What Kind of Tapper Are You? Part II


Wow. Can I just say, WOW???  The response to last week’s “What Kind of Tapper” post was overwhelming and amazing!!  We were really excited to hear from so many of you who “came out of the shadows” to comment, offer your insight to how you play, and generally, just join in the fun.  All comments, from all tappers are more than welcome here, and it was great to see so many new faces.

To continue with the theme… what I want to know this week, is “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say (does anyone remember Paul Harvey?). While I realize that many of the most ardent commenters on the site appear to be TOT++++ tappers with huge amounts of time dedicated to their tapping obsession (the “O” in TOT), there is a large number of you who seem to have found balance in your tapping lives, in order to…wellhave a life!

In one of the updates, they started using a term that really struck me as a perfect description of time in the non-tapping and tapping world. “Life Currency” is something that really resonates, especially for those of us of the “age challenged” sector that are realizing the finite reality of this form of currency.

Time…and what you do with it outside of the game is what this post is all about.

Consider this post and basic question to be similar to what happens when you go to a regular meeting of some hobby group, or special interest gathering.  Yes…you were all brought together in the same room due to your avid interest in quilting, or model railroading, or stamp collecting, or mushroom gathering, or collecting stamps with pictures of mushrooms and model railroads on them (it’s a very select group).  But, once you have covered all of the minutia about the topic at hand, you might actually ask someone standing next to you, “So what else do you like to do?”

Now. I realize that this may provoke an intense, and horrified look of disapproval from a truly obsessive club member, as if to say, “What ELSE DO I DO?? Why…THIS IS MY LIFE!!! THIS IS WHAT I DO!!!!!!!”   In which case, you should smile, and step away from the bar, and look for someone else to talk to.

But, in most cases, you will be surprised to find out that the person you asked, has interests and backgrounds, and histories that are wide-ranging from what you might suspect.  I am always amazed to find that guys with whom I play golf regularly, actually have lives outside of the golf course. Really! Even those who golf almost every day!

Similarly, as I have been a TSTO blogger, and have asked readers this question before, I have been amazed at the breadth of occupations, avocations, and special interests that come from asking. I have TSTO Friends who are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and investment bankers. They all play for various reasons…but, “keep it real” by having broad, wide-ranging interests outside of TSTO.

Of course, we all tap.  I get that.  But, I am more than just a tapper, or even a just a tapper who blogs about tapping. Really!  I’m not kidding!

As I have mentioned (and as you may have seen by one of the poses in my newly minted avatar) I golf….and am a U of O Duck fan.  I have a long history of music and multimedia production. I did all of the music for a show that won an Emmy, and worked with the guy who is married to Matt Groening’s sister, Lisa…and I have five daughters, and four grandkids, and am married to the most patient, amazing wife in the world (she doesn’t restrict or deride my tapping).

Oh. And because of my connection to a ton of people who wanted to do “More than just Tap,”  I started a non-profit organization to help a school in rural Uganda.

It was, and continues to be, primarily driven and supported by TSTO Tappers. Imagine that!!!

I won’t go into the details here…as what I REALLY want to hear about is you!!


It’s all good. Really. No pressure. But, I thought that some of you might want to know…and join in the fun.

So, that takes us back to the REAL Question at Hand…

WHAT DO YOU DO OUTSIDE OF THE TAPPING WORLD?  Do you spend your “Life Currency” on pursuits away from your padular device? Do you seek and find pleasure and fun in pursuits that don’t reward you in “multipliers” and XP?? Do you find ways to offset countless tapping hours with something equally or even *GASP!* more rewarding?

WE WANT TO KNOW!!  Tell us “the Rest of the Story!!”

219 responses to “What Kind of Tapper Are You? Part II

  1. I am a retired-young nurse who was able to go back to school and study music after playing the cello since I was a kid. I teach cello and music theory, and in my spare time I play in local orchestras and chamber music groups. This makes me somewhat of an irregular tapper at times, but I enjoy having a lot going on and lots of great friends in real life. I got involved in tapping while I was recovering from a long illness and it has been a huge consolation and pleasant distraction for me. I am amazed at what beautiful, interesting, creative Springfields my friends have created!

