Happy Turkey Day!

Hey Howdy Hey Turkey Tappers!

It’s finally Turkey Day here in the US!  And you know what that means…Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Apple and Pumpkin pie, football, stretchy pants and insane sales at the mall! (or in my case, for those who listened Episode 19 of Addicts Live, Mashed Potatoes, and Bread…check out Episode 19 to see how we all celebrate(d) Thanksgiving!))

Oh and a special Shoutout to my Mom and Dad who are celebrating their 38th Wedding Anniversary today.  Despite what EA says, the Magic is very much alive in their marriage! 

You may notice things a little quiet around here today (you can always check out the details of the Thanksgiving Mini Event here) as we take the day to celebrate the holiday with our families.  Although…..Super Safi will likely be lurking around the comments, as Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving last month.  So like a lot of you, Safi will be working today too!

And yes, the mystery boxes hit today.   We’ll have breakdowns for each box,  like we always do.  But be patient.  No rush to get everything, it’s not going anywhere today.

However, we couldn’t let a day dedicated to being thankful go by without a special THANK YOU to YOU…our AMAZING readers!  We are so thankful for each and every one of you that take the time to read our posts and comment.  So from Patric, Wookiee, Safi and myself…THANK YOU!!  You guys rock and we couldn’t do this without you!

Here at Addicts we’ve all been blessed in so many ways and we hope you have too. In that spirit we’d like to invite you to take a moment and let us know in the comments below what you’re thankful for this Thanksgiving! We can’t wait to see what you say!

Well, before we start to carve into the Turkey (or Bunducken) we’d like to take just one more moment of your time. As I mentioned above, today’s a day to reflect on all you’re thankful for in life & in that spirit, if you can, as we do each year we’d like to invite you to donate to a charity that’s near and dear to our hearts, Friends of Buyijja.  A fantastic charity founded by our own Patric to deliver “Unconditional Support for the Education and Welfare of Children…in an effort to deliver hope and opportunity.”   You can find out more about Friends of Buyijja by clicking the link below, and if you can we’d like to encourage you to make a donation to an amazing charity that’s doing amazing work.  Right now they’re working on a round of school supplies for the Children…

You can find out more, and make a donation here 

Happy Thanksgiving Tappers (whether you celebrate or not, we all celebrate through TSTO)!


44 responses to “Happy Turkey Day!

  1. Happy Black Friday!


  2. I’m stoked that I got the university nerds in my free box and I love that there’s a character box. Had I not gotten the nerds I definitely would have gone for the character box but now I’m saving those sweet sweet donuts for Xmas.


  3. I got Himeji Castle from my free box today, it kinda looks out of place but can’t complain really.


  4. Robert Maldonado

    1st round of turkey eaten. Watching Dallas v San Diego (L.A.). Enjoying down time. Happy Thanksgiving to all the TSTO Addicts. 🦃🦃🦃


  5. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and congratulations on your parents’ anniversary, Alissa. I like and don’t like the mystery boxes for this Black Friday update, I like that I can get items at a really great price like Herb and Dia-Betty for 80 donuts each now instead of 200 and 225 donuts before and that I don’t have only an hour to decide to buy something or have to stay awake/wake up for something in the morning, I also liked that I got Himeji Castle from the gold box with the first free token. I don’t like that some of the items are multiples or how the gold box requires a separate currency which is only available through donut purchases, especially that I only have one item left in the box which is the University Nerds. To end on a positive note, I am thankful that I found this game which can be fun and enjoyable at times, the Christmas event this year will be my 4th full one since I started playing halfway though the 2013 event. I also can’t wait to see if anything happens in the game next week after the Thanksgiving and Black Friday updates, I hope there is an episode tie in or an update for the Heights.


  6. I am honestly so upset right now. Cecil and his stupid money thing. Whatever task it is that the game wants me to do right now wouldn’t let me send them all at once and I had to individually send them off on 4hr tasks and I was running through it real quick and lost 1M because of Cecil and his stupid money thing. I am honestly so mad. I was just about to finally get the Sit and Rotate and now I’m down another million again.


  7. For the dozen donuts option, there is no gold token included. Gold tokens only come in the $4.99 donut options or higher. Is this a glitch?


  8. Happy Thanksgiving Day our Wonderful Mods! Alissa (cutie little addict Riley), Wookie, Patric and Safi (and your patient SO’s) I’m grateful for you all- your dedication and all of your unique perspectives.
    TSTO was my first mobile game, I’ve been grateful to the addicts ever since for their guidance. I also occasionally saw the cranky guy on another website. I am grateful he met the tiny addict and the cranky reunited with the bliss ninnies. I appreciate you all. TY for all your hard work!
    I’m blessed as always to spend this day with my husband and daughter and yes, jumping on EA Black Friday specials!


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  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating it.
    Eat, drink, be merry & thankful 😄
    And then enjoy your nap because as they say in Afrikaans:
    Magies vol, Oogies toe!
    (Tummy full, eyes shut)


  10. I forgot to ask: Looks like I have 10 Donuts more today than yesterday – is that another Thanksgiving present? There was some obscure hint of donuts in the messages that popped up today, in addition to the cornucopia. (Must be about the fifth by now – I really wish EA would give us something else for a change. Not sure how many of them I can really use. 🙂


  11. Our Thanksgiving was already in October, but Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it today!

    As expected, not much in the mystery boxes for me. The Donut Boat was the only thing in the free box, and there is Sugarloaf Mountain in the Outdoor Box. Didn’t want to spend 100 Donuts for that when it originally appeared, now I am trying to make up my mind if it is worth 80 Donuts. Since there isn’t anything else, I might just go for it…


  12. I spend about 600 donuts on boxes. I only had 2 things i lïke, the rest i would never had bought. I stop buying boxes now and start saving for x-mas. At least then i can buy what i want.


  13. Happy Thanksgiving


  14. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! However u spend ur day….enjoy!!!🍗🍷🍗🍻🍤🍛🍗🌽


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