Halloween Magic…Free Donuts!

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Just popping in with something real quick.  Once again EA has made it even easier to earn free donuts during this event!

Just like Homerpalooza, EA’s done something a little different (and in my opinion BETTER) for Halloween….you can now earn bonuts BEFORE you’ve completed the prize track! In this case, once you’ve completed the main questline, Update: You may have to finish the Bart/Lisa Wizard side quest to see it. Also listed in the TT post linked you’ll see the bonus round popup:

So for every 5,000  you collect after finishing the questline, you’ll have a chance for 1, 2 or 3 donuts!

This is great because now if you, for some reason, don’t make it to the final prize on the Act 1 prize track you can still earn free donuts!  And you’ll earn free donuts just for getting to the final prize.  You’ll earn at least 1 round of bonuts before you get to the end!

Remember, to trigger the bonus round you’ll need to complete the Act 1 questline.  Turbo Tapping version can be found here.

Pretty sweet change in my opinion!  No tricks here, this is definitely a treat this Halloween!

57 responses to “Halloween Magic…Free Donuts!

  1. Worst update ever. Building and crafting items are lame. I have no use for then in my springfield. Stopped playing this event after the free land prize.

  2. “Once again EA has made it even easier to earn free donuts during this event!”
    Wouldn’t exactly say it’s easier to earn donuts at this event compared to earlier events.
    Even though you can start after finishing the main quest line you really have to work hard to get two rounds of free donuts. At this event you need 5000 wands to get free donuts. That’s almost half of the wands you need to get the main price! At many earlier events, if you hang in, it was possible to finish 3-4 days before deadline and you also was able to earn more than one
    round of free donuts every day. I often had 6-8 rounds of free donuts during each part of earlier events if I wasn’t slacking. This time I consider it luck if i manage two rounds during the first part of the event.

  3. Will anyone actually earn bonuts? If we’re only getting 2 per troll, it will take 2500 trolls to earn the 5000 needed for a single round of bonuts.

  4. I have an issue, and wondered if anyone else has the same thing:
    I am using a kindle, and when I resume my game, it shows the “thankyou for your purchase” tile, and I have about 120 more donuts..
    (I originally put this down to thee dog stomping on it, but the second time it happened the cover was closed) I am getting no e-mail confirmation or purchase history showing up, as i would normally do. So It looks as though i am not being billed, which is fine, but I don’t want this to catch up with me. Any ideas?

  5. I’ll take as many Bonuts that I can (makes up for the fact 1/2 of the Craftables long time Tappers can’t recraft – especially Buildings that earn $ and XP – during this poorly executed Event brought you by EA)!

  6. In the spirit of easy bonuts this Halloween, has anyone noticed that the Railroad Project Board, where you used to earn 5 bonuts per week, is now running continuously? It used to be that after you were done turning in recyclables and earning blueprints, you earned 5 bonuts and the processes were marked completed. They would reset the following Tuesday. But now after the 5 donuts earned, you are back at the start to do it over and over again. I don’t know if this will be a permanent thing, but it sure is a welcomed thing.

  7. So, so, SO disappointed in this year’s update.

  8. Ugh, for some reason I got sidetracked and thought the quest with Bart and Lisa was the main quest line. So much wasted time. Probably screwed myself out of a couple rounds of bonuts.

    • I did the same thing. Considering how long I’ve been playing and how comfortable I generally am with the format, I’m thinking that maybe EA wasn’t as clear about that this time. (I think the glitch where you couldn’t send Lisa to fight at first also helped throw us off track.)

  9. I finished the main quest line and still don’t see the option for wand collecting for the bonuts. Any ideas?

  10. I finished the main quest and didn’t get any notification about earning wands for donuts? Is there an actual message that pops up to warn you?

    • No it just appeared in my task bar. Out of curiosity, did you finish the Lisa and Bart side quest?

      • after finishing the main questline, it just appeared for me as well, and i haven’t touched the bart and lisa side quest yet.

        • Doesn’t surprise me…this event has been full of bugs. Probably one of the worst roll outs for bugs in over a year…

          • yeah, seen some weird ones already for sure… like if you purchased the treestache npc after this event started, it would disappear until you finished the questline. fortunately, ea patched the major one right away.