  2. Hey tappers! First off, I absolutely love this post series, Patric. I think it’s really cool to see the way people play differently and love learning about my fellow tappers. That being said, I think I’m a casual tapper for the most part, aside from checking the site multiple times a day and being fairly active in the comments. But other than that, my town is disorganized and it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get every prize (unless I’m desperate to have it) although I’m usually fortunate enough to stay ahead of the calendar. I do buy either a truckload or tray of donuts every few months with gift cards so there’s no credit card linked and less temptation to go nuts (mmmm go nuts). But how do I spend my life currency? (Love the term btw)

    Well, for starters, I’m in the midst of an undiagnosed chronic illness so I spend a lot of time at doctors appointments. But just like I’m more than a TSTO addict, I’m also more than my illness. I’m currently 19 and a grade 12 student in Toronto. I was supposed to graduate in 2015 but I was in the hospital so I’ve been part time schooling since. This year, I’ll be taking biology, writer’s craft, and business management and will graduate in 2017. My passions are writing and acting. I’m part of my school’s drama team, as well as a soprano in our choir and captain of the reach for the top team which is sort of like canadian jeopardy. Outside of school, I love to bake and make art. I’m also a media junkie and love superheroes, horror movies, animation, animal documentaries and all things 80’s. I don’t read a lot, but when I do, it’s almost always Stephen King. I listen to music a lot and my favourite is 70s and 80’s stuff, especially classic and soft rock and love going for car rides so I can listen to the satellite radio. The thing that makes up the currency part of my life currency is my hobby of collecting funko pop figures. In several years, I’ve amassed roughly 50 pops which range in value up to over 300 usd. It’s an expensive hobby but a lot of fun and if I ever need cash, I know I have something I can sell. Finally, I spend most of my life currency with my family, especially my younger sister and our two dogs. And of course, I watch the simpsons and comment here 😉

    So that’s me in a nutshell, emphasis on the nut! Thanks for giving me a chance to share (although I’m almost certain you’ve come to regret it as I’m a big talker). Looking forward to reading more from you, COG 😀

  3. OK, sharing time.
    I received my get-out-of-home-free card when I was 17, lived on the streets for about 5-6 months, my 18th birthday meal was dumpster food.
    Suffice to say, 20 years on I learnt from every experience I had. I finally found somewhere to live, after cleaning myself up and going “out” on weekends, even though out was permanent. I found work, I saved, then educated myself through our VET system, there was no avenue for University even though I went to the 2 best schools in Victoria at the time (I did finish year 12). Money makes education in Australia… I never wanted to be homeless again, so mid to late twenties I bought property, started my own business, and with that and full time work became the tapper I am today.
    Sure, I have no family connection, acquaintances but no real friends, 3 phones whom no one calls, but I try and subsist and remain relevant, I’m trying to become a Pilot, I’m now a Trainer for the industry I like working in, and I remain positive I may find a kindred spirit one day…

    • In other words, doing life YOUR way and kicking ass while doing it.

      • Thanks Craig, dang-straight! I didn’t come from much, but I use my life as an example to my students. You can achieve what you want, but you have to work and strive and plug on no matter what. It will be hard, but nothing comes easy or free. Cliches I know but that has been me.

  4. I’m 52 and I work in manufacturing. I love to read books. I’m also a Potter head. I play video games on my Nintendo 3ds. I also crochet, cross stitch and latch hook. I’m also starting to learn how to sew and to quilt.

  5. Hey there! I’m a 33 year old female law student from the Netherlands, who is tapping for about 3 or 4 years, off and on, but mostly on. When I’m not tapping, I spend time with my boyfriend, cat and friends/family. Beside that I love studiing law, reading Harry Potter, Mo Hayder and Karin Slaughter, watching great tv-series and so on. Oeh, I’m also a secret hayday player and candy crush gets some of my time too… nice reading about other tappers!!

  6. I primarily write “concert music” and am working at building an artistic career out of that. That is what I do “for a living”, but since you can hardly earn any money at all from an artistic career, let alone in a third world country, much less one that has recently undergone a coup, I do various other music-related stuff to pay the bills – teach, edit scores, revise aptitude tests etc. – and occasionally also freelance as a translator. As far as “art” is concerned, I get more and better commissions/performance opportunities in Europe than in my home country, which may sound really cool and fancy but is actually really sad. Right now my biggest fear in life is being forced into exile by a possible civil war or new fascist dictatorship, in which case I’ll be screwed because I have nowhere to go. My girlfriend is less pessimistic, so she helps me get by. It may sound crazy that with such a life I would still care for cell phone games, but I’m sure there are other tappers in far worse conditions!

    • And you…have just put a whole lot of things into perspective for most of us.

      As someone who did music composition for a living BEFORE everyone had a “studio in a box,” I can’t imagine how much competition there is these days. With the added pressures and problems from your home base, I only hope that music continues to bring you joy- no matter what the financial reward.

