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Update: Ok so there are some bugs with this.  Some of you are reporting you’ve purchased Shelbyville, but you still don’t see this offer.  In fact the Stack of Donuts option is completely missing from your store.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville but you have this offer as well.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville, but you don’t have this offer available. (like my example below)

I did a little checking.  I THINK the issue is with iOS.  The offer appears on my Android phone, in both my A and B games (A game I had Shelbyville, B game I did not).  If you’re having the issue, and you’re on iOS let me know and contact EA.
If you’re having the issues and you’re on Android, let me know this theory is wrong lol.

Update: For those asking, the only thing I see Peasant SVT doing for the event, is he earns Goblin Gold (crafting currency) with his 8hr task. 24 Goblin Gold/8hrs.  But yes, a full breakdown/SIB post will be up on him…

And Another Thing… Some of you outside of the US are commenting about the cost of donuts in my game, and how it’s way cheaper than the cost in your games.  We’ve been seeing this for 3 years.  The price you see below in MY game (and i’m located in the US) is the price EA gets for the donuts.  They haven’t raised their prices in 5 years.  They’re exactly the same.  It’s not EA.

It’s Apple/Google. I know everyone wants to blame EA, but it’s not them. EA gets what you see listed per transaction. Anything over that in your game is taxes/fees/conversion charged by Apple/Google. (It’s like this in other games too….)

This post is a little older, since then Google has made the changes as well (and more countries are impacted), but here’s some quick details:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you are seeing this in your games this morning….

And when you tap ok it takes you to the XP Collider Recharge Page…

And you’re wondering just WTH is going on?!  WHERE IS SVT AND YOUR BONUTS?!  WHERE, EA?! WHERE!!!

Ok clam down. I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to get upset. So take a breather.  Sit down, relax.  Take a load off.

You good?  Ok. Here we go.

Scroll on that screen to the left. (well swipe your finger to the right to move the screen left)

So with all the free donuts EA’s giving away these days.  They have to have a way to get you to actually PAY (i.e. spend real cash) on things.  That’s what keeps this game going, right?  If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t exist. So, last winter they started adding exclusive items to the store when you PURCHASED donuts.  Remember the items from Lemon of Troy?

So they’re doing it again.  You can physically PURCHASE SVT Costume for cash.

You physically have to spend cash to get him.

Now, I think…at least this is what’s happening in my B game…if you didn’t purchase Shelbyville Manhattan you won’t see the SVT costume. Because Shelbyville will be there instead…

Note: this image is from iOS 

So if you didn’t get Shelbyville, you likely can’t get SVT (unless EA fixes this).

Note: On Android you CAN still get SVT if you have Shelbyville….so I think the above is just an iOS issue.  Here’s what you see if you’re on Android:

Also, i’d like to note.  It doesn’t look like it but when you purchase SVT not only do you get 60 donuts for the purchase, but you do in fact get 60 bonus donuts.  So you get the SVT costume AND 120 donuts for $4.99.  It’s a good deal.

Oh, and when I purchased it I got stuck in a “you’ll find the item in your inventory” popup.  I simply hard closed and restarted TSTO.  I had SVT and the donuts.

So there you have it.  What the deal with SVT is.  It’s available on iOS and Android and Amazon.  So hopefully it clears it up for y’all!  And no one turns around and screams at me.

What are your thoughts on the SVT deal? 120 donuts plus a costume for $5, do you think it’s worth it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

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