      • I finished the main quest line and didn’t even start the Lisa and Bart side quest, but the bonut-task still appeared in my task bar. iOS-player.

      • Oh, I think I completed the wrong task. I think I finished the side quest and not the main quest. I’m still working on capturing Kearneymon. That must be it.

  11. 5K per bonut round is a ton of wands. The prize tracks final prize is 10K. I need to earn half the prize track worth of wands for 1 bonuts round. EA isn’t giving away anything this time around. Not that that really upsets me. Plenty of other ways to earn donuts

  12. Is it only Bart, Lisa, Milhouse, Angelica and wizard Martin that are the required characters for the event so far or is there more that unlocks through the event?

  13. So this time the Bonuts appear after the questline. Last time it was after reaching some point on the prizetack, wasn’t it?! Too bad, I’ve concentrated on generating wands this time while I usually first complete the Questline. Bad Luck (again)…

    But it’s too early to be sad. Bonuts, here I come! 🙂

    • I’ve just checked the Turbo Tappin: To finish the Questline (and receive the Bonuts) as soon as possible, neither do we need to capture/defeat Kearneymon, nor Lewd nor do the sidequest(s)?! So in conclusion this means we should send every character to capture Kearneymon at first, right?

  14. I don’t have the update yet 😫

  15. Ok it’s great to have a chance to earn extra donuts ……BUT….I would sacrifice the donuts for better thought out events.
    I like the buildings so far but the actual tasks are very repetitive, what’s new you may say. Would have been nice to use our brains a bit !
    Maybe there is still another element to this event, seeing there is room for a button on the main task page.

  16. Tiffany Renee Schwanz

    Ok…. help. My task bar isn’t working so I can’t see what I need to do and after the initial drop of troll guys I’m not seeing any in my town. I’m also not seeing the squeaky voice teen skin/donut deal. I think the magic scratcher screwed me up… it didn’t even say what you were spending, but I clicked it out of curiosity…. and then it froze a bit and now I can’t even do the normal scratcher. Everything else seems to work fine, but I can’t progress in the event. Do I need to uninstall the reload? Would I lose my game?

    • The magic scratcher crashed on me, too… it just said “purchase” instead of a dollar amount, so like you, I was curious. I was wondering if maybe the cause had something to do with the fact that I’ve disabled in-app purchases on my iPhone. Anyway, I force quit the game and everything went back to normal — but I certainly haven’t tried to do that scratcher again. That was yesterday, and I did notice this morning that the magic scratcher now has a dollar amount on the button.

      As for Squeaky Voice Teen’s skin… Alissa has a post answering that one: https://tstoaddicts.com/2017/10/04/squeaky-voiced-teen-offer/

    • Try completely turning off iPad/iPhone, waiting a few seconds, and then turn back on. That worked for me when I had same problem.

      • Tiffany Renee Schwanz

        Ug, what a dingbat I am. I tried restarting so many times to try to trigger the update I felt like I’d already done that. Thanks! Seems to have fixed the task bar, scratcher problem, and continuing the storyline was peppered. Even the squeaky teen deal is up. But still no trolls and no crafting or Halloween anything is in my store yet…. any ideas for that?

        • Tiffany Renee Schwanz

          Actually the trolls are back…. do I just need to wait a little and the store stuff will show up after the next task or something?

  17. This sounds great to me. :’) I’ve been playing a little over a year, and I’m a (mostly) freemium player. I’m trying to get Angelica Button before the end and I have 40 donuts to go until I have enough.

  18. Seems like EA is giving TONS of doughnuts away. Seems too good to be true.

    • Always be wary when your dealer gives you a free hit.

      Or to put it another way… EA is giving away donuts, and offering up stuff to entice you to spend them. You spend your free donuts on a few cool new something-or-others, and then EA drops something *really* amazing for a “limited time” — but the free donuts aren’t coming in fast enough, so you have to buy some more to get it. EA wins!