      I do the work in Uganda, to keep me centered. But, the fact is…I can’t begin to relate to their everyday lives. Yes. You have it better then them- but you definitely have challenges to which most of us can’t relate. Stay strong…stay creative…music is an artform that gives back a million different ways.

      • Thanks! I appreciate that. Music has kept me alive for the past 15 to 25 years (depending on how you count) so I have no intention of quitting. 🙂
        I am also well aware of my own middle-class privileges, of course. Uganda-level poverty has always been a reality for a good part of the Brazilian population, but that had been dramatically reduced over the past 10 years or so. Unfortunately, radical decreases in social inequity are always followed by a fascist rise – that’s how it was with the 1964 coup that led to 21 years of military dictatorship and that’s how it is with the 2016 coup – and to someone who doesn’t share the fascist ideology, the fact that under the new regime millions of families will once again fall below the line of starvation and be denied access to proper instruction, public health, human rights etc. is not exactly comforting. Hard times…

    • Wow! Fascinating and frightening. Thanks for sharing and hope everything works out well in the end!

  7. Its great to see people opening up on this blog. Warms my heart. I’m a 40 something guy entering (or maybe there) the “age challenged” part of my life. I have been a Chef forever, but have recently shifted towards the baking aspect of my art, and I have found it illuminating. I went to college for business, and after my degree, I found I wasn’t that interested in “Big Business”. Finding that my talents were in cooking (since a teenager in my uncles deli), I chose to solidify and legitimize my career, and went back to school for a Culinary degree. I have never been married nor do I have children, (not for the lack of trying). I spend a large portion of the “Good weather” seasons playing golf. The off seasons give me time to do indoor projects to my house. I don’t get to watch as much sports as i’d like, but that’s ok. I’m a bit of a nerd, or maybe thats “a lot of a nerd”, but it has served me well. (my girlfriend kinda digs it) I’m a comic book buff from way back, but haven’t collected in years. (really got expensive, and the stories lost me) But I have a SWEET collection of my own. TSTO has become part of my daily routine, and TSTO Addicts have become part of my daily interests. (although I came into this site HOT a few years ago, I have grown to respect the work all you guys do) We all juggle TSTO with our lives, so much so that we leave our stories on this blog to share with others. That’s the kind of trust you cant find too often anymore. Ok, enough from me. 🙂

  8. SailorAlphaCentauri

    I’m a PhD candidate desperately trying to finish my dissertation on sound in comics and manga. I tend to play this as my short break between writing, working two jobs, and being a mom to the most amazing little girl.

  9. I am a computer tech with a love of Halloween (I run a huge display) I tap mostly so I have something to do between calls

  10. May I please ask international tappers to take a look at Australia’s AFL 2016 Grand Final football premiership? It’s on this coming Saturday afternoon Aussie time @ the MCG in Melbourne. I believe it’s shown in many countries.

    My team (Sydney Swans – formerly South Melbourne) are playing the Western Bulldogs. If you are a football fan & have never seen the “Aussie Rules” game this should be a must see! These guys wear no padding & go all out in ball contests! Any overseas person I’ve taken to a game thinks that’s insane!
    Anyway; Go Swans! There’s usually questionable half time entertainment (most memorable was a drunk & drugged Meatloaf trying to sing some years back!) I’m sure you could find that horrid performance somewhere online! LOL!

  11. I live in the United States and I am recently married. I am also a first year medical student. My hobbies include TSTO, guitar hero, and reading books about the American Civil War, WWI, and WWII

  12. Pretentious much? Not cool judging a persons success off a blog post. Your definition of success is different than others. Sheesh…

  13. I’m midway through my studies to become a veterinarian, actually! I’m only 20, and I’ll be qualified at 22 (Australia’s system for studying medicine/vet science is VERY different from America’s)! As for hobbies, I’m a YouTuber – weird combination right? I make comedy skit-type videos mostly, and it’s what keeps me sane amongst all the study. But that’s it for me, no time for anything else when you’re in vet school 😛

  14. Married 31 year old father of one (2 year old boy), born and bred in Scotland and very proud to be a UK national.

    I work in a bank opening and managing current accounts, savings, lending and home insurance.
    The best parts of my job are:
    The flexibility to work a reduced hours pattern so that both my wife and I are equal hours working and equal time at home with the wee man.
    And the difference you can make to peoples lives by sitting down with them and consolidating debts. Sometimes saving hundreds of pounds a month and taking years of their borrowing.
    Sometimes even basic things like setting up a second account so theres one for bills and one for spending means the difference between further debt and financial salvation. It’s cliche, but I really do change peoples lives at times.

