Around the World Act 2 is Almost Over…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that Act 2 of the Around the World Event Ends TOMORROW February 24th at 0800 GMT (3am ET).

Once Act 2 is over you will no longer be able to earn Act 2 Prizes for free.  So get everything you can before it’s all gone!

Crafting will STILL be available in Act 3.  As will the Sky Credits you’ve accumulated.

For a rundown on everything that was included with Act 1 check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for Act 3 to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (3am ET) tomorrow morning  (February 24th)….

How did you do with Act 2?  Earn all of the prizes? Close to getting there?  Ready for what Act 3 has in store? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


74 responses to “Around the World Act 2 is Almost Over…

  1. ~12hrs left. ~2k pins to get. We’re cutting it fine.

  2. Act 2 was alright. It wasn’t nearly as funny as Act 1 though. I breezed through it and got a round of bonuts too. I’ve completed all the crafting as well. After unlocking everything and crafting tons of trees and multiple motorized vehicles, I have over 2000 sky credits going into Act 3 and I’m not sure I’ll even use them.

    Getting Tiago and Norbert will be a nice way to cap off the event. I’m also looking forward to the quests for the next act.

    • Am in the same position as you, not much to craft as I have enough of everything, act 3 will be the prises and golden train, unless there’s any surprises waiting,

  3. I enjoy Act 2 from what I could get as a freemium. Some of the building and characters were just way too much in Donuts. I am very selective in what I get especially since donuts do not come easy. I was okay with the idea of not receiving many building for this act since some were either 180 or even 200+ donuts. Otherwise lets see what Act 3 brings to the game and hopefully building/characters get a donut reduction before posting. haha lol.

  4. Great! Having sent someone on the Kingston Jamaica task I have now got to send them again. All due to a 4hr+ delay on giving me the second flight task. Not Happy………………….

  5. Just got the stadium in my primary town this morning. Don’t think I’ll get it in my secondary town that’s still like 10000 pins away. Some stuff happened this week that kept me out of the game.

  6. I finished Act 2 and even got 3 Travel Donuts (I got I think 6, from A1). I don’t think I’ll make another 3 before the end of the day. Meh.

    I finished crafting during A2. Or to be more précised, finished all the crafting levels and making at least one of everything. Some time near the end of the event, when I’ve got ’bout all the material I’ll get, I’ll go back and get multiples of some items (like the trees and lanterns, etc.).

    I also got all of Norbert’s articles, and a couple days worth of the bonus suitcases. Looking forward to the next set.

    I’m enjoying Destination Springfield.

  7. I raced through crafting. I’ve unlocked all the crafting levels but I don’t feel like anything is worth crafting more than once (unless EA puts a bonus % on something). You can only craft one of the buildings that earn cash and XP. I would have liked to build a bunch of the “French Hotels” and make a small Parisian area.

  8. My issue right now is that it’s only allowing me to send 2 people on flights. I’ve always been able to send at least 3, sometimes even more, and just had to wait for tickets to generate. Is this EA’s way of controlling the number of pins you can collect. I’ve finished the prizes for this round but may, for the first time in any event, not earn any bonuts. We’ll see. Soemetimes these 3 act events grow tedious by the last act.

    • Just a thought.. are you putting your springfielders on tasks and then putting people on flights? Keep in mind that the people able to take flights will change each time. So if you keep putting everyone on game tasks you may not have the right people for flights.
      I do my flight first and then once I have all I want and can have on a flight I then put the rest on game tasks. This ensures me that I will have at least 6 or more available for flights.

  9. During act 1 i was able to get 2 rounds of donuts and chillax last day, this act i just finished sumo arena. No idea why such a difference in acts iv been doing mostly the same.

  10. Finally have just got the Gotham destination. 4hs 30mins after the first one returned. Already have the last one (Kingston Jamaica) out and that is due back in 1hr 15 mins, so not sure what will happen there.

  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    Been earning bonuts. I love this event so much & am really hoping EA will continue with another events to other countries traveled by to the Simpsons 😁😁😁

  12. Springfield Airport will not give me the “Gotham” destination for the second destination. (Crusade with a cape in North America) How do I contact EA? or does anybody else have the same problem or know whats going on.

    • I’m having the same problem. Only two characters flying and no Gotham.

