Treehouse of Horrors XXVIII – ACT I Calendar

I know. I know. We’ve seen a TON of this Crafting stuff before. As in almost half.

The good news?  It makes the prizes in the regular prize track that much more important!! That’s right…we can coast a bit (as long as you log in every 4 hours or so) and you will be well on your way to building a really cool “Potter-esque” campus and town!

And…as always, I start the calendar on Day ONE. But, don’t panic…each day is 24 hours long, so day one isn’t just the date, but also the full 24 hours from that date. Got it?  So…hold off on your “I’m Already Behind!!”  I know. We ALL are…at first.

So…let’s take a look at the numbers, and the prizes…so you can start plotting your next few weeks in 4-hour blocks!


And…for those who just want the numbers…without all of the graphics…

So…yes…this is not a “traditional Halloween.”  But, let’s face it..with all of the old Halloween prizes being offered from past Halloweens, perhaps something as “fresh” as a Potter-esque update will be fun. Right?  Like…one magic spell…from your own special wand…a bit of a flash…and BOOM! You’ll be having fun before you know it!

Or…like the last few major events…we will just grind on…and grind on…and grind on.

118 responses to “Treehouse of Horrors XXVIII – ACT I Calendar

  1. I like the pace. Finished the the Act, the beasts, and a bunch of character tracks having just finished Homer the Heretic and picking up wizard Martin. No tedious friend visits and definitely not logging in every 4 hours.Here’s to a relaxed pace!

  2. I’ve completed Act 1 so on track but to be honest, this one seems like a bit of a dud to me esp when Treehouse is THE event we all look forward to every year. Maybe it will get better. Anyone got a magic wand?

  3. I didn’t even download the update until Saturday, so I started out 4 days behind. I caught up this morning & will probably end up a day ahead by tonight. So happy for easy ways to gain wands. You definitely don’t need to be on every 4 hrs to do this.

  4. Your first calendar says “8477” for Sunday 15th instead of 9477

  5. You have a mis print on the 15th

  6. will the crafting items be available throughout the event. i’m just wondering if i keep unlocking items “i already have” when leveling up, if it might just be better to wait and see if Act 2 offers anything better. … ♥♥ loving the pace of things right now ♥♥

  7. This calendar is easier than previous Act 1s. I will have over 8000 wands by the end of today.

  8. I will get music automation today or tomorrow depending on taps. Have defiantly not been tapping 4 times a day. Been a solid 3. Started right on time. Only did friends visits today. I have Angelica buttons as premium. For first 3 days was only sending 1 person to fight the beast till I realized could send 2+ to each. Quest lines are done since I was only sending 1 person at a time, I took care of story lines already.
    Prize track should be easy if you are tapping 3 times a day.

  9. Anyone else completed the prize track yet?

  10. I’m already roughly a day ahead with being super forgetful about logging in and not doing friend actions because I haven’t had the chance. I think what really helps me is the daily challenge since the two premium characters I had from before don’t really do much by way of wands.

    Anyway I’m sure you can be a forgetful tapper and still make the goal.

  11. pfff again I got the update 2 days late, and that’s because I came to check any news… 2 days behind already, I hope I can make it with no premium characters since I don’t have any for this event, a lot of children bought during the year thinking on Halloween event for nothing

    • Same here, I didn’t get any prompt at all. Just happened to see the TSTO-icon looking different in the related-bar when I downloaded an different app. 2 days late, here we go! 😀

    • I started 2 days late as well. You should be fine logging in 4-5 times a day even without premium buildings/characters. I splurged and according to the calendar I am already working on next Wednesdays total (will actually have it in morning either when I get up or four hours later). This act is unbelievably fast.

  12. Patric, your calenders are integral in keeping me calm when I think I may be running behind in an event. My brain & my shrink thank you!

