Episode 16- Halloween Magic or Mayhem?

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In this episode, we’ll talk about the new Magical Halloween Event that’s hit Springfield, break down our thoughts and analysis of a Harry Potter theme hits the right tone or if it’s overplayed, plus we’ll break down our thoughts on Season 29 of The Simpsons so far and of course we’ll be fielding your questions! So join us live for all the fun! (of course, if you can’t make it live watching the replay is still pretty awesome too!)

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Remember, this is meant to be interactive.  So ask your questions, give us your opinions and share your thoughts in the comments below..and we’ll read what we can live! 🙂

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You can find Kyle, from KCLovesGaming on his YouTube Channel: YouTube.com/KCLovesGaming

93 responses to “Episode 16- Halloween Magic or Mayhem?

  1. The Halloween event is just okay. What I’m hoping is that the Christmas event will be wayyyy better than last year. That was a disappointment to say the least.

  2. Not gonna lie, im not feeling this event. I like the theme but idk… Maybe act 2 might be better.

  3. I don’t mind the theme, but am REALLY annoyed that ALL of the unique craft items are from the past. Not a single new one, including the final Ned. At least that one could have been new. That just seems kind of lazy.

  4. After taking many months away from TSTO, which started on my honeymoon in May, my wife and I are now back playing. However, she is very disappointed by the event for Halloween. And she is not a fan of Potter either. I am disappointed it is not Halloween, but enjoy it as I like Harry Potter, but I may not add all the buildings to my Halloween area of Springfield.

  5. Okay
    for me it’s a 7,5 event a good event
    it’s better than
    2016 and 2015 Halloween events

    EA have to improve – that’s plausible – overall

    I recommend a pole about the DTF wish about Premium Content spending

    I never spent so many Donuts in one event alone!
    1230 donuts
    and I’m still the first leg!

    110 on Shinning Bundle
    955 on Magical Mystery Box (65*13)
    150 on Angelica Button
    65 on WigPops
    60 on Treestache

    The Shinning Hotel and Maze Bundle,

    This amazin’ DTF has returned in 2017

    again, I’m struggling my compulsion
    I WANT it’ll

    4lvinos from Brazil

  6. Alias de la plume

    Every mans dream is the WORST episode of any comedy show I have ever seen
    I do not like it when Homer and Marge have issues to that extent. Plus it seemed shallow

    Glad I am not the only one who hated this episode

  7. I’d rather see a reboot of the holiday wheel event….

  8. Anyone else still having the tiny springfield zoomed out issue on Andriod? I know someone must have the fix for me so I can enjoy this Halloween event. Thanks.

    • You need game tuner .apk to be installed which supports your model and OS version. From there you can adjust resolution of samsung phones while in game.

  9. Literally got all the prizes already and it hasn’t required me to do much tapping. It’s a bit of a poor attempt at an event. Not sure I even like the magical theme, doesn’t feel very Halloween to me.

  10. I think this event would have fit for a mini event after Halloween but before Thanksgiving, as Harry Potter movies usually came out around that time of year. Definitely not a Halloween vibe.

  11. I enjoyed the fact that Pat said this event is underwhelming which is opposite of overwhelming. Why is it that you rarely hear that something is just plain whelming? I’ve been pondering this since 6th grade.

  12. Thank you guys for this episode and especially K C for your time. I kinda enjoyed this one. My thoughts for helloween are: i like it, but it has some potential to be better. Id love to get the kids doin trick or treat as many of you guys already stated, but lets face it. We had monorail short event and the tie in and just days before i had space homer event. So 3 events and a tie in in just a few weeks. Id say: please come down people. We are having so much new stuff. Lets enjoy this for just one second before criticise the whole stuff. Im looking forward to gils special price tomorrow and your SIBT opinion. Greets

  13. I’m actually enjoying this event. It is gotten me back into checking regularly. I like that they have the tower so I can just click it every four hours and collect without having to hunt in my huge town for clickable event currency characters. I do wish we had more new options for crafting but it’s not a big deal to me. I bought a bunch of premium stuff already and plan to buy more to make this event super easy for me so I don’t feel any stress to keep up. I’m already looking forward to the holidays in December. Glad this event got me back into the game.

