Squeaky Voiced Teen Offer

Update: Ok so there are some bugs with this.  Some of you are reporting you’ve purchased Shelbyville, but you still don’t see this offer.  In fact the Stack of Donuts option is completely missing from your store.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville but you have this offer as well.
And some of you are reporting you didn’t purchase shelbyville, but you don’t have this offer available. (like my example below)

I did a little checking.  I THINK the issue is with iOS.  The offer appears on my Android phone, in both my A and B games (A game I had Shelbyville, B game I did not).  If you’re having the issue, and you’re on iOS let me know and contact EA.
If you’re having the issues and you’re on Android, let me know this theory is wrong lol.

Update: For those asking, the only thing I see Peasant SVT doing for the event, is he earns Goblin Gold (crafting currency) with his 8hr task. 24 Goblin Gold/8hrs.  But yes, a full breakdown/SIB post will be up on him…

And Another Thing… Some of you outside of the US are commenting about the cost of donuts in my game, and how it’s way cheaper than the cost in your games.  We’ve been seeing this for 3 years.  The price you see below in MY game (and i’m located in the US) is the price EA gets for the donuts.  They haven’t raised their prices in 5 years.  They’re exactly the same.  It’s not EA.

It’s Apple/Google. I know everyone wants to blame EA, but it’s not them. EA gets what you see listed per transaction. Anything over that in your game is taxes/fees/conversion charged by Apple/Google. (It’s like this in other games too….)

This post is a little older, since then Google has made the changes as well (and more countries are impacted), but here’s some quick details:


Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Many of you are seeing this in your games this morning….

And when you tap ok it takes you to the XP Collider Recharge Page…

And you’re wondering just WTH is going on?!  WHERE IS SVT AND YOUR BONUTS?!  WHERE, EA?! WHERE!!!

Ok clam down. I’m going to tell you something and I don’t want you to get upset. So take a breather.  Sit down, relax.  Take a load off.

You good?  Ok. Here we go.

Scroll on that screen to the left. (well swipe your finger to the right to move the screen left)

So with all the free donuts EA’s giving away these days.  They have to have a way to get you to actually PAY (i.e. spend real cash) on things.  That’s what keeps this game going, right?  If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t exist. So, last winter they started adding exclusive items to the store when you PURCHASED donuts.  Remember the items from Lemon of Troy?

So they’re doing it again.  You can physically PURCHASE SVT Costume for cash.

You physically have to spend cash to get him.

Now, I think…at least this is what’s happening in my B game…if you didn’t purchase Shelbyville Manhattan you won’t see the SVT costume. Because Shelbyville will be there instead…

Note: this image is from iOS 

So if you didn’t get Shelbyville, you likely can’t get SVT (unless EA fixes this).

Note: On Android you CAN still get SVT if you have Shelbyville….so I think the above is just an iOS issue.  Here’s what you see if you’re on Android:

Also, i’d like to note.  It doesn’t look like it but when you purchase SVT not only do you get 60 donuts for the purchase, but you do in fact get 60 bonus donuts.  So you get the SVT costume AND 120 donuts for $4.99.  It’s a good deal.

Oh, and when I purchased it I got stuck in a “you’ll find the item in your inventory” popup.  I simply hard closed and restarted TSTO.  I had SVT and the donuts.

So there you have it.  What the deal with SVT is.  It’s available on iOS and Android and Amazon.  So hopefully it clears it up for y’all!  And no one turns around and screams at me.

What are your thoughts on the SVT deal? 120 donuts plus a costume for $5, do you think it’s worth it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


202 responses to “Squeaky Voiced Teen Offer

  1. Its not an ios issue i have the squeaky voiced teen and I’m nowhere near buying Shelbyville. Theory disproven, you should update for people thinking switching to Android will help this weird glitch.


  2. I bought it even though I uasually don’t spend money, but I got the skin and no donuts. What am i supposed to do in this situation this is the third Time I have spent money on this game and the first two time worked but this one didn’t


  3. I wish there was some way, in game, to make some money off of plentiful, devalued donuts. If EA is listening, I will sell you back donuts at well below market value. Let’s say, half a penny each. Then I would have money to buy the characters (and now a skin) that exists outside the framework of the matrix (Springfield is the matrix in this analogy). EA could instantly flip my donuts and sell them to a lower level player for way more cash. It’s win-win!!!!!


  4. Just had an update come through, can now see both the Shelbyville and SVT offer for 60 donuts.


  5. My thoughts???
    I know, I know
    They need $$
    I’m a completist
    But also poor


  6. I had not previously purchased the Shelbyville offer, so *BOTH* it and the new SVT skin offer are appearing in my game store. I’m running it on iOS 11.0.2 on an iPad Pro. On the other hand, the Wizard Lisa character is not appearing as a selection option to do the main event quest task. So instead, I have her doing a different quest task now and will see if the game sorts itself out.


  7. On a kindle and have Shelbyville, but no SVT offer available (or any other $4.99 option). 😦 Sick of all the issues with kindle, but don’t have a free gig on my iphone to run this game.