  13. I 💜 the Potter-esque Halloween
    I 👎 the 4 Hour grind
    (EA did finally do 2 patch updates – finally!)

    The returning Halloween stuff isn’t at Discount (Boo Hiss EA!)
    I’m at least a DAY ahead of the Event Calendar 👍

    It’s up to Tappers to decide what’s worth 60 Donuts from the Mystery Bin (I can pass, for now)


  14. I’m not sure if this applies to other countries, but why are the update always late for the UK users

    • It’s hard to say…but there are separate servers, and separate App Stores…so there could be an issue with pushing it out across the entire network at one time. Sometimes, it works the opposite, in that Europe and Great Britain hit before the US. So…hard to say.

  15. Is it just me or is it taking a long time to accrue any goblin gold for crafting? I’ve crafted the bonsai thing and it’s taking ages to get enough for anything else. Those walls being 540 a piece is nuts.

    • It’s only the 2nd full day…as you move along it’ll get easier.

      • I dunno, I agree with Druscylla. By the end of today I’ll be well past Saturday’s required wands (according to this calendar) but haven’t even crafted my first wall (the bonsai is also my only craft so far). Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten extra wands from my daily events, but the ratio seems way off.

        I guess I should just be thankful the ratio is tilted this way and I’m getting extra bonuts since I don’t really care about crafting more of the same stuff from previous years, but it’s going to take a lot of walls to actually be worth using and 540/ does seem like a lot…

        • That’s what I thought too, but the wall-crafting is for a 4-pack – not a single.

          So the high cost is more justifiable.

          • Yeah, I think that updated last night, and you’re right that 4 in each purchase (of the walls and a number of other craftables) is much more justifiable.

    • This is the way it’s been for the last three events. Starts slow…and then they start giving us a ton for Daily Challenges. Hang in there.

    • Tonight’s update allows for 4 walls at once in the crafting store

  16. I wanted to know if it was worth buying the testache tree? I already bought but am having second thoughts of having bought (even by mistake)!

  17. I already have the mypad yesssssss

  18. I’ve been checking for updates every day and it JUST showed up in the App Store for me today! Hope I can catch up since Halloween has always been my favorite and I’m a huge HP nerd 🙁

  19. Are witchcraft and wizardry not Halloween-esque enough now? XD It’s one of the only thing EA didn’t tried yet, we already have Zombies, Ghosts, Aliens, Lovecraftian creatures and even hollywood monsters.

  20. Thanks Patric! 🎃👻

  21. So far I’m not impressed. If I already have something and want to craft another I should be allowed to!

  22. Has anyone else noticed, or got the issue with visiting and tapping monsters in friends towns?

    No matter how many friends I visit, each monster only pays XP & $, however there is no event currency given.

    It says we get goblen gold event currency for each monster in a friends town, but his is t happening….

    • Have you reached part 8 of the questline? If so, how many neighbours have you tapped; as only the first few neighbours every 24hrs award event currency.

      • Hi Safi,

        Yes I have finished the questline and have tried many neighbors but not one of them has given currency, even the first few

        • That is quite odd. However, you did tap and get currency for the 3 actions during the questline I assume, in order to complete it. I would wait the 24 hours and see if it fixes itself on Day 2 of neighbour actions.

  23. “You’ll be having fun before you know it!”

    Love the optimism! I really hope it turns around, it already feels like end-of-event grinding to me now.

  24. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    Thanks for the calendar man. It’s been very helpful

  25. I was saving up donuts for this event because I wanted to be sure I got it all by purchasing a premium item to help me with the grind. But after looking at the offerings, I really dont care if i get it all. I’m going to grind away, sure, but i’m now going to spend my donuts on Space Barney (I dont have Barney yet). Much more excited about that (need 7 more donuts … tomorrow!!). Anyway, this event is kind of a downer, not only just because the items are lackluster and repetative, but even the theme is extremely boring to me. I might spring for vampire burns if he’s still around when i have earned the donuts for him, but thats all that really interests me. I’d say i have high hopes for the Christmas event, but the way the past few events have been, i’m not holding my breath.

    But! As always TSTO Addicts comes through with the info i need, nay crave, in order to make the best of my tapping time. Eternally grateful to all of the time you guys put into this fantastic site, and the great community here, regardless of what i think about the game’s direction.

  26. Is unicorn wizard a playable character or an NPC?

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