Should I Spend Donuts on the Mess Hall?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns.  An all new event means loads of new premium items in our stores just tempting us to drop those donuts while they’re hot!

Of course with that limited-time label, it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Mess Hall to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this lunch spot to your town…

Mess Hall
Donut Cost: 75 Donuts
Size: 9×6
Earns: $200, 22xp/8hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Gluttony +10
Other Info: 
Can be placed on Grass|pavement|boardwalk|dirt|pier

Leaves stores October 16th

-Comes with dialogue and a short questline
-Willie has a permanent 4hr task there (Food Fight Cleanup Duty), which earns at a premium rate

-Pricey for a stand-alone building
-Building animation is weak.  Lights turn on, and barely.

Final Thought
Meh.  It’s another building for Springfield, and your magical area.  I do think this is overpriced and underperforms, so personally, I’d save my donuts. But if you’re into this magical stuff and really working on building your Spellementary Academy then go for it…but there’s no real practical reason to pick it up beyond that.

Pass.  If you want something magical, I’d rather see you spend donuts on the Library…it’s animation is much better and it comes with a character.

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as I premium player I’ll be passing.  Just doesn’t seem worth the donuts.   But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at the questline…

Magical Mystery Meat
Lisa starts

Lisa: Ew, what the heck is this?
Luch Lady Dora: Two cups camel, a dash of dugong, a smidge of seagull, and three parts porcupine.  Headquarters packages it all into one animal, it’s great.
Lisa: This is cruel and in no way a sustainable resource!
Luch Lady Dora: Meat’s meat. We’ll just move on to other animals when those run out.
Make Kids Eat Around the Scorpion Bits- x3. 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

What are your thoughts on the Mess Hall Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed it in Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

36 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Mess Hall?

  1. I saw a scorpion in a town and I was wondering if it came with the mess hall? If it doesn’t come with it how do u get it?

    • No, you don’t need to get the mess hall to get the scorpion since they are two separate items. There was a giant lobster scorpion available during the zoo event which has one eye and can shoot lasers from its tail. It is not available now but might come back during Black Friday or another event in a mystery box or at a rebated price.

  2. I’d like to have it but missed it.

  3. Mess Hall – neat Building but should’ve offered the same thing as the Library (Event Currency with funny animation)! Alas, EA blew it again! 👎

  4. I am grabbing everything magical for my fantastical school!!! I feel like I may be under a spell.

  5. I got it because I had the donuts to spare and thought it would work well in the new area I’m building (although I’m not sure yet whether it will…need to undo some if what I’ve done to expand the area allotted to it), but, if donuts were tight, I’m pretty sure I would have passed on it.

  6. I don’t like how the main building, the library and the mess hall are all different colour bricks. I don’t like the look of them together!

    • I was thinking about that too. The library and the main building should at least be the same colour even if the mess hall isn’t. Not that it has stopped me from getting the mess hall lol

  7. Bought it for my Magic Academy, although I have to agree that it’s nothing special. I would really like to build a nice school campus, but I might just fail at the crafting this event. It is really hard to get enough crafting currency for the bigger parts; up to now, I just managed a few sets of walls, couldn’t afford the dormitory tower or gate yet. And all the rest is, of course, still locked.

  8. I missed the “should i spend donuts” thread for the burns dragon promo…how can i find it??

  9. I got it without hesitation. I really want to build up my Academy. I don’t regret it at all. Having said that, it is overpriced. If you’re not sure, you probably shouldn’t get it. I’m sure they will have plenty more to tempt you with coming later.

  10. Was heavily debating this, as I’d love to flesh out my magical “academy”, but the price is just…high. It looks like a cathedral more than a mess hall. Going to take your advice and pass, as a premium player.

    • Actually, I think the cathedral from last year would be a better addition to my campus…going to pass.

      • I didn’t even think of that! I’ve been struggling to find a place to put that that makes sense since last year! Now I know what to do with it. Thank you ebron!

