Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback Sale Has Arrived

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

And Happy Saturday!

Popping in with some quick information that Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback sale has launched…here’s a reminder of what you can pick up….


bookaccinos_menuBookaccino’s- New building. 100 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate. Net 80 Donuts. (once it’s in the game I’ll do a SIB)

tapped_out_hot_tubHot Tub- 60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate.  Net 40 Donuts Should I Buy 2.5% bonus on cash and XP(Current Opinion…Good buy because of bonus % and added task for Fat Tony..)

springfieldfarmersmarketflippedSpringfield Farmers Market- 70 Donuts, 10 Donut Rebate. Net 60 Donuts.  (Current opinion..this was once freemium.  My gut is telling me 60 donuts is NOT worth it for this one.)

Tapped_Out_Jet_Engine_BikeJet Engine Bike- 30 Donuts, with 10 Donut Rebate. Net 20 Donuts. (BEST DEAL for XP hunters…2% bonuts for 20 donuts, no brainer!)

bbqpig_menuBBQ Pig- 60 Donuts, 20 Donut Rebate. Net 40 Donuts. Should I Buy 2.5% bonus on cash and XP (Current opinion…discounted price makes this a really good buy for 2.5% on 40 donuts spent.  But the Jet engine bike is still better..)

plasticsurgerycenter_menuPlastic Surgery Center- 80 Donuts, 30 Donut rebate. Should I Buy (Current opinion…Donut rebate doesn’t change Should I Buy Opinion..)

Cool_Brown_House_ Cool Brown Homer act superiourCool Brown House and Cool Homer Skin- 120 donuts, 50 Donut rebate. Net 70 Donuts.  Should I Buy (Current opinion…good buy if you’ve been wanting this combo)

swanky_fish_tapped_out Swanky Fish- 90 Donuts, 35 Donut rebate.  Net 55 Donuts.  Should I Buy (Current opinion..it’s a fun building and one I enjoy.  You may want to consider this one..)

Thoughts on this round of items?  Anything you’ll be picking up? Looking forward to enjoying your Saturday? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

76 responses to “Wave 2 of the Corporate Kickback Sale Has Arrived

  1. Is the jet bike 1 per town? I mean I know it’s a good % But if I already have it in the jumbled mess that is my lower half of the game I don’t want a second one

  2. Is cool Homer worth it I have 190 donuts saved wasnt interested last week but think cheap for character building combo. I have fireman homer tho so he has premium tasks already.. so do you think it worth it ?? I can’t decide lol

    • This is my thinking…. the Cool Homer combo is at a good price (I’m guessing we wont see it priced any better later). If you have been wanting him or the building NOW is a good time to do it. BUT! Cool Homer is just a skin and you already have a premium skin for him. So I think unless you love the building, or you love Cool Homer, or if you think Cool Homer’s tasks are amusing then I say get him now -if not- then save your donuts for either Halloween or Black Friday.

  3. Is the island hideaway the Best Buy in the game compared to these items? You say the jet bike but doesn’t the island once upgraded give you 20%? So would it not be worth spending donuts on all of them?

  4. Can you do a Should I Buy on the Springfield Farmers Market? It is a cash-producing building?

    • I won’t really have a chance to…but it’s not worth it honestly. Here’s the breakdown of it when it was a craftable…
      it earns $75, 7xp/3hrs and impacts consumerism. And that’s it. No tasks, no animation…

      Personally I’d save the donuts for other stuff..

    • The Wise Guy does have a task there.

  5. Waiting for a should I spend donuts on the Bookaccino’s

  6. Has anyone else not gotten the right amount of donuts back? I thought I’d pick up a couple things I missed out on earlier. I bought the Swanky Fish yesterday & was supposed to get 35 donuts back, but only got 20. Then, just a couple minutes ago I bought the Plastic Surgery Center; it was supposed to give me 30 donuts back, but only gave me 20!! Technically they owe me 25 donuts! What a rip-off – I don’t believe it. I guess I won’t be buying anything else on this particular deal. 😡 RachelS

  7. I’ve always wanted that hot tub, but I am saving my donuts for Halloween. 🙂

    • I love the hot tub. I almost always have Fat Tony on his premium 10 hr task in the tub. 😎RachelS

      • Same here! Fat Tony in my Springfield spends so much time in the hot tub, he must have pruny fingers. And he’s lucky no one orders a hit on him, because he’s so easy to find!

