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Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Character and the Winner Is…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers! After 11 weeks of voting it’s time to crown our Bracket Battle Champion!  Remember this is just for fun…no way is this an indication that EA will add the winner to our games.  Really just a fun way to see what you all thought.
Before we get to Safi, let me say a big thank you to all of YOU for participating week after week in the battles!  You all made your voice matter and that’s awesome!  So thank you for participating.  And finally I’d like to big a HUGE (YUUUUUGGGGEEE) thanks to Safi for all his hard work with this!  Safi, you did an awesome job with the challenge..thank you for you dedication and hard work, and for making this fun for everyone!  And now let’s get to the winner…
Once again….here’s Safi:

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of characters in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. From Homer’s college mates to his look-a-likes, from Bart’s crushes to Lisa’s idols, from four-eyed friends to four-legged pets, there is plenty of ‘untapped’ potential (pun intended). But which character do we really want?

We present to you the TSTO Addicts: Most Desired Character Bracket Battle…..

Addicts Bracket Image 2

After 10 weeks of voting, we finally have a winner. And the winner is…

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There’s Easter Eggs in Them Thar Homer MultiVerse(s)


To truly appreciate some of this update’s  dialogue, and especially that which comes from the “Multiverse Homers” you need to understand a little bit about multiverses in general. This is complicated by the fact that the majority of the most brilliant theoretical physicists don’t completely agree on the concept as more than “Theory.”

For those who want a bit more “Multi-faceted” explanation, Here is a Semi-Quick WIKI post about the basics of the theory and its origin.

For those who just want a quick theory, while part of you is reading the Wiki theory, and another part of you is doing something completely different in another time/space that is happening at the same time, you have just become an example of the basic idea.

In short…(I know…too late), Schroedinger, Hawking, Tyson and countless others believe that this universe, and everything in it, have several (up to an infinite number) of other parallel universes, where your actions in this universe may in fact be different than your actions in the other universes…at the very same time.

Confused yet?  Pishposh…

I prefer to think of it as the actions in THIS universe being choices we make…Free Will choices…which may or may not affect the actions/results in other universes, but which are all tied to a single external consciousness that is outside of ALL space/time.

OR………IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE HOMER SKINS that are ALSO NOW MULTIVERSE Characters in this update… You can just LAUGH at the “Easter Eggs” (a term that means, hidden surprises…but won’t rot in the sun if not found), that come with this update.  There are a few!

Let’s take a look!
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Sci-Fi 101: Act 1 Missing Robots

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Popping in with some super quick information about ROBOTS!   Many of you are worried they’re missing from your town, or they’re not spawning properly because when you open your game in the morning you can’t find them.  Well…the good news is your game isn’t broken!  The even better news is…you’re getting them all cleared for you with the tap of 1 button!

Need more explained?  Let’s break down these robots below…

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Should I Buy? Soul Extraction Institute- Robo Burns – Doggy Smithers Combo


Let’s establish a couple of things before we start.

First, some who know me, would say I have a “Cranky Attitude” when it comes to spending donuts on TSTO Items.  I would prefer to use the word, “Pragmatic.”  The sound you hear is my five daughter’s eyes rolling from points across the country. They HATE it when I use the word “pragmatic,” because they know there is some “common sense wisdom” coming their way, when they are making a decision.

Second…and even more important, as I learned a LONG time ago when it comes to raising kids, or giving advice to people you don’t know, I ultimately have no control whatsoever over the outcome. You are ultimately going to do whatever you want, exercising your “Free Will” to “Pull the Donut Trigger,” or leave said donuts with the “safety on.”  (for the record, you should always have the safety on when storing your donuts).


Should You Buy The Soul Extraction Institute- Robo Burns/Doggie Smithers Combo??

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