Turbo Tappin’ Secret Agent Premium Stuff: Russ Cargill & Femme Fatale

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Spies, Masterminds, MIT & Homer walking around with a camera in his hat…what more could you ask for from an update?!

Yes, that’s right the Secret Agent update is in full swing in Springfield & with it not only arrives an event full of intrigue, but new premium characters & questlines to work our way through!

The two newest premium characters to hit our stores are Russ Cargill and Femme Fatale.  Each character comes with their own compete questline, but remember, the questline will remain after the event.  So don’t worry about finishing it now.  Use the premium characters to earn as many intel as you possibly can until the event is over! 

So let’s take a look at this nerdy questlines to see just what happens when they enter your Springfields…


Let’s start off with the E.P.A. Chief Russ Cargill

Another Brick Firewall Pt. 1
Russ Cargill starts

Make Russ Cargill Make Back Door Deals- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Another Brick Firewall Pt. 2
Russ Cargill starts

Make Russ Cargill Read Up on Basic Internet Security- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Another Brick Firewall Pt. 3
Russ Cargill starts

Make Russ Cargill Lose His Mind- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Another Brick Firewall Pt. 4
Russ Cargill starts

Make Russ Cargill Learn the Horrors of Social Media- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Another Brick Firewall Pt. 5
Russ Cargill starts

Make Russ Cargill Launch “News Entertainment” Websites- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

Next up Femme Fatale

Objectification May Be Closer Than It Appears Pt. 1
Femme Fatale starts

Make Femme Fatale Do Deadly Gymnastics- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Objectification May Be Closer Than It Appears Pt. 2
Femme Fatale starts

Make Femme Fatale Try Her Hand at Real Estate Sales- 8hrs, Earns $420, 105xp

Objectification May Be Closer Than It Appears Pt. 3
Femme Fatale starts

Make Femme Fatale Break That Glass Ceiling- 1hrs, Earns $105, 26xp

Objectification May Be Closer Than It Appears Pt. 4
Femme Fatale starts

Make Femme Fatale Prepare a Trap for Lindsay Naegle- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

Objectification May Be Closer Than It Appears Pt. 5
Femme Fatale starts

Make Femme Fatale Flirt Deadly- 1hr, Earns $105, 26xp

And that completes the questline for the two newest premium characters to hit our games…Russ Cargill and Femme Fatale.

What are your thoughts on the questlines?  Think you’ll save it for after the event?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Secret Agent Premium Stuff: Russ Cargill & Femme Fatale

  1. That drone thing is buggy, you can’t tap any enemies in the last second. When the time gets to 1 second the guys get untappable. SCAM!

  2. Off subject…. but it was brought up in one of the posts below… they said…. farming equals getting donuts? I don’t really care to see people farming… But is that true……. buy a lot of buildings… then sell them back for donuts?


    Oh… and i agree about friends that do not visit others town…. i do it daily… and i keep my group down around 40 friends…. used to do over 100 but was to time consuming… i only have a few… that visit… but i noticed… more doing it this event.. which is GREAT!
    Thank You friends…. neighbors….

  3. I have so many quests stacked up now waiting for the event to finish. I started the event with zero, and now I have quests waiting for Camera Hat Homer, Russ Cargill, Femme Fatale, James Bont, Drederick Tatum, McBain and the University Nerds,

  4. I deliberately chose to keep my neighbor list under 35 so it wouldn’t become a nasty, time consuming chore to visit everyone every day. Event, mini-event or the small, slow gaps in between…I pay attention to who is visiting, and who is not. Just with this event alone, I’ve probably removed and replaced over a dozen people. I think it is a bit unfair that I can find the time it takes to visit everyone, yet some folks can’t even be bothered in returning the favor once a week. (Especially during events when there is a pay off for visiting.) If I can see that someone is logging in and clearing their town…but not visiting mine…after 3 days I now remove them from my list and pop over to the ‘find a new, non-vandalizing neighbor’ pages here. It’s likely the only peeve I have about the game. I’ve stopped looking for just daily players. I specifically look for folks who say they visit their neighbors every day.