  8. Have a whole bunch o’ donuts, so I bought the Cool Brown House (because I’ve wanted that forever) and Bookaccino’s (simply because it’s from my favorite ever episode – The Book Job). Saving the rest I have for Halloween. Hopefully they’ll offer some nifty stuff then.

  9. I’d appreciate some advice: I’ve got about 209 doughnuts (all freemium). I’m considering getting the Swanky Fish because it’s a really good rebate, but I don’t want to be short on doughnuts for any Halloween items I may want – is it right to buy the Swanky Fish in this situation?

    • The Swanky Fish adds a few premium 5 hour tasks so I’d consider this a really good value

      • Hmmmm Considering it’s just a building (as opposed to a character/character + building) and I wouldn’t use a 5 hour task that often anyway (usually just 4, 8, or 12), I’ll probably give it a pass.

    • My suggestion would be to wait for a potential Gil character deal during Halloween and/or Black Friday deals.

  10. Bought the Jet Bike last night just after midnight. Was going to buy the Cool Brown House, but I accidentally sent everyone on 24 hour jobs instead of 8 hour jobs, so I’m waiting until Homer is free to buy it. Can’t use the skin until he’s done anyway.

  11. I picked up a Cool Brown House with the deal. I suppose from a “return on investment” point of view it’s not the best choice, but I really liked that episode and missed out when it was originally introduced in the game. I’m happy to have it in my town.

  12. When will we get more land ? I’m running out of places to put things I want to buy. Hope we don’t need to wait for Halloween

  13. Swanky fish short changed me donut rebate by 15, And the plastic surgery By 10! Not cool!!

    • The game is giving back the right number of donuts…it’s just the message that’s wrong, so you’re fine.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Everyone said it actually gave the correct rebate, I bought the Swanky Fish, but I don’t think it was 35, I think it only gave me 20, I guess I need to pay more attention 🤔

  14. I wanted the swanky fish at one point, but the spot I was going to put it in was long since filled by Asia de Cuba. Not sure I still want it or where it would go. Also, I keep spending donuts I should be saving for Halloween. I mean, yeah, I get a nice stream of donuts from my KEM farm, but they’ve been draining faster than they’ve been replenishing. I should just save for Halloween.

  15. When I got up this morning, plastic surgery centre was NOT on my shopping list, but I reached a billion and noticed that Paris has a task there and Alissa’s SIB said it was ok so I went ahead and got it, the 3 million real estate value was good too
    😃 🇬🇧 🏈

  16. I need some opinions. For the most part I am freemium player. On occasion I’ve spent real world money on some scratchers. I have never bought any of the donut options. For some time now I’ve been using Google opinion rewards to earn play credits. Every couple of bucks or so worth of credit I use on a scratcher or two. I would say I have moderate luck on scratchers. But recently I’ve been saving my credits, and now have about 12 bucks worth. I am looking to get the swanky fish (always wanted but never had the sprinkles) but am about 35 donuts short so I am going to use some play credit to make up the difference.
    My dilemma is this. Is it better to buy the 130ish donuts for $10 or buy 10 scratchers. I know scratcherst are a gamble, what’s everyone else’s consensus?

    • Statistically, the tray of donuts is actually a slightly better deal, but, of course, there is the possibility that you could get lucky and make considerably more. But it’s also possible that you could end up way worse…it’s a question of of whether you prefer risk or certainty.

      If you didn’t have something you wanted to buy right now, I’d suggest you wait until you had more credits saved up and could buy a truckload, which is an even better deal.

    • Any thoughts?

      • I agree with Sandra. The scratchers is always a gamble and you could turn out with far less than the 130 which would be a shame.