      (Or… you know… you can just build a crapload of houses to donut farm. 😀 )

  19. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    This is cool. I am stoked for more donuts

  20. there is this whole big donut/fronut thing going on.
    buy donuts earn donuts.
    but there also seems to be many more item available to buy with donuts in this event.
    just an observation.
    pun intended.

  21. Anyone know if loading Halloween will cancel a mini event? Deep Space Homer launched in my Springfield a few days ago and I can get 130 donut rebate on Barney. I haven’t progressed the plot line since I need to earn more donuts to buy him. Halloween didn’t auto update, and if I choose to update will I lose cheap Barney?

    • It isn’t an auto update. It’s an App Store update. So you can hold off as long as you want–

    • I also have Deep Space Homer and was frantically grinding donuts for that deal. When I reached the end of the space prize track, it put a 9 day countdown on the Barney bundle. (Pretty generous I say.) Halloween has launched in my town since then and the bundle is still available.

    • I,too, was really excited about Barney, and snatched him up!! That 130 rebate made it grEAt!! Loved the relaunch (pun intended) of the mini-event.

      • Same for me, bought him as soon as the mini event opened, even though I did not have a huge amount of donuts, it was an offer I could not refuse.
        Love when he does his somersault routine !

  22. Woohoo!

  23. Love this ! I’ve spent over 300 donuts this event already so this is a great way to save some money replenishing!

  24. I’m rather confused by this change. It make sense to have the bonuts appear after the prize track since the event currency is now worthless and doing nothing without them. After the quest line is weird as you are now earning twice from event currency, once against the prize track and the second time against bonuts.

  25. Carmen (gameid5000)

    Oddly enough, this news doesn’t excite me the way it did before reaching level 939 and KEM farming. Nor does the easier access to donuts via the rail yard.

    Bonus donuts are expensive if you want to get three. If you miss getting three on the first tap, it is $150K per try. Level up re-tries are only $50K per. So I can get at least 9 donuts for $300K via KEM farming level ups vs the three for a bonus. And it takes a lot less grinding to get those nine donuts.

    I know when I was at the lower levels, event bonus donuts were the best thing in the TSTO world. Once you max out levels, it becomes a lower quality way of getting them.

    • Bonuts come at an average of 2 each round which isn’t so bad.
      When you pay for 3D you get only 1 more 😉
      I prefer strategy B, where A is: take ’em (Ø 2D), C: pay ’til 3D (Ø 3D :-P) and B: if and only if you get 1D, pay 150,000$ for more. Ø2,5D, 50,000$ average cost.
      Until you reach 467%+153% bonus strategy C ist the cheapest for level-ups (939+). After that build 1.2 KEM more (C: 30 KEM, B: 36 KEM) and switch to B. Same donuts, equal costs. Until your bonus rises again, where strategy C becomes more and more expensive compared to B.

      • I only build 25 KEMS every 4 hours and get about 10-12 level bonuts a day (30-36 donuts). I have over 1000 donuts since I have been frugal and only buy what I really want. I do get 10 Burns mystery boxes from time to time, but they pay off well with bonus % and donuts. I currently have over 620% in my town. Also I am saving in game cash for land and Cecil’s questline.

        • I maintain a farm of 42 KEM each round providing 9 donuts at 440% bonus plus 153% from Springfield Heights. Approximately 100k $ cash left over after paying the KEM and the level ups. When I get the feeling I could afford one KEM more my farm is extended.
          Each morning I buy up to 4 mystery boxes until a billboard or news van appears. When I happen upon a 30D gift I go for another one. Slowly but still growing 🤑

  26. Am I the only one who cannot access the $4.99 box of donuts? And when I try to purchase the donut special from a KEM it locks me out ( I have tried over a dozen times). I cannot also get the SVT skin either-it hasn’t shown up. I have restarted several times. I contacted EA today but have not heard anything. I feel like I am missing out-I have played since the game first started and this is the most frustrated I have been. Any help?? iOS user.

  27. The number of items needed for bonuts seems much more than usual. The whole Act 1 questline requires 10k wands, and here, you need 5k just to get bonuts. According to the Act 1 calendar, that is 6 days worth of tapping.

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