Pop Act Is Nearing the End…

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just a reminder that the Pop Act (Act 2) of the Homerpalooza Ends TOMORROW August 29th at 0800 GMT (4am ET).

Once the Act 2 is over you will no longer be able to earn Pop Prizes for free. So get everything you can before it’s all gone! (but remember to keep earning sunglasses if you haven’t unlocked all of the prizes because the closer you get to unlocking the next prize the lower the donut cost would be should you need to purchase it when the next Act starts…)

Crafting will STILL be available in the next Act  As will the Tickets you’ve accumulated.

For a rundown on everything that was included with the Pop Act check out our rundown post here.

Be ready for the Hip-Hop Act to start bright and early at 0800 GMT (4am ET) tomorrow morning  (August 29th)….

36 responses to “Pop Act Is Nearing the End…

  1. Howard J. McEwen

    Hmm strange. Weird Al’s tasks didn’t trigger with the new act starting.

  2. I’m about 500 away from alaska ready to complete my jam sessions in an hour. I just finished it by a string!

  3. Howard J. McEwen

    Got 400 Lawyers setup plus the 3 Daily tasks ready to go. And gonna have the rock and pop stages finishing right around 4am so I’ll get another head start on Act 3!!

  4. Do you think the Gil Praiseland deal or the Maude statue will be making a return to the store at the end of the event like has been lately? Or because they are a Gil deal and a returning item I’ll be out of luck if I don’t buy now?

  5. when using the “vault”, how likely is the chance of getting rock lisa? <<

    • Rock Maggie? I think the odds are great but not certain if she’s all the way to the left. 1st time got sax Lisa, second time got rock Maggie.

      • yes. rock maggie. mkay. so, i guess it’s wont’ be worth trying to spend my bonuts just yet. thank you for answering! 🙂

  6. If we leave the daily prizes without claiming, will we lose them tomorrow or will the 1000 sunglasses become 1000 of whatever the next currency is for act 3?

    • You can save them. Most people, including myself, are saving two of them. They will convert sunglasses to bling once the Hip Hop Act starts. The Hip Hop Act commencement will also coincide with the release of Tuesday’s Daily Challenge.

    • Howard J. McEwen

      They will carry over to the next Act. Have 2 ready to go plus you’ll get the third when the act changes.

    • 1000 of the next currency

  7. I just got a bonus round and it’s unlikely I’ll reach another, which is perfect. I’ve got two daily challenges saved, I’ll make sure to put my best lineup jamming overnight to get started on the finale in the morning. 😀

  8. What are we calling the act 3 currency?



  9. I went camping for three days to see the eclipse so I lost those three days of tapping. WORTH IT! I knew I wasn’t gonna get Alaska Nebraska anyway so I haven’t been trying very hard these last few days. Hopefully the next act will be more rewarding.

  10. I just sent a bunch of lawyers to my neighbors that are just a tad bit below 105,000. Get `er done gang. Good luck!

  11. Wow. This is the closest I’ve ever come to not finishing an act. I was really sick for a couple of days and barely touched my game but I still don’t have Alaska Nebraska after playing some major catch up.

  12. Sad that final prize cletus is just an outfit, bart too. But we got so many new characters during this event so far…

  13. Glad to start Act 3, not glad to be back to “find the lawyers” hell…why couldn’t they have done something fun, like a giant plinko game that we could earn balls for…although anything would have been better than the lawyers. 😝

  14. Just got final prize, so far this event had been very underwhelming.

    Love the premium prizes this event though. 2 of my favourite characters, I had to get them both. Poor wallet.

  15. Just checking. I’m ok leaving the side quests til after the event for unlockable characters??? Right??

    • Yes, you can focus on them jamming for now and do their questlines post-event.

    • I just cannot have quests in my book! Have to do them!

      • Ditto! 🤤

      • I’ve been squeezing in some side quest tasks when I have an hour or two before bedtime (since I’ll send folks jamming while I sleep). I’ve also had instances with the extra pop stage randomly showing up, leaving me with an extra rock-only musician free, and I make sure not to use one that I can burn a quest task on. So my quest book is down to three open quests now.

        • ChrisShut – I’ve been doing the same thing. After 6.30pm there isn’t much use setting up jams until I go to bed, so I’ve had a few free hours for the characters.

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