Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 2

Hey Howdy Hey Tappers!

A new element added to our games for Bart Royale is a Defensive Bonus.  Simply explained, it’s an extra bonus of Prize Track currency awarded at any of the bases (playscape/junk) when you place items (that award a Defensive Bonus) in the “zone” around the base.

So basically, it’s a simple way to earn even more prize track currency.

Let’s take a look at how items from Act 2 impact the Defensive Bonus….


I’ve already broken down the basics in the Defensive Bonus Act 1 Guide.  You can find that post here if you need more help on the “how to”…in this post we’re just going to talk about the NEW items for Act 2

So What Items Award a Defensive Bonus?

The NEW items for Act 2 that award a Defensive Bonus are….

Outlands Gate- 3% Bonus (Act 2 Prize)

 Outlands Water Tower- 1.25% Bonus (Act 2 Prize)

 Junk Barrier- .50% Bouns (Craftable 75)

 Junk Lookout- 1% Bonus (Craftable 150)

As a reminder, the list from Act 1, items are still available…

Bare Bronze- .50% bonus (Act 1 Prize)

Dragon’s Teeth- .75% Bonus (10 Donuts)

End Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Straight Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Corner Trench- .50% Bonus (Craftable 100 )

Playscape Barrier- .25% Bonus (Craftable 75)

Playscape Lookout- .75% Bonus (Craftable 150)

And that’s it for Act 2.

Remember MORE items will be added for Act 3.  We’ll cover that when it gets here.

So What’s the Best Item to Place?

You have to look at the currency to bonus % ratio. For Act 1 it was Trenches and Playscape Lookout (they had the best ratio of the freemium items. (.005% for 1  spent)), however, it has changed for Act 2.  Now your two best items are the Junk Barrier and Junk Lookout, with a ratio of .0067% for 1 spent.

Based on size, I’d say you’re better off with barriers because they’ll take up the smallest footprint around the Junk Base.

What’s the Max Defensive Bonus For Act 2?

Right now it’s 20%.  Once your Defensive Bonus is 20% around the Playscape or Junk Base you can’t increase it.  (you can max out to 20 on both…)


So What’s a Good Strategy?  Which Base Should I Play?  Which Base Should I Max Out? 

There’s no perfect strategy.  The same characters are required for each base, so it’s not like you’ll earn extra.  My advice is to make sure the base you’re sending everyone to is maxed out.  You’ll need to send characters to the Junk base for the questline (which you have to complete to move onto Act 3), so I recommend moving your Defensive Bonus items to your Junk Base in order to max that out so when completing the questline you get the most benefit.
Beyond that, play at whichever base you’d like.  Or mix it up as Pat suggests in this post.  Just make sure your base is maxed out so you earn the MOST event currency you can.
And no you can’t share items between two bases.  Even if the bases overlap, the bonus % won’t count for both bases.  

And that’s it my friends! The simple breakdown for the Defensive Bonus during Act 2.

What are your thoughts on the Defensive Bonus? What percentage are you currently at?  What’s been your strategy? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!

40 responses to “Bart Royale 101: Defensive Bonus Act 2

  1. When I hit the 20% bonus on the second act something flashed up on the screen but I wasn’t expecting it and I just caught it before it disappeared. I thought it said something about placing something else. Doh! Does anyone know what it said?

  2. I immediately used Bonuts to Craft as many Junk Barriers and Junk Lookouts needed to Level Up my Defense Bonus, factoring in that the Outlands Gate (3% Bonus) and Outlands Water Tower (1.25%) would get me to 20% total Defense Bonus without Over Crafting (I quickly Kem Farmed the Bonuts spent). 👍

    60 Event Currency per Character every 4 Hours obviously yields more then 50 (I have 11 – 12 Characters earning Event Currency every 4 Hours, so I’m ahead of the Act 2 Event Calendar). 👍

    I know earning Bonuts is nice during each Act, but the true reward is knowing how to prepare ahead of time for the next Act (ie save that extra Crafting Currency, don’t cash out the Event Currency until after in game update, etc). The tips and suggestions learned from other Tappers is gratefully appreciated. 😀

  3. i overlapped the “blue partition” around one side of the the bases so that they could both share bonus percentages off of the barricades and lookouts … if the next base is the same as the last two; they will all share a corner; and 1/2 of the new base’s side will be shared with the other two bases. [sortoflikeoverlappingquiltingsquares] .. not sure if that made any sense to anyone, but it works for me. 🙂

  4. So glad I noticed the junk walls are better value than the trenches for percentage buff to cost. ☺

    Are there any pictures anywhere of what the bases look like when fully maxed out? I mean the facades that change as you do the fights. ☺

  5. So, which tasks actually trigger the bonuses? When I send characters to fortify/attack, the task payout seems to have remained at 5 the entire time. Is there a bonus I just don’t see? Should I make sure I assign characters to the structure with the maxed bonus, or will my bonuses just apply everywhere…?

    • The bonus only applies to tasks at that site. Use the one with the better bonus.
      Move the base out and place the new one to get an instant boost or move items that give a bonus to the site in use

  6. Should I have max bound for both playscape and the Junk Base?
    or will I do just as well with Junk at 20% and play at 3%

  7. Tracy-1ltwoody920

    I just obtained the Water Tower on the prize track and it awards 1.25% bonus towards the 20% goal.
    Back to sleep.

  8. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet, but rather than moving all your bonus items over, you can just swap the junk base into the spot where the playscape is to give junk the 20% bonus for your quest, so you don’t have to move 20+ items over. Good time saver!