  17. I looked at the SIB for Swanky Fish, but didn’t find if it’s a 1-per Springfield building. So is it?

    I have a nagging feeling that I have it, but I checked everywhere and can’t seem to find it.

  18. Finally got the cool brown house! Didn’t really need another premium skin for Homer, but the cookbook brown house had Bern something I’ve admired in other people’s towns since very early on, and the lady time it was available, I didn’t want it badly enough to part with the sprinkles for it. But now, with donuts easier to come by, and a nice rebate on the combo, it was time. I’ve also picked up several more jet engine bikes (forgot to keep count), and may reinvest any donuts I earn in the next couple of days to getting more. I added a couple to my Future World, and one next to the cook brown horse (that’s Swype for “cool brown house,” lol!), but the rest I’m starting to just hide behind stuff.

    • I got the cool brown house last time around,
      It’s near Ruth & Laura Powers house
      😃 🇬🇧 🏈

    • “… cook brown horse.” I laughed out loud!!!!!

    • cookbook brown house, Bern something, lady time, cook brown horse…

      might i suggest a method of typing other than swype? 😛

      • LOL – yeah, I know….that was a particularly bad one! But Swyping is so much faster than pecking it out. But when I know I’ll be typing something longer (like a weekly update post), then I pull out the Bluetooth keyboard. That’s by far the fastest and most accurate method.

        • to be honest, i rarely use my tablet/phone to write comments. when i’m at home, the majority of my time on the web is with a laptop. it runs windows 10 and has a 15″ touch screen ips display, but the kids are the ones that mainly use it. i keep it old school with my trackball mouse and full size laptop keyboard.

          don’t get me wrong, i’m impressed with how far these mobile operating systems have come, or at least android (haven’t use ios in a while), and i use my phone all the time when i’m at work or out and about. i’ve had swiftkey installed for years, and when you get used to it, the predictive typing is just as fast as swiping (with less crazy thumb action), and definitely makes typing on a mobile device easier. still though, i avoid having to write anything of length (like this reply) on a device other than a full size keyboard. and when at home, i will always prefer a regular laptop computer setup.

          • My laptop, which is fairly old, is very heavy, large, and loud, so it doesn’t live in bed with me, like my tablets do. My Bluetooth keyboard is pretty full-size, light, and easy to use with my tablet, so that’s the best solution for when I need to do some “real” typing with my iPad (it would probably work fine with my Kindle, too, but I only use my iPad for accessing this site and the email address tied to it). I keep that email site, and the “hot” posts from this site (as well as the homepage for this site and for TOuk) open in various tabs on my iPad’s browser…I already have a gazillion tabs and tab groups open on my laptop’s browser, and wouldn’t want to add these to them (plus, my laptop is “attached” to a different Facebook account than my iPad is, which keeps me from having to constantly sign in and out between my two IDs).

            I used to use my laptop a lot more, but now I mostly use it when I need to do “big” things, like pay bills or do a lot of shopping research or something, or when I need to use various programs (like Microsoft Office stuff).

            • your tablet lives in bed with you huh. how does the hubby feel about that? or is that some new form of cybering i don’t know about? 😉

              • Hubby sleeps in a separate bedroom (he snores). And I don’t sleep with the tablets – they’re next to my bed. But I’m in bed all day a lot (I mostly work from home and I prefer working in bed to working at a desk (even before my disability), and in the evening I watch tv and stuff in bed, so, yeah, my tablets spend a lot of time in bed with me! 😉

      • Josephine Kick@$$


  19. Had to pull the trigger on the swanky fish and bookstore. I really like the book store! It’s one of those buildings that doesn’t face one way or the other, but rather from the corner. I love those buildings, I feel it breaks up the design a little big, in a good way 🙂

  20. Josephine Kick@$$

    Swanky Fish said it would give me 35 donuts rebate, it only gave me 20. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Same. Pop up message after buying said 20

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        I’m going to have to pay more attention to what I have before & after purchases, & during farming.

