Around the World Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 2 Maurice

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Pack those bags and grab your boarding passes because it’s time to go Around the World with The Simpsons!  The Around the World Event is in full swing in our pocket-sized Springfields and that can only mean one thing….all new prize tracks to work our way through!

This Event is broken up into 3 Acts, with each Act containing part of the story.  To help you move along with the event you’ll get several prizes per Act.  Each prize will either be something fun for Springfield or something to help you move along in the event.  For the First Act you’re tasked with collecting French Pins (ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg) to unlock each prize!

The second Act 1 Prize awarded at 8,977 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg is Maurice, because it’s not Springfield without a jack donkey…


So let’s take a closer look at this second prize and just what happens when you unlock it in your Springfield…

Once you’ve collected 8,977 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg you’ll automatically be awarded Maurice and you’ll see his character unlock message popup once placed in your Springfield…


And he’s part of the Animals and Pets Character Collection:


Maurice is an NPC (Non-Playable Character).  He does come with a little bit of dialogue when placed in Springfield:

Homer: Marge, I found a donkey! Can I keep him?
Bart: Hey, that’s Maurice. He humiliated me when I was an exchange student in France. That donkey hates my guts.
Homer: Now we’re definitely keeping him.

And there you have it, the details behind Maurice, the second Around the World Prize

What’s Next?

ico_stor_single_freelandtokenTechnically the Free Land Tile is next….awarded at 13,628 ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg, but since that’s not a tangible gift for Springfield (just a free land space) the next prize we’ll cover is…

bastille_menuBastille- Awarded at 25,256ico_cur_aroundtheworld_francepin_lg.  This will be the next prize we breakdown in the prize guide post.

So that my friends is the full breakdown of the second Act 1 prize!

What do you think about Maurice? Safe to assume you’ve all unlocked it by now? Thoughts on the event so far?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

18 responses to “Around the World Prize Guide: Act 1, Prize 2 Maurice

  1. I wish Maurice would have worn Bart’s Lucky Red Hat (disappointed a little)

  2. Lisa should have a job to pet and feed some of these npc animals walking around aimlessly!

  3. Ugolin is missing please help ?

  4. Another None Player Character put in storage (when will EA learn that NPC’s are pointless?) Yawn! 👎

  5. Hmmmm…can’t seem to locate Maurice.

  6. I’ve done the tasks to unlock Maurice and SkyCredits but I can’t place them, they are not in my inventory…anyone else having this problem?

    • Marion (AnothrAddict)

      Maurice is an NPC, when i received him he went straight in to my town. Maybe you can find him walking around by searching your town.
      As for the sky credits, they should have added to your sky credit count, they would not be in your inventory.
      Hope this helps!

  7. I’m so depressed I can’t play anymore , I have got to the hotel 3 times and the bar takes me straight past the hotel and into act 2 been in touch with EA but they say until the team have had a meeting there isn’t anything they can do it’s taken my tickets every time !!
    Has anyone else had this problem?

  8. Some people call me a space cowboy….

  9. Eu gostei dele

  10. What a cute ass 😉

  11. What’s not to love about a free NPC?! ♡

  12. it’s cute

  13. I love all things equine, so of course I love Maurice! I just wish he’d bray when you tap him.

  14. Non event related question.
    Is there a maximum for the monorail tracks?
    I am using only long straight pieces and I have 100 small straight pieces for over two weeks. Or is this just lucky?

  15. I know that this is off-topic, but I didn’t see a crafting post.

    Why are the levels required for crafting always so different than the objects you are crafting? For example, to go to Level 6, you need 2000 SkyCredits, but buying one of each item to that point leaves you about 1400 credits short.

    So you end up buying duplicates of things you may not want just to get to the next level, where the prize, the Paris Hotel, costs 2680 SkyCredits!

    I’m sure it’s much ado about nothing, as I’ve done pretty well on the Crafting tracks for previous events, but it doesn’t make it any less maddening. Can’t they make the math at least make some sense?

    • I think they do it that way too slow folks down, so they don’t finish the whole crafting track too soon.

      And while I think they may be right for what’s best in the long run, I agree that it can be annoying/frustrating at times, feeling that you have to waste currency on stuff you don’t really want that much (or, worse, spend it without getting anything in return), just to level up.

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