  14. While I wouldn’t call myself a Harry Potter fan, I did see two of the movies which I enjoyed… so I wouldn’t say I hate the theme, but yeah, it doesn’t really feel like a Halloween event. My problem is not so much with the theme, but rather simply the mechanics of the event. All the major events are pretty much the same now with just different window dressings. The crafting items are a disappointment as I already have half of all of them already. I’m just going through the motions at this point on this one. I’m not excited about it at all.

  15. I like the event. I’m not a halloween lover–I love trick or treating with my kids but I don’t like horror stuff in general. So, for the past couple of years, Halloween has been my TappedOut detox, where I stop playing during the event, as a way of making sure I’m not an addict all year. I was planning on that this time but was intrigued by the update and now here I am continuing to play, getting extra characters, etc. and so on. I’m clearly in the minority, but I’m a happy minority.

  16. #NotMyHalloween


  18. I like the event, but might not if I wasn’t a Harry Potter fan. The crafting is the worst part of the event. I would have used a more universal Halloween theme and used this event another time. Hope EA lets us relax for Christmas with a non-grind event.

  19. My biggest gripe is I have magical skins or characters that are not generating event currency. The Wikins, Suzanne the Witch, and Marge the witch skin.

  20. Many of the prizes don’t currently fit in with my current Springfield’s design and the crafting is very..lacking..but I’ll live. I’ll also keep playing, being a completionist and all.

  21. One thing that upsets me is all the previous stuff I already have from other Halloween events in the crafting exchange.
    And only have 4 characters is ridiculous.
    I will play but it’s by far one of the worst events

  22. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I hope I get a chance to get the Bart Simpson “Raven” from the short story. Cool podcast guys 🙂

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      Also, Kyle was a really cool edition to the podcast. I will check out his Youtube channel. I’m big into classic gaming too

  23. Good episode, I don’t know Kyle but he was a nice addition, a shame Safi was busy and couldn’t participate.

  24. Did I miss a post about the monorail allowing continuous turn in for donuts, not just one a week any more. I’ve banked 20 donuts this week.

    • No post on it

      • I would love to challenge Safi to come up with a ratio of should i KEM or should I traintrack bonut collect? At what point are you wasting time collecting train tracks with your 15 lr so characters for 5 donuts when you could be getting XP and money for KEM farming?

        I was doing the train bonut once a week since inception but have realized I may be wasting time and should just KEM.

    • I was doing it over and over. Until the last time..
      It hit the final prize, and instead of the usual bonuts, it flipped back to the usual start again..

      Figured I’m done grinding apparently

    • I’m seeing the same thing in my iOS game. I’ve been through at least four times (lost count a few days ago) with a five donut payout each time.

  25. Another fun podcast 👍😊

    “I love the theme, but this isn’t Halloween and totally could have been done at a different time” – like in November – is exactly how I feel ( 💜 the Harry Potter lampooning, but EA poorly executed this Event – lack of spookie atmosphere & music, lack of involvement with most of our Springfield Characters pitted against monsters, no Treehouse of Horror Easter Eggs!)

    Kem Farming and Bonuts Earning (collecting wands, completing monorail tasks) is all I care about! Another real slap in the face to long-time Tappers, is that we cannot craft 1/2 of what’s available (last year’s Buildings to Interactive Decor) – what’s up with that EA? 😔

    • Been waiting and looking forward to the Halloween event. Really disappointed by it. Now I’m wondering if this is a shadow of what’s to come for the upcoming holiday season 🙁

  26. Used to love the Potter books, read them repeatedly when I was younger. Never got into the movies, I thought they fell rather flat in comparison. Some adaptations do an amazing job translating print to screen, but too often there’s something missing.
    Anyway, I found the last book mildly disappointing. (Probably not for the same reasons other people would cite, but that’s not important right now.) I haven’t re-read the series in years and never watched past the third film. All that said, the building designs are nice and so far I’m enjoying this event quite a bit more than the last one.

  27. The poll should include something like “It’s not what I was hoping for, but it’s still Halloween and I’m happy”

  28. I dislike Harry Potter but i’m still playing the event just out of habit.

  29. Look forward to seeing you all in fancy dress!!! 😂

  30. Nice to meet you Kyle! 🙂

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