  9. I really don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing – I’m crafting trenches to get the Playscape back upto 20% – but should I be saving up to buy the one-off crafting items? I’m conscious that crafting in recent events has proved very difficult and don’t want to miss out. I just don’t know whether I’m employing a fruitless activity, anyone thoughts anyone? I noticed in an in-game update yesterday, I don’t know what the effect was. Thank you 😊🇬🇧

    • I have the same question. Am I going to be sorry down the line if I don’t level both the Playscape and the Junk base up to 20%? I have about 2,000 crafting currency and don’t know what to do with it.

  10. I only needed 18.5% defense bonus to get the full 60 BC payout for the playscape and now the same for the junk base. But as I do not have any premium character I am not sure if this is enough for them to earn the full amount too.

  11. I left the defenses in place and just move the active base to them and get 20 percent bonus every time. I add more barrier types just to complete the specific quests but it stays at 20%.

  12. I think EA patched the Mega Playscape. I was earning more cola bottles last night sending my characters there. Today the game had a small update. Now the Mega Playscape seems to be nerfed because the earnings are lower. Premium characters were getting 90 cola bottles, now I only get 60 cola bottles. Has anyone else notice this?

  13. All I did was move all of my defensive stuff to the Junk Base. I’m finding this event to be boring and uninspired. Sigh. I had high hopes for the events going forward after the Christmas event. Now we’re back to the old grind. Come on EA!

  14. They just had an in-game update (hopefully to fix the slaghold glitch of the first collection in the morning being cash & xp, then buzz cola the rest of the day). Unfortunately, it reset the slaghold timer back to 8 hours when I had 4 hours to go to collect my first buzz cola boost of the day…grumbles

  15. The easiest way of getting 20% bonus around junk pile is to move mega play yard elsewhere, & place junk pile in its footprint. Then build back up the defenses around mega play yard with junk pile defenses & when it reaches 20%, swap ’em back out so they are in the footprints of their respective bonuses.

  16. Hello, quick question with a few details😉… I’m not getting any EVENT notifications of job completions, but I get ALL of the other notifications of job completions. I know, sounds weird. But I’ve contacted EA and I have ALL notifications allowed from the game and my android. Plus my sister has the same exact phone and plays TSTO also, and she gets ALL the notifications including the EVENT job completions. Is there something else I can do here that I haven’t already done in order for me to get back the EVENT job completion notifications again?! THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP!!!! 😀😀👍🏼😀

    • I have the same issue. I only get my railyard notifications not events notifications at all. I have to set a timer on the phone for 4hrs

      • Oh wow, yeah EA needs to fix this and look more into this for sure!! I see I’m not the only one this is happening to then, so yeah, it’s probably some type of bug or something. And I have been setting timers for mines as well. ….Ohh and btw, my sis just said that after Act 2 she hasn’t been getting any notifications at ALL!!! What a bummer!!!🙃

    • I’m not the authority on this… but I have a strong suspicion that what you’re actually seeing is: first notification in wins, all others are ignored.

      That is to say, I think TSTO is setup to only alert you once, prior to you reopening the game. Thus, if you receive an alert that the Railyard needs attention, but you don’t really care and just ignore it, then you won’t receive the later alert that the Junk Base needs attention. (This reflects my personal experience, at least; I’ve never once seen more than a single alert come out of TSTO at a time, between game play sessions.)

  17. Perhaps we will need to fortify them all by the end of the event to get all the building skins… just guessing. I’m still confused as to why bother to upgrade both. The animations are cool but this event needs some ooomf. 🤔

  18. I moved all my trenches over so my junk bit is 20% already. Is there a use to the playscape now or do they do the same?

  19. I think you can share bonus on some items. I’m overlapping and it appears to give bonus to both.

  20. I’m rather disappointed that you cannot get 40% or that they’re not more people for the new base

    • I agree — but only to a point. See, while it would be nice for all of us longtime Addicts to be able to throw all of our 200-plus characters into an event and max everything out incredibly fast, that kind of play would probably force EA to push the bar up further, so that we don’t end up *complaining* about getting bored in the middle of the event, because of how fast we finished the prize track. (A few people always complain about that anyway, as it is now.) And to be sure, there are premium characters which enable that to some extent already… but if things went *too* far down that path, it wouldn’t be even remotely fair to newer players, who maybe only have thirty or forty non-premium characters, and are still trying to figure out whether or not they absolutely *have* to spend money to really enjoy this game.

      So EA kind’a had to compromise somewhere, to get a decently playable event for as many players as possible… which means Addicts just fill out all of the event tasks and then send a Bart-load of characters on their standard four hour tasks from the Job Manager. (Or to the Railyard… whichever.)

      All-in-all, I still think it’s a mildly amusing game, but ya know… YMMV, and all that rot.

      • How can you throw your 200-plus characters into an event? Only like 10 characters are eligible for event tasks… I’m level 133 and I have 5 kids vs 5 adults.

        • You can’t — that was the point of the conversation. EA has to set limits somewhere, in order to make the game playable for as many people as possible, whether you only have 30/40 characters or every single character in the game.

    • I’m lvl 30, and it would be unfair to me. as it is, im struggling between krustyland, the monorail, the event, and Springfield heights to balance everything and win outlands Maggie as it is. giving others more characters and E.A. ramping up the event would just make it impossible.

      • I’m stuggling to balance too. At the moment, how I’m doing it is my main priority is the event, then I’ll pick one building in the heights to upgrade and whatever characters aren’t attacking/fortifying and can create the items I need are working on that (it’s always the yoga mats). And then the monorail. At the moment I’ve got to save a tonne of krustyland tokens for what I need there so I’m just popping over to collect tokens when needed. It’s slowing down the heights and monorail development but at the moment I think this is the best way for me to organise it.

      • Stay away from krustyland it’s pointless.

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