June 2nd In-Game Update: Event Currency Changes

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a quick note…an in-game update hit and fixed a few issues.  Along with the bug fixes it also dropped currency payouts for the Excavation Site and Dinosaurs tapped…

Excavation Site now pays out 36  per square you did (instead of 42) and the dinosaurs now pay out 5  when tapped (instead of 7).  It also lowered the Specimen and Techyon payouts from the Dig Site as well.

It also changed the  you can earn from the Daily Challenges, lowered each group by a few hundred.

Looks like EA saw players were completing it quickly and adjusted accordingly.  Still very doable, just keep doing what you were doing!

114 responses to “June 2nd In-Game Update: Event Currency Changes

  1. Mine pays out 40 fossils per dig. Did they change it again or is my game just different? I have the Amazon version.

  2. Thanks for screwing me over EA

  3. Bryan Davenport

    I’ve lost over $4 million dollars in the last 2 days and haven’t purchased anything or played any of the Mini games….what the hell!

  4. pinballinggrrl

    Finding out that this happened is very frustrating, because I was late to the party on this event. 🙁

  5. I don’t get it, I’m way behind and im playing daily like all events, am I missing something? I don’t have the 3rd prize yet, and supposed to be getting the 4th today by your calendar. 🙁

    • I’m thinking of buying booberella, think that might get my back on track?

    • So seriously, no reply or anything? I’m looking for encouragement and advice, usually get something by now. I’ve never gotten behind on any event like this. How are others completing before while I and others are behind. I’m close to the reddish pink fish prize but not yet, by your calendar I should had yesterday. What can I do to make sure to get everything before end of this act? If I start missing free prizes cause EA messed with events I’ll probably just quit. Which is sad I enjoyed this.

      • I’m behind too and normally get everything with no problem and not even any friends. I try to remember the pattern for using shovels, but often forget. I am going to set my alarm in the middle of the night this week and hope to catch up a bit. I have noticed that I’ve been finding the gems faster though. I haven’t even got dinosaur lake yet.

      • Hi Chris, I’m mostly on track. I did buy Booberella and Hollis Hurlburt, so that may be helping. This event is going pretty okay timing-wise for me by sticking to the regular schedule.

        Every 4 hours:
        1. Send everyone possible to get shovels
        2. Use shovels on excavation site by using the strategy discussed on this site (I’ve been able to get minimum 3-4 big gems each time this way)
        3. TAP DINOS. This is the weird one for me to remember. The spy event spoiled us by letting us basically use the “insta-tap” button every 4 hours. This time, the button takes much longer to recharge at first. You have to manually tap those dinos to get the most out of them, unless you have a fully charged button of course.

        Every day:
        1. Tap dinos in neighbors towns
        2. Buy items from the crafting store. Everything is tied together, so buying them will also increase prizes earned.

        Hope this helps!

      • Check in every four hours at least four, and ideally five, times a day. Clear all dinosaurs when you check in. Visit 30 neighbors every day. Use the shovels wisely (see the post on good digging strategies). Hope for some daily tasks that earn fossils. If you can, buy Cavewoman Booberella and Gravedigger Billy (I’m not looking at your original post – I’m replying via email – so pardon me if you already said you had them or something). You can also buy the permit (to double what you get from visiting neighbors), but I really hate to recommend ever buying those. Also, keep in mind that, if you get close to the last prize, but know you’re not quite going to make it, you may be able to “rush” the prize task for a few donuts to get it (which, depending on how close you get, can sometimes be easy cheaper than buying the prize outright later).

      • Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. I think I’m getting back on track. Bought booberella the other day. Yes the last event spoiled us. I love this theme but feel they messed up. Why make the clearing “time travelers” so hard starting out. Plus you have to visit friends towns. Last one when someone visited also helped. This time you don’t know if someone has come by. I can see they keep changing around mechanics but why from past events they see works not use it.

        • OK, I am seriously concerned about not finishing the track at not getting Moes skin. I have been playing since the night the event began. I have missed two days in my Neighbors towns. Other than that, I have been playing like I normally do. Then EA adjusted the drops. NOW I am 2 days away and have 67,100 fossils and need 79,990. WTH. 🙁

          I believe the adjustment by EA was premature. It was based on players who might skirt the system or, most likely, whales spending a large sum of premium currency. I hope they fix this soon…

  6. I’m close to the Dino-Lake so I’ll definetly make it in time and will still be able to earn some Bonuts. The change seems ok to me. I’m just curious about the Velociraptor-like Dinosaur I happened to notice in the character gallery and which also appears on the starting screen. Is there anything in the files about this one and will it be a premium item ?

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