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Addicts Bracket Challenge: Most Desired Building, Week 4

How much longer EA can keep Tapped Out going is up for debate. But what isn’t debatable is that there are plenty of buildings in the rich history of The Simpsons universe still not in our little game. We present to you TSTO Addicts’ Most Desired Building Bracket Battle.

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Friday Filler – What Came First…The Addict or The Game?

Thank Grog It’s Firday!!!

There have been exhaustive studies done on how people’s real lives are often influenced by, and in some cases, become mirrors of their online worlds (kind of like pets resembling their masters, and vise-versa). It has been argued by scholars that unlike the proverbial chicken-before-the-egg argument,  most of our online habits are simple reflections of other habits or personality characteristics that we possessed, long before the advent of the “interwebs.”

As the author of a book about TSTO, including a much-debated chapter or two on the addictive properties of TSTO in one’s life, I can claim to know a thing or three about the dangers of placing too much credence on blaming the vehicle (Tapped Out), and not the driver (the tapper).

Those inclined toward addiction in their everyday lives, are likely to show the same propensities when playing a game. Because TSTO is primarily a solitary game (we have to go out of our way to share our towns…or trust others to visit them…while being restricted to how many we can invite, by the social boundary makers that are the game programmers), it is easy to lose track or perspective in regards to our game habits.  For that matter, it is often hard to figure out just when the game morphs into a “habit” and then into an “addiction,” and finally a symptom of a deeper illness.

We don’t usually hear from those who reach that final stage (they become very adept at masking their psychosis with professional degrees or political careers), so research is spotty at best. But, the volume of anecdotal evidence for the first stages is expansive, and well-documented (did I mention the book?).

However, as a public service, I think outlining my own descent into the final stages of TSTO addiction, while comparing it to other addictive habits that also reflect the same patterns in my life would be helpful to the Addicts community, and perhaps the greater body of mankind. Sacrifice in the name of research?  You bet. It’s just me and Madame Curie.

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