Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback Sale Has Arrived

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

And Happy Saturday!

Popping in with some quick information that Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback sale has launched…here’s a reminder of what you can pick up….


bookaccinos_menuBookaccino’s- New building. 100 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate. Net 80 Donuts. (once it’s in the game I’ll do a SIB)

tapped_out_hot_tubHot Tub- 60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate.  Net 40 Donuts Should I Buy 2.5% bonus on cash and XP(Current Opinion…Good buy because of bonus % and added task for Fat Tony..)

springfieldfarmersmarketflippedSpringfield Farmers Market- 70 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate. Net 60 Donuts.  (Current opinion..this was once freemium.  My gut is telling me 60 donuts is NOT worth it for this one.)

Tapped_Out_Jet_Engine_BikeJet Engine Bike- 30 Donuts, with 10 Donut Rebate. Net 20 Donuts. (BEST DEAL for XP hunters…2% bonuts for 20 donuts, no brainer!)

bbqpig_menuBBQ Pig- 60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate. Net 40 Donuts. Should I Buy 2.5% bonus on cash and XP (Current opinion…discounted price makes this a really good buy for 2.5% on 40 donuts spent.  But the Jet engine bike is still better..)

plasticsurgerycenter_menuPlastic Surgery Center- 80 Donuts, 30 Donut rebate. Should I Buy (Current opinion…Donut rebate doesn’t change Should I Buy Opinion..)

Cool_Brown_House_ Cool Brown Homer act superiourCool Brown House and Cool Homer Skin- 120 donuts, 50 Donut rebate. Net 70 Donuts.  Should I Buy (Current opinion…good buy if you’ve been wanting this combo)

swanky_fish_tapped_out Swanky Fish- 90 Donuts, 35 Donut rebate.  Net 55 Donuts.  Should I Buy (Current opinion..it’s a fun building and one I enjoy.  You may want to consider this one..)

Thoughts on this round of items?  Anything you’ll be picking up? Looking forward to enjoying your Saturday? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


76 responses to “Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback Sale Has Arrived

  1. Is the jet bike 1 per town? I mean I know it’s a good % But if I already have it in the jumbled mess that is my lower half of the game I don’t want a second one


  2. Is cool Homer worth it I have 190 donuts saved wasnt interested last week but think cheap for character building combo. I have fireman homer tho so he has premium tasks already.. so do you think it worth it ?? I can’t decide lol


    • This is my thinking…. the Cool Homer combo is at a good price (I’m guessing we wont see it priced any better later). If you have been wanting him or the building NOW is a good time to do it. BUT! Cool Homer is just a skin and you already have a premium skin for him. So I think unless you love the building, or you love Cool Homer, or if you think Cool Homer’s tasks are amusing then I say get him now -if not- then save your donuts for either Halloween or Black Friday.


  3. Is the island hideaway the Best Buy in the game compared to these items? You say the jet bike but doesn’t the island once upgraded give you 20%? So would it not be worth spending donuts on all of them?


  4. Can you do a Should I Buy on the Springfield Farmers Market? It is a cash-producing building?


    • I won’t really have a chance to…but it’s not worth it honestly. Here’s the breakdown of it when it was a craftable…
      it earns $75, 7xp/3hrs and impacts consumerism. And that’s it. No tasks, no animation…

      Personally I’d save the donuts for other stuff..


    • The Wise Guy does have a task there.


  5. Waiting for a should I spend donuts on the Bookaccino’s


  6. Has anyone else not gotten the right amount of donuts back? I thought I’d pick up a couple things I missed out on earlier. I bought the Swanky Fish yesterday & was supposed to get 35 donuts back, but only got 20. Then, just a couple minutes ago I bought the Plastic Surgery Center; it was supposed to give me 30 donuts back, but only gave me 20!! Technically they owe me 25 donuts! What a rip-off – I don’t believe it. I guess I won’t be buying anything else on this particular deal. 😡 RachelS


  7. I’ve always wanted that hot tub, but I am saving my donuts for Halloween. 🙂

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    • I love the hot tub. I almost always have Fat Tony on his premium 10 hr task in the tub. 😎RachelS


      • Same here! Fat Tony in my Springfield spends so much time in the hot tub, he must have pruny fingers. And he’s lucky no one orders a hit on him, because he’s so easy to find!


  8. Have a whole bunch o’ donuts, so I bought the Cool Brown House (because I’ve wanted that forever) and Bookaccino’s (simply because it’s from my favorite ever episode – The Book Job). Saving the rest I have for Halloween. Hopefully they’ll offer some nifty stuff then.


  9. I’d appreciate some advice: I’ve got about 209 doughnuts (all freemium). I’m considering getting the Swanky Fish because it’s a really good rebate, but I don’t want to be short on doughnuts for any Halloween items I may want – is it right to buy the Swanky Fish in this situation?


  10. Bought the Jet Bike last night just after midnight. Was going to buy the Cool Brown House, but I accidentally sent everyone on 24 hour jobs instead of 8 hour jobs, so I’m waiting until Homer is free to buy it. Can’t use the skin until he’s done anyway.


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