Should I Spend Donuts on the Magical Halloween Act 1 Returning Items?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

It’s time for a little Magical Halloween to invade Springfield!  With this all new magical event a few returning items magically returned to our stores…just asking us to drop our sprinkles.

Of course with that limited-time label, it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add Wizard Martin, Castle of Equalia, Count Burns, the Shinning Bundle, Gingerbread House (w/Suzanne the Witch) or the Halloween Party Wall to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding these throwbacks to your town…

Leaves Stores November 14th

Item: Wizard Martin (Costume for Martin) 
 75 Donuts, Rebate 25 Donuts, NET 50 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Premium costume for Martin, helps with this event and clears/fills 1 mana every 4hrs.  
My Opinion On It Now: 
Rebate makes it attractive enough to pick up for this event.  I went ahead and got him this time (I skipped him a couple of years ago)

Leaves Stores October 10th

Item: Castle of Equalia and Queen Helvetica 
175 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Premium costume for Lisa and Premium building
My Opinion On It Now:
 I own it, but in hindsight..meh. Way to expensive for what it is/does.  If I could do it again I’d pass.

Leaevs Stores October 10th

Item: Count Burns and his Coffin
120 Donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Costume for Mr. Burns, was at one point free. 
My Opinion On It Now:
 Meh.  120 donuts is A LOT to spend on this combo, I’d pass this time around. (I have him, but I got him for free on one of the previous prize tracks)

Leaves Stores October 12th

Item: Shinning Bundle
110 donuts (Maze is not unique, so if you have the building you can still get a maze for 50 donuts)
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What Does It Do?: 
Building and maze, nothing super spectacular about them. The maze does add a 2.25% bonus. 
My Opinion On It Now:
 Personally I’ve passed, but it’s one of those if you like it grab it items.

Leaves Stores October 14th

Item: Gingerbread House and Suzanne the Witch
140 donuts, Rebate 40 donuts, Net 100 donuts
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What Does It Do?: 
Suzanne is a full character.  
My Opinion On It Now:
 BUY.  Anytime you can get a building/character combo for around 100 donuts it’s a buy.

Leaves Stores October 15th

Item:  Halloween Party Walls (Pack of 10)
20 Donuts
1% Bonus on all cash and XP (Total, for 10 walls. .1% bonus each)
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What Does It Do?: Just a decoration for Springfield, they’re walls. Like any other wall…each wall has a .1% bonus.
My Opinion On It Now:
 Eh, if you need walls for a design they’re not bad.  If you like em, get em. Otherwise, pass.

What are your thoughts on the returning items? Which items do you have already?  Which items will you be picking up?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

34 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Magical Halloween Act 1 Returning Items?

  1. I bought Wizard Martin and regret it. Once you have captured and enchanted the beasts he doesn’t have a job to earn event currency. Without premium beasts he is out of a job pretty soon, so buying a beast would have been a better choice to help with the event.

  2. I have them all already. KEM farming and Mystery Boxes for the win. Though, having everything from past events makes this Halloween sort of anticlimactic. There’s literally nothing in the store but mazes and walls. Oh, and the Mess Hall. I think I’ll pass on that though and save for Dragon Burns.

  3. Had Wizard Martin and Equalia already, not interested in the walls. Picked up Suzanne right away (good deal and finally had an appropriate place to put her house) and bought the shinning hotel and maze mostly because I thought it would work well in this new little medieval-ish town area I’m building with stuff from this event. If donuts were more precious for me, I could have skipped that purchase without feeling too bad, though.

  4. I snagged part of what is on the list and already got plans for the gingerbread house depending on what the Christmas event is like and got martin enchanting lewd. I passed on the castle since I could tell it wouldn’t fit in with my current Springfield. The Shining bundle I had to snag that because I’ve always loved the movie

  5. Got Angelica Button so Wizard Martin not needed.

    You can do this event (and each act) without a premium 1 mana character though…6 days left and will have last prize so plenty of time.

