TTT All Eras How-To: Panini Press Upgrades

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

So there have been loads of questions surrounding the Panini Press in recent days.  What is it?  Do I need to upgrade?  Should I focus on upgrading? And so on…so let’s break everything down one by one in a detailed Panini Press Post..

A quick note: the Panini Press and it’s upgrades will be around for the ENTIRE Event.  So there’s no rush to max it out, work at your pace and you’ll upgrade it as far as you need to….

So now let’s get to making those Paninis…

What Is the Panini Press?

The Panini Press is a pretty tiny item in your Springfield that looks like this..


It’s only 2×2 in size, so it’s fairly tiny.  You’ll unlock the Panini Press during It’s About Time Pt. 4 and it’s a free item.

The Panini Press is Professor Frink’s answer to Homer’s Time Travelling Toaster…and another one of those “tap to clear all tappables” items.

However, this has a little twist….the Panini Press will need to be upgraded in order to decrease the cool down time, Create a Bigger Tap Radius and increase the dig payouts at the Excavation Site.

So not only is this Press “magical” in that it’ll clear all Tappables (Dinosaurs for Prehistoric Era), but it also helps you earn more Fossils and Specimans at the Excavation Site.

How Do I Use the Panini Press?

So the only thing you’ll need to actually use it for is to clear all of the Tappables (Dinosaurs in this case, for Prehistoric Era) at once.  Everything else (payout increases, tap radius increase etc) will happen automatically.

To use your Panini Press to clear all tappables at once simply tap on your press when you see the floating Tachyon over it…

And simply tap the Blue Blast Button next to Blast to the Past!

Once you tap that it’ll clear every Tappable in your Springfield (you’ll get the Fossils and Specimen credit for them) and start the cool down timer for when you can use it again.

With this event the starting cool down timer for the Panini Press is 24hrs.  That time will decrease as you upgrade your press (we’ll cover exactly how much below).

How Do I Upgrade the Panini Press?

So the nice thing about this is you don’t have to think and choose when it comes to upgrading the Panini Press.  It’s something that’ll happen automatically for you with normal game play.

To upgrade the Press you’ll need to collect Tachyons, which look like this…

You’ll collect the Tachyons automatically in Springfield via the Excavation Site (they’re a reward from digging up squares just like Specimens are).  You’ll also earn Tachyons when you place/build Prizes from the Main Prize Track, Prizes from the Excavation Site Prize Track, Crafting Prizes and Premium Items.

In other words, there are a whole lot of ways to earn Tachyons, but you really don’t need to think to hard about earning them…because they’ll come just from normal game play.

And, you don’t need to actually do anything to upgrade the Panini Press.  It’ll happen AUTOMATICALLY for you as you collect the Tachyons, once you collect enough for the next level the press will upgrade itself and you’ll get a notice that it upgraded (and what it now unlocked/changed for you).

So How Many Levels Are There?

There are 24 levels to the Panini Press.  So when you’re all maxed out your press will be at Level 24.

How Many Tachyons Will It Take To Upgrade to Each Level?

Here’s the Tachyon Breakout Per Level…

Level to Upgrade To Tachyon Required Unlocks
1 0 (Starting Level) Starting timer 24hrs
2 1,012 Lowers Cooldown Time (18hrs)
3 2,025 Larger Tap Radius
4 4,050 Lowers Cooldown Time (12hrs)
5 6,074 More Rewards At Excavation Site
6 8,099 Lowers Cooldown Time (10hrs)
7 10,124 Larger Tap Radius
8 12,149 Lowers Cooldown Time (8hrs)
9 14,174 More Rewards At Excavation Site
10 16,198 Lowers Cooldown Time (6hrs)
11 18,223 Larger Tap Radius
12 20,248 Lowers Cooldown Time (to 5hrs)
13 22,273 More Rewards At Excavation Site
14 24,298 Larger Tap Radius
15 26,322 Lowers Cooldown Time (to 4hrs)
16 28,347 Larger Tap Radius
17 30,372 Lowers Cooldown Time (t0 3 hrs)
18 32,297 More Rewards At Excavation Site
19 34,421 Larger Tap Radius
20 34,446 Lowers Cooldown Time (to 2hrs)
21 38,471 Larger Tap Radius
22 40,496 Lowers Cooldown Time (to 1hr)
23 42,926 More Rewards At Excavation Site
24 44, 950 Lowers Cooldown Time (to 6s)

What Does Each Payout Do?

