THOH XXVII 101: Releasing the Beasts Act 1

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns.

We’ve got beasts to battle, creatures to capture, wizards to wand wave and goblin gold to gather! Quite a few alliteration altercations huh?

Yesterday, Super Safi wrote a great, detailed, post all about the Beasts.  How you capture them and enchant them.  So now you’re all wondering, “Ok I’ve got these Beasts captured and under my enchanted spell, now what?”

Well, you release them back into the wild.  Why?  Let’s take a look….

So this event is a little different than past events, like say Homerpalooza, that once you’ve cleared the Beast’s Dark Mana & Filled the Light Mana you no longer need the wizards to earn event currency.  In other words, once captured they’ll earn event currency independently, without requiring other characters.

It’s different.  It’s fun. And it helps earn currency quickly. Also, makes it important to have more Beasts in Springfield.  Since once you’ve captured them all the wizards powers are pretty much useless.

Once captured (and enchanted) not only do the Beasts continue to earn their own event currency but they also award bonus decorations.  Unique items to each Beast (except for the Treestache, his items are trees/shrubs you can already buy in the game) that you’ll unlock when you release the Beasts. Let’s see how it’s done…

How Do I Release The Beasts?

Once you’ve cleared all the Dark Mana and filled all of the Light Mana for each Beast, you’ll be tasked to Release Each Beast…

To release the Beast simply tap on the floating head icon over their Lair…

And simply tap start…

Each Beast you release will leave his Lair and roam around Springfield for 4hrs.  After the 4hrs are up they’ll earn wands and goblin gold (same for each Beast).

How Do I Get the Decorations?

In addition to the even currency, each Beast will also drop a decoration unique to that Beast when released.

For Act 1, each Beast has 3 unique decorations Except for the Treestache, who I won’t cover here, who drops trees/shrubs available in the store for in-game cash. You can unlock each decoration multiple times.

What Are the Decorations? 

Here’s the decoration breakdown….


Captured Look:


All Decorations have Conform-O-Meter Impact of Vanity +100

Item: Kearneymon Flag
Size: 1×1
What Does It Do: Fire on flag is animated, fire burns but doesn’t destory flag

Item: Nerd Gold
Size: 1×1
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation

Item: Wedgie Skeleton
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation


Captured Look:


All Decorations have Conform-O-Meter Impact of Vanity +100

Item: Dance Platform
Size: 2×2
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation

Item: Mead Crates
Size: 3×2
What Does It Do: Top bottle of Mead drips

Item: Chaise Lounge
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation


Captured Look:


All Decorations have Conform-O-Meter Impact of Vanity +100

Item: Weapon Rack
Size: 1×2
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation

Item: Lard Lad Donut
Size: 2×3
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation

Item: Crushed Car
What Does It Do: Nothing, no animation

That’s it my friends, the Beast decorations and the details on each one.  Not a whole lot to them, but some fun little decorations that can be used in Springfield.  The BEST advantage to each captured Beast is that once they’re captured you no longer need other characters “attacking” them to earn event currency.  Each Beast will earn currency on its own so your wizards can be free to work on enchanting new Beasts!

What are your thoughts on the decroations?  How about releasing the Beasts?  How are you doing on the prize track currency?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

114 responses to “THOH XXVII 101: Releasing the Beasts Act 1

  1. Does anyone know what the ‘Switch’ option is on each beast when they are tapped and the tasker box pops up? I’ve tapped ‘switch’ to no avail or can see no purpose for it and thought it would move to the next beast to help task them or something useful but maybe I’ve missed why it’s there. I realize it’s late to be asking but it’s one of those stupid things that continues to bug me if it’s useless and if it’s not I’d like to put to use.

  2. is there any other way to earn toads ? Releasing the beasts gets me 100 each every 4 hrs but I’m overloaded with decorations and the only option is to store them and you cant even sell them. After two acts and numerous enchants and releasing them there is no other way to earn toads, just like act2 with the fairy dust….. Also found that after visiting 14 friends you don’t get any more toads at 15 onwards and have to wait 24 hrs to have another go….