  5. Does anyone know why we had a store update?

  6. I too had an update sent – Easter?

  7. Off topic, sorry, but has anyone else been prompted to update this afternoon? I was fully up to date and playing through Act 2, took a break logged in again and now I’m getting the “Want Want Update” screen. Just nervous and don’t want to “overwrite” my progress to date, thanks!

  8. This is an IMPORTANT NOTICE: Anyone who had the annoying Zombie Sandwich glitch, the blue Start Job arrow wouldn’t switch to the quick finish for donuts arrow and rotate to the bottom of the list just in case you didn’t know about the problem, and a couple other glitches that were related to this problem that started when Act One of the Spy event began . . . A MANUAL UPDATE went live in the Play Store and at Amazon last night that resolved this issue, at least for me, I don’t have an Apple device but I’m sure it went live there as well! Now I can easily flood my town with Zombies so they can nibble on the Spies!

  9. I bought both and emptied my 🍩 bank. Now I want the Knightboat 😞 Might have to farm for the first time 😬

    • Actually pretty painless…buy some kwik-e-marts and 4hrs later, sell em…instant donuts. After the first batch, you will know how many it takes to level up…then you can buy accordingly. Dont forget to turn on the XP accelerator 😄.

      • Why does it have to be 4 hours wait ? 🙂

        • It takes that long for them to finish building…when they are complete, Homer yells “Heads Up!” (once for each building, you might want to mute at this point) and then you can tap them to complete the building process. After that, they can be sold immediately, or you can wait a minute for them to pay rent and then sell them…your choice. The completed building process gives you a boost in XP, and when you reach the “level up” XP amount for your game (that amount varies depending on what level you are in the game), you get a chance to try for donuts.

          • Just a note, the kwik-e-marts get more expensive as you buy more of them at one time…they level out at around $14,000…just didn’t want you to freak out as you saw the price rise. When you sell them back, you get 25% of what you originally spent…so the more expensive ones will also give you more money back when you sell them.😀

          • Fake news! Sorry…been a long time since I “leveled up” (I’m at 939) so I gave you bad info. Before level 939, you will get one donut for each “level up”…after 939, you need 1,000,000 XP to level up, but you get to try for 3 donuts instead of 1…sorry, the grey cells weren’t all firing earlier…Doh!

      • Thank you 😊 Being brave today, figured I’d wait for when my characters were ready to finish their 24hr tasks and then put them on 4hrs too.

  10. I had to grab Femme Fatale. I don’t have an affinity for the character, per say, but I did grow up as a huge James Bond fan (I’m not going to win 1st prize at a Bond fan club, or anything, but I’ve seen most of them) so that was all the justification for me (that and she was a good price with a 4 hr visual, which is my #1 used time for characters).

  11. Ellen Lane, I feel your pain. I’m having the same issue. Only about 1/3 of my neighbors visit daily or even every other day. Add me if you need a faithful neighbor! ursi00

  12. Ellen, I am having the same issue. Only about 1/3 of my friends visit daily. Add me if you would like: ursi00 (zero-zero)

  13. I’m loving the game. I wish more of my friends would visit. I visit all mine daily. I have 90 friends and only about 45 visit me on a daily bases. I don’t understand why, because I always find at least 2 donuts during my visits. A added bonus to visiting. Happy Easter everyone!!!

    • I used to visit my friends everyday for donuts before I found KEM farming. I still try in events when they can get something.But it is disappointing to go to a town where everything is tapped.

    • Likewise 😊

    • I’ve discovered more than half my neighbours don’t even play anymore 🙁

    • I was having the same issue when I went through my friends and tracked who visited at least once over a 4 day period. I had averaged about 27 visits per day. I deleted 18 of my friends even though I should have deleted more. With my new friends added from the add friends without graffiti I now average over 35 a day. I would say 45 visits meaning 135 buildings a day is pretty good but if you want more get rid of those who don’t ever visit.

    • Time constraints, for me. I don’t have a half hour every day to cycle through my friends list.

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