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Season Recap: The Fuzzy Guide to Season 27

Hey hey friends!

So, courtesy of one heck of a cold (by the time you read this I’m hoping it’ll be gone so no need for chicken soup or well wishes my friends), I found myself with some extra time to write and said to myself, “Self… what do you want to write?” If you read the Season 26 recap, you know I decided I had to write that one first which led to this one. I blame the perfectionist in me, my lady laughed when I told her that. So now that all the recaps for Season 27 are done, I decided to go back and revisit the season, mainly just rereading a bunch of words written on this site and re-watching a few of my favorites, in an effort to have one big recap. Here are my thoughts on the the 27th season of the Best. Show. Ever. It’s amazing that this animated sitcom has ran for 596 episodes over 27 Seasons. Haters can say what they want but that’s some serious longevity. The following are just some thoughts I had about each episode. The long episode recaps are linked in each title if you’re interested. In order to avoid any discontent I’ll throw out a SPOILER ALERT for anyone who hasn’t seen the episodes as I may discuss plot points. Click more if you don’t care or want to hear more of my thoughts or both.

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Wookiee’s Fuzzy Podcast Update – 6 episodes and counting

Hey hey friends! I hope everyone is doing well with the SciFi Event as it comes to a close. I have been one busy walking carpet with two jobs, writing here, full-time school, and the fun and excitement of the podcast I’ve been recording. I wrote a couple posts about said podcast and had initially planned on reminding folks weekly about the madness that is me rambling about life, the universe, and everything but mostly geek stuff but realized I didn’t want to bombard the site with non-Simpsons stuff. I do have to shameless plug myself though sometimes, don’t I?

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