    The most joy I get in life is moulding my wee man into a mini-me, with his own wicked sense of humour. He already knows how to get a rise out of me by saying the funniest things. He loves us all and says so when not ‘challenged by me’. If I ask directly, he looks at me, laughs and announces loud and proud “My favourite….. Mummy!” He then gets tickled mercilessly for 10 minutes between him re-iterating that mum’s his favourite. When I say hello to him by name, he calls me daddy. When I say hello son, he says ‘Hello… Father!’
    I say stupid stuff all the time, like he’ll complain of a sore toe so I say, you haven’t got a toe. So when he didn’t want his face creamed, he said “I don’t have a face!”

    We’ve got a house rabbit who is more like a cat/dog hybrid. She’s equal parts insane and adorable.

    I love my wife too 😛 In all seriousness, she is awesome and more than I deserve.

    I’m very, very happy with my lot. Love the ability to work to live, rather than living to work, as has been mentioned previously.

  15. So, I’m 38, happily married, father of two, and a programmer. Mostly with SQL and use a couple reporting programs (Cognos and SSRS). Teaching myself Python in my downtime. I also love to read…just finished “Ready Player One,” highly recommend it if you’re a child of the 80s like myself 🙂

    I also love playing video games, been doing that since I was introduced to Pac Man at a bar while my aunt was babysitting me…ripe age of 4, getting introduced to the smell of beer and cigarettes, as well as the awesomeness of video games 🙂

    Tapped Out is really the only mobile game I play on a regular basis (3-4 times a day…sometimes more). I’m a hybrid of the groups you presented in the other post (saw it a little late, forgot to respond). I play a lot, will spend some money on donuts for items, and have bumped my bonus up through some EA mistakes (like the tennis courts). But…I don’t go crazy on premium stuff like I used to. If I really, really want it, and it’ll fit my town, I’ll get it.

    Going off track…so, yeah. Reading, programming, spending time with the family, and playing video games are my non-TSTO activities 🙂

  16. Morning everyone!

    I’m married with 3 married sons and each one gave us 2 grandchildren each. I’ve had many careers, nursing until health issues so I decided to teach skiing and did that for 5 years, I live in British Columbia (Canada) in a well known ski resort town. Gave up teaching to help out oldest son with his business in communications. Saying yes to “Mom, would you work for free for me so I can start my own company” changed my path once again. I must note, I had not done books or anything accounting whatsoever in my life. So I studied and went on to “help” him for five years. Five years later he’s successful and on the 15th I retired and handed the reigns to my assistant, he has enough staff now. My work is done, maybe….🤔

    I love cooking, hubby always says “you should go on a cooking show”. I always say, uhmmmm, no…they frown on having a glass of red wine in one hand and whisk in the other. Yeah, I’ll cook in my kitchen. 🍷
    I ski all winter. Grew up in a skiing family myself so when our kids were able to walk, they were on skis too. Two grandchildren live close to us so they’re skiing also, great fun watching them enjoy the sport and wishing I had their knees!

    We’re back to travelling again as we had to take a hiatus for 2 years due to hubby’s heart attack, he’s heathy now and back to our regularly scheduled lives. Leaving for the Caribbean in two weeks for just over two months of fun and sun. Thank goodness for FaceTime, we’ll be able to get our fix with grandbabies.
    I love, love history and reading Mystery/Suspense books.

    Patric, I love the questions being thrown at the Tappers. I love reading the posts as it gives us a little peek into other Tappers lives so thank you for that! Like you Patric my hubby is an avid golfer, his team just won the Men’s Night Championship on Wednesday. He’s a retired engineer and he spends most of his time golfing, he’s not a Tapper but likes looking at my town.

    Enjoy your Sunday everyone….

  17. I don’t like sharing personal info online so I’ll keep this short. I live in the US. I’m an artist, animal art mostly, but currently dog art. I also create jewelry for people and pets. Until the US economy had crashed I used to show dogs – English Springer Spaniels. (I’d still be showing but….) My, soon to be three years old, niece keeps me VERY busy.