  11. Alissa, I love what you do for us tappers, but do you realize that the final thought on the sweeping majority of 🍩 items is that we should pass. If we always did that, we would have nearly empty Springfields — VERY boring Springfields. 😁

    • And 3/4 years ago everyone said I always say to buy lol. Truth is, it’s about 50-50. If it’s worth the donuts i say get it. If it’s overpriced and doesn’t have much of a return for investment, I say pass. Certain items I don’t think we should spend donuts on because they’re out of wack with pricing, just to send a message to EA that they messed up the price point. This is one of them.

      Don’t forget, I spend money in this game. I don’t farm donuts. So when I look at items I genuinely think “is this work the cash?”, that’s where my answers usually come from.

      • Well i think more and more the stuff they are offering for donuts is just junk. i think there must be some team sitting around at EA just trying to figure out what new things (junk) they can get us to spend donuts on. Every building that comes with no characters and no bonus % and costs donuts s/b an automatic pass imo. There are plenty of buildings and houses that you can buy for In-game-cash you can use to fill your Springfield, and if you participate in m(any) events you’ll soon be overwhelmed with the amount of junk they give you for free.

        • Agreed. My storage is about as big as the list of Premium Items I refuse to buy… and I am still over 9,000 items in my town. Sheesh…..

          • Sorry. May be a stupid question, but how do you find out how many items you have in your Springfield?

            • You never really know…you just get a notice that you are “Near or over” the limit…and it gives you a number then. So far, even though I am over 9,000 items…I have only been “restricted from placing new items” a handful of times. They seem to keep upping the limit.

            • the current item limit is 10400 items, so right now you will receive the first warning about your item count when you hit 7400 items. you will subsequently receive one every 150 items you add to your town, until you hit the max, whereupon it will tell you that you can’t place any more items in your town.

              if you’ve never seen a warning about how many items you have placed in your town, you are below 7400, and have nothing to worry about anytime soon.

          • I hit the magic number this week, 10400 items…had to go delete an area to finish this event. Seems nonsensical to me to limit the piece count. In theory, the more we place, the more we spend. But I guess it’s true…lots more money coming in from newbies, so catering to the “ancient mariners” is not as profitable.

      • I find your SIB great for choices. Some of my neighbours have so much in their Springfields the lag is frustrating when moving around their place. I am at over 7K of items and get warnings from time to time that this will cause slow downs.
        I buy and I farm.
        If a building isn’t going to do much then I don’t really consider it for my town.
        But, you always leave it to the players to decide. So they still have a choice to buy or not buy.
        Thank you for all the input towards the items. It has helped me out a lot over the years.

      • Also these are OUR Springfields, so we can buy what we want, which is Allissa’s point. I find the SIBS informative for the items I am on the fence about. It tells us about bonus % and questlines. I really appraciate the effort put into this site.

  12. Bought it immediately… It reminds me of the school I went to so I just had to get it even though I totally agree with the ‘meh/pass’ assessment lol

  13. I think the medieval cathedral from last years thoh fits in as well. It isn’t so cathedralic that one could not imagine it’s the mess hall. And that one lies around in my trash area. For free.

    • you mean, you don’t feel the need to buy it because you already have a similar building from last year’s event just sitting in your trash area, waiting to be used? man, if only we all had the foresight to leave it out of our designs for a whole year……

  14. theoriginalsteve

    I’m still really torn on this – I want to put together a nice magical school area after the event, but do I really want to spend 75d on a building that’s not going to do much? I’m going to have to think about it, and wait until it’s almost gone 😀

    • As a full out premium player. I’m the same way. I’m strapped for cash right now and don’t have any to spend on another $99.99 for donuts… I want it all but not sure. I’m stressing out over it all now XD

    • Same. I wish this was a crafting option for players that have any number of the existing unique things on the crafting track. EA has done it before…there was a Christmas where a friend of mine got lights for a building that I didn’t have the option for, only because he had played the previous year and snagged the item I already had.

      For 75 donuts, this is one I’ll have to think about. Do I really want to recreate a magical campus, or can it survive without this?

    • They would have got me if the color had matched the school or even the library but it looks like it’s grey. I’m passing.

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