Episode 6- Around the World (Feb 4th 2017)

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Welcome to Addicts Live!  We’ll get the stream going at 12 Noon EDT (for timezone converter check here)…

For those viewing a little before noon, sit tight and it’ll show up in the video below shortly.  For those viewing during the live stream, just hit play and you’ll get tuned it.  You also have the ability to go back (rewind) in case you missed something.  🙂  And for those joining after the live stream, you can view the recording of the video right here.

No matter how, or when, you’re viewing thanks for watching and we hope you have fun!

In this episode we’ll discuss the recent Lunar New Year Mini Event, talk about our initial reactions to the Around the World Event and making our Superbowl predictions. Plus we’ll be fielding your questions!  So join us live for all the fun!

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Live Stream Video:

Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

Show Notes:

Make your Superbowl Prediction, we’ll share the results towards the end of the show

96 responses to “Episode 6- Around the World (Feb 4th 2017)

  1. Josephine Kick@$$

    I’m happy I can still see these later, this was fun😊 So many things I’d love to comment on… 🤐 (I’ll be good)😂 😝

  2. Guys, we all know the Phillies are the best. Alissa, you’re lucky I like you (and that you’re not a Mets fan because then you might have to be disowned) Wookie, the Dodgers seem to want all of our guys so…..Go Phillies! Now aim ready for spring training!!

    Ps. Patric, agreed, you are the nicest one of the three 😉

  3. Something is really bothering me about this game. Surprisingly it’s not anything to do with sending people on flights, although that is still a bit of a mystery to me.
    No, it’s the splash screen. The postcard is addressed to Pinky at 5 Palm Drive and it is obviously being sent by Skyfinger. Skyfinger is yellow, and is presumably sending the postcard to equally yellow Pinky, because which other Pinky would Skyfinger know? So here’s my problem. Yellow Pinky lives at 4 Palm Drive, yellow Skyfinger would know that. What’s going on? Either Skyfinger is sending the postcard to a different Pinky or he’s got the address wrong – neither of those make any sense to me and it’s causing me a huge amount of distress.

    Can anyone help me?

    • Hmmm… if Skyfinger is like God in The Simpsons, then it would make sense to be 5 because I think God is the only character with 5 fingers. That’s how I’m reconciling it. 😊

      • It’s the only explanation that makes any sense at all but I still don’t buy it.
        Thanks for trying to put my mind at ease though.
        I’m going back to bed now happy that I’m not a postman in this crazy world

    • If Skyfinger lives at 2 Palm drive…🤔…then Thumby must live at #1…what a weird neighborhood (lots of “glad-handing” going on, I bet)…

  4. Random but the mention of Safi reminded me to ask if anymore Bracket Battles are in the works? I love them so much 😁.

  5. Thanks for the live show to all, you make me smile. I am on West coast time so see it in review.

  6. I know owls are great, but can you have superb owls?

  7. Hello happy tappers. Another great live show, You guys had me rolling with all the laughter. Hope everybody has a great weekend and enjoy the Osaka flu.

  8. Who else is having problems getting pins. I tap 5 times a day and I only cleared 3000 pins in last 2 days. I send all the flyers I can each time, tap the neighbors and tourists. All the way up until 20000 pins it was going smoothly. Got that by Thursday. 20000 to 23000 has taken 2 days. Anyone else in same boat?

    • mee toooo. This is pretty disconcerting on the way they have it work. I have my five people on task, no opportunity to generate tickets. When my people are done I then have to wait the 20, 40, 60 minutes to allow three others to start.
      Usually I’m very much ahead of the calendar but this time behind. Weird.

      • The trick is to only send FOUR people on flights, then send the fifth person on a random task (the shorter the better). You will then get 5 more people to send on flights (you still have to wait 20 mins between each one). At the moment I have 15 people on flights, but I did have 65 flights going on the first day when there was only a 2 minute wait. Cancel any daily challenges that only give you cash or tickets – you want pins, skycredits, or doughnuts. I’ve just hit 32,000 pins and will get Cesar & Ugolin in 1-2 days.
        Note: I’m 100 freemium and haven’t bought any special buildings to help with the event

  9. “Lap Dog”, really?? 😃 Nice save though.
    I can’t wait until the Top 10 contest entries are announced. I love hearing ideas for the game. Let’s hope it’s early week release as the tension is big 😃

    • Happy… I have used this reference before in comments with you. And it is applicable in the nicest of ways!!

