pretentious way to make something rehashed seem special in the comic world lol), we’ll be going over:

Clobber Girl – second Issue 2 prize – 12,950 Soilant Red
X-Ray Machine – fifth Issue 2 prize – 41,000 Soilant Red
Stretch Dude – seventh Issue 2 prize – 64,750 Soilant Red

Woohoo… finally a superhero skin for Lisa! I guess she’s technically a vigilante according to the game but that’s a technical argument to be head by comic book nerds. They say one person’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. Sort of the same thing with superheroes and vigilantes. I find the order they come out interesting. You think EA knew there’d be a backlash about there not being enough female superheroes and wanted to make sure folks got the Lisa skin first? She’s certainly easy to get even for casual tappers.

Anyhoo… basically exactly like the craftable trading card items from Issue 1, these all come from the very same episode, “Treehouse of Horror X” (S11:E4). In the second segment of the episode, “Desperately Xeeking Xena”, we head to Springfield Elementary right at the beginning where all of the candy of the children of Springfield is being x-rayed for safety. While this may seem strange to some people, it’s actually a thing that is done here in the U.S. (and quite possibly elsewhere) during Halloween. There are some truly sick people in the world who do nasty things and a lot of hospitals offer this to ensure kiddo’s candy is safe from needles, etc. What’s strange about this in a Simpsons way is that it’s done at the school.

Springfield Elementary Halloween Candy Inspection Simpsons

In my neck of the woods, it’s usually done by hospitals. My favorite part of this is Milhouse in his Radioactive Man Underoos. Okay, it’s maybe more of old Halloween costumes in a box but Iron Man has me loving saying underoos again. I never had one of these but had plenty of friends who did. I was always fond of the Casper one my buddy had.

Milhouse Radioactive Man Costume Simpsons

Without going too far in that discussion, we see the X-ray Machine in the school auditorium. Ralphie is “the cutest police officer in Springfield” and Lou’s feelings are hurt lol. Wiggum is running the candy check so I guess it’s no surprise that he doesn’t stop Nelson from jamming a pillowcase full of candy, jamming the machine, and causing it to overload.

Springfield Elementary Halloween Candy Inspection X-Ray Machine Simpsons

Everyone ducks and covers except for Bart. Lisa goes to tackle him but instead the two are irradiated and become mutants.

X-Ray Machine irradiates Bart and Lisa Simpson and gives them super powers

Lisa gets super strength and Bart becomes able to stretch… thus we see the birth of Stretch Dud and Clobber Girl. “I must only use this power to annoy.” Cue the music. “Stretch Dude and clobber girl. He’s a human rubber band and she’s the Hulk in pearls. He’s a limber lad, she’s a powerful lass, he’ll ring your neck and she’ll kick your @$$. Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl!”

Bart and Lisa Simpson Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl

The rest of the episode is The Collector kidnapping Lucy Lawless from Springfield Books and Stretch Dud and Clobber Girl going to save her. It’s much better than doing chores with their super powers.

Bart and Lisa Simpson Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl 2

The Collector almost defeats Retch Dude and Slobber Girl too. Thank goodness Xena, err, Lucy Lawless comes to the rescue “with a ruse so hackneyed it would make Stan Lee blush.”

Stretch Dude Clobber Girl and Xena Lucy Lawless vs. The Collector

So there you. Some images from the origin of three items you probably already knew the origins for if you read some of my previous posts. What do you think of them? Happy to see them added to the game? Think it’s about time that we got a lady Supe? Sound off in the comments and happy stretchy clobbering friends.

TTFN… Wookiee out!

16 responses to “Where Did THAT Come From – Clobber Girl, X-Ray Machine & Stretch Dude

  1. I thought that it would be worth it to mention that Clobber Girl also appears as a power up on the Xbox/PS3 version of ‘The Simpsons Game’.

  2. chambers.va86

    Not to be “that person”, but the urban legend about needles, razor blades, and cyanide in Halloween candy comes from a man whose son was poisoned with cyanide after eating Halloween candy and died. It turns out the boy’s father was the one who poisoned his candy. He apparently did it for the insurance money.

    From what I understand, there hasn’t been any confirmed cases where a stranger has poisoned a child’s candy on Halloween. That’s a myth created by the media in the wake of the police investigation before the father confessed.

    • I’m aware of the origin story per se but also know people who have personally x-rayed candy and found things inside which weren’t put there by Right or Left Twix.

  3. Keith1Roon991

    Have all the superheros fight outside the HQ task. With supermarge in there as well as she doesn’t have a super persona

  4. I’ve been thinking recently about celebrity characters and wondered if EA can sneak them into the game as long as they don’t use their real name, For example: instead of Lucy Lawless/Xena Warrior Princess why not just “Warrior Girl” (it’s not like the character is going to be voiced anyway)?

  5. Josephine Kick@$$

    HEADS UP, wanted to let everyone know, the Michaela show on HLN IS GETTING READY TO HAVE Nancy Cartright on!!!

  6. I often get an urgent to see Lucy Lawless.(stupid restraining order).

    Anyway a great post I’m going to seek out this episode as I don’t think I’ve seen it well I know I haven’t. Love SD&CG be a use the Lees and Kirkby Fantastic Four are my favourite superhero group. Followed by the Thomas and Buscema FF.

  7. Well either her or Dr. Lenny

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed for the Abominable Dr. Lenny releasing with the epic conclusion to this Superhero saga.

  8. Who knows she could become a Gil deal at the end of the event just like the beach house last superhero event

  9. Now I have this sudden urge to see a flying Lucy Lawless, in-game. 🙂

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