Should I Spend Donuts on the Magic Palace?

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Fall has arrived and there’s a haze over our Springfield’s, that can only mean one thing….it’s Halloween in our pocket-sized towns! This year EA’s thrown a little magic into the mix, with an Angelica Button theme invading our towns.  An all new event means loads of new premium items in our stores just tempting us to drop those donuts while they’re hot!

Of course with that limited-time label, it can be tempting to grab everything in sight because it’ll be gone soon.  But don’t sweat it!  That’s where we come in to tell you what’s worth those donuts and what you might want to hold off on.

Wondering if you should add the Magic Palace to your Springfield?  Well before you hit that confirm button let’s break down the pros and cons of adding this magical restaurant to your town…

Magic Palace
Donut Cost: 65 Donuts
Size: 8×10
Earns: $300,30xp/12hrs
Conform-O-Meter: Gluttony +10

Leaves stores November 4th

-Comes with dialogue and a short questline
-Animated when in use, lights flash out of windows
-Lisa (regular Lisa, not wizard Lisa) has a 4hr task there, to Perform “The Great Simsina” Act (Earns $260, 70xp)

-No benefit for the event
-It’s just a building (one with a premium task for a character, but still just a building)

Final Thought
Premium or Freemium:
It’s not bad.  Price is ok, comes with a premium 4hr task for a freemium character (handy for many of you who use the 4hr cycles…although Lisa does already have a million tasks) and it has a fun look.  If you like it, get it.  Otherwise, pass.

Of course, in the end, it’s your decision, we can only tell you what we would or wouldn’t do…and as I premium player I’ll probably be picking it up.  But whatever you decide, just make sure you make your final decision before it leaves our games for good (or for now).

Here’s a look at the questline…

Magic Palace
Marge starts

Marge: It’s great having the whole family together!  And for a magic show, too.
Bart: There’s real magic in Springfield now, you still think these shows are cool?
Marge: Oh, Homer, I think they want you to be the staged volunteer int he audience to fight the dragon!
Bart: Homer dragon torched?! I’m back on board
Make Simpsons Eat Presto Linquini- x3. 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp
Make Homer Fight a Mechanical Dragon- 4hrs, Earns $260, 70xp

What are your thoughts on the Magic Palace? Will you be spending the donuts to bring it to your Springfield?  Why or why not?  Where have you placed it in Springfield? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

35 responses to “Should I Spend Donuts on the Magic Palace?

  1. Magic Palace gets a magical pass from me (I’m not buying anything Magic Academy related)👎

    I’m spending Donuts ONLY on those Treehouse of Horror items discounted enough (talk to the ✋ EA! Magic Academy should’ve been a November Event – October is Treehouse of Horror!)

  2. Not feeling it…

  3. Great building, lookin good

  4. Pair it with the Putt Putt Golf and some hedges.

  5. I wish they would expand the list of characters who have permanent tasks at these premium buildings. I am tired of all the permanent tasks going to the same people like Lisa, Willie, Apu, Milhouse or Smithers. Maybe let another kid like Database or Janey have a task there (or the actual magicians in town such as Craig Demon or the Great Raymondo). Better yet, let multiple characters have a task there. Give us some options at least. (The worst was the Snub Club, a hip night club where the only character job is for…Milhouse)

    • Preach! The nerds would be perfect to animate Sequel Stop. Where’s my Sequel Stop task EA? Where is it?

    • I agree that it would be nice if some higher level characters had tasks along with the low level characters at premium buildings, I’m wondering if the Magic Palace is categorised for being a shop or a restaurant and if the pay out symbol is a check for restaurant or a cash register for a shop or if it is only a wad of cash that appears (though the task for Lisa here is a reference to an episode it appeared in with the Great Raymondo). The thing about the Snub Club is very random that the task is given to Milhouse, but at least other characters like wise guy’s 10 hour task and most recently Weird Al’s 12 hour task can animate any building that has a cash register payout symbol which some of which include the Gridiron, Sequel Stop and the Snub Club (this only works if the character is close to the building).

  6. I put mine in my casino area. It fit in nicely there.

  7. So much meh. Patiently waiting for new and interesting items/characters.

  8. Never was crazy about the Britannia casino… stored it and put this in it’s place. It’s a much better fit and the scale is more in line with my other Casino area buldings. Digi Big Ben even works next to it. 👍😊

  9. TallSpiderCandy

    Even though it’s not a bad price, think I’ll pass on this one. Saving as many donuts as I can for the holiday update : )

  10. I just don’t like the look of it. At all. Pass.

  11. Last thing I need is another castle.

    • My thoughts as well but it feels like one of those things you pass on and then EA releases something a little later that makes you regret not getting it. Lemme see what my neighbors do with theirs, but still feels like a pass to me.

  12. When I’ve finished my 10-day KEM farming, I’m gonna redesign my Magical District and the Magical Palace will fit nicely in my humble opinion
    (I known what Dirty Harry thinks about opinions 😁)

  13. It just doesn’t really sit with the other olde world buildings does it? More in keeping with the casino stuff… :/

    • I’m still thinking I’ll be able to get it to fit in there, but don’t know for sure yet.

      • Sandra…here’s a picture of it in my Casino area if that helps you decide…I like it much more than when the Britannia was there.

        • Looks great, as always! (You’re the kind of designer that I am, only you’re generally much better at it than I am.) But my casino area is one area of my town that I’m really pleased with, and I don’t want to mess with it. I do think I can get the Magic Palace to fit in my as-yet-to-be-designed area for the items from this event…if I’m “successful,” I’ll try and remember to post it here (or submit it to the eventual show-off). 🙂

        • Nice, real nice!

  14. I got it but it really doesn’t fit anywhere with other buildings and scenes. Maybe I’ll create an Entertainment district?

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