Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E11 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

Ureshii Mase!! (I lost my Japanese translator so I went with what Frinkiac said)

It is THURSDAY and you know what that means, meatloaf night. But before you get the ketchup let me catch-You-Up on some old episodes with another throwback, (some of you are sighing *another one?*) yes. Ohhh Myy, there are some special guest-star voices to make this throwback sound a little sweeter, *bowing and walking away backwards as I present the title* enjoy:

“One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish”
They say “you are what you eat”, so Homer might end up as a dead fish


Sushi while popularized by Japan actually got it’s start in Southeast Asia. The delicacy made it’s way to the United States in the early 1900s. This episode premiered January 24th 1991, the 24th episode of The Simpsons, season 2 episode 11.

Akira and The Happy Sumo restaurant

There are also characters and items that appeared for the first time that Could come into TSTO in the future maybe. OHH MYY THE POSSIBILITIES:

Some previously requested Characters: Master Sushi Chef (try saying that ten times fast) :p

(A new category) sometimes I pass over things when I see them the first time, and such things (occasionally) deserve a Second Look:

Richie Sakai (karaoke singer), he first appeared in Moe’s Tavern in episode S2 E5 “Dancin’ Homer” and I tossed him into the don’t mention it section. Seeing him in this episode and learning a little more about him (details provided in this episode and seeing him play the xylophone in a future episode), I figure he has enough visual tasks to toss him into the game of ours. He would fit in with a music event, barfly/night club event, and even a Japanese theme event.


Possible Events: Fishing event (I’ll let EA digest that for a minute), yes I said it again “Fishing event” and now that Blinky-Monster is coming into our game it can reappear for such an event. Or EA can ignore me and do Japanese event.

Characters and Things I didn’t mention because I personally have no interest in them joining the game Don’t Mention It: Toshiro (chef seen in picture above), other chefs, the receptionist, other folks at the restaurant/karaoke bar. Atmosphere jail-mate, red headed woman, and Moe’s Tavern patrons (that I haven’t mentioned in previous posts).

some Highlights:


I know you’re dying for even more Highlights:


Some other things to think about:

Fugu fish is real and in the year 1958 176 people died from it’s poison. Moe answers the phone claiming to be the birth place of the Rob Roy (which was really created in 1894 in New York City). This episode had George Takei, Larry King and Sab Shimono. Sab not only voiced the Master Chef in this episode he also voiced the highly popular Mr. Sparkle (in future episodes). Most people will be unfamiliar with Sab, he’s voiced other cartoons and been in films, probably best known as Lord Norinaga (the villain) from the 1993 Time Travel film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 (oddly I never saw it, After TMNT 2 and the dance number at the end, I lost my respect for the franchise).

Other quick nitpicks, Homer eating a magically replenishable sushi piece (like a gif) and his classic whiskers flickering from yellow to brown near the end of the episode. The ambulance license plate says “SLIP”. The final sequence (of pork rinds being eaten on the couch) has the old (season 1) framed picture seen, not the classic sailboat painting. Finally It’s established that Thursday is Meatloaf night and Friday is Pork Chop night (I mention this not as a nitpick but for no other reason than to make you question your own eating schedual).

Do you have a certain night designated to a certain food? Do you remember this episode? What was your favorite moment? Any of the Possibilities that you Really do/don’t like? Do you like sushi? Do you have a go-to karaoke song? Do you have a bucket list? Are there any changes you’d make to Homer’s bucket list (additions/subtractions)? Ever thought you were going to die? Can you imagine a world without poisons? Sound off in the comments and have a fan-fugu-tastic journey back to your current space/time and be thankful you’re alive 🙂


18 responses to “Totbox’s Throwback Thursday: S2 E11 One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish

  1. Fugu me!
    😃 🇬🇧

  2. Poison. Poison. Tasty Fish! Ffffhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Hehe. Ureshii Mase cracked me up.

    It’s Irasshaimase (or いらっしゃいませ, if you prefer hiragana). Actually, I wonder how WordPress is going to render that? 😉 It typed in OK…

    Fugu is interesting. I’ve had it twice now. The actual fish itself is slightly sweet with a good texture, but there are several other cuts of sashimi that I prefer. And yes, the slight numbing of the lips is a real thing (and is, I think, the main attraction for most folks. A bit like when the procaine (Novocaine) is beginning to take effect (or wearing off) from a dental procedure.

    I recommend trying it at least once, but it’s not something that I’ll personally go out of my way for.

  4. Eating schedule:
    Nothing regimented except Saturday night is pizza night.

    Do I remember this episode???
    Back in the day I would make sure I was home every Sunday night to see the Fox lineup:
    Married with Children
    Parker Lewis
    King of the hill
    In Living Color

    Oh yeah, I remember this episode !!!

  5. “Fugu me !!”

    Sushi is great food !!

    Curiosity, ever done a piece on the “Three Eyed Sushi” building in Springfield?

  6. You also could say that Fugu poisoning isn’t that common anymore.
    I really, really love this episode BTW.

  7. I don’t think I watched this episode when it aired, I was 17 and we only had one TV and I wasn’t going to sit with my parents to watch anything. I watched a lot of Simpsons reruns in my 20’s, we used to go to the bar and watch the reruns after work. I had watched all of them the first season. We recorded them on VHS for my brother who didn’t get fox where he lived. I have recently been watching them again. This was a good one. I loved Homers bucket list and how he over slept on his last day to live.

  8. under the Event category – I meant “EA can ignore me and do a* Japanese event” (lousy missing vowel) 😛

  9. I have been playing for several years now and the Halloween theme is one of my absolute favorite ones! If you need friends please add me Gonzapoliz – I just cleared my old friends and I need new friends that play daily.


  10. maybe i was wrong and it was a quote from the episode so i watched that part and i think friniac – which i just found out what it was – got it all wrong.

  11. This is the episode that hooked me into this series so many years ago. I was a bright eyed 18-year old way back when it premiered.

  12. This episode has my all time favourite Simpsons scene. It’s in the pictures here so I guess you like the scene too Totbox. It’s when they enter the sushi restaurant and are greeted loudly in Japanese and Homer yells back “HELLOOO!!!”. It makes me laugh out loud every time. So simple gag, yet so effective 🙂

  13. maybe i was wrong and it was a quote from the episode so i watched that part and i think frinkiac – which i just found out what it was – got it all wrong.

    • Frinkiac isn’t perfect, so I sought out my Translator app and tried to figure it out, but yes, it probably was “irrashaimase”. Thank you, I knew an addict out there would figure it out. 🙂

      • you’re welcome. and if frinkiac isn’t perfect, so are we. thank you for sharing your insights with us readers. i’m not sure if this is my first time reading your post – usually i just read quest walkthroughs and anything directly related to the game – but i’ll be reading yours from now on. 😉

  14. were you trying to “welcome” people? it’s ‘irrashaimase.’ ureshii means happy. 🙂

    btw i like your idea of a fishing event. or better yet a fishing mini-game (hopefully blinky the fish would come into the game as a playable character that could either hop around town or make use of the rivers)

  15. And yes, I love sushi, especially octopus, salmon eggs, and shrimp tempura. Wasabi and a LOT of ginger is ALWAYS A MUST!!! 🙂

  16. I have always wanted to eat blowfish, and am looking forward to finding a restaurant that serves it.

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