Chart Alert: Characters with Costumes and the Rate At Which They Earn

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In keeping with the series of “what would you like to see on this site during the downtime” posts, we’re going to tackle another popular requested item.  This time it’s a list of all of the characters that have costumes (skins) and an indication if those skins earn at a premium or freemium rate…

Before we get into this chart, I’ve also been working on updating the Characters Page.  This time it will only include characters, with a link to this post for skins, and I’ll break the NPCs out separately.  To find the characters chart check out this page…I promise it’s been here the whole time, I just updated it to include some recent characters. 😉

And now let’s check to the costume list….


Updated as of March 28th, 2019

(P) Indicates a Premium costume

Character Costume
Apu All-American Apu (P)
Pin Pal Apu
Fireman Apu (P)
Arnie Pye Number 67 (P)
Barbarian Homer
Barney Plow King (P)
Astronaut Barney (P)
Bart Kamp Bart  (P)
Goblin Bart
Shadow Knight (P)
Jockey Bart (P)
Daredevil Bart (P)
Clockwork Bart
Casino Boss Bart (P)
The Kid With No Name
Stretch Dude
Rappin’ Bart
Wizard Bart
Elf Bart (P)
General Bart
Booberella Cavegirl Booberella (P)
Carl Number 14 (P)
Cletus Manager Cletus
Comic Book Guy The Collector
Kung Fu CBG
Festivus CBG
Crazy Cat Lady Crazy Iguana Lady (P)
Ms. Claws (P)
Disco Stu Number 79 (P)
Dredrick Tatum Boxing Tatum
Dr. Hibbert Number 2 (P)
Kwanzaa Hibbert
Mad Dr. Hibbert
Duffman Lady Duff (P)
Flanders Devil Flanders (P)
Santa Flanders (P)
Puritan Flanders
Stupid Sexy Flanders (P)
Shredded Ned
Werewolf Flanders
Grampa Gorgeous Grampa  (P)
Number 111 (P)
Toreador Grampa (P)
Hellfish Abe (P)
The Rambler (P)
Count Grampa
Hans Moleman Iron Lung (P)
Homer Mayan Homer (P)
Cool Homer (P)
Santa Homer (P)
Mr. Plow (P)
Ninja Homer (P)
Strongman Homer (P)
Number 908
Barbarian Homer
Pie Man
Referee Homer
Ice Cream Man Homer (P)
Conductor Homer
Holiday Homer
King-Size Homer
Deep Space Homer
Fireman Homer (P)
Cowboy Homer
Sunday Morning Homer
Camera Hat Homer (P)
Pin Pal Homer
Hank Scorpio Mastermind Hank  (P)
Jasper Number 5 (P)
Baseball Jasper
J.Edgar Hoover Undercover Hoover (P)
Kang Pirate Kang
Santa Kang
Kent Brockman Number 66
Kirk Acorn Kirk (P)
Kodos Fairy Kodos  (P)
Mrs. Kodos Claus
Krusty Number 36
Tuxedo Krusty (P)
Opera Krusty
Coat of Foxes Krusty (P)
Kumiko Sailor Kumiko (P)
Lenny Number 12 (P)
Lindsey Naegle Prepper Lindsey
Lisa Gymnastics Lisa (P)
Sacagawea Lisa
Cool Lisa
Archer Lisa
Queen Helvetica (P)
Soccer Lisa
Saxophone Lisa (P)
Treehugger Lisa
Lizard Queen (P)
Clobber Girl
Pin Collector Lisa
Filmmaker Lisa
Ravencrow Neversmiles
Cadet Lisa
Little Miss Springfield Lisa
Wizard Lisa
Programmer Lisa
Elf Lisa (P)
Luann Squirrel Luann (P)
Maggie Prairie Maggie (P)
Bouncing Battle Baby
Star Snowsuit Maggie
Outlands Maggie
Butterfly Maggie ($)
Marge Witch Marge (P)
Mayan Marge (P)
Wizard Marge
Tennis Marge
Muscle Marge (P)
Martin Ice Princess Martin
Wizard Martin (P)
Milhouse Fit Milhouse
Sidekick Milhouse (P)
Radioactive Milhouse (P)
Magic Act Milhouse
Miss Springfield Hostess Miss Springfield (P)
Moe Respectable Moe
Number 21 (P)
Fire Chief Moe
Pin Pal Moe
Emperor Moe
Mr. Burns Fruit Batman  (P)
Count Burns
Ebenezer Burns
Number 29 (P)
Monty Moneybags
Softball Burns
White Witch Burns
Reclusive Burns
New God Burns
Hellfish Burns (P)
Pin Pal Burns
Water Baron Burns
Nelson Football Nelson (P)
Otto Rockin’ Otto (P)
Conductor Otto
Principal Skinner Number 600
Fireman Skinner
Longshot Skinner
Pharaoh Skinner (P)
Professor Frink Number 314 (P)
Sorcerer Frink (P)
Quimby Number 22 (P)
Ralph Little Helper Ralph
Ballet Ralph
Christmas Tree Ralph (P)
Sideshow Bob Captain Bob (P)
Wes Doobner
Smithers Number 59 (P)
Rollerskate Smithers (P)
Snake Outlaw Snake
Cyborg Snake
Squeaky Voice Teen Peasant ($)
Attendant (P)
Teenage Homer Prom Time Homer
Wiggum Number 50 (P)
Beer Stein Wiggum (P)
Mummy Wiggum
Willie Bare-Chested Willie (P)
Number 85 (P)
Slave Labor Willie
Taskmaster Willie
Wolfcastle McBain (P)


And there you have it…the list of 173 costumes in the game, for 52 (out of 404) characters in TSTO!

What are your thoughts on the costume list?  Do you have them all?  Any you forgot about?  Do you have your characters earning at premium rates?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

72 responses to “Chart Alert: Characters with Costumes and the Rate At Which They Earn

  1. i have the irs building upgraded to level 7 does anybody know if its worth upgading more or should i stop spending on upgrading

  2. For several (but not all) of my premium stonecutter skins, either the 4 hour or anything under 8 hours is earned at a normal rate with 8 hour tasks and higher being premium rate payouts. Is this for everyone or am I just lucky?

    Also, I hate how after events premium characters get downgraded to regular. But it is somewhat nice that regular characters become premium over time. So I guess it kind of evens out.

    • Which premium characters got downgraded to regular? I’ve never seen that!

      As for the Stonecutters skins…the premium ones earn premium. The freemium ones (earned as prizes or purchased for in-game cash) earn premium when in a premium building (like the Stonecutters building) and earn non-premium when in freemium building )p(like the Stonecutters daycare center). It’s okey much how it always works…premium characters always earn premium rates, but freemium characters only earn premium rates when sent to a premium building.

  3. I wish there was a switch to change everyone to their premium costume all at once. First world problems…

  4. Why does Kent Brockman’s 4 hour make a YouTube video task pay out more than a regular task but not as much as a premium task? It’s in his regular skin, but it’s reward is more than other regular 4 hour tasks.
    Also, is Respectable Moe’s “freemium” payout rate a typo or is that different than regular or premium? Not nitpicking, just curious and confused because I’ve never heard of that skin.

  5. For me at least, Pirate Kang pays regular…

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