  18. Jeff…that is a bit presumptive…but I get your drift. A successful life is a balanced life…for sure!

  19. Hi, all! Loving everyone’s stories. Its like the who are you poll but with all the details! I’m in my later 30s, married to an awesome guy who I’ve been with for 15 years and we have 2 cats that I’m obsessed with. For a living I work for Bobbi Brown cosmetics and I have a crazy busy schedule, lots of weekends and almost all holidays (boo). But I do not live to work! I work because I like to enjoy my life and do things that make me happy! I enjoy crafting, cooking, board games, traveling to see my favorite band, Pearl Jam, watching live music, visiting the Outer Banks, the Phillies, riding my bike, yoga and rock climbing. I haven’t been able to do much climbing or yoga lately, though, because I have some kind of nerve damage or something in my left arm that causes half of my hand to go numb and caused a weakening of the muscles. I go for a nerve conduction/EMG test on Wednesday. I DO NOT like doctors and anything medical related, it’s a huge cause of anxiety for me so I’m nervous! I watched a few videos of the test being done so I know what to expect but if anyone here has had it done and has any insight to offer I would appreciate it! Oh and another thing is i LOVE Halloween IRL and in the game. My husband and I are going as Rick and Tiny Rick from Rick and Morty. Super excited for THOH this year, update and episode!!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing! I love where you say, “But I do not live to work! I work because I like to enjoy my life and do things that make me happy!” That is the way to live your life! I’m sure the nerve damage is will work itself out. Necks, hands, arms…all connected. It will probably turn out to be something you are doing ergonomically…a minor adjustment, and you’ll be back to normal! But…be aware…it could be from too much head bangin’ to Pearl Jam! It was a common occurrence in the 90s!

    • Dear le Kitty, first of all, I love your online name. I had the nerve conduction test on my left arm/hand many years ago. It was not traumatic or painful. Not bad at all even if you are not a big fan of hospitals. HTH.

    • Ooh my little sister LOVES bobbi brown, what a cool job!

  20. Master Sergeant in the Army Reserves, Paramedic for my city, father of three.

    I’ve started my masters so what free time is gone and after the kids is TO time.

  21. As John Madden so famously said…

  22. Let’s see: I’m a 25-year-old woman from Wales who moved to London to go to University and stayed there after graduating. Whilst at university, I was studying nursing and have since trained to become a haematologist (meaning that I’m the one who takes your blood and sends it off to be tested).

    When I’m not doing that, I like travelling, going to the theatre (although I prefer musicals to drama), watching rugby and football (soccer to the Americans) and socialising with friends.

    • Thanks for sharing! Favorite teams?

      • Being from Swansea, my teams are Swansea City (football/soccer) and the Ospreys (rugby), as well as Wales’ national side in both sports.

        • I played American football through college…and started Rugby when I was 25. Played until I was mid-30s…LOVE rugby. I wish it would catch on over here. I think it is a better game in many ways. Soccer? Nope. Sorry. Boring. And you can’t smash people…which is my favorite part of football and rugby. LOL!

  23. i’m a 55yo woman from Melbourne Australia. I’m a forcibly retired dentist; nerve damaged neck (crippled hands) I can still tap; So that’s pretty much what I do all day. Most of the time I’m alone. Between 6am & 8pm I tap; During events I even do 2am when needed. I rarely leave my home. Kind of sad really isn’t it?
    The neck injury was caused by a trip wire set on a lonely road near my former home when I was riding my horse & we both took a massive spill & limped home. This was an Arab stallion I broke in myself. Gentling horses was my passion back then. I never realised the pain was a broken neck.

    I’m also a former Australasian champion in modern ballroom; Old Time; & Latin dancing.
    I have a pet duck (drake) & 5 cats. That’s pretty much my summary of myself. I have 3 adult daughters.

  24. Been playing TSTO since May 2013 and am truly addicted. Try to log-in at least three times per day.

    Early-40s getting ready to retire from the military after 22 years. After living in several countries, deployed to many more, and stationed all over the U.S, we are settling down in the Aloha state. The Air Force was generous enough to let me earn a Ph.D. so I’ll be teaching college once retired.

    Three kids– one about ready to graduate college, one in college, and one getting ready to go to college.

    Hobbies include hiking, beachcombing for seaglass, reading history and international relations and watching college football. Patric and I are polar opposites– I am an SEC blue blood based on living previously in Alabama. (ROLL TIDE!) Currently restoring a 1971 Chevy Chevelle and beginning to build a Virtual Reality computer set-up.

    Truly appreciate this site and all the effort y’all put into the content. I can truly say one of the great benefits of TSTO is the symbiotic relationship between the game, this site, and the tapping community. Thank you!

    • Thanks so much for your service! I was born at Tripler…and my Dad was at Hickam. So…I know of where you speak! I don’t blame you for being a ‘Bama fan. They are the gold standard for NCAA football these days.

  25. I’m 47 and have a bachelor degree in management, but I’ve chosen to be a stay at home soccer mom. My first obsession was digital scrapbooking, so I’ve filled up my hard drive like I have my Springfield. That’s how I found out about TSTO. A fellow scrapper was looking for friends, and I’m like, “Simpsons game? I like the Simpsons.” And over two years later, here I am.

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