Addicts Bracket Challenge: Best THOH Segment Round 2

We present to you TSTO Addicts’ Best THOH Segment Bracket Battle.

Below you’ll find all 81 beloved THOH segments that will have aired in the first 600 episodes of The Simpsons up to and including this seasons’ THOH XXVII. The segments have been organized into three conferences based on their sequential appearance in each THOH anthology:  first, second, or third segment. The segments will battle each other in four rounds of head-to-head-to-head matchups, that we hope produce the most debate in the comments below. We’ll do our best to convince you of each segments’ merits, but it’s ultimately up to you. Twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays over the next three weeks, we’ll post the matchups and your votes over the next 48 hours will determine which segments advance to the next round, until we’ve crowned “The Best THOH Segment” on Monday October 31st.

Today, we begin Round 2 Voting for TSTO Addicts’ Best THOH Segment Bracket Battle. Details about this Bracket Battle can be found at Addicts Bracket Challenge: Best THOH Segment Round 1, Part 1





Part 3 of Round 1 was again won by the older segments from THOH, THOH II, and THOH III (though this time not every winning segment received over 50% of the vote). Now without further ado, a recap of the results of the final set of nine Round 1 matchups:

First Segment Conference

THOH – Bad Dream House (82%) def. THOH XVIII – E.T., Go Home (12%) and THOH XXVII – Dry Hard (6%)

THOH II – The Monkey’s Paw (72%) def. THOH XXVI – Wanted: Dead, Then Alive (15%) and THOH XVII – Married to the Blob (12%)

THOH III – Clown Without Pity (73%) def. THOH XXV – School is Hell (21%) and THOH XVI – B.I. Bartificial Intelligence (6%)

Second Segment Conference

THOH – Hungry Are The Damned (83%) def. THOH XVIII – Mr. & Mrs. Simpson (9%) and THOH XXVII – BFF (8%)

THOH II – The Bart Zone (71%) def. THOH XVII – You Gotta Know When to Golem (17%) and THOH XXVI – Homerzilla (12%)

THOH III – King Homer (46%) def. THOH XXV – A Clockwork Yellow (28%) and THOH XVI – Survival of the Fattest (26%)

Third Segment Conference

THOH – The Raven (61%) def. THOH XVIII – Heck House (30%) and THOH XXVII – Moefinger (10%)

THOH II – If Only I had A Brain (50%) def. THOH XVII – The Day the Earth Looked Stupid (37%) and THOH XXVI – Telepaths of Glory (13%)

THOH III – Dial “Z” for Zombie (58%) def. THOH XXV – The Others (25%) and THOH XVI – I’ve Grown a Costume on your Face (17%)

Here’s the full updated bracket:


Today, after narrowing the field down from 81, the remaining 27 move on to Round 2 of TSTO Addicts’ Best THOH Segment Bracket Battle. 24 of the 27 segments come from the first eight episodes of THOH, with the other 3 coming from X, X, and XIX beating all three segments from THOH IX in Round 1.

Now onto the 27 segments that won their respective Round 1 matchups:













Reminder, voting is open until 6:30pm EDT Sunday October 23.

What are your thoughts about last weeks’ results? Any segment you thought deserved to make it to Round 2, fail to do so? What are your thoughts on this weeks nine Round 2 matchups? How much more challenging than Round 1 was this? Of the nine matchups above, which was the easiest decision and which was the hardest? Sound off below, you know we love hearing from you. And see you Tuesday for Round 3!

33 responses to “Addicts Bracket Challenge: Best THOH Segment Round 2

  1. Say, what’s that critter facing off against Devil Flanders?

  2. Choosing between Dial Z for Zombies, Bart Simpson’s Dracula and Citizen Kang was a tough choice. All three are very strong.

