Bart Royale Act II – Calendar and Math to “Get it All”

Let’s start with what you should have done…if you were listening. You should have couched a couple of your daily task rewards (left them uncollected), until the game flipped to Act II…so you start right out with 1,500 to 3,000 Buzz Colas TSTO Buzz Cola.png on the first day, before you even started tappa, tappa, tapping to get your Act II prizes.

That said…if you didn’t do that, no worries. There is no use in crying over spilled cola. Especially since these are all digital colas anyway.

So, let’s move onto the math and the numbers and the “freaking out, because you are already SOOOO BEHIND!!”

You are going to be fine. Take this from a guy who had to say this about a zillion times to people at my daughter’s wedding. It was an amazing event…made all the better, because we stayed calm, and enjoyed every moment, no matter what came down the road. Life is like that. If you look for the details to whine about, you’ll never be happy.  But, if you can roll with glitches, and smile…you’ll always have “everything you want.” But, I digress…

Let’s look at the numbers.

As Alissa laid out for everyone, here are the basics about collecting Buzz Colas (BCs).

 Buzz Cola

So the ability to earn Duffs is now gone.  Your counter prize track for Act 2 has reset to zero because you have zero Colas.  So forget about that wonderful Duff…time to get your Buzz on with Cola!

You’ll earn Buzz Cola very similar to how you earned Duff during Act 1….

-Clearing the Ruffians Tappables (earn 10 /tap)
– Clearing Ruffians in your Neighbor’s towns (earns 10 /tap)
-Daily Challenges
-Sending Adults and Kids to Fortify/Assult Forts ( earning varies)

So…BEFORE YOU ASK… there is no real advantage that is evident, for sending your fighters to one battle station or the other. They earn the same number of BCs, wherever they are fighting, they just switch roles from assaulter to defender.

However, by not placing everyone in the same battlement, you do get to mix up the animation, while earning the same rewards…mostly. It does depend on how you have “fortified” the two areas, as the one with the highest bonus will produce more.  But, I’m not going to sweat it. I think playing both sides at this point is more fun.

Let’s get onto the math…so you can start freaking out!


And for the Digitally Inclined…

Please…don’t freak out.

If you set  your timers for every 4 hours, you will EAsily get everything offered. There are no “late starts” waiting for the download. It auto started on the 6th…and you are good to go. So GO!  Start tappin’… get Maggie! She is a bon-a-fied warrior!

There really are no excuses here…this act is repetitive, and easy…with some fun prizes.

Did YOU finish Act I?  What is your favorite prize so far?  Let us know…we LOVE to hear from you. OK…well…MOST of you.









48 responses to “Bart Royale Act II – Calendar and Math to “Get it All”

  1. Shouldn’t Prepper Lindsey Naegle be on Tuesday?


  2. A humble suggestion. To keep people from feeling behind, set the end of day value for the day the update comes out at 0.


    • I don’t think that’s a good idea. The value is necessary, it’s what you should aim for on that day. If you set it at 0 then it makes no sense and isn’t useful


      • I believe it makes more sense. Many people do not have it for the full day or may not get the daily challenge for the first day. Plus rewards usually increase as the act goes on. In this case we had the bonus plus quest rewards. Therefore to to give the first day a equal amount just makes everyone feel behind.

        While the per day average may be slightly higher, the milestones are easier to achieve.

        Per Day Avg ->4636 4993
        End of Day TSTO Alternative
        2/5/2018 0 0
        2/6/2018 4636 0
        2/7/2018 9272 4993
        2/8/2018 13908 9986
        2/9/2018 18544 14979
        2/10/2018 23180 19972
        2/11/2018 27816 24965
        2/12/2018 32452 29958
        2/13/2018 37088 34951
        2/14/2018 41724 39944
        2/15/2018 46360 44937
        2/16/2018 50996 49930
        2/17/2018 55632 54923
        2/18/2018 60268 59916
        2/19/2018 64904 64909
        2/20/2018 69540 69902


        • There is no day on the 20th. Act 3 starts on the 20th. So all prizes have to be acquired by the end of day on the 19th


          • All the prizes are awarded on the end of the 19th. (The extra is just spillover – ). (Since the daily challenges usually occur at midnight Pacific Standard Time, most people will have some time on the 20th.)


  3. Laurie Crawford

    My kid animations at the Junk Base are back, but the original decor and now assault adults are not showing in the animation at the Playscape, sigh.


  4. I got the water tower this morning. Based on my math I need on average 3920 cola a day. With 4 taps on just my forts I earn 3907 a day. With my daily bonus always 1000 or better and has been a lot of send 4 players to the fort. I will have no issues in Act 2.

    At the start of an act i am pretty good at 4 taps a day. about 2 days in it is down to 3 and towards the end its 2 maybe 3 sometimes 1 or none. I can’t remember the last act I haven’t finished. The math works. I have premium players, and usually pick up 1 character for the event so it does make life easier. Just keep on tapping,tapping, tapping.


  5. Laurie Crawford

    The basic appearance of my Junk Base and Playscape have suddenly changed. Decorations that came on each space are now gone, leaving only the ones I added. Also, at the Junk Base, I only see two characters animated instead of the whole kid crew. Any idea what happened?


  6. 1st – thanks Patric for Event 2 Calendar

    2nd – thanks to all who offered tips and suggestions (’cause I already got the Water Tower, which means I’m at least 2.5 days ahead of the calendar)

    Keep On Tapping👍


  7. Um sorry to disagree but the percent only effects the structure its on and colas your picture shows the difference


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