Turbo Tappin’ Bart Royale: Act 1 Premiums, Erik and Wendell

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

The kids of Springfield are mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!  Time for a Battle Royale of epic proportions…kids vs adults.  The soul of Springfield is on the line!

Act 1 of the event brought two new premium characters to Springfield.  Two pint-sized characters at that. Erik and Wendell.  As with the vast majority of premium characters both of these kiddos came equipt with their own questlines.  So let’s take a look at the premium Turbo Tappin’ version of each….


We’ll start with Erik…

Botched Ball Pt. 1
Erik starts

Make Erik Take on Bart- 3hrs, Earns 136 , 110xp

Botched Ball Pt. 2
Erik starts

Make Erik Pracice Dodgeball- 4hrs, Earns 90 , 70xp

Botched Ball Pt. 3
Erik starts

Make Erik Get Interviewed by School Paper- 4hrs, Earns 90 , 140xp (requires Lisa)
Make Erik Get Interviewed by Channel 6 News- 4hrs, Earns 180 70xp

Botched Ball Pt. 4
Erik starts

Make Erik Blow off Some Energy- 2hrs, Earns 45, 40xp
Make Lisa Test the Drink Cup- 8hrs, Earns 120, 70xp

Botched Ball Pt. 5
Erik starts

Make Erik Sit Out a Game- 4hrs, Earns 90, 70xp

Now we’ll jump into everyone’s favorite puke-meister…Wendell

Triumph of Ill Pt. 1
Wendell starts

Make Bart Explain Everything to Wendell Borton- 4hrs, Earns 180, 140xp

Triumph of Ill Pt. 2
Wendell starts

Make Wendell Borton Look at Exciting Careers in School Library- 8hrs, Earns 180, 105xp

Triumph of Ill Pt. 3
Wendell starts

Make Wendell Boron Face the Monkey Bars- 8hrs, Earns 180, 105xp

Triumph of Ill Pt. 4
Wendell starts

Make Wendell Borton Get Extremely Sick- 4hrs, Earns 90 , 70xp

Triumph of Ill Pt. 5
Wendell starts

Make Wendell Borton Control His Sickness- 1hr, 23, 26xp

What are your thoughts on Erik and Wendell’s questlines?  Have you worked on them or are you saving them for when you’ve finished the prize track?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

17 responses to “Turbo Tappin’ Bart Royale: Act 1 Premiums, Erik and Wendell

  1. Why can I not get the defensive bonus area ?????

    • It should automatically be the area around your Megascape. If you click the move icon, the area around the Megascape should be a different colour.

  2. Wendell Borton – thank you EA! This Character (with Building) was worth the Donuts! I’d have spent $4.99 on a Donut Deal for Wendell 😉👍

  3. Since two stokes, I’ve been on disability. I hate these deals. I have none of the Jebodiah/Sprungfeld stuff. None of the $ deals. Due to a mistake made by my parents have to wait to get SS Disability. So my funds are through the city only. I can’t afford it. Maybe I can by the occasional scratcher. I wish they could get you credit to earn these items. Spending $20 is spending $20, why be penalized for doing it a dollar at a time.

    • Josephine Kick@$$

      Sorry to hear that Sonic, but I feel your pain. SSI & SSID just compounds what you’ve already been/are going through. Good luck, if it helps, I just keep saying to myself that everything happens for a reason, painful as it may be at the time. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. I don’t want to alarm anyone here, but who’s driving the school bus? I just noticed an empty drivers seat behind Willy.

  5. I like Wendall puking in the bucket and throwing it up the slide into Homers fort. GROSS!

  6. I’m in the process of progressing their questlines. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, despite having had both of them for just under a week, I’m on target with the calendar. I would have expected to be ahead with premium purchases. I’m not worried about getting Pyro – should be fine. Just surprised I’m not ahead and wonder if others are going to struggle without premium purchases. 🤔

  7. You can keep sending Lisa on her 8 hour task and earn bonus Duffs if you don’t send Erik on his part of the quest.

    • Aaarrgghh, I wish I’d thought to do that, too late 🙄

    • Or keep sending Erik to be interviewed at the paper, don’t send him to Chanel 6, but click on it and select the school paper job for 180 beers every 4 hours as long as you keep Lisa free

  8. Now that I’ve unlocked Pyro… What do you guys recommend to yield more bonuts? Sending all of my characters recycling or sending them to earn event currency

    • Same question. I’m right on track with the calendar, and I send all characters to recycle and only Nelson, Ralph, Homer and Crazy Iguana Lady to the Playscape most of the day, but send all possible characters to Playscape over night. At this rate, I’ll get Pyro on the last day of Act 1, which is fine with me. Which strategy is best for maximum donut earning potential?

  9. Do you think they will award the act 2 currency if I save both quest lines for then? 🤔

    • That’s definitely not worth it. Most of what they do yields currency, even if it’s not on their questline.

      The only plus is that with Erik you can send Lisa to earn currency at a very specific part of his quest.

      But regardless… if you plan on having them, you should complete their questlines immediately and when the time comes, they’ll continue to award currency from their different tasks

      • When the questline earns at a higher rate and is a two – parter or two – character job so you can keep it running all you lose is a few scraps for crafting but a higher payout for the prize track and bonuts.
        That’s definitely worth it

    • I’m saving Wendells last three tasks and looping Erik’s school paper job, but if the event tasks earn at a higher rate the side quests can wait until after the event and get them back to the battle

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