New Year’s Eve Open Thread

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

Well here we are, the last day of 2017!  364 days of TSTO down..just this last one to go!

I know many of you will be spending the day (And night) with your family and friends celebrating the New Year…and of course, it IS Sunday, so I thought it’d be a perfect time for a New Year’s Eve Open Thread!

Chat about the event, your Christmas, your NYE plans, resolutions or the year in TSTO (we have a special year in review episode of Addicts live that will be up for you tomorrow)…or anything else you can think of!  Just no Add me requests…those should go here. And as always just keep it PG.

Happy New Year!  And remember, whatever you’re doing…be safe!

Bring on 2018 tappers!


101 responses to “New Year’s Eve Open Thread


    I commented a few hours ago asking for some information on the Stonecutters skins: Could you PLEASE tell us which skins have visible tasks. Lenny (#12) apparently does not have any visual tasks. It’s a complete waste of 10 donuts! Why would anyone even bother buying a skin if you can’t see it anyway. rEAlly cheap EA.


  2. Apologies if this has been covered over and over, but it’s not easy to search these comments…

    Is it well known that the KEM is no longer available at a sliding scale of cost?

    Therefore, KEM farmers need to make another choice?

    Thanks for any confirmation and/or advice.


    • Nothings changed for me. Perhaps you’ve stored some KEM’s on accident?

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      • It is quite possible you’re a genius! Whereas I, on the other hand, no longer have the brains I was born with.

        Yes, that is of course exactly what had happened – I realised as soon as you said so that you were sure to be right. Thanks very much!


  3. Yes! Stonecutters are back. Immediately picked up all of them. I wish Otto was included, correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure he was one in the series


  4. james blake – radio silence

    jarami – hear this

    the presets – do what you want

    calvin harris – feels

    brock hampton – boogie

    avalanches – because I’m me

    franz ferdinand – always ascending

    flume & chet faker – this song is not about a girl

    alison wonderland – happy place

    camelphat – cola

    everything everything – Can’t Do

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  5. Is anyone else having trouble clicking on a character in the upper left corner bubble, or their range of tapping shrink back to pre-IRS building? I have tried hard closing the game, deleting and reinstalling the game, but it still is having the same issues.


  6. Happy New Year everyone. Hi Mab and everyone. Well good news finally. I start working Tuesday. It’s temporary, but it’s a job so I’m happy. My dad is hiring me to help with his painting company, more than likely just clean up etc but its work yay! So I am happy. Currently it is -2 so we are staying in for the day. Happy tapping and stay warm.


  7. First thought of 2018….why can’t I expand heights?? It only allows me to go back about 10 plots and I need more space😡😡😤. Oh and I want world peace, an end to famine, dogs and cats to get along etc…


    • I completely agree!!! I want new Springfield Heights items and I want to expand the land (a lot). Oh, and also world peace and the other stuff.


  8. Thank You EA for a great Christmas event. The more flexible update vs. every 4 hrs was nice. Although I have liked the craftable income buildings, I think it more fair to have them in the prize line Like was done in the Christmas event. If you choose not to craft you don’t lose much. I hope the new year brings returning and new items to purchase. The Christmas portfolio was awesome.

    Thanks to the Addicts. I’ve learned a lot and play the game better.


  9. The same thing here. I play on a smartphone, so it’s great to be able to see everything so close. But like you said, the widest view is now much smaller. I’d prefer the original, pre-update view. But ideally, they should expand the zoom ranges so you can see close AND get a wide angle view as well.


    • Whoops, this double-posted. It’s a reply to two other notes about yesterday’s update that changed our game viewing size. Did anyone else experience this? I wonder if it’s targeted at smartphone players so we can more easily read the text and see all the stuff… which actually is a huge bonus.


  10. What craftable item is everyone stocking up on?

    I’m going to craft a lot of candy cane fences. They look awesome in the snow. Probably not so good once the snow melts in Springfield. I need enough to surround my Christmas area which will continue to grow.

    I’ll probably craft an army of wooden soldiers too. Someone has to defend Springfield.


    • Ice fences, candy canes, Christmas walls, in no particular order. I’m not likely to use any of them, but these are the things I’m most likely to use.

      I miss being able to craft buildings. I have so many spooky houses and retro-style townhouses…


      • The spooky houses, spooky cabin and retro townhouses are great currency earners.


      • I have a bunch of spooky houses, retro style townhouses and spooky cabins as well, they look great and earn good cash. But since there are no buildings to craft I’m stocking up on the floweres because I like them and I already have a bunch of the other stuff.


    • Poinsettias will hopefully look good all year long. Deliberating on finally having a year round Christmas area, so maybe ice walls.


  11. Josephine Kick@$$

    Have a safe and happy new year everyone 😊

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  12. It’s now 15 minutes into 2018 in the UK so i wishes you all a happy new year. I won’t be awake when you celebrate in the US so i hope you all have a great time.
    Thanks for all the hard work last year Alissa, Safi, Wookie and Patric.
    I know I am a bit early but Happy Birthday Patric!!!

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  13. Happy New Year, tapparinos. I had 50 donuts left, so I took a chance on the Mystery Box one more time and picked up King Winter. That makes him, Jesus, Rabbi Krustovsky, Shiva, Santa, the Grumple, and Buddha, and Jack Frost as brand new characters from this event. It has been a good time, but I’m looking forward to going back to 24 hour tasks and limited tapping for awhile.

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  14. Does anyone have a strategy for the monorail game – is there a pattern to what comes up in the three slots? I seem to get far more metal than plastic or glass and I find myself playing the lower paying slot to try to get more plastic and glass opportunities, yet my plastic and glass usually remain maxed out. I’d like to maximize the donut output, of course.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    • I did a little experimental math in Excel, recording each slots contents.

      Multiply the needed ressources with the hours needed to produce them.
      Metal * 1, plasic * 2, glass * 3. Junk * 1/120.
      You’ll get a (life-)time biased value. Divide it by the blueprints you get.

      The blueprints per time value are roughly the same for all slots.
      No need to say that ‘Metal days’ are nasty, you’ll have to be online every hour to advance as fast as with glass jobs.

      Generally KEM farming is more effective for gaining donuts.
      Monorail grinding is a luxury I do only when I don’t want to expand my KEM farm any more and don’t need the Money the grinders would otherwise earn. And then on a 4h base, no need to rush.

      Playing the Drone Scan exceeds the junk storage (mine is currently 31,929 of 2,000 😛 ).


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