Put on A Mask Contest Winners!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So last week we held a contest sponsored by Fun.com to celebrate Halloween with their line of Simpsons Halloween Masks from their sister site Halloweencostumes.com.  They generously offered to give two of their exclusive Simpsons masks to two lucky Addicts readers!

Well the winners have been notified, masks have been picked out and prizes have been shipped!

Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box Stonecutters secret bonus donut prize box 1



Well we put all the entries into the randomizer and out popped two lucky winners…

In no particular order

TammyD who chose the Homer Mask


Toxicshark who chose the Mr. Burns Mask


Congratulations to the winners!  And look for your masks to arrive from Fun.com very soon!


And there you have it my friends…the winners of the Put on A Mask contest!

Keep your eyes peeled to TSTO Addicts…you never know when the next contest will drop!

16 responses to “Put on A Mask Contest Winners!

  1. I’d went w Otto or Willie myself


  2. Thank you all! and a special Thanks to the Addicts, The Mask Arrived Today (posted a pic in the flicker) great site, great people (yes even Patric) great fun!…


  3. Congrats winners!


  4. Congrats


  5. Congrats to the winners. Since Mr. Burns is the only image showing more than just a mask, does he come with the suit? 😀


  6. ^^meant as a joke, not offensive

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  7. Party on, contest winners.

    Party on.


  8. Well done tammyD and toxicshark


  9. Well done winners!

    🎃 😃 🇬🇧

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  10. Josephine Kick@$$

    Congratulations to the winners, & great choices!!!


  11. Congratulations winners! 🙂

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  12. Well done Toxic and Tammy!! 👌
    Did you get any Alissa for yourself?

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  13. Congrats to both winners!

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  14. Congrats Tammy and Sharky!

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