  6. Is anyone else irritated by the fact that “Wizard Marge” can’t be used to capture the beasts?

    They messed up Halloween so bad this year…..hardly trying. Only he quests are bugging me so I have to complete those to feel satisfied.

    • I’m very disappointing. I do see “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Adults” character collection though. Hoping they will make her usable when they unlock adults (maybe in next Act?).

  7. I have everything in this post, but I didn’t have Martin until now. He is paramount for this game because he gives a full mana point for your fighting/enchantment quests. I’m glad to be able to pick up the costume for Martin besides his frozen gown.

  8. Wizard Martin was a no brainer (definitely helped with this Event) 👍

    I hope to earn enough Bonuts for Gingerbread House and Suzanne the Witch (that may be it for me, unless something else worthwhile shows up) 👍

    The rest? C’mon EA! These should all be highly discounted !😡

  9. I thubk there is an error…
    Doesn’t the general bonus from the pack of 10 walls yeild only 1% and not 1.5%, as it is stated in the post? I mean it’s 10 walls 0.1 % each. For me that’s a deciding factor, because I really like different kinds of walls, and I am kinda low on donuts now. Thanks!

  10. Thx for that. Ill get suzanne today. You are right as many times 😉

  11. Totally agree. Bought Martin at the start of THOH last week (I couldn’t affort Angelica then).
    The Halloween Walls, 1% bonus for 20D (normal prize) are an option for my beast stadium.
    Suzanne… got her 5 minutes ago 🙂

  12. MydadlookslikeFlanders

    I wish The Shinnin package came with a deranged, axe wielding Home skin or him frozen solid like a decoration at least

    • MydadlookslikeFlanders

      *Homer skin

    • Homer already has too many skins and tasks IMO but a little separately sold statue would be perfect. I made my Overlook hotel out of the Springfield Country Club when the maze was first offered, later picked up a second maze when it became available. Someone commented how the kids bigwheel worked well too and I added that. A little frozen glittery Homer would really tie the whole room er, scene together.

  13. Party wall 1% or 1.5% total?

  14. The Lisa queen helvetica thing is way overpriced….I had it in my town in a little spot years ago before I nuked…..haven’t put it back and probably won’t….it’s to big and sorta out of place unless they do a fantasy event….

    • Yeah, especially since Lisa is used in pretty much every event…so you’re basically spending 175D on a castle, as Lisa will be busy in whatever costume is needed for the current event. :-\

      I dunno if that was the case originally (if this was released when we still had Levels, as opposed to an Event going on 95% of the time…), but I definitely feel like it’s a waste of donuts at this point.

    • I got her the last time she was offered and I’m very happy about it! I really like her 1-hour task…. The way I have the castle set up, she’s reading at the edge of a river bank and I’ve given her a very nice garden for behind the castle.

      If you’re a Lisa fan and a “farmer” (or can afford to buy donuts easily) and aren’t necessarily interested in picking up other, more Halloween-y things, she’s worth considering. But I will admit that 175 donuts are a lot for a skin and a building, so I do understand the “pass” advice, too.

  15. Totally agree with the review. I’m happy I bought Martin. Suzanne is a good deal, but I’ve wanted Marge’s witch costume for a long time. I’ll see how many sprinkles I have before she’s gone. Queen Helvetica and Count Burns are way overpriced. Wish they’d make these “on the fence items” cheaper, and do away with the mystery boxes. If I could choose items I wanted from the mystery box, or if those skins were reasonably priced, I might consider spending more donuts, or even buying them for cash. It’s a waste to gamble on the mystery boxes.

    I’ve got the Shinning maze, but not the hotel. What does the 110 donut offer give me? Just the hotel?

  16. Normally I’m not a fan of paying donuts for skins but with so few characters fighting beasts, Martin has been a big help.

  17. Got Martin and received the rebate. Had Suzanne already and passed on the rest.

  18. I bought Martin to help with the event & also grabbed Suzanne because she is awesome!

    Very tempted by Dracula Burns & The Shinning Hotel…but think I’d better save my donuts in case something cooler pops up.

  19. I took advantage of Wizard Martin, but did not receive the rebate of $25 donuts.

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