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Addicts 3 Year Blogiversary Q & A Part 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Recently we celebrated our 3 year Blogiversary!!  In continuing with what we did for our previous anniversaries, as part of the celebration we gave you guys the opportunity to ask us anything you’d like with the promise that we’d answer your questions (or as many as we could).  And as always you guys came through in a big way!

3 years is kind of a big deal to the three of us, since none of us thought we’d still be doing this after all these years, so we wanted to be sure to take the time out to do the special anniversary video for you guys.  Of course with 3 schedules to compete with..it wasn’t easy.  Trying to work around Wookiee and my work schedule, and Bunny’s busy schedule with her kids took a little doing…but we managed to all sit down in the same place (even if for only a little bit…you’ll see more on that in part 2) to record the video.

So don’t mind our post work, post running kids around, full of crazy selves in this video.  As I had just finished work and getting Riley into bed, Wook was just getting ready to go to work & Bunny had spent the day wrangling teenagers and a crazy husband.  So we’re just a little crazier in this one than in past ones…especially once Wookiee discovered sound effects 😉

Anyway…we hope you enjoy it!

#itsnotaslongaslastyear #soundeffectwookiee

Oh and my apologies in advance for the poor video quality on my end.  Apparently wi-fi at the new house isn’t as great as wi-fi at the old house. (even though it’s the exact same plan, provider and modem…)  So yea, you can hear me..but you can’t always see me.  So I apologize in advance. 🙂

Well what do YOU think?  Crazier than last year?  Did you laugh with us (or at us?)  Did you at least laugh at our jokes?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!