  3. You’ve got “No guest stars” under Bad Dream House, but James Earl Jones was technically in that one (as the moving guy) 😛

    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace, Fly vs Fly, and Terror at 5 1/2 Feet were the only segments to really scare me growing up (Willie’s burned corpse talking still gives me the creeps today), so I hope those make it far (Although seeing the Spider shake his legs at Fly Bart always makes me laugh, despite my fear of spiders)

    Although Clown Without Pity and Citizen Kang have some of my favourite lines – I frequently use “That’s good!/That’s bad…” whenever I can, and Kang’s speech as Clinton always cracks me up (you’re missing the “As a young boy, I dreamed of being a baseball” part)

  4. I once tried to reference Edgar Allen Poe in this website’s comments…

    Never more shall I.

  5. Nevermore
    🎃 😃 🇬🇧

  6. I think that BAD DREAM HOUSE and THE RAVEN should win, I love those two and their old Hitchcock style

  7. I agree it is getting harder as some favs are now going up against others! Too bad some of my choices didn’t make it through, took 2nd though.
    School is Hell
    The Others
    You gotta Know When to Golem
    A Clockwork Yellow

  8. “Bad dream house” V/S “Attack of the 50 foot eyesores” …
    “The Raven” V/S “It’s the grand pumpkin Milhouse” …
    “Hungry are the damned” V/S “Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace” …
    “Clown without pity” V/S “The thing and I” …

    The most terrifying thing this year for Halloween is to choose a winner among those… 😱

  9. I really hope Citizen Kang wins this thing. It may refer to past events, but so many of the episode’s lines continue to hold great relevance (“Don’t blame me, I voted for Kodos” “Well maybe I’ll vote for a third party candidate! Go ahead, throw your vote away”)

  10. Decisions decisions tough round a lot of faves to chu chu choose from wait that’s a valentine’s pun isn’t it .ahh well

  11. It’s getting easier now that all these choices I’ve seen a billion times

  12. You made me choose between Bart Simpson’s Dracula and Dial Z for zombies… Not cool tstoa, not cool

  13. Wow. Voting was a lot harder in this round, as every matchup had two (or sometimes three) really strong ones.

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  15. Man, some tough choices this time around.

  16. these choices are starting to get a little harder. Man there were some amazing THOH segment’s.

  17. Come on “Clown without pity”!! Some very strong segments 😊.
    Sad that WizKids and The Others didn’t make it that far 😢.
    Personally I found “the devil and Homer Simpson” segment a bit boring. Not really my cup of tea.

    • I agree. So many strong segments lost out, largely (I hypothesize) in part due to voters who haven’t seen the newer THOH segments.

      “The Others” is one of my favourites. Also love:
      – “Bart & Homer’s Excellent Adventure”,
      – “A Clockwork Yellow”,
      – “Dial “M” for Murder or Press “#” to Return to Main Menu”,
      – “House of Whacks”,
      – “School is Hell”,
      – “Wanted: Dead, Then Alive”,
      – “Oh, the Places You’ll D’oh!”,
      – “Unnormal Activities”,
      – “The Day the Earth Looked Stupid”,
      – “In the Belly of the Boss”,
      – “I’ve Grown a Costume on your Face”,
      and this seasons
      – “BFF”

      • While I agree that the results are likely skewed to us older folks who know the classics better than the more contemporary stuff, I couldn’t disagree more about “the Devil and Homer Simpson”
        -Introduction of Devil Flanders (some great THOH casting)
        -Some of the best Lionel Hutz stupidity
        -Homer’s time in hell, modeled after some creepy old Looney Toons Halloween cartoons
        -one of the best of Homer’s ‘Mmmmm’ moments (“forbidden donut”)

        I do love “the Day the Earth looked stupid” and can’t believe it lost to “if I only had a Brain” If I could vote against an episode, that lame duck would be one of them

      • If I had to narrow it down:
        School is Hell, Oh the places you’ll D’oh and The Others are probably (?) my three favourite segments of modern times (HD).

      • Or maybe the older THOH segments are just better?

  18. Personally I feel Dial Z for Zombies should win its segment. The part where Homer asks Bart and Lisa if they raised the dead still makes me laugh to this day.

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