Diary (Podcast) of a Wookiee: Laugh It Up Fuzzball

Well hello there friends!

So… if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve made a couple mentions in the past of trying out a new format for all my random ramblings. That’s right, somewhere along the lines of life, the universe, and everything, I got the bug to start my own podcast to add to the Wild West that is that world of internet radio schtuff. It took some doing and figuring out, but I finally got it all done.

Laugh It Up Fuzzball Podcast Image

That’s right… the resident walking carpet now has a weekly podcast where I can ramble about Star Wars, The Simpsons, TSTO, comics, sci-fi, movies, TV, and whatever geeky things normally got kids like me teased by other blockhead kids. Well who’s laughing now? Me… and now it’s on a podcast. It’s such a great time in the world to be a Geek and I figured it couldn’t hurt to add my voice to the cacophony of people talking about the world of geekdom. While not an amalgamation of geek news or headlines, my goal is just to offer a bit of topical free funny for like-minded people. As I know there are lots of geeks here I figured I’d share this for anyone interested.

The whole shebang is located over at http://www.laughitupfuzzball.net/. The recordings will be posted there with recaps of the content and then through the magic of the interwebs, migrate over to players. It can be listened to on the site but can also be found through iTunes for all Apple users.

Laugh It Up Fuzzball iTunes

That screen cap is from my phone so you can see I’m a big fan of podcasts. As for Android, I know it  is available through Podcast Addict (no it is not lost on me how great a name that is for readers here). Any Android app that pulls it’s content from iTunes should be able to pull the podcast. I’ve also submitted to Google Play so once that goes through, it’ll be just one more way to catch Laugh It Up Fuzzball.

Laugh It Up Fuzzball Podcast Addict

The first episode is about 35 minutes. My goal is to keep them weekly and under an hour in length. The first covers all sorts of geek stuff and even though Alissa is not hip to all the topics, she said she enjoyed it immensely. I’ve listened to it way too many times but I’m a perfectionist and wanted to make sure that a quality product was offered. So far I am stoked with the response from my loved ones. Definitely a work in progress but I say that only because I want it to be amazing. I might also mention that this site gets lots of love; I think I mentioned it at least three times lol.

Sooooo… check it out, subscribe if you like, comment, do the awesome things y’all do. If you have ideas or suggestions, my ears are always open because my maker made them that way. Who knows… maybe some day I can add “World Famous Podcaster” to the list of credits I say to the teenagers I teach history to? Thanks so much for being you and hopefully you enjoy me being me. I am super excited for this endeavor and look forward to what this next adventure will entail.

For social media, you can find me on Twitter (@wookieeriot), Instagram (@wookieeriot), on the web site, here, or on Facebook
(https://www.facebook.com/laughitupfuzzballpodcast). Here’s hoping y’all like this!

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TTFN… Wookiee out!

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40 responses to “Diary (Podcast) of a Wookiee: Laugh It Up Fuzzball

  1. Two things that annoy me;
    1. People who need friends & publish their user name on a Vandalism FREE site & then vandalize your neighborhood once you accept them as friends.
    2. People who are seeker more neighbors on a Vandalism FREE site and are bragging that they love to vandalize (spray paint) their neighbors towns. Seriously? 😜

  2. Sorry abigailjc44. Accidentally tapped a spray can while just moving around. My bad!!

  3. A new thing to me Wookie. Podcast huh? Well I never, must get out from under this rock more often, LOL. On my list to have a listen. 🙂

  4. Also you’re joining my list of 51 other podcasts that I pretend to listen to, so you’re in interesting company.

  5. Hello fellow Downcaster! Searching for the title worked 100% perfectly in PodcastAddict (switched away from Downcast because it’s OPML files were craptastic and having to rebuild my sub database 6 times).

  6. I loved the first podcast Wookie. I have never listened to one before and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I must of looked a bit of lunatic sat out in my garden randomly laughing and nodding my head in agreement, but I’m sure its better for my neighbours than me singing along to the radio.

    I have just finished watching Preacher and loved it. I think the characters in the show are great, especially Tulip and Cassidy, the Angels are hilarious and Jesse is just beautiful. That is what I love about the show more than the plotline, I know plot/story is important but without mesmerizing characters, whats the point.
    I have just started watching a TV show called Braindead (not related to the Peter Jackson film) and it is brilliant. It is about alien bugs who climb inside peoples heads (mainly politicians) and makes them stupid. Great description I know, but definitely worth a watch.

    • Thanks FF! I love the image of someone listening in their garden. DOes that make the podcast the quivalent of a audio coffee book because it sounds classy to me. If you think of something you want me to ramble about, let me know. I’ll definitely look for this Braindead show.

  7. Great stuff…going to add this to my ever growing list of podcasts to listen to on my commute. Will download/subscribe this evening. Good luck with the podcast.

  8. OMGosh I loved it Wookie! Being Andriod I had to use the website but as soon as google play approves it I will subscribe/get it – don’t know what it is called as I am new to podcasts!

    A really funny episode and a great podcast for a geek like me! Loved it 😊
    Keep it going!

    Any interviews coming up? Maybe you could interview the Addicts, or places like TopiX!

    I was the first and only one to like the post over at the website 😀 lol

  9. Really looking forward to this. Going to subscribe asap 😊
    First the event news, soooooo excited, and now this!

  10. Very cool Wookiee! I listen to audio books and podcasts every day. I just subscribed to you on my Dogg Catcher. Looking forward to your adventures with this. Congratulations!

  11. I love podcasts! Heading to subscribe right now!!!

    • Hope you like it. Feel free to give input here.

      • I like it. You have a great voice and fun personality. I really want to know where you work now… :-). I love comedy. Thanks for allowing input, feel free to ignore me. However, I listen to a lot of comedy/movie podcasts and I personally enjoy more than one voice. Different perspectives and more than one person allows for more avenues of riffing and a near guarantee to relate to at least one persons opinion. Great job getting started. I think you are off to a successful beginning.

  12. Goody, I love podcasts. Will there be an rss feed for it? Makes it a lot easier for people to download it using different apps.

  13. I’m gunna really try and start listening to it but I won’t be surprised if I listen to a couple, forget about it, decide to start listening again and go back to play the last episode I missed, get lazy and eventually give up. I have done this for every single podcast I have ever tried to start listening to weekly. Makes sense since I never listen to the radio either. I’ll definitely give the first podcast a listen tho and try 🙂

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