    • I also play on my Fire tablet because I do not have enough space on my iphone and I do not have the SVT offer either and I also have purchased Shelbyville in the past so we are in the same boat 😦


  8. IOS here. SVPeasant offer just appeared. Been a long time since I spent money on this game. Every now and then I feel obligated to support the programmers.
    $5 for 120 donuts plus a skin vs.
    $10 for 132 donuts and nothing else
    No question – BUY!
    Spent some of my QuickThoughts earnings and received a message that it was in my inventory- which I could NOT close by tapping.
    Hard close the game, restart and the prompt was available for SVPeasant to push the filth wagon. No need to go to my inventory. Unfortunately, SVT is still on a task. No biggie
    Tomorrow, tomorrow…


  9. Wish I would’ve come to your site before I tried to contact iTunes to find out if I had somehow been overcharged for what seemed to be extra donuts when I purchased the squeaky voice teens skin. What ticks me off is the length of time I have to wait to hear from somebody about my question. When I sent in the note to have them call me, I was told it would be 140 minutes. We’re now 3 1/2 hours past my original note to them. Anyway, it is a good deal. Thank you for posting about this. Now I’m going to just turn off my phone if they decide to call me at midnight or something.


  10. iOS user here. I had too uninstall and reinstall the game. The SVT appeared. Same thing with the magic ticket offer. (Though I only got 85 donuts from that…lame.)


  11. Ok, get this. So the SVT donut deal finally shows up in my game. I go to purchase it, and a box pops up that tells me I’ve already purchased it, and do I want it again for free? There are only 2 options, OK or cancel. So I tap ok. The skin shows up in my game, but no donuts, the deal then disappears from the store, and I’m not charged for anything! I didn’t buy it already, (how is that even possible?), and I now feel like I missed out on the donut deal. I didn’t want the skin, I wanted 120 donuts for 4.99. So I contacted EA to ask what I can do, and the reply they send me doesn’t even make any sense. They’re asking me in broken English for a screen shot. Of what? I can’t duplicate what happened when the item has disappeared from my store. Beyond frustrated with EA right now. I wish I could attach this ridiculous email they sent me so you all could see what I mean.


    • I was able to buy him for my A game and received the donuts, but my B game I received the same message, got the skin for free but no donuts.


  12. So, his first task is “Make Squeaky Voice Peasant PUSH Filth Wagon”. And what does he do? He PULLS the Filth Wagon.

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  13. Can buy both SVP and Shelbyville here in Australia on iOS.


  14. Picked up SVP and the Magic scratcher. 220 donuts for $10 can’t complain (though the 2400 would have been nice…) Hopefully they are still there tomorrow. I figure a couple of dollars every now and then is worth it for how many hours I’ve spent on this game over the last 3 years.


  15. I’m on iOS and I just checked my game and he was there so maybe he will be for others I got him and with the extra 🍩 I bought the library too!!


  16. SVP and Magic Scratch-R just appeared in my game. Using iOS 11.0.2 on iPhone 6S.


  17. I just need the bonus building! The rest I own already.


  18. In my game it was also written 60 donut but it gave me the 120 donuts


  19. Thanks, Alissa, or the clarification! I too am on iOS (on an iPad) and I did previously purchase Shelbyville; but the $4.99 SVT skin/donuts offer does Not show up in my game. The donut purchase levels jump from the $1.99 offer to the $9.99 offer, and then up. Hoping this gets fixed as I would happily purchase this offer if I could access it.

    To that end, if it’s not too much trouble, could you post a link to the EA reporting site? It’s been so long since I’ve had a reportable problem that I don’t recall how to find the right spot. Thanks😊!

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  20. It’s £4.99 UK for this and 120 donuts. It does say bonus 60 donuts just above the cost. (It’s about 61/2 dollars, not so bad or they just like 4.99 at google -yes I’m on android and yes I bought Shelbyville Manhattan despite usually playing freemium)

    There are 8, 12 and 24 hour tasks for event currency and only one 8 hour task for game $s, yet to unlock the 1 and 4 hour tasks, quest locked, but I’m sure I read another comment saying the 4 hour is event currency too.


  21. don’t have SVT as an option. ios.
    freezes up when i click on scratcher option.


  22. This is the response I got from EA… sounds like I need to ask again and hopefully get someone else.

    “I want to tell you that it is only available in android . It is not for ios .You can found this pack in android”


    • This is why I use EA support as a last resort. Typically come here, see what’s up, and then I wait for the issue to get fixed.

      You clearly got someone that either didn’t care to look into the issue, had incorrect info, or just didn’t care.

      The offer popped up for me (iOS) this morning, disproving the person you spoke to.


  23. Great deal – will look forward to buying it when it properly hits iOS. I have Shelbyville in both games already, so that price bucket is just missing for me.


  24. My bet is that EA didn’t get the store object(s) set up correctly with Apple. You can’t sell things if the offering hasn’t been activated.


  25. I have svt and all of the shelbyville items and I got the message pop up this morning that I can purchase it but I don’t see it in my store to purchase I’m on iOS


  26. I don’t see it on my IOS or my Android. The$4.99 option is missing on both of mine.


  27. I am on kindle and unable to see the offer. Same Springfield on my Android phone I am able to see offer. Very strange…


  28. Peasant SVT has a 4hr task and earns goblin gold as well.
    I’m on iOS and purchased peasant SVT, got the donuts & bonuts too, all good. Had to do a reset after purchase as you mentioned, but yeah, all good.


  29. Am I the only person to get ripped off on the Scratch-R tickets? I bought 2 immediately after the game updated and told me about them. I won 100 donuts on each. It added them then my game froze for 1/2 a second then I was back to the original amount I had before the ticket wins. Contacted EA,but haven’t heard back yet. Super pissed.


  30. I am surprised this hasn’t been patched yet as it is likely costing EA revenue. I was all set to buy both the magic scratcher and SVT on impulse but since I have had time to think about it I am not so sure now…

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