    • Fortunately, you have unlimited storage, so there is no harm in continuously releasing beasts. You can also send 4 kids to go and Capture Barfy for 200 toads. Also, with Daily Challenges, I would hit “X” if you’re offered only 200 toads as you may luck out and get a reward that grants 600 toads instead. Don’t forget to clear your pests as well.

  3. Just unlocked crafting level two and it says that I already have the medival rich house. Anyone else experiencing this problem

    • Me too and bell tower.

    • That’s not really a problem. I think it was covered in the Crafting post as well.

      EA took the lazy way out and recycled items from previous Halloween events. Out of the 21 craftable items, only 8 or 9 of them are new items. So, the items which are “unique” (i.e. – you can only have one) are marked that you’ve already crafted them…because you have.

  4. Treestache? What are that characters decorations?

  5. Am I right that I can only send a maximum 3 characters (plus a premium I don’t own) to work on capturing/enchanting? I feel like it’s going slowly, but that’s because I only can send 3 at a time.

  6. Question, I just finished enchanting Lewd. I finished Kearneymon a couple of days ago. While I was enchanting Lewd, I was able to earn 300 wands every four hours (excluding tapping Now that I finished, by releasing both, it’s only 200 wands every 4 hours. Are there tasks to send my characters on tbat earn wands because I’m not seeing anything? I’m wondering if I’m missing something. It seems out of the ordinary for the game. 100 wands every 4 hours adds up quick.

    • I’m in the same situation ! Unless you buy Treestache or Burns Dragon, you can no longer send your wizards on mission and earn extra wands. As for me, I don’t want to buy them (Treestache, NPC, meh… ; Burns Dragon OMG ! 199 donuts, just for an NPC and a bunch of useless decorations…)
      Seems like EA have some big trouble evaluating the gameplay duration of its events and possibilities to earn extra bonuts (5000 wands ! Are they kidding ?!) I only achieved my 2nd bonuts round (vs between 10 and 15 in previous events), now i’m going to send my characters on their usual tasks and patiently wait for Act 2…

      • I just bought Treestache and he’s not even a monster anymore! Can’t enchant him or anything. Total rip off.

        • I know when I finally got him there is no option to enchant him so he just walks around .. i thought it was a glitch.

        • you need to do its short questline first, and then you will be able to interact with it like the other monsters.

          • Thank you, tapebelt. After i finished the questline, i was able to start capturing mana from treestache. Now, it is the burns dragon that disappeared from the list. I think the list could handle only 7 beasts at a time.

  7. My beasts are dropping anything?!

  8. I managed to enchant and release two of the beasts now, and have unlocked the unicorn wizard already – way ahead of the calendar, without even trying very hard.
    My question: should I continue working on the other monsters, or save them for the next act? I am able to earn 200 currency when I send the kids after them, and only 100 if they are done. Any thoughts?

    • Personally, I’d save them for Act 2. That to me a risk I don’t mind taking.

      • Thanks for the opinion – I think I will do that, too. Bonuts are way to hard this time around anyway, I’ll rather send the kids to the railyard.

      • Shoot – didn’t even think of that! I’ve got Lewd to work through, and I got the Unicorn Wizard a couple days ago. I’ll just hang on to the remainder of Lewd’s enchanting and do that in act 2 🤘😄

  9. How do I get all my wizardsto go after 1 monster? right now the game will only allow me to send 1 wizard per beast.

    Thanks for the help!

  10. An anomaly? After visiting all my friends in my 2 towns today I noticed one person had all her normal characters appearing as zombies when I visited. (The person is a mutual friend of both my games) But in over 100 different
    friends or more over both games only this person has this!

    I’ve played all events since Whacking Day & this isn’t the green slimed snotty face from a past Halloween event. Only this one person had all her regular characters walking around like an episode of “The Living Dead” green faces, bandages, stumbling & shambling walk & all! What gives?