    • Are you sure it only gave you back 20? When I bought it, I got a message saying I got 20 back, instead of 35. I wasn’t paying attention to my donut count so I don’t know if I was refunded 20 or 35. I then bought the Plastic Surgery Center and did pay attention. I got a message saying I got 20 donut back when it should have been 30. But, I did get back 30 despite what the message said. So, while I’m not 100% sure, I think I got back 35 from the Swanky Fish.

    • It said it only gave 20 but I actually got 35. I always screenshot my donuts before and after buying anything with donuts just in case.

      • Josephine Kick@$$

        Maybe I was just figuring my donuts wrong, but I’m pretty sure I should have had more. I was trying to be strategic in which order I purchased so I wouldn’t have to buy yet. I just completed my daily challenge, was for 1 donut, no biggie, but I >>know << I didn't get that one 😕

      • Though the System Message after purchase says you get 20 donuts as rebate for Swanky Fish and Plastic Surgery Center, the donuts are actually given back as wrote in the store (35 and 30). it’s a mistake in the system message. the donuts are there 😉

    • Did you take a look at your donut balance before and after the purchase? I did. And I think the only wrong thing is the message that appears after that. It said you got 20 donuts rebate, but if I did the maths correctly I got 35 🙂

  21. I got the cool brown house, Swanky Fish, and the plastic surgery center. Thank you KEM farm! I still have plenty of doughnuts left for Halloween, and I will be earning plenty more by the time I might need them. Swanky Fish is now on my boardwalk. It looks cool. 🐟

  22. Cool Brown House looks like a good deal, but having a tough time deciding between it and saving up for Halloween…

  23. I know I should be saving donuts for Halloween but I finally broke down and got the jet engine bike! I like the look of Bookacino but that can wait!

    • I wouldn’t worry about your 20-donut “splurge”…well worth it, and easy enough to recoup. 🙂

      • haha, “splurge”! it does kind of feel like that. although Bob’s house was the real splurge. I need to get better at farming donuts.

  24. A few buildings are tempting me but I spent my donuts on Otto instead.

    • Congrats! I think Otto is a must-have in anyone’s Springfield…he was my first premium purchase! 🙂

  25. Got me wondering, what makes the Swanky Fish such a “fun” building? To me its just another building, income earner. Please explain further 😀

    • The animation makes me giggle…and the design is fun. I’ve had it in my Springfield since it first came out, and couldn’t imagine my Springfield without it 🙂

  26. Started kem farming, 10 donuts out of the 117 I had, up to 112 so far and started at 7am this morning, with 1 for daily task and 2 from friends visits and leveled up x2, not bad, if I hit 120 donuts should I buy the cool brown house and homer skin and the jet bike???

    • If you’re going to be doing Kwik-E-Mart farming on a regular basis, a definite yea to the jet engine bike, because, with the exception of the beach houses (which are limited), it’s got far and away the best donuts-to-% return. As for Cool Homer and the cool brown house, that’s more a matter of personal taste (although, if you don’t already have a premium skin for Homer, it’s not a bad buy for getting one).

    • KEITH1- Yes to both. Cool Homer is a gr8 deal & has some fab outside animations. His ‘ride a fixie’ animation is fun. The jetbike with the rebate is a superdeal. It will increase your xp & cash payout, so you’ll soon make the donuts up…..Go for it!😎….💜X

  27. TechnoTrousers0

    I’m glad they finally had a sale on the JEB. I bought just enough of them to put me over 300% bonus (300.05%, to be exact). Back to the farming!

  28. I just realise that the BBQ pig will rotate when you tap it.

  29. I picked up the Swanky Fish by mistake! I did not want to buy anything! I was saving the little donuts I have! Maybe I should start Kem farming.

    • Hi, switch the confirm donut spend on in settings, that way you will get another message pop up everytime you try to buy (even by accident) a premium item, so chances of accidental buy will lower 🙂

  30. Picked up the cool brown house straight away as I had been wanting it for a long time. Wavered a little on Bookacinos but could not resist, a little jiggle round and put it with Springfield books, the library and of course the book burning mobile to make a little book quarter! No got a grind to build up sprinkles for any Halloween goodies.

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