So let’s break each upgrade option down one by one…

Let’s start with the easiest…the cooldown timer.

 So at levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 22 and 24 those upgrades will LOWER the cooldown timer for the Panini Press. i.e. shortening how much time you have to wait before you can use the blast all at once option for the tappables.

The timer starts at 24hrs (level 1) and can go as low as 6s (Level 24) and has various hours in between.  Personally, I think 6s is a little pointless because your town is maxed with tappables at 4hrs.  So the ideal cooldown time (in my mind) is 4hrs. This way you can clear all the tappables and your Mom and Pop Hardware tasks all at once.  Which is Level 15.  However, you’ll still want to upgrade beyond that because of the higher payout options….

Onto the Tap Radius…

 At levels 3, 7, 11, 14, 16, 19 ans 21 you’ll slowly increase your tap radius for manually clearing your Tappables.  This is simply how big of a tap radius will appear when you tap 1 Tappable (dinosaur in this case).  Similar to how the IRS building works with collecting money, this is an upgrade to collect Tappables. (note: it won’t work in a Neighbor’s town..just yours).  There’s really no perfect spot for this one…odds are once you get your Timer down low enough you won’t be manually tapping many Dinos…

And finally the Higher Excavation Rewards..

 At levels 5, 9, 13, 18 and 23 you’ll increase your Payouts at the Excavation Site by 10% each time (it’ll go (from starting point) 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% and 50%).  So let’s take Fossils as the example…(although it’ll help you earn more Specimens and Tachyons as well) your starting Fossil payout from each spot you dig is now 36  per square you dig up.

Once you’ve hit level 5 that payout will increase by 10%…

Once you hit level 9 that payout (from the starting point, 36) will increase by 20%

And this will continue on increasing 10% each time until you’ve hit level 23 and your payout is 50% more (than the starting 36) will max at 54  per square you dig up.

Obviously, with this one you’ll want to go to Level 23.  As it’ll just give you more Prize Track Currency, more Crafting Currency and more Tachyons…

So even though, timer wise, you may want to stop caring around Level 15 (4hr cooldown), you’ll likely want to continue upgrading until you’ve reached Level 23, to maximize your Excavation Site Payouts…

Is Leveling Up Something I Should Be Focused On? 

So as I mentioned above, it’s something will happen automatically for you as you progress through the event. Every item you craft, every premium item you purchase, every prize you unlock will award Tachyons (remember you have to place them to earn the Tachyons)…so it’s just something that will happen for you naturally as you play the game.  But it is an important element of this game.

Let’s be honest…tapping those Dinosaurs can be a royal pain in the butt.  It’s nice to have that Panini Press cool down time as low as possible so you can use it and quickly get them all when you go into your Springfield to clear the shovel tasks.

So the long and short of it is, yes you need to level up but you don’t need to be consumed by it.

How Do I Know Which Items Award Tachyons When Placed?  And How Many Do They Earn?

As a reminder you can earn Tachyons in the following ways:

Excavation Site
The Prize Track Items WHEN PLACED (Event Prize and Excavation Site Prize)
Purchasing (AND PLACING) Premium items

Simply look for the word Tachyon or the icon  next to an item to see if it’ll award Tachyons….

For craftables you’ll see it in the list:

And for premium items you’ll see it in the item description…

And as a reminder…every prize you earn (either via Currency Prize Track or Excavation Site Prize Track) awards Tachyons when placed (except for the Free Land Tokens and Crafting currency..)  But you MUST place the item to get the Tachyons.  They won’t be awarded to you if you store them and never take them out…

And that my friends wraps up everything you need to know about the Panini Press.  The basic message is…yes, upgrade. But don’t stress about it.  It’s something that will happen naturally as you play the game.  However, you may want to strategize and craft some items before you may normally craft them…to earn the Tacyhons.

Hopefully that clears things up for those of you that were still confused about the process!

What are your thoughts on the Panini Press and it’s upgrades?  What’s your strategy for leveling up?  What Level is your Press on? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


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  1. This is what my Panini Press looks like, but my cool down is stuck at 1hr – am I the only one?


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