Around the World Act 2 is Almost Over…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 2 of the Around the World Event Ends TOMORROW February 24th at 0800 GMT (3am ET).

Once Act 2 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 2 Prizes for free.  So get everything you can before it’s all gone!

Crafting will STILL be available in Act 3.  As will the Sky Credits you’ve accumulated.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 1 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for Act 3 to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (3am ET) tomorrow morning  (February 24th)….

How did you do with Act 2?  Earn all of the prizes? Close to getting there?  Ready for what Act 3 has in store? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


74 responses to “Around the World Act 2 is Almost Over…

  1. Grabbed Mr. Sparkle with 42 minutes to spare!! Close call. Thought we had a lot more time.


  2. Did anyone else notice that you can place the Eiffel tower over roads like the town square, or is it only me who didn’t know that?

  3. I only have 100 pins to go! Hopefully I will make it! (Still, it’s only 5 donuts)

  4. Oh my god, scraped in by the skin of my nose- despite thinking it was impossibl, i just unlocked the final prize! Hooray! Continuing my unbroken record of gettng every prize for every event

  5. Is anyone else having issue with the game constantly updating? Almost every time I login it installs all the updates again and again. Frustrating.

    • That is a space issue. The game needs lots of free space on your device. Clear up at least 2 gigs of space and reboot your device. If you still have problems, and you have an Origin ID for your town, uninstall and reinstall.

  6. I just stored my Mr. Sparkle to reset a task from 4 to 8 hours, and he seems to have disappeared from my inventory. Has anyone else had this issue? I also can’t seem to find him in my character checklist (the option that lists all the characters by sets), but I’m not sure which one he would have been a part of.

    • He should be in general inventory, not a subcategory. Probably near the end.

    • Look in your uncategorized inventory…he may very well be near the end.

    • Mr. Sparkle, like most event items when they first come out, is not categorized. Check your main inventory, which is the items when you first open inventory. Scroll all the way to the end and he should be there. He would be listed in the Oddballs group.

  7. Has anyone noticed anything odd about their ticket generating timer? When mine counts down to zero nothing happens. No tickets are added & the timer stays at zero. I’ll leave the game &/or close the game then when I return tickets are at 0 and the timer is still at zero. Only when I’m away for more than 5-10+ minutes then the timer starts again. Sometimes I’ll have 1 ticket ready to use and sometimes a ticket won’t show up until the timer counts down. I’ve reported this to EA through my game, just wondering if anyone else is having the same issue.

    • My ticket counter was always weird. I found that if I didn’t even look in the airport until one hour (or more) I always had three tickets. If I peeked before that hour was up, it was hit or miss for it to be counting correctly.

  8. Argh! I was away for a month (no wifi or data available☹️) when this event started so I missed Act 1 & got a late start on Act 2. I’m still over 7000 short of the last Act 2 prize. But so far I’ve liked what I have gotten. Looking forward to Act 3, at least I can relax through it & enjoy the story.
    My question to the Addicts is……. What Act 1 prizes are worth my donuts? The Paris stuff is tempting, but I’m thinking to get it all plus the last Act 2 prize might cost me huge sprinkles…..truckloads!
    Also, it looks like I have to dole out donuts for each item to unlock the next. What do you all think?

  9. I’m really enjoying this event. I love the pink cherry trees and am creating a beautiful forest in my Japan area.

  10. Looking forward to Act three no real problem completing this one. Most of the stuff went into storage. More of a fan of the Paris items. Though used the trees and some of the items to update garden areas. Like to take what I like from each event and encorporate it into my town. Have a lot of coins for crafting stored up several items I am passing on.

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