      Ways in which you are similar to a happy, little puppy.
      1. You are LOYAL to a fault!
      2. You are always up for any task that your master (EA or Alissa) has for you, and you do so with a happy smile on your face.
      3. You are cute as all get out
      4. You make me smile every time you enter a room (conversation)
      5. I can always count on you to see the bright side…and you bounce back when corrected or punished. Think of a little puppy…. “Can I have a treat? How about now! No? Ok…How about now? No? OK…How about NOW? I still love you! No? All right…I’ll stop bugging you… How about NOW???”

      And most important…you can always be counted on to love everyone who comes into the room. You would make a lousy watch dog…but as a “Welcome Dog” you can’t be beat!

      • Thank you very much Pat 😁.
        I just thought of annoying, thick and desperate with the word “lap dog”.
        You’re bouncing up and down impression is literally me when an event hits 😃

  10. Another fun show 😄…Have marked my calendar for the next one on the 25th.

    Off topic…for those of you already sending out hourly flyers (the “airport shuffle”)…the 13 people with the shortest jobs are:
    45 sec – Apu, Lisa, Marge, Milhouse, Ned
    5 min – Eddie, Lou, Wiggums
    10 min – Brockman, Cletus, Quimby, Grandpa, Krabapple

    30 min – Kumiko, all the kids and lots of others

    When you send out your first 3 flyers – arrange to have them be folks that have 30 min jobs or less, but not any of the 13 (I always send Kumiko on the first flight out). You will need to keep free the 13 potential flyers with the shortest jobs…this means all the others will have to be assigned individually.
    You can’t use the employment bureau.
    Ok…90% of the players are gone…for the rest of you….

    If you keep the top 13 folks listed available, doing the 20 min “airport shuffle” is a lot easier. At the end of 4 hours, your first 3 flyers will be returning and you can start over, if you like. You have now sent 12 flyers out (one every 20 minutes) during the last 4 hours…you can keep it up all day if you like, but I usually don’t.
    (How to do the “shuffle” is covered by other tappers in Patric’s math post.)

    You will have 2 more destinations to fly to, to get the suitcase, I usually do that in the normal way…a straight 4 hr flight for 3 flyers.

    If you do the “shuffle” for 4 hours, and send 2 more regular flights out during the day, you will have sent 18 people out for a total of 612 pins (680, if you sent Kumiko twice). You doubled your number of pins/day from flyers.

    PS…If you have a life, this may not be for you…wait…I’m talking to Addicts…never mind…

  11. Tune in next time when we offend west coast teams!!!!!! 😄🇺🇸😀 Great post guys.

  12. Thank you for another Addicts Live, and in hope my town is far enough inland of Boston that we’ll still be standing if Alissa gets her way!

  13. Great addicts live as always…have a lovely weekend ♡

  14. I marked my calendar

  15. Great show guys 😀
    Enjoy the rest of your day 😀

  16. Whoosh !
    * conversation going right over my British head*

  17. But Ty Cobb allegedly killed a man, Babe Ruth allegedely used horse testosterone, etc. Why are we penalizing this eras cheaters only?

  18. I am currently at 9250 items, and I’m getting the message that I am at the limit . . . if I purchase the new land, will that open up for more items?
    Also, it would have been nice to have the bicycles in different colors… just sayin”

  19. Go Blue Jays!!!

  20. Football never really applied to me, so i decided not to choose a team.

  21. What feature do you most wish that WordPress would add that you could use on this site?

  22. Sam is the happiest tapper I’m happy to call a tsto friend! 🙂

    I have my fingers crossed for him in the event competition ☆

  23. Yaaaaaay bring back Safi in costume! 😀

  24. I agree with Wookie. I love playing Tapped Out but I equally love being part of the Addicts community and Tapped Out UK community. The interaction makes the game so much more fun for me 😀

  25. You can have six four-hour timers in one day. 🙂

  26. Democratic new TSTO shirt creation! Woo hoo!

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