    • Check that you have no other flights already out to the USA…if you do, you will have to wait till that flyer returns for “Gotham” to appear in the flyers list. If it is under an hour, I recommend that you wait.

      Alternately…If you can find out what building the problem flyer is linked to (if he is linked to a building), you can store that building and it will pull him out of the flight. You will lose the 34 pins for that flight, but it should trigger “Gotham” coming up for you in the next batch of flights.
      (Don’t forget to put the building back)

      • Thanks for your reply. Don’t really understand what happened as it has never occurred before. Always keep at least 8 flyers back so that when I get down to the last one I can refresh & go again. ho hum.

  13. Not having brought any of the premium buildings I found this to be a close call in getting all the prizes in Act 2.

    The moral of this story?
    If you want it EAsy go premium… 🙂

  14. No problems whatsoever. Have had the tree steakhouse for a couple of days already. Maybe I’ll craft a couple more bikes, but pretty much done with that. Have been trying to max out on bonuts, so – fingers crossed – I’ll be able to get another chance by 3 am tonight.

  15. So close to sumo maybe today

  16. The 1st day of Act 2 was a lazy weekend for me so I was sending out flyers every hour which was a great jumpstart so I was able to coast the rest of the way. Looking forward to Act 3 but I echo the sentiment about crafting being a non-factor.

  17. I’m glad the crafting includes some practical items…I don’t mind having a stockpile of trees. Sometimes it seems like we can only craft weird stuff.

  18. Thanks sooo much always for your indepth speedy journalism. ^_^

    As always, my better half has not only completed all of act 2 thru sumo quests… He also maxed out crafting everything already… Most challenging to keep up (><) Hence, my "better" half <3

    Nice to be a first founding player, tapping from the beginning xD

  19. Very ready for act 3!

  20. Looking forward to Act 3 but crafting has lost its appeal as I have now maxed out the upgrade level and yesterday built the last item, so just duplicates from this point on. I have had a couple of very generous daily challenge prizes which got me there quickly including 1500 sky credits two days ago for using the Tourist Centre once.

  21. I already crafted everything there is to craft. So next act is just gonna be item farming when it comes to that.

  22. I’ve gotten all the prizes and crafted everything. I wouldn’t mind some more runway pieces in Act 3.

  23. I need 4,400 more pins to get the last prize Sumo stadium. This should be attained by the end of the event. Have enjoyed the prizes so far. Some nice free buildings and the airport and airplanes are awesome. Have had to really try to check in every four hours to stay on pace. Thought this would be a price of cake but still need to grind act 2 out. For the first time in an event I had a bonut round in act one so I was pleased. Still waiting for Osaka flu to max out levels. Over all its been a fun event. Touch the globe and you get some very interesting facts.

  24. i need to earn 10,000 pins :'( by tmr im heart broken any tips im sending flights off every 15 mins collecting tourists outside the 4 hrs and neighbours but was in hospital 3 days and 2 days on top of that with no battery on phone really hindered my playing n gaining :'(

    • ThatOneWeirdTapper

      I managed to grind 8000 for the last prize last night, so sending characters on flights as much as possible is a must! I won jackpot on a Golden Scratcher, so I got Sailor Kumiko, and she helped a bit, so possibly get her costume. And if it is a real struggle, try not to max out Osaka Flu, as you lose the bonus currency. Hope this helps! 😀 And also, hope you are okay after being in hospital 😊

    • Even if you don’t quite make it, if you get pretty close, the donut cost to “rush” the final prize should be reasonably low. So, be sure to check that as close to the deadline as you can…it will likely be more extensive to buy it once the act end.

  25. I saw a post about ten days ago that gave the flight answers to Norbert’s Adventure Tasks. Can’t remember who did the post.
    Will there be a post for Act 3 and if so, when?

  26. I think I can sum up this event by 2 comments… 1) one of the easiest events to get all prizes (I even have had all level 20/prizes in crafting for much of act 2 as well!) and 2) one of the most blah blah blah events ever

  27. Just in time for Rio carneval

  28. This will be the first time ever since the 3 act events were brought in where i may not get the final prize. I am about 2.5k off the final prize 🙁

  29. Just got the last Sky Credit prize (Tree Steakhouse). It has never been this early in an event. Oh well, I’ll using those credits for laver field, Japanese cherry blossom and maple trees.

  30. Only 3 craftables left only a few pins from more bonuts, ready

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