    Is my friend’s game modded? Hacked; Or what? I found this neighbour via this site & have been friends with her for around 2 years now.

    • He/she probably has a zombie sandwich. You can see it in the mystery box for 65 donuts- it is a dumpster with a black moldy sandwich on top. You can send a ton of characters to eat the sandwich and they become zombies. I believe it is an hour long job. Super cute, super want it, way too many donuts for me to only have a small shot at it though.

      • Thank You to all who replied to my post! I’m now thinking of buying the item – Will it still work after Halloween 2017? I must have missed it during the 2016 event? The cost is donut pricey after all for a decoration.

        My reasoning being – After the initial questline was finished I’ve never used the Halloween clothing pile for the kiddies that I bought some years back for donuts. I’m wondering if the effect is worth the outlay – even after reading the “Should I Buy” for the Zombie Sandwich.

    • Dhriti Chakraborty

      It’s because of Zombie sandwich. It is from 2016 halloween event. One can send regular characters to roam around town in zombie mode with the help of this. Google it. You will know what i am saying. 🙂

    • That is the effect of the “Zombie Sandwich” that you get from the Mystery Box. You can have several characters taste the sandwich and turn into zombies for an hour. I love the zombie sandwich!!

    • – Send 34 Springfielders as zombies! on a one hour premium task.

  11. Why the mic by the chaise lounge?

  12. I can only send 1 kid at a beast per time, is there a trick to being able to open the other slots?

  13. I’m not getting my light mana for enchanting. Anyone else having this issue?

  14. I started off hating this event. Now, however, I love it. The beast thing is brilliant – rewards long-standing players who can probably build up the bonus to buy the extra beasts and wizards that will allow them to a) access all of the new content for this event (i.e. The bonus items) and increase their wand collection rate (as I now get 250 every 4 hours +100 Kearneymon, whilst I continue to tame Wiggopops and Treestache). So the bonuts will flow quicker for me as a long-standing(ish) player. Newer players, however, get to access old content that they would otherwise be denied.

    I think EA, laterrly, have got this spot on – balancing the needs of older and newer players alike and I’m tempted, sorely tempted, to spend my first ever real-world cash on the SVT offer. Not because I think it’s great value per se, but because I reckon I’ve had enough enjoyment from this as a freemium player now, to want to contribute something towards it…

    • I agree… I love the capturing & enchanting beasts part of the event, and the free buildings at the start-up are fitting nicely into my village. After enchantment, the stuff the beasts drop is way better than the crafting stuff (crafting has been “off” for a couple events now…just let it go EA), so I’m enjoying that, too.
      Looking forward to the next 2 acts 👻…aannndd…finally got the Zombie Sandwich! Yippee!

  15. I have both Premium Characters and the three non-Premium. In about 90 minutes, I’ll send the two Premiums back out to enchant and send th other three to capture. This will give me two Enchanted while I’m halfway to capturing the third.

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know what happens if you “overshoot” Enchanting? Do you simply earn wandsand nothing else?

    What about capturing? Do you get “credit” towards Enchanting for the extras?

    Not important, just kinda of curious. I’ll find out tomorrow.

  16. I like the look of the beasts captured. will kearneymon ever be sitting in his corner again once he’s released? I don’t really care about the decorations the beasts drop. I like treestache captured too. thanks

  17. I had collected many bonuts so I bought 2 wizards thinking they would be useful. Had I done that for the last big event it would have paid off with bonuts. I’m flipping between being a tad disappointed in my purchase of the second wizard and on the other hand wondering if I’m simply not effectively using the extra(Lisa – currently redirected to rail yard but I want more wands).

    I’m also noticing that earning 5000 wands is taking about 2+ days yet I’m ahead on the calendar. I’m so accustomed to earning bonuts faster and expected the wizard purchases to add a good push for that. Any thoughts, suggestions out there?

    BTW – I’